The Day The Sky Fell by Libra and Jeff

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Chapter 2
The Day The Sky Fell Part 02 By Libra & Jeff

Chapter Description: Dan regresses even further.

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A few minutes had gone by and he got a new roommate. A young boy about nine years old with his face and right hand wrapped in bandages. It was clear he had been burned. His parents were there of course and Dan even spotted an action figure in the hands of the mother.

Once the boy was settled into his bed the mother gave him the action figured. Dan watched with a slight sick feeling the boy feel it over as he ran his fingers over every part of it.

Silently Dan prayed that this boy could see again and soon.

Ellie carried on the conversation when the father asked if she was his mother.

“No, my brother. ” Ellie said truthfully and said no more. Then she pulled the dividing curtain between them.

It was well after the setting sun when Dan entered toddlerhood. The nurse had left a diaper for him and he slipped it on using the bed sheets as a dressing screen. Ellie had offered to help him since she had baby sat kids before.

Dan politely refused being dressed by her, but admitted to her a few minutes later he had to go to the bathroom.

Dan couldn’t have avoided being seen by the parents of the other child in the room so when Ellie had emerged with him holding his hand there was a bit of confusion at first.

Much to his embarrassment Ellie had to stay in the bathroom with him so she could lift him onto the seat. The room was small, but Dan was thankful she turned her back until he was done peeing. Then he was helped down and even needed help for the sink area when he wanted to wash his hands.

Dan returned to his bed, but didn’t get to stay long. The father of the boy had figured it out and had gone to get a nurse.

Dan could hear him as he came back with a nurse in tow.

“You put my son in the same room with one of those freaks. I want another room for my boy. ” The father said and he looked very pissed off.

“As I told you, sir. There are no empty rooms open. Hospitals are filling up everywhere. ” the nurse said then the conversation was cut off when Dan spoke up.

“It’s okay. If there is a spare crib in the nursery I will go up there. Besides someone else needs this bed more than I do. ” Dan said his voice higher pitch then he had expected to be. Dan had been content to stay quiet and play with the gaps in his teeth. It felt funny to his tongue and Ellie silently stayed at his bedside without a word sensing he didn’t want to talk.

The nurse gave him a once over then nodded. Ellie carried him from the room and once more through more security doors Dan found himself in a playroom for small children.

Part of it had been converted into a sleeping area and here more nurses were looking over very young toddlers or infants. Some had very minor injuries and looked very healthy.

There was a brief conversation between the nurse that led him here and the ones in charge of the children.

Dan was given a crib with heavily padded sides next to a two year old girl he knew on sight. Susie was there smiling at him and cheerfully said his name when he came in.

A younger nurse saw this and figured out they were at least friends and decided they could be next to each other.

Dan wasn’t sure what to expect as he got younger, but he did noticed that his senses were increasing with every passing minute. Only his vision seemed to be going. Anything far off seemed out of focus with a slight blur while everything up close was crystal clear with vibrant colors he now suspected extremely young children always could see.

Slowly his teeth shrank then retracted back into his gums. It wasn’t long after that he started to drool.

Susie looked overjoyed to have him there reached out a hand to him. Dan took it and held in his own and got the message. It was like she was saying she was here for him now. They barely knew each other, but Dan felt like they would be friends if he lived through this.

Dan yawned and broke their hand hold. Slowly he sat down in the crib bed they had provided for him and curled up his body for a nap.

He felt so tired now and guessed his body needed the rest as it changed.

Dan drifted in and out of awareness as the young nurse checked on him. Dan had vaguely recalled she had changed his diaper to a smaller size more suited for his shrinking body.

Later on as he was waking up he faintly recalled seeing Ellie’s face hovering over him. He felt her index finger wiggling into his clenched fist and he opened his fist to hold onto her finger. Then she spoke to him.

“You made it, Dan. You have been out for hours. ” Ellie said quietly and Dan awoke hearing very little at first. The room was so quiet now and the lights had been turned down so only a faint glow was coming off the walls.

Ellie looked huge to his point of view and Dan noticed just how small his own fingers were. They were tiny pink chubby digits with fragile looking nails on each end.

“Ela ba ga. ” Dan said and heard himself speaking only baby sounds. More drool escaped his mouth.

“Can you see this and understand me?” Ellie asked and patted on a piece of paper tapped at the foot of his crib.

