The Day The Sky Fell by Libra and Jeff

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Chapter 3
The Day The Sky Fell Part 03 By Libra & Jeff

Chapter Description: Dan is learning more about his powers.

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Katie stopped by for a visit after her shift was over with and, like Dan and his sister, was amazed by Dan’s mother’s new youthful look.

“So you’re a superhero now? ” Katie asked after hearing the whole story from Dan himself.

“No, I’m just a guy blessed with a special power to make someone younger every two weeks by thirty-five years. ” Dan said and saw that Katie was thinking something over before speaking.

“You know, we’ll have to experiment a little with your power. See if you can de-age someone a little bit and maybe even reverse it. ” Katie said and grabbed a sheet of paper then a pen to write down ideas for him to try.

Dan’s mother turned out to enjoy her new youthful body and adjusted to it in just a matter of days. Ellie kept herself busy by looking after her during those first few days.

As promised, Dan did get to go out on a date with Katie and both of them had a wonderful time. Since Susie was the only other person Dan knew with his type of power, he stayed in contact with her by phone. She was surprise to hear that she might be able to make someone else younger simply by touching them whenever she felt her own de-aging start up.

Dan didn’t want to use people as guinea pigs, but he didn’t think real animals would make good test subjects seeing that their aging process was different from humans.

Quietly, his mother had arranged his first appointment with an elderly couple she had known for years and lived on her street. Even after understanding the risks and the fact that Dan was just discovering what he could do with his power, they jumped at the chance to be young again.

When the next de-aging surge began, Dan was ready with the elderly couple in the living room. This time Dan attempted to de-age both of them at the same time. He quickly discovered that he could only push his power into one person at a time, so he chose the wife first then the husband.

Standing there in the living room, they were joined by grasping hands, looking like some strange church pray circle having a private meeting in his living room.

Dan held back his power, and like the elderly couple, felt himself grow younger when they broke skin contact with each other. Dan only grew a few years younger while the couple appeared to be fifteen years younger each.

As Dan looked each one over, he could barely see the early signs of aging on their faces.

Dan invited them over for another visit in two weeks and they eagerly jumped at it. Dan reluctantly accepted their payment of cash. Dan quieted any moral thoughts by thinking a man has to make a living some how.

Once they left, Dan went back into the kitchen and wrote down his own results to one of the many questions Katie had put down on paper.

“That’s a no, on making multiple people younger at once, also the number of years I can give back is equal to my own true age. I can even make myself younger if I wish, by holding back a little. ” Dan said as he was writing it in.

It would be four weeks more before his next experiment involving his own sister.

Katie was curious to see if he could age someone as well. Of course they would need somebody to test it on. Ellie had offered herself when everyone had sat down around the kitchen table to discuss the idea. Even Susie had been invited to join them since her own power limits could be related to Dan’s own power limits.

Finally the day came once more and Dan was prepared and so was his sister. This time everyone was gather there to watch him work.

“Now don’t you dare put me back in pigtails or diapers. ” Ellie warned him with a smile knowing if he did, it would be an accident.

“You would look pretty cute in a frilly ruffled dress with Mary Jane Shoes.” Dan teased and offered his hand to her when he felt that odd sick feeling again.

Since Dan appeared to be about thirty years old now, he figured he could regress his sister a good two decades, if he so desired it. Instead, the plan was to regress her back to her teen years then he was to drink the cup of milk, donated by Katie herself, and try to age his sister back to normal.

Ellie was ready as well, wearing a bathrobe and some casual clothes underneath.

The moment their hands touched, Dan pushed only a little bit of the sick feeling away from him. He had only minutes to act, so he downed the contents of the glass beside him and then felt something shift inside of him.

The sick dizzy feeling passed and a warm feeling of clearness took over. Judging from Ellie’s face, which looked very youthful now, Dan focused on sharing the warm feeling his power was now giving off. Ellie appeared to be a teenager now and Dan had to work fast or he would age himself back to normal.

