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Takeover by Libra and Jeffr_2bya

by: Jeffr_2bya Last updated Jan 20, 2011

The board of directors gathered around the long oval table high up in the sky scraper meeting room of the main office tower. They murmured among each other and finally 30 year old Miss Belle Hindley came into the room then everyone went silent. Her skirt was a few inches too short for professional business policy and her open dress shirt showed more cleavage then needed to seduce most men.

The Loser by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya Last updated Jan 27, 2011

Finally science had found the fountain of youth in a once rare plant and only later discovered the drug once process was unsafe because it had a very short life span of seven days. The drug became unstable once it went past its expiration date. At first major countries embraced the new drug after tests showed it was safe if taken within the first seven days. Only the wealthy and powerful got it first then once it was mass produced it was open to the public for a heavy price.

The Reading Corner

by: Jeffr_2bya Last updated Jan 23, 2011

7 year old Tommy loved the little bookstore called The Reading Corner mostly because since he turned 6 years old his single mother of two boys had allowed him to go there on his own. They lived just around the corner from the store after a short walk through a field where kids liked to play.

There's the Rub (Title by Piper) Story by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya Last updated Aug 8, 2014

A young boy discovers some magic baby lotion.

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