Dan discovered he could just barely lift up his head and saw that she had put a sheet of paper at the end of his crib on the inside of the foot board.

The word No and Yes were in big plain printed text done in her handwriting. It was divided with a line down the center and each side with a crude outline of a foot. It was clear to him that he was to use his left or right foot to answer her questions.

Dan kicked with his right foot twice to answer both her previous questions.

“Good. Mom was here a few minutes ago and she said you are only a few months old at best. I can tell that you are too young to crawl or talk to us. She said you look like you might just be old enough to sit up and even creep a bit on the floor. ” Ellie explained and Dan rolled over to see if he could.

His body was a combination of feeling week, clumsy and very hard to control. Worst of all he felt so tired that he only managed to move a little closer to where Ellie was standing by his crib.

Ellie reached in and carefully picked him up taking great care to support his head. Judging from her size and the little effort it took her to pick him up Dan knew without a doubt he was a tiny little baby again. He was now her older big brother turned into a helpless infant in her arms.

‘God, I nearly shrank back to being a newborn again. Could I have possible held onto my adult mind at that point? Worse to think of I was close to being an unborn baby without a womb. If I had gone into prenatal stage would I still be alive today? ’ Dan thought as he was being held by his sister.

Ellie was wearing a volunteer vest with a temporary hospital badge now attached over her heart. Seeing where his eyes were looking at and she chuckled a little.

“The moment I told them I had experience with kids they asked for my help. ” Ellie said if amused they needed a babysitter of all people to help out.

“Oh Dan. I almost thought you were going to shrink away into nothing. I didn’t dare wake you up in fear you would be fully aware of what was happening to you. Then a few minutes went by and it appeared you stop getting smaller. I waited a full thirty minutes before I was sure of it. Mom is not happy with me, but she is more overjoyed that you are not getting any younger now. Since it has been a few hours now the doctor thinks this is as far back as it will go. ” Ellie said carrying on the conversation since Dan replies were limited to whatever he could express now trapped in this infant’s body of his.

‘Its going to be weird having Ellie as my mother now. ’ Dan thought next assuming his own mother was too old to be raising him again.

“I better rest now. I have been up half the night looking after you and the other children. Sleep if you can and in the morning I will see if I can get you a few drinks to sample. Maybe we can reverse this thing like Susie was trying to do. ” Ellie said and yawned a little.

Dan found himself back in the crib after his sister put him so carefully down someone might think he was made of fine crystal.

After the first week of diaper changes, baths, and bottle feedings Dan found a whole new level of embarrassment.

The young nurse assigned to care for him wasn’t bad. She was in her mid twenties and her name was Katie Sung. Being it was her job to care for infants Dan was comfortable being exposed to her.

The worse times came when his mother or sister was there hovering over him. Bath time was a horrible experience since Dan was so young and small he was at their mercy.

Each bath was in a plastic basin designed for small infants and worse of all they held his bath time in full view of everyone in the room.

Ellie seemed more understanding and even did little things like lay a wash cloth over his privates during his bath. His mother made comments like “He will just have to deal with it. Besides babies never needed modesty before. ”

Now the two main topics between them was who was going to take care of him until he returned to normal and if leaving his foreskin on the tip of his penis was healthy or not.

Dan got fussy so at least they knew his opinion on cutting it off again. The only part Dan agreed on that topic that it was odd that part of his body had grown back as well. There were other changes of course. Dan never thought his hands or feet would be so soft. Ellie sometimes caressed her finger on his foot just to watch him jerk his leg up and a giggling smile escaped his mouth.

Sometimes they let Susie hang out with him as a playmate and judging from her attitude she wasn’t enjoying her second childhood any more then he was. Mostly she talked about how everyone was treating her like a baby and gave her opinion it must have been worst for him since he was younger than her. Since she could voice her opinions she had more privacy then the other children, but didn’t mind Ellie helping her with more personal needs.

As it turned out Susie had little to worry about because on Saturday all the kids got a treat of apple juice and Susie finally discovered the key in returning herself back to normal. Within minutes of drinking her small sippy cup she had aged into a child of six years old again.

The nurses and Ellie who were on duty were amazed by her transformation. Dan didn’t see the first part of it, but from what Ellie described Susie had taken just one sip from her cup then appeared to be growing. Susie’s diaper burst open on one side then the other diaper tab broke free as she grew.

Within thirty minutes she was in her teenage years once more with a bath robe wrapped around her body.