Ellie’s face changed suddenly and matured before his eyes. Pretty soon she was back to her old self.

“Wow, that was trippy.” Ellie said looking herself over then feeling her arms. She felt herself shrinking and then her brother’s skin seemed to grow warmer and suddenly she was back to her old self once more.

“That was pretty neat to see.” Katie said looking at Dan with awe. While Susie was looking at him as if she was learning something just by watching him work.

Katie was more then happy to write it all done after interviewing each person. Dan didn’t know it and only later on did Ellie learn that, by accident, she had become a virgin only in the physical sense. A few weeks later, Ellie had gotten involved with a guy and together they discovered her hymen had grown back.

Ellie was shocked at the discovery while the guy, she hooked up with, looked like he would have something to brag about to his buddies. Ellie only ever told this to Katie since she was a nurse after all.

Secretly, Katie wanted to be young herself just so, in a way, Dan could be her first.

Into the second month, he when had his power, did things get interesting between himself and Katie.

Katie confessed to him she wanted to be a young teenager again and even offered a payment for his services. Dan wanted her so badly that he gave in to her sexual desires fairly quickly.

Friday night had been an interesting experience for both of them. Dan did as she wished and made her young and nearly too young for sex. Katie had ended up somewhere around fourteen years old while he had taken the rest of his de-aging power into himself. The end result meant that Dan now appeared to be an eleven year old boy in company of a slightly older teenage girl.

Of course his young body was more in control over his sexual drive then the part of his mind that held his personal morals. It was clear that part of him really wanted her while his mental state rebelled against it.

Katie solved the moral debate by leading him back into the master bedroom. Even with her being older then him, she was barely taller then him by maybe an inch or two, but in maturity she looked like a young lady.

For Dan, the act of sex was strange, but amazing. Somehow he felt naughty as if he had gone back in time and hooked up with the girl next door. Seeing her young body now didn’t bother him anymore. When morning came, it was only then Dan asked about her job.

“I’m using some vacation time, silly. You can’t expect me to go into work looking like this can you? Besides, you can age us up at any time. Just don’t let yesterday’s donation of milk spoil. ” Katie answered back.

The next few days Dan experienced a mind blowing weekend of pleasure that young boys could have only dreamed of before.

Part of him felt slightly guilty, but one look at his young body and Katie should have been the one to be shameful of her actions. Dan found his young body was a slave to lust now and Katie seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

When Monday morning came around, Dan returned them both to normal and thought that, if he ever married Katie, their relationship would be an interesting one to say the least.

A few weeks into their relationship Dan started text her with love notes and even arranged another intimate evening with her, this time going back even further on Katie’s age. Dan was looking forward to being the older one tonight.

Katie arrived right on time and they were just getting started with some kissing when the doorbell rang again.

Dan, thinking a friend or family member was stopping by to say hi, opened the door without checking to see who it was first.

A second later, Dan was looking down the barrel of a pistol in the hands of a man, who looked about Katie’s age, with extremely upset expression on his face.

“Charles, what the hell? ” Katie demanded and Dan glanced in her direction, seeing she knew this guy.

“This is the guy you hooked up with now of days? ” Charles asked and pushed Dan back a bit out of the doorway so he could kick it shut.

“Charles you can’t be within a mile of me. The judge will have your ass this time for this. ” Katie said and looked like she wanted to be in between him and Dan.

“Dan is it? You look surprise to see me. Didn’t Katie tell you about me? That’s my girl you been screwing around with. ” Charles said and Dan gathered that Charles was an ex-boyfriend doing all he can to be a total asshole.

“Wrong buster. I’m a free woman and I’m his girl now and if you know what is good for you. You would be running away right now. ” Katie said and stepped a little closer to Charles, but Dan had the situation in hand.

One advantage to having buddies, who served in the army, was learning a few tricks in disarming someone with a gun. Dan was a touch slower then his army buddies, but Charles was slow in his reaction time. Dan also suspected he was a little dim when it came to common sense.

