Second Chance by Libra and Jeff

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Chapter 7
Holly's Nightmare

Chapter Description: Holly watches some TV then has a bad dream.

Karen took a few plush animals from her old room and placed them in Holly’s reach within the Superyard.

“Thought you could use a little company in there. ” Karen said with a wink and went back to the sofa to flip through channels.

Karen stopped when she came to The Little Lindsay Lohan Show. From what Holly understood there were several Age Exchangers in Hollywood for the sole purpose for actors or singers to use under some strict federal laws. TV shows and Movies now had a wider range of actors who could act at any age the director wanted them to be.

The Little Lindsay Lohan show was a popular show. A dark hair 7 year old Lindsay Lohan played the part of a little girl who always got herself into trouble without really meaning too, but because of her lovable nature she always got out of serious punishment later on.

The current scene on the TV show had Little Lindsay with white powder all over her mouth and nose from a box of powdered donuts. Her TV mom was scolding her for eating all of the white donuts.

Holly didn’t miss the Cocaine reference there like in a previous TV episode Little Lindsay accidentlly mixed in a bottle of very strong alcohol into a punch bowl her TV parents were planing to serve at a office party. The party turned out a lot wilder then anyone expected it to be. The end result her TV dad got his promotion because his boss had a fun time at the party.

Holly always loved watching the guest stars who would come onto the show in child form as one of Lindsay’s classmates or distant cousins.

Dinner time came and Holly got a bowl of food and a Sippy cup full of milk to drink. As far as jails go Holly thought her punishment wasn’t so bad if you could put up with the kid’s stuff.

The weekend then the week days flew by in a blur for Holly. Karen got her wish to babysit. First it was just her and Holly then someone’s kid in the neighborhood that needed looking after.

Holly was glad when the kid needing watching was a toddler or a real rug rat. If any of her friends did see Karen hopefully they mistake her for Holly thinking she got aged for getting busted.

Holly had been watching a movie with her sister and newest charge a toddler named Daniel who was fully potty trained and very shy around girls.

Holly had fallen asleep and a nightmare came yet again.

Holly was back in the car with her friends when the police man came over to her car. He must have caught sight of one her friends putting a bottle to their lips then trying to hide it.

“You know you shouldn’t drink with a baby in the back. ” The cop said and shined his flashlight on her. Instead of the steady beam it flickered then flashed.

“Who you calling a baby?” Holly asked confused then looked at her naked teenage body with only a large white bulky diaper around her waist. Worst still she was strapped in a very large car seat which bound her wrists and legs.

When Holly looked back up at the cop’s face it was her boyfriend Nicholas holding the flashlight.

Then Holly was shrinking into the diaper. Neither did the car seat or diaper change along with her body, but she was shrinking away into a crying baby.

“Help me, please. I’m shrinking! ” Holly said reaching out and he stood there smiling as Holly’s world got larger by the second.

“Holly! Wake up. ” Karen’s voiced said to her with concern and Holly felt someone picking her up.

“Baa dweam.” Holly said unable to pronounce her words and blamed it on her sleepiness at first.

Then Holly caught sight of her romper sleepwear and noticed how the sleeve end flopped. It was too big for her and worse her diaper was wet with a warm feeling going down her legs. The lower end of her romper was going dark as urine stained it.

“She got little. ” Daniel said staring in amazement at Holly.

“Holly, you’re younger now. You can’t be more than a year old now. The craziest part was your body was glowing like a lightning bug. ” Karen said and held Holly out from her body so she wouldn’t get pee on her.

“Wirror! ” Holly said her voice cracking with panic and fear.

“Yeah, sure. I need to clean you up anyway. ” Karen said and took Holly to the bathroom.

There in the bathroom sink Holly found herself stripped naked while standing with her back to Karen looking into the mirror.

Holly couldn’t understand it. Two weeks had gone by and now she was younger. It didn’t make sense and Holly remembered the last nightmare she had. Hadn’t her clothes then appeared larger and people seemed to think she was two years old instead of three.

Holly attempted to explain her theory, but most of her words came out funny and some sounded like nonsense a lunatic would say.

When Holly clenched her jaw she regretted right away. Her gums hurt and made her cry out in pain. Concern Karen ordered for her to open her mouth after seeing her sister’s hands go to her mouth.

“You are teething. I will get you a cold rag and that tooth ache medicine mom still has. It is safe for children. ” Karen said taking a wash cloth and wiping her sister clean.

“She little baby. ” Daniel said openly pointing at Holly watching her cry even more and in almost complete silence.

“Daniel, back to the living room. Go watch the movie or I spank. ” Karen threatened and Daniel trotted back to the movie that he had been watching.

“No Babee. ” Holly said as her worse fear was coming true.

“There there. ” Karen said then took Holly into her arms to rock her.

Holly didn’t mind she was pressed against her sister’s breasts. Something felt funny when Holly’s cheek did touch the spot where the nipple would be. It was a wet spot coming from under the shirt.

“Wet. ” Holly said then patted the spot with her hand feeling dumb, but she had to show her the spot.

Karen put her sister back in the sink now a lot calmer then took off her shirt.

Tonight Karen hadn’t bother wearing a bra so her very adult breasts hung freely and looked somehow larger.

When she touched one nipple even Holly was shocked to see milk come out.

“I was in contact with you when you were glowing. I do feel a bit different now. ” Karen said her hands checking herself for other changes. Karen noticed the wider hips along with the increased bust size.

“Com pee tee. ” Holly said and frustrated she couldn’t say the word just right, but a few more tries and Karen finally got what she was trying to say.

“Computer, I will get your old laptop. ” Karen said then wrapped Holly in a towel after putting her shirt back on and placed her on the couch to wait.

Karen returned with the laptop already open and ready to go.

Typing very slowly and taking her time sense her arms were so short Holly was finally able to relay her questions.

First Karen had told her how she noticed that her sister was glowing then attempted to wake her up when she realized her sister was shrinking.

Holly told Karen a very short version of her nightmare. Saying only she was shrinking into a baby in her dream.

Then Holly went on to tell Karen about her theory the last time this happened.

“I never noticed you were glowing before, but you did have that blanket over your body at the time. ” Karen said thoughtfully.

Then it occurred to Holly what they needed to do to fix this problem.

“We need age machine. ” Karen read aloud and nodded in full agreement as Holly typed it out not caring about grammer.

End of Chapter 07



End Chapter 7

Second Chance by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 28, 2011


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