At this point Dan could see her, but couldn’t make out the details.

After an hour had passed a woman Dan had never seen before was standing there and it was Susie back to her old adult self.

“Maybe Dan should have some too?” Susie said and with eager hands Dan accepted the rationed amount of apple juice in a small baby bottle.

Everyone waited, but after a full fifth teen minute it was clear that Dan wasn’t going to age back to normal any time soon.

Worse his stomach wasn’t feeling great. He thumped repeatedly on the left side of the footboard to let them know something was wrong.

When he threw up the contents of his stomach Ellie was there wiping him clean and gently padding his back. Dan openly cried in frustration that he be stuck as an infant for a few years.

“Oh Dan, I’m so sorry. ” Susie said and touched his face with a finger wiping away a tear.

The older nurse step in and suggested that Susie should follow her to get back her old clothes and contact her family to go home now.

After a promise to stay in touch with Ellie she left with the nurse.

Dan soon calmed down and found himself back in the crib so he could rest.

The day after that the decision was made that Dan should go home with Ellie to his house. The hospital staff could do no more to help him and they needed the crib for another baby.

The nurse Katie who had become good friends with Ellie had promised to stop by weekly and check up on him as a favor. Dan had a feeling she had offered to baby sit him as well.

Dan thought Katie had fallen in love with him. Not as the baby he appeared to be now, but the man in the photo still stapled to his hospital records. She gazed at the photo and she even caressed it with her finger whenever she took Dan from his crib. His hospital file was by his crib so no one would have mistaken him for a real baby.

Dan used the same system of yes or no using his legs to answer Katie whenever she wanted to have a conversation with him.

Dan soon found himself in a baby carrier and Ellie put a blanket over it so now his world was nothing but sounds.

Somehow he could sense when they left the hospital and got into a car. There was something about fresh air Dan relished in until he heard the car start.

Dan slept during the car ride home and the blanket wasn’t removed until they were parked in front of his house.

Dan’s field of vision was limited from his seat, but everything seemed back to normal on his street.

“Don’t get upset, but we turned your workout room into a nursery and I got the spare bedroom for now. Mom has been using your master bedroom for herself. ” Ellie explained and they entered his house.

Dan saw the hallway was clear of dirt and there was a strong smell of someone doing a lot of housework lately.

“Mom, he is home. ” Ellie called out and there was his mom coming around the corner from the kitchen.

“Good, give him to me I want to show him the nursery. ” His mom said and Dan found himself in the crook of her arm being carried into a newly remodeled room of his house.

It wasn’t bad and judging from most of the things in the room it was all second hand stuff from a store or flea market.

If Dan could have spoken then he would have said the only thing good about the room was at least it wasn’t covered in over colorful cartoon figures from an animated movie or cartoon show. Instead his mom had decided going with a sports theme instead. Brightly color basketballs, baseballs and even footballs decorated this room.

“We thought about going with a circus theme with animals, but I remember you didn’t care for clowns while growing up. You just stay in your little crib a while I go see about dinner. ” His mom said and showed him his crib featuring a little TV mounted to the footboard so he could watch something while he laid there helpless.

Instead of a normal remote he found a big button one and he was happy to feel the buttons push down at his touch. He was so small it was nearly as big as his arm, but tucked at his side so he could work it.

It was no surprise to him when it powered on the TV it shown reporters still covering the events about the meteorite shower. A news anchor woman was sitting at a desk and headlines were scrolling along at the bottom the screen. They were interesting enough to hold his attention for a short time.

“As reported yesterday after a leaked document from an unknown government employee has been confirmed that a USA missile was launched just minutes before the events of Chicken Little day. As many of you know this missile was sent up in order to destroy or deflect the asteroid heading for the farm belt area in the heart of America. With only hours left to make a decision NASA failed to detect that the asteroid was made up of an unknown dense metal unheard of until yesterday. It is still unclear if the missile or something in the earth’s environment had caused the falling meteorites to become radioactive with a previous unknown form of energy that has mutated so many Americans. We will keep you posted on future updates. ”

Now it was the male news caster turn to speak.