Dan executed a nearly perfect wrist lock and flipped Charles over his body. Then Dan ran forward tackling Charles. The resulting wrestling match ended in the kitchen. Dan knew he’ll have the upper hand soon enough, because now that sick feeling was returning and he was touching Charles’s bare hands.

Charles never knew what had hit him. One moment, he is fighting the freak that was dating his girl, and then the world seem to go into zoom lens effect followed by the worse dizzy spell he ever experienced.

Charles struggled for the gun thinking it was his only chance in getting away. Charles knew the gun was empty and useless, but this guy he was fighting didn’t know it. For a minute, Charles really thought he had the guy then to his own shock he was falling back. Charles felt his hand make contact with something behind him, but he didn’t see what it was. It was soft and warm then he heard a yelp sound from Katie.

Dan had thrown himself back and Charles’s feet had somehow given out. The gun was gone from Charles’s grip by the time Dan had let go of him to roll back over on his feet.

Charles noticed something was very wrong from his point of view. Sure he was on the floor staring up at the guy who stole his girl from him, but everything seemed too big and far away.

When Charles went to rub his eyes with a hand, he discovered his light wind breaker sleeve was too long for him. In fact, Charles was now swimming in his own clothes.

“What did you do to me? ” Charles asked, his voice was high pitched from shrinking vocal cords and panic.

“God, Charles you are an idiot. You came here to kidnap me and you have no idea what kind of power Dan has.” Katie said, holding a hand up to her right eye. With it even covered, he could tell it was swollen. In the struggle with Dan, Charles had accidentally back handed her.

‘Oh God! What has he done to me? I’m going shrink until I’m just the size of a doll or does he have the power to turn people into midgets or something? ’ Charles thought now realizing Dan must be a Special.

Then Dan spoke and Charles felt his stomach drop away from him.

“I gave him twenty years then used the rest on myself. Judging from his current rate, I dare say he’ll be five years or four years old at best.” Dan said checking the gun, recalling everything his military buddies told him about gun safety.

The gun clip was empty and nothing was in the firing chamber. In fact, looking at it up close he saw it was a rusted in spots. He doubted the thing could fire even if it was fully loaded. Dan left it on the counter top, out of reach for small children anyway.

“What! You turning me into a fucking kid? ” Charles asked from his sitting spot on the floor. Now he appeared to be on the wrong side of puberty and getting further away.

“Good. He will be old enough to be out of diapers, but he might be a bed wetter.” Katie said smiling while looking down at him.

“Were you a bed wetter, Charley? Can you even remember when you were fully potty train? ” Dan said, taking on a slightly teasing tone to his voice.

A distant and faint memory came back to Charlie. He had been six years old and his mom was scolding him after picking him up from school. The front of his shorts had a wet stain on them and the school nurse was nice enough to give him a towel to wrap around his waist.

Worse of all his school friends had seen him soil himself with pee. His mother had to pick him up early from school that day.

“You can’t do this to me. I will have you arrested. You have to change me back now.” Charlie said, his voice piping with a boyish tone now. He looked no older then seven years old at the moment.

Katie laughed at him for a few seconds before speaking. “For what, Charlie? There is no law saying you can’t be made younger by another person. Go ahead call the cops and even if Dan turns you back to normal you’re the one going to jail. Hell, I do it for you.” Katie said then she looked through his discarded shorts, much to Charlie’s useless protesting.

When Katie stood up with his phone in hand, her expression had changed once more. Her right eye was nearly shut close, but she could see through it.

“What’s wrong, Katie? ” Dan asked seeing the look on her face.

“You little son of a bitch.” Katie said and started going through the menu system and then showed him the message screen.

Dan saw and he knew the words on the screen.

“It looks like he cloned or hacked into your phone so he has been getting the same messages that I sent to you. That would explain how he knew to come here tonight of all nights.” Dan said and saw that Charlie was done regressing.

Looking at him, he was a cute and innocent looking four year old boy. A soft round face with fading baby features. Dan guessed that standing up, even with Katie’s petite height, that he would barely come to her waist.

