The Day The Sky Fell by Libra and Jeff

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Chapter 5
The day the sky fell Part 05 by Libra & Jeff

Chapter Description: Final Chapter

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Days later Dan received a letter he had to sign for before the postman would hand it over. Katie just happened to be there with Charlie in tow. Together they all learned that Dan was given a VIP membership to the private restaurant by the name of ’The Plasma Ball’.

“I’ve heard of that place. It’s suppose to be very nice and a touch expensive. It is also a bit exclusive. ” Katie said looking over the letter and then the member ship card.

“We will check it out tonight. The first meal is free, according to this letter, and it says I can bring up to three guests with me. ” Dan said looking over the details of the letter.

“I guess one of those old rich guys or gals decided to repay you back with a little extra. ” Katie said, but Dan remembered a conversation he had just days ago.

‘If I’m right it will be a nice surprise for them. ’ Dan thought and kept his theories to himself.

Unsure of the dress code, they all dressed in the best casual wear they had. Dan pointed out they didn’t need former wear, since the letter didn’t mention this.

The place wasn’t hard to miss. Dan had seen this place before when he had gone shopping or just to pick up some fast food. He always passed this place up because it looked to refine and expensive for his old budget. The parking lot was never full nor empty.

The outside had an interesting design with curved walls and some type of dark glass designed for privacy. It wasn’t mirror type glass, but it was so dark it would be impossible to see anyone inside the building from the outside. Further more, Dan always liked the castle like design it had from the first to the second floor.

Since Dan had never gone into the building before, he was not prepared for the first surprise of the night. The first room appeared to be a waiting room area to be admitted into the main room of the building itself. Another set of double doors, with that same dark glass, led further into the building next to a standing podium.

There were very comfortable looking chairs were placed along the walls and sitting behind the podium, on a high stool, was a lizard woman wearing a beautiful green dress. Her name tag had the name Roxy on it.

Once she might have been a tall normal black woman, but now she appeared to be covered in black iridescent scales complete with clawed hands. From her lower back, a long slender tail was hanging down. Her face looked human enough, but when she smiled Dan noticed the double set of canine teeth.

She looked like something out of one of those dirty science fiction magazine stories where the space hero hooks up with a hot looking alien girl.

“Hi, I’m Roxy. Do you have a reservation?” She asked not surprised by the stunned people looking at her. More amazingly, every time she moved, the light created a beautiful pattern of colors over her black scales.

“I have this. ” Dan said and pulled out his VIP card which she took and then swiped it at her booth into a card reader attached to a laptop. Dan didn’t know what the screen showed, but Roxy looked slightly surprised.

“Through the double doors and take the elevator to your right. ” Roxy said and pushed a button that made the inner doors buzz then click open on their own. They swung outward showing Dan his first look into the inner part of the restaurant.

Dan went first with Katie by his side and Charlie still looking at the hostess with a wide stare.

Those specials who had turned half animal tended to stay out of the public light mostly out of fear or simple embarrassment being different then everyone else. Generally they came out at night mostly because fewer people saw them and most of them had great night vision. Roxy seemed relaxed and at peace with her outer appearance. They wasn’t any hint of shame in what she had become.

The inside room was what Dan expected to see in a fancy restaurant. Tables and chairs were all centered out with a huge glass domed plasma ball in very center directly into the middle of the building. The glass walls gave the impression there was a lot more space to place.

The light dancing inside the giant plasma ball was interesting to watch. A railing kept people from getting too close, but the light danced along the glass where ever a person was, who stood by the railing or walking along the edge.

Dan saw that each booth or table had a tablet attached on top so someone could order drinks or food without waiting for a waiter or waitress to come back. Big screen TVs were around the walls at moderate volumes so someone could watch the screen or carry on a conversation without talking loudly.

Dan really liked the mirror ceiling since it gave the feeling the place was twice as big then it appeared to be.

Dan turned to see Katie was taking all of this in as well then she nudged him to the right where a set of elevators doors waited. Just from the doors alone Dan could tell they were rounded and looked like rocket ships ready to launch.