“The government’s people of China has accused the USA government in causing the accident so only Americans were giving these super powers. All shipments from China have stopped and diplomatic talks have just begun. The president replied in a news conference early today that this was untrue of course. As commented in his speech that countless tourists and those visiting family members in the states were also affected by the meteorites. Meanwhile other countries are now offering bids on anyone with super powers to become a citizen of their country. While In some middle eastern countries are now refusing to trade oil with the United States. Claiming as China did our government secretly knew about the unusual properties of the metal in the meteorites. ”

Dan switched off the TV with a chubby fist and decided maybe life would be better after a nap. He was still a little sleepy from the car ride and his body seemed to need the extra rest now.

Nearly two horrible weeks went by before Dan had discovered the key to turning himself back into an adult.

He was sick of dirty diapers, bottles and unable to do more then roll over on the floor. Ellie and his mom did their best of course. Dan thought he would go crazy or maybe he would just wake up one morning thinking his adult life was a dream. Dan was unsure of this because Susie came by for a visit from time to time and she seemed unaffected by her brief time as a two year old girl.

On top of that the oddest thing happen last week when he felt really ill and nearly cried out for help when the feeling past. Later Dan would recall this and realized it happen exactly two weeks after Chicken Little Day.

During the third week of his new babyhood Ellie and his mom needed a break. Things were slowly returning to normal and the military had gathered up many of the falling meteorites for study. Those who possessed one of the falling rocks had the option to sell it to them for quick cash or to one of the companies making bids. Few decided to keep their falling rocks to since there was a slight chance it was a health risk. While those willing to pay were eager for chance to make more people with super powers.

Ellie had sold the meteorite rock that had landed in Dan’s yard in order to pay for his new nursery since they had offered cash up front.

Then there were those greedy people who went to private companies and had to wait then bargain for a higher price. Ellie still had some cash leftover from the sale then decided they deserved a small treat for herself and her mom.

The young nurse Katie had been true to her word and stopped by every week since. When they needed a babysitter she volunteered herself and Dan would be forever thankful she did.

“Hello, my darling Danny bunny. ” Katie said coming into the nursery after his family had left him alone with her.

For some reason Dan couldn’t explain to himself he didn’t mind when she used baby talk on him.

“I was just thinking that we should have a special evening together. ” Katie said and picked him up and carried him into the living room. There she picked up the remote and together they watched a movie Dan had on DVD.

It was Tombstone of all movies and it was one of Dan’s favorites. Katie never put on cartoons or thought anything on TV had too much violence for him.

Afterwards it was feeding time for him and Katie didn’t’ go get a bottle of powder milk from the fridge. Instead she started to unbutton her blouse.

Dan looked up at her face unsure she was just teasing him or she was being serious.

“I have caught you staring at me and I’m a professional wet nurse, after all. Even only if it is a part time gig from my full time job as a real nurse. ” Katie said with a chuckle and Dan saw her two wonderful breasts. They looked huge to him, but she was about average size even with them swollen with milk. She was a petite woman no doubt, but to an infant’s point of view she was a loving caring giant.

Dan let her guide his mouth to her nipple and he sucked on it gently at first then he felt instinct take over. It wasn’t too much like sucking down the contents of a bottle, but this milk was sweeter to taste with a faint watery after taste to it.

Then his diaper felt too tight and it popped free from his waist leaving him naked now.

“Dan, you’re getting bigger!?” Katie said next feeling his extra weight on her body then seeing his diaper breaking away at the tabs.

“It’s my breast milk. It must be making you bigger. We found the cure to your unique condition. ” Katie said as she gently pushed Dan from her lap. It was like what happen to Susie once the process started it didn’t stop until Dan was back to his adult self.

Katie watched as he grew from a small child to a boy then a young teenager. By this time Dan had pulled a sofa cover over his lower body so she wouldn’t see the throbbing boner he had going.

Still topless Katie was standing now and watching him change with her mouth open in shock. Unlike Susie he was faster in aging back to his adulthood and it took only minutes for him to be back to normal

“Excuse me while I go get dress. ” Dan said and wrapping the couch cover like a towel around his waist he then went back to the master bedroom.

He didn’t see the sly smile on Katie’s face as she admired his adult body looking at his back side with a hungry expression.

There he slip into clothes he long to wear again. He stopped by the nursery briefly and everything looked so small now. Then he remember that Katie was waiting for him to return and he came back to find her fully dress now. He was glad she remembered to button herself back up. He felt his penis go hard again from the memory, but his jeans were loose enough that it didn’t show.

“Well, back to your handsome self again. ” Katie said and walked around him once then stood in front of him.