“Well, I know how to deal with naughty little boys.” Katie said, tossing the phone on the kitchen table then grabbing Charlie by the arm. She had pulled him free of his boxers and long shorts in the process.

“No, you can’t do that to me. I’m a grown man.” Charlie protested when Katie pulled him over to a chair then had him over her lap. There she stripped him of his shirt and the windbreaker Charlie wore.

Dan was sure the first smack or two didn’t hurt him, but Katie was just warming up. Oddly enough, Dan found the situation arousing.

‘Maybe I will be a young teenager or old enough to still be able to get a good hard on. I could ask her to spank my ass sometime or better yet maybe she is just kinky enough to be across my lap instead. I can make her barely legal to be with a man.’ Dan thought and watched as Charlie got ten more good spanks to the butt for good measure.

By now he was crying openly and whimpering like a puppy.

“When were you ever a man? Now go stand in the corner or I will have Dan shrink you down into an itty bitty baby for me to play with.” Katie said throwing in a lie since she knew Dan used up the last of his power already. All he could really do now was age himself back to normal or someone else.

“So what now? ” Dan asked, more used to people leaving after he made them young again.

“Well, I suppose I can call his mother up and then explain things to her. The woman is a saint and we will have a long private talk before she comes over. I also will be sure to mention there is no rush so maybe in the morning.” Katie answered back and took the clone phone with her and held a private discussion in the back bedroom.

Dan stood guard and decided that the first chance he got, was to dress Charlie in something more suited to his reduced size. The nursery dresser held boy’s clothes of different sizes just in case Dan got stuck at a younger age.

“I guess you might be sleeping in the nursery tonight. Best part is the window is painted shut and the only door out of here locks from the outside.” Dan said as he explained this to little Charlie that he was their guest for the night.

“You could just let me go. You could just age me back to normal and you’ll never see me again. ” Charlie said in a low voice, daring to turn his head to make partial eye contact with Dan.

“Not going to happen, Charlie boy. Just be happy you are not crawling around on all fours right now. I only held back in fear of killing you. My power is still new to me and only recently I have been experimenting with it.” Dan answered back and waited a while longer before Katie returned.

“She will come by in the morning. Maybe we should put some clothes on him. As cute as his little tushy is now, we shouldn’t have a naked little boy running about the house.” Katie said and Dan nodded in agreement.

Making sure Charlie walked in front of him, he gently pushed him in the direction of the nursery.

Charlie protested when Dan stayed to help him dress. Pulling the boys hands away from his private area after Dan turned him around to face him.

“You can forget about privacy from here on out, mister. Besides, you are at the mercy of every adult in the world now.” Dan said and pulled out an outfit for Charlie to wear.

Charlie seemed more relaxed after he was dressed. Dan pulled the sheets and mattress from the crib then placed them on the floor for Charlie to sleep on.

Katie came into the room about this point in time and grinned at little Charlie now fully dress in childish clothing.

“Such a handsome little man when you’re all dressed up. Now you will be a good little boy in here or I’ll have my other special friend I know of turn you into a girl. Cause anymore trouble tonight and your find out what is like to sit on the potty for the rest of your life while wearing pretty dresses.” Katie said and beckoned for Dan to join her.

Once the door was shut and locked tight, Dan waited until they were nearly out of the hallway before he asked in a whisper.

“You really know a someone who can switch people’s genders? ”

“No, but Charlie doesn’t know that. Besides I’m pretty sure there must be someone out there like that so maybe it was half of a lie. If Charlie turns out to be nothing but trouble, you can always regressed him further down in another two weeks.” Katie answered back and had a devilish smile on her face.

“Remind me to stay on your good side. ” Dan said half joking.

“As long you can forgive me for going through my bad boy phase? ” Katie asked not expecting an answer.

“Sure, now I do believe we were in the middle of something? ” Dan asked and now there was lust in his eyes.

Despite her face and the pain throbbing over her right eye, a little revenge on Charlie sounded really good at that point to her and she had an idea on how to make him suffer a little more.