Dan pushed the button and nothing happened. He then noticed the card reader on the side. He swiped the card and an elevator door opened. Stepping in, he saw only a few buttons. Once everyone was inside, he pushed the second floor button and under a minute they were stepping out onto the second floor.

Here was something Dan didn’t expect. It was designed like the restaurant below, but had far fewer tables and a series of booths all along the walls so someone could look outside through the glass wall. It was clear this was meant for more private dining.

As Dan stepped closer, he saw the center of floor was really a series of one way glass mirrors. Anyone from the second floor could look down and watch the people below without being seen.

The walkway circled only the center of the room and only if you stood by the railing could you see down into the first floor. It was clear that this wasn’t designed to spy on people, but give a person a brief view of the place below as they walked to their table.

“Nice little set up don’t you think? It helps us run the restaurant below without directly going down there. ” A man asked and Dan saw he had been joined by an average looking guy wearing a casual t-shirt and jeans. They looked clean and fairly new. Dan would have expected people to wear suits or something fancy in this environment, but looking about he saw it was more relaxed in dress style.

“You the owner? ” Dan asked extending his hand to shake.

“One of them, I’m Mr. V by the way. We have met before, Mr. Resse. ” Mr. V said and shook his hand.

“We have? ” Dan asked and watched as Mr. V held up his other hand in front of everyone. Electric arcs started between his fingers and then he was holding a ball of energy that crackled slightly. It was beautiful and everyone felt the air around them changed. He dismissed the ball of electric power within seconds.

“Oh my God, it’s him. ” Katie said and realized as Dan did that they were looking at the superhero known as Voltage without his trademark blue light-up shades that hid his eyes from the public.

“Please no jokes about coming over to the dark side. Besides I like doing the Star Wars jokes. Here take a seat over here. ” Mr. V said and offered them a booth close to the elevators and waited until they were all seated. Dan saw these tables had tablet like devices on them like the ones below. Slowly, the screens showed off images of meals or drinks while listing the prices of each. Then it shifted over to games, current news, and even internet access if one wished to check their e-mail.

“Use the card reader first with your membership card and then order whatever you like. First meal here is on the house for VIPs. And if I was you, I’d take a good look around at the other diners. ” Mr. V said and then he winked at them before leaving them.

Dan politely waited until he was gone and then did look around. At first, everything looked normal.

“Over there, in the corner booth by the kitchen doors. That woman in the booth is looking over at us. ” Katie said quietly and waved her hand in the general direction so it wasn’t clear she was pointing that person out.

Dan looked and saw a woman in the shadowy booth. He couldn’t see her face, but her body was turned toward their direction.

‘The light over her head was out or maybe she had removed the light bulb preferring the dark corner. ’ Dan thought and realized who it was. That slender build and darkness helped.

“I think that is that Miss Spider woman. See she can slip out the other side of that booth and how much you wanna bet there is a back way out of here. ” Dan said and Katie nodded pretending to see something else off to the right.

“That has to be the Bulk guy over there. ” Charlie said and following his eyes Dan saw the man too. At first, nothing looked odd then you noticed the bearded man was huge. In fact he was sitting Indian style at the end of the table on a cushion. Given the height of the table the man had to be extremely large in size. Dan doubted he could have squeeze into the booth. So Bulk had to sit off to the side.

Dan vaguely recalled seeing him on a TV interview. He was a special with super strength and with an ape like body. Dan realized what he mistaken for a beard was really the hair that covered his face. Either he trimmed it or had someone do it for him.

“His barber must make a killing. ” Katie said and looked at the other tables. Most of people looked normal, but she was willing to bet every one of them had a different power.

Then over at another table, nearly out of view, was Susie.

“Katie, is that Susie over there? ” Dan asked and Katie looked and gasped.

“I knew it. I knew it. She has been so secretive lately. I suspected she was Rewind. ” Katie said in a low tone, but given the distance between booths it was unlikely anyone heard them even if they talked normal.

Dan thought about it and should have guessed the truth sooner. Susie’s so called new job made more sense now to him. So she was really playing superhero. Rewind was becoming famous by healing people by turning back their biological clocks.