“Yeah, Thanks for being so nice to me. ” Dan said lost for any more words. What else could he say to someone who wiped and clean his dirty bottom when he took a dump in a baby’s diaper?

“It must be really awkward for you now. I just don’t want to leave just in case you regress back down again. You might just need me again. Is there anything you want to do right? now that you’re an adult again? ” Katie asked and Dan put away all dirty thoughts about sex then allowed his more wild side to calm down.

“I want a large pizza then a good drink. Let’s order a meat lover’s pizza and we can share a cold beer from my fridge. ” Dan said and Katie grin.

While they waited for the pizza guy they talked as each of them drank down a beer each. Dan was happy to answer all questions on what it was like being a baby and Katie got to know more about the man she had fallen in love with.

The pizza guy arrived and Katie paid the guy with a fair tip. Dan never thought pizza could have tasted so wonderful. Stuck as an infant the food he was fed had a limited range of tastes.

“Hell, someone was hungry. ” Katie said seeing he had wolfed down nearly half the pizza while she was still working on her third slice.

“I never got the chance to ask. Are you seeing anyone? I know that you’re not married. No ring on that hand. ” Dan asked and Katie grinned at him.

“No, I don’t have anyone special in my life. Are you asking me out on a date? ” Katie said and there was a glint in her eyes that told him she was teasing him a bit.

“Yeah. I know that I’m older then you now. ” Dan said and wished he stopped aging around twenty five years old. Katie looked only a few years out of college herself.

“Please, Dan your only ten years older than me. I looked at your birthday date on your hospital chart all those weeks ago. Then to see you as a chubby little baby and nearly helpless as a newborn was truly amazing. Of course I bet you weren’t thrilled about it. ” Katie explained and Dan knew she accepted him fully for what he was.

Dan arranged a time and place for their first date just before his family returned.

His sister Ellie went nuts at the sight of him returned to his adult self and his mother was crying openly.

Ellie rushed to him and gave him a surprisingly strong hug for a younger woman.

With a slight blush to her face Katie explained how Dan was returned to normal and Dan felt his mother’s eyes on him with a knowing look.

Then the conversation turned to what to do with his nursery. Ellie was for selling it, but it was Dan who spoke up against it.

“What if, I have a relapse and Katie is not close at hand? ” Dan asked realizing that the nursery would have to stay perhaps forever.

“He is right, Ellie. ” Their mother spoke up. Dan thought privately she might want it to stay for any future grandchildren.

“Well, I guess I will have to donate my milk and he can keep it on stock just in case. Remember that guy who turned to stone was cured by rain water. An orderly thought it was a good idea to move him out of the way into the doctors’ private garden area. After the first rain storm we had in weeks the statue guy returned to a normal human being again. The guy is okay, but needs a weekly bath of rain water or ground water to stay human. Otherwise he just turns to stone once more. ” Katie said and Dan guessed he had become a patient at the hospital.

“Last week I got a really strange funny feeling and nearly cried out for help. It felt like I was sick, but the feeling passed after a few hours. It happened on Friday evening. ” Dan admitted and wondered then feared his curse had returned on that day.

Ellie got up and looked over a chart she taped to the fridge while his mother checked the calendar.

“Mmm, you lost a little weight that day, but I didn’t think anything of it. Since after that day you were gaining it back. ” Ellie said and then thought didn’t she have to adjust his diaper that day because he looked smaller that day for some reason.

“It happened exactly two weeks after when those rocks fell. I bet it happen at the same time too. ” His mother said looking over the calendar held up by a nailed in the wall.

“So next week on a Friday evening I think I’m going turn into a baby again unless I drink a little bit of homemade milk. No telling how fast it will happen. What if I regress too fast to get to the fridge? ” Dan asked and blushed slightly at the thought he would need Katie on hand or do as she suggested.

“That’s easy to solve, Dan. Someone will just have to be here with you. ” Ellie said in answer.

“Damn, I have to work on that day. ” Katie said looking at her cell phone as she checked her schedule.

“Don’t worry Katie. I will be free. ” Ellie said looking like she liked to be here.

“I will be free as well. ” his mother said and Dan knew on Friday he would have his family here waiting for him to regress back into a baby or watch him take his antidote.

After that the conversation turned to his mother and sister getting a hotel room so Dan could have some long desired privacy.

Dan had to promise to call in every few hours during the day time just in case he turned into a baby sooner than anyone expected.