“Back bedroom and lets make it loud for Charlie to hear. ” Katie said needing something to take her mind off of her bruised face. Come morning she would have a real good shiner on her eye.

“You know I can take care of that eye for you? ” Dan offered thinking he could age her only a tiny bit to heal her.

“No, I want Charlie’s mother to see it and I want to take a few snap shots with my cell phone first.” Katie answered back.

Katie did put on a show by making herself a little louder then normal. Dan was sure he was going to be half deaf, but his manly pride soared to new heights afterwords. Part of him was surprise that the SWAT team hadn’t arrived to save Katie from whoever was making her scream like that.

Katie was falling asleep while on his chest bathing in her own sweat and muttering to Dan it was the best sex they had so far. Then Katie slowly slept with her fingers curly around his chest hairs.

Dan allowed himself to pass into sleep as well and he was up early in the next morning when he awoke.

The first thing Dan did was unlocked the nursery door and found Charlie just waking up. No surprise to him that Charlie made a bee line for the bathroom.

Dan waited for him to come out and then guided him into the living room. He turned on the TV to Saturday morning cartoons for Charlie to watch. Charlie only gave him a dirty look, but sat down on the sofa anyway without a word. After Dan checked to see the front door was locked, he made sure the back door was as well.

‘We can’t have little Charlie running away now.’ Dan thought and prepared breakfast mostly only for himself and Katie.

Katie wasn’t long and came into the room dressed in only one of Dan’s t-shirts. Katie was a knock out even with her hair a little messy and wearing a t-shirt far too big for her petite frame.

“I love a man who can cook me breakfast. ” Katie said and briefly looked over at little Charlie.

“He has been a good little boy so far.” Dan said, lightly kissing Katie on the cheek.

“You know as much I as look at him and I being around you, I still can’t believe people can be made younger.” Katie said in a low voice that wouldn’t carry into the next room.

“I know, it’s a shock to me too. My mom looks like a slightly older version of my sister now. It will be a long time before I will get use to her youthful face. Its too much like that Justin Timberlake movie.” Dan said thinking of that Justin Timberlake movie again.

“In Time? “ Katie asked and then got a nod from Dan, She then remembered the part where his mother in the movie is this hot looking woman because people stopped aging at twenty five years old.

Katie shared her breakfast with Charlie and Dan watched as she fed him spoon fulls of scrambled eggs with cheese.

If Dan had been a stranger, he would have assumed she was his mother feeding her son breakfast while he watched cartoons.

Charlie didn’t protest the baby treatment and outwardly appeared to be pouting. There was no doubting that he heard them last night.

Katie ate the rest when Charlie pushed her hand away with the next spoon full of eggs. He was refusing to speak. Dan knew he was given them both the silent treatment.

He did hang onto the sippy cup that Dan provided for him. Katie left again to get dressed and comb her hair back into order.

Dan was putting the dirty dishes into the dish washer when the doorbell rang. Charlie looked excited now or perhaps that was relief spreading across his face.

Dan answered the door to a woman who had to be Charlie’s mother. They looked alike in some ways.

“You must be Dan. I’m Miss Moes, Charlie’s mother.” The woman said and there the greetings ended when she caught sight of Charlie on the sofa.

“Oh it is him. He is just how I remembered him when he was little.” Miss Moes said going over to her son and taking him by the hands as she knelt down to his level.

“Hi mom. Can you ask him to make me older? I will be good. I promise.” Charlie said in a low voice that Dan heard since he was in the same room. Katie arrived back in time and looked like she finally got her hair in order.

“No, baby. Katie has told me everything. Now seeing that black eye on Katie’s face in person, you are lucky I don’t spank you too until you can’t sit down for a week.” Miss Moes said and stood back up letting go of his hands.

“I’ve already dealt out his punishment. I put him over my knee last night.” Katie said proudly.