“Let’s order something to eat. ” Dan said and used the tablet device mounted in the middle of the table to bring up the menu for family meals after he swiped his membership card.

Dan was impressed just how fast their food came after they ordered it via the tablet device. Charlie had discovered the free games on it long before the food arrived.

Toward the end of the meal is when Tiffany stopped by. She had paused on her way to her own table to say hi to them.

“You must be Katie, I’m Tiffany. Dan told me a little bit about you. ” Tiffany said then offered her hand to shake and looked over at Charlie to do the same.

“Funny, I don’t recall him saying anything to me about you. ” Katie said and looked accusingly at Dan.

“Oh, perhaps you know me by my other name. You might say I have Baby Doll looks. ” Tiffany said and she was pleased that Dan hadn’t revealed her first name to Katie since he must have considered it a secret.

“Oh your Baby-Doll. ” Katie said then gasped when she realized she said it a bit louder then normal. Thinking, Dan did say he helped out the heroine Baby-Doll.

“It’s okay, Katie. Dan here saved my life and I owed him big for that. I think Dan has guessed the purpose of this place already. ” Tiffany said and looked to him for the answer.

“It’s a retreat for Specials from the public. This place is where you can come and have a quite meal. ” Dan said then looking around at the other tables.

“Yeah it is. Sometimes we eat on the lower floor to mingle, but up here is for the VIP members only. Sometimes we heroes need a break from the fans. I take it you know who vouched for you as a member? ” Tiffany asked smiling.

“I guessed it was you. Maybe Mr. V supported your decision. ” Dan said and watched as she nodded yes.

“I know you can keep secrets. Most people think The Plasma Ball is just a really cool restaurant were some Specials like to hang out in sometimes. For some of us it’s a relaxing place to be after playing hero. ” Tiffany explained and Dan nodded thinking they needed some downtime.

“What is your power? ” Charlie asked and got a sharp look from Dan.

“It’s alright Dan. I have told the rest of my team already. I don’t have any powers, Charlie. I had a Special with a talent for building high tech stuff to make my armor for me. I’m just a plain old human just crazy enough to take on the super powered bad guys. ” Tiffany said and ruffled his hair a little.

Charlie blushed slightly at the attention he was now getting. Tiffany was a fairly attractive woman after all. There was no way anyone would believe once she had been nearly covered in burn scars.

“That’s cool. ” Charlie said and looked back over at the table where Bulk was sitting. Tiffany noticed this and grinned.

“You know Bulk is a friend of mine. When I’m armored up, I’m one of few he can practice fighting with. Would you like to meet him in person? ” Tiffany asked and looked at Dan with a knowing look like he had something very important to do while Charlie was distracted.

“Go ahead, Charlie. You can borrow my smart phone if you want to take a few pictures with him. ” Dan said and offered his smart phone for Charlie to use.

Charlie snatched it up and was half dragging Tiffany over to the table where Bulk was sitting.

“You know Dan I been meaning to tell you something. ” Katie said watching in amusement as Charlie was about to go meet a hero in person.

“Oh, well I have a question for you. ” Dan said and Katie gave him her full attention now.

Dan got up from the table and bent down on one knee. Pulling the ring box from his pocket he opened it.

Katie already had her hands to her mouth covering it almost in a praying gesture.

“Katie, Will you marry me? ” Dan asked and she nearly screamed out her yes.

Standing up as Katie got up from her seat Dan placed the engagement ring on her left hand ring finger then they were kissing.

“What did you want to tell me? ” Dan asked thinking it was something small compared to his question.

“Well, I guess congratulations are in order. ” Katie said and guided his hand over her stomach. A gestured he quickly understood the meaning of after a puzzled second or two.

“Your pregnant? ” Dan asked and she nodded as tears streamed down her face.

“That’s wonderful. ” Dan said thinking he had to get the wedding planning started soon before she started to show her baby bump.

It was only then that Dan realized everyone in the room was clapping and looking at them. Katie laughed a little then smiled at the small crowd. Loudest of all was Bulk given the size of his hands.