Dan never thought simple things like eating whatever you wanted and taking a quick shower could feel so good.

The next few days Dan spent hours online searching up everything he could on Specials. Sites like YouTube had countless videos of people doing amazing things with their powers. The not so lucky were dead or had the morbid honor at having their death scene recorded then broadcasted all over the world.

Dan learned about fetishes when he came across sites dictated to such things. Beauty had taken an interesting turn when pictures of half women-cat, women-lizard and even guys changed into half wolf like creatures were now shown on porn sites. Dan learned some specials didn’t gain any flashy powers, but their bodies had changed.

Mermaids were real now, but unlike those of legend these were men and women now had webbed feet and hands. The breathing gills used for breathing underwater was sometimes on back or on the side of the neck. Others looked like human reptiles or like the Dragon-boy he heard of only had part of their body changed.

A few were unlucky enough to have become gross or ugly looking. Sadly most decided that death was better than going on living. Since Chicken Little day the suicide rate had spiked up, but was slowly going back down.

When Friday morning arrived Dan felt far wiser about superheroes then he ever wanted to be.

Dan spent most of the day thinking about getting back to a paying job. Ellie and his mother had taken care of the bills since he had regressed into a helpless infant, but now he was restore to his normal self it was time he thought about looking out for himself.

Dan busied himself with normal housework finding little to do. The few times he went out he was always surprise how fast everything seemed to returned to normal.

If you ignore the fact that sometimes what you thought was a large bird flying over head was really a person one just might believe Chicken Little day never happened.

Dan was relieved when his sister and mom showed up early that day with a bucket of fried chicken.

The conversations were light as they waited for Dan’s special power to come back.

About four O’clock in the afternoon Dan felt odd and his stomach hurt just a little bit if he had eaten some bad food.

He called out in a yell “I think it is happening again” and Ellie then his mother rushed into the kitchen where he was doing the dishes. They had been in the living room watching some chick movie Ellie had bought over.

His mother was the first to react and went over to her son taking him by the hand then wrapping her arm around his back if she could have possible shouldered his entire body weight onto her smaller body frame.

Ellie was reaching into the fridge now bringing out the small sippy cup of milk Katie had dropped off the day before.

Dan felt something new this time and discovered he could push the sick feeling away now. Oddly enough he did then felt his mother next to him give out a startled cry of alarm.

Dan didn’t feel ill anymore and stood up straighter to look over at his mother who was now growing younger by the minute.

‘Oh no. Is she going to turn into a baby now? ’ Dan asked himself in his thoughts and watched as the decades then years of life were returned back to his mother. Wrinkles vanished and soon she looked to be back into her prime of her youth.

Ellie stood there shock with the sippy cup in hand watching as the youthful transformation of their mother took place there in the kitchen.

It took only minutes, but soon there was a young woman about Ellie’s age standing there in clothing ill suited for a woman of her youthful figure.

It was clear she wasn’t getting any younger then she finally sat down looking at her hands.

“Danny, you made me young again. ” His mother spoke up and pulled her purse off the kitchen table then got out a compact mirror she kept in there.

“I guess I did. It was so weird. I felt I could push the sick feeling away after you grabbed my hand. ” Dan said realizing he had some control over his curse.

“Mom, you look as young as me. ” Ellie said and thinking she would have to tell people they were sisters now to avoid all confusion.

“You know I look like the age I was when I had Danny. Maybe a good three decades younger with a few more years thrown in. ” His mother said and Dan was still staring at her. It was his mom and it wasn’t at the same time.

“It’s just like that one movie with Justin Timberlake. ” Dan said and saw Ellie got the reference right away.

“Yeah. Where the guy’s mother is just as young as he is. ” Ellie said and looked at the sippy cup now useless in her hands.

“If you two will excuse me, I’m just going to find something else to wear. I think some your clothes are still in the guest bedroom, Ellie. ” Their mother said and making sure her clothing didn’t show too much skin she hurried out of the room.

Ellie put the sippy cup back into the fridge then followed after their mother to help her dress.

Dan stood there in a shock state then a smile spread across his face.

“If this happens again in another two weeks maybe I could make a little money from it. ” Dan said quietly to himself and made a mental note to ask his mother about any of her friends who wanted to be young again. The price of his unique service would need some serious consideration, but Dan knew his money worries were now over.



End Chapter 2

The Day The Sky Fell by Libra and Jeff

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