“I would have done the same, dear. I’m so sorry he gave you such a shiner on your pretty face. We have known each other for a few years and I know you’re a good person so I want you to adopt my son as your own.” Miss Moes said next.

“Mom! ” Charlie said in protest and looked a bit hurt. Dan could only imagine the pain at being rejected by your own mother.

“Bethany, Miss Moes, if it is a question of being too old to raise him again, Dan can make you young again as soon his power recharges.” Katie said in reply not giving away he was completely out of juice.

“No, I have raised him once as a single mother and gave it my best. You have to understand that Charlie has always lacked a strong father figure in his life. By the looks of you two, I dare say you will be married soon enough. If it is a question of money ,I can pay you for his care and schooling.” Miss Moes said and started to dig into her purse that had been in the crook of her arm the entire time she been in the room.

“No Madam, that won’t be needed. I make a good living from using my gift to make old people young again. So far, I have been keeping a low profile and even with my short client list there is no shortage of funds.” Dan said politely.

“Mom, you can’t leave me with her.” Charlie said loudly so someone would have to pay attention to him now. It was Miss Moes who answered him.

“Well I won’t have you back in my house living under my roof. If she doesn’t take you in, then I’m sure there is a nice foster home waiting for you. Besides you have always wanted Katie to yourself and now your wish as has just been granted. You can stay as her adopted son or take your chances in foster care. I only came here today to say goodbye for now.” Miss Moes said in a final tone that was clear she wasn’t going to take back her decision.

Katie thought about it and looked at Charlie. He was on the verge of full meltdown into tears now. Given his history, he would be a handful for foster care and she knew it wouldn’t end well for him or whoever they place him with.

“I’ll do it.” Katie said and knew she’ll give her best then she thought ‘If Dan doesn’t want to help her raise him that was alright with her. She was a young woman and there other men. Hopefully one of them would be just as wonderful as Dan. ’

“Guess you can count me in as well.” Dan said, thinking how weird and awkward it was going to be for him in the next few weeks.

Charlie ran from the room and moments later they heard the nursery door slam shut. When Katie went to check on him, she stood outside the door hearing him bawling like a baby. Katie didn’t enter the room. Deciding he needed some alone time to accept his new life, she rejoined the others in the living room.

“I can’t thank you enough. He will get over this and I won’t completely abandon him of course. I could be his grandmother from here on out.” Miss Moes said to Dan as she prepared herself to leave now.

“Or you can be his aunt. I will have to look my client list and calendar, but what would you say to being young again? In month’s time, you could be thirty five years younger.” Dan offered and watched as joy spread across her face.

“I could be a good ten years younger than before I got pregnant. I like the sound of Aunt Beth. ” Miss Moes said trying out her new title.

“We will need babysitters for him and who better then your mom, sister and Aunt Beth.” Katie said to Dan liking the idea more and more.

“Young man, you have a deal. I’ll even pay you for your services and I won’t hear anything about my money being no good.” Miss Moes said looking younger already, but maybe because it was the first time she really smiled since he greeted her at the door.

After that she left, they were left alone with little Charlie to look after.

“I’ll wait till lunch time and explain things to him. I never thought I’ll be living with my ex-boyfriend again.” Katie said with a faint chuckle then decided that Dan’s house needed cleaning.

Dan joined her in getting things back into order. They avoided the nursery room for now.

In the middle of putting clean sheets on the bed, Dan asked Katie what she was going tell people when they asked her about her black eye.

“The truth of course, that my no good ex-boyfriend hit me and then you took care of him for me.” Katie said with a sly grin.

“I take it you’ll leave out the part about the gun and me reducing your ex into a little boy.” Dan said with a grin of his own.

“It will be mostly true.” Katie said with a wink then tucked the covers down so now the bed was made.

When lunch time came, Katie went into the nursery and had a long talk with Charlie. Dan didn’t know exactly what was said, but he gathered that she convinced him that this was to be his new life now.

After that they left together back to her place, Dan was left alone again in his house.



End Chapter 3

The Day The Sky Fell by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 10, 2015


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