They had caught the attention of the entire room.

The rest of the evening went on pretty good after a free bottle of wine from Mr. V himself in celebration of their upcoming wedding. Dan and Katie took only a single glass then offered the rest to everyone in the room. Then Katie hit upon the idea at having the wedding in The Plasma Ball itself.

When Mr. V came over to collect the now empty bottle of wine. Dan politely asked him for the cost of renting the building for a wedding.

“For you Dan I think we can arrange it to have it done for free. After all, you not only saved Tiffany’s life, but you fixed her burns. ” Mr. V said in a quiet tone that wouldn’t carry very far from their table.

“She told you about her burns? ” Dan asked.

“Well, I already knew from the first day that I met her. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors about me. I can’t be killed permanently or wounded for very long. Also, I can sense people around me without looking. Even my perception has changed. I can even see the Bio Electric Energy Field or what you might call auras around people even if they are wearing high tech body armor. I’ve always known her body was damaged and I have only seen that type aura around burned victims before. Of course Miss Spider or Miss. S, as we know her here, knew as well. ” Mr. V explained with a slight smile.

“Then you must have also known she was a normal woman with no special talents the first time you saw her. Why did you let her join your team then? ” Dan asked.

“The way I see it, we needed every hero we could get. Plain old human or special is all the same to me. Of course we only decided after she’d proven herself in battle a few times to fully accept her. ” Mr. V answered then smiled warmly at all of them.

Dan nodded realizing that they had befriended Tiffany knowing she wasn’t really one of them, but gave her a real chance to prove herself so that she could stand beside them as equals. By now, Charlie had returned to the table and took up his old seat. Clutched in his hands was Dan’s phone now with a few dozen new pictures.

Then the air next to Mr. V rippled and a young black teenager step out of it and seem to appear out of thin air. Dan figured him to be a teleporter at first, but something about the young man told him differently. For one thing, the young man appeared to be dressed in a style of clothes a few decades out of date.

“Jamal!” Voltage said and offered his hand to him and they shook hands like old friends.

“So did you have lunch with Albert or is it dinner time for you?” Mr. V asked and Jamal smiled half amused.

“I’m starving. Mr. Einstein and myself had lunch hours ago discussing theories on time travel. The man is brilliant, but can you believe he is stubborn as well? As far as he is concerned, I’m just a student with wild ideas. He has no idea I’m a real life time traveler. ” Jamal said in answer and Dan listened with full attention.

“Where are my manners? Jamal Jones, this is, Charlie, Dan Reese and his future wife Katie Sung. ” Mr. V said if realizing they were still standing in front of Dan’s table.

“I never heard of a time traveling special before. ” Dan said shaking the young man’s hand.

“I’m the only one in the world as far as I can tell. I stepped outside my grandmother’s house to go to school and heard something like a high pitch whistle. Next thing I know I’m a hundred years in the past. Back then I was seventeen years old. It took me a year of my time to travel back to the beginning of this year. Sadly, my grandmother passed away from a broken heart, thinking I was dead. I’d bet your curious on why I’d risk changing the time line or causing a time paradox in talking to one of history’s greatest minds? ” Jamal said in way of introduction after given them a brief history of his life.

“I have to admit I’m very interested. ” Dan said thinking this evening was going to be a night of wonders.

“My short term goal was to prevent myself from becoming a Special in the first place. I wanted to be with my grandmother again and live a normal life. I have time travel back countless times and always my plans failed. At first, I thought the universe was against me from causing a time paradox. ” Jamal said seeing the look of concern on Dan’s face.

“I would assume it would be impossible, being one of those time travel rules that is in all those movies. ” Dan said thinking of the more recent remake of the Time Machine Movie.

“Yes, but then after so many failed attempts, I realized the truth. There must be an older version of myself preventing me from changing the past. Perhaps I did change the past, but it was so terrible I changed it back somehow. So I now spend my days discussing time theories with the greatest minds throughout history and go into the future from time to time to see how things turn out. ” Jamal said seeing he had Dan and his family in awe in his idea.

“Hey, is the future really cool like flying cars and such? ” Charlie asked forgetting his manners in saying hello first.

“Nothing like The Jetsons, but they do hover off the ground so it’s less wear and tear on roads and tires. They still have tires and most people prefer to drive, Mr. Moes. ” Jamal said and Charlie realized he knew him by his name without being told.

“How did you know my last name? ” Charlie asked very curious to know.

“Well, this is the first time you have met me, but I have you before as an adult living in the wild as a half mountain man. I can say without putting the time line in risk that you are very important to Specials in the future, Charlie. A time will come where your large cabin in the woods will be a safe place for those to hide in when times get tough. ” Jamal said and saw Charlie had a serious look on his face if he was told he was going to save the world one day.

“It’s the hate group against the Specials isn’t it? ” Katie asked and Jamal turned to her then nodded before speaking.

“Yes, but you’ll have nothing to worry about now of days or even years from now. A long time will pass before the bad times come. Turns out our children will have powers too, depending on their parents. You see normal people won’t be happy that their kids have to deal with children with powers. The kids now with powers are only a few hundred, but in time it will be thousands all around the world. It’s why I travel back and forth to the future making sure that the peace is maintained. I know it is a lot to take in, but you all have nothing to worry about. I have met each of you before and we talked about this before at least from my point of view. If you don’t mind, I really need something to eat. ” Jamal said and Dan realized that Jamal had made himself into a guardian over making a brighter future for millions if not billions of people. A lot of those people not even born just yet.

“I will join you. Have you travel into the future since the last time we talked? ” Mr. V asked as they walked away together in a deep discussion about things to come.

After that, they left their table and made their way down to the first floor.

The night ended with Roxy the lizard woman giving Dan contact information to the club’s private numbers so things could be arranged for the wedding.

Charlie was nearly asleep in Katie’s arms as they left to walk back to their car.

Katie was excited and talking up a storm about having a superhero theme wedding with real life superheroes as guests.

Although, a private wedding that was held inside the Plasma Ball it was far from a normal one. Half of the guests were in full costume and after the wedding ceremony they put on a show of strength, powers, and even an air show involving those people who could fly, with or without wings, over head just feet below the high ceiling on the second floor.

Afterward, Dan arranged their honeymoon to take place in a far away bed and breakfast inn ran by an old couple. Dan had explained his unique power to them and if a young male teenager came down with a woman the next morning they wouldn’t be very surprised by it.

It was no surprise to him when the woman asked if he could make other people younger. Dan told her the truth and she offered to let him stay with his new wife for free if he restored their youth back for herself then her husband.

As it turned out, Katie wanted him really young during their honeymoon. Katie had a thing for having the men in her life younger and smaller then herself. Dan guessed it was because she was such a petite woman and it was rare she had real power over the guys in her life.

Dan didn’t mind too much since they had done it before with both of them nearly children. Besides, one sip of breast milk, they kept on stock or straight from the source, and he could restore himself back to normal in a matter of minutes.

On the second night of their honeymoon, Dan arranged to meet with the couple that ran the Bed & Breakfast. The elderly couple claimed they’d seen it all when it came to couples.

Dan knew them to be very open on who got to stay in their Inn. The hallway had photos of every couple that came to stay and he quickly noticed the same sex couples right away. Newer photos had Specials in them judging from the scales or fur.

It wasn’t long before the sick feeling came and Dan told the elderly couple he was ready.

Dan looked like a boy barely hitting puberty before he pushed the rest of his power into the couple one at a time.

They watched him regressed into nearly a child while each of them only got a few years of life back. The changes were small, but could be seen up close in a mirror.

Katie took him by the hand and with the promise he would give them the rest of their payment at the end of their honeymoon in two weeks time.

Dan knew only mind numbing pleasures that went beyond any boy’s fantasies of pleasure. Dan stayed out of sight and for nearly three days, Katie refused to let him suck on her tits for milk. Then one morning, she declared she was tired of the little boy that he was and wanted her big strong man back.

Dan was restored back to his old self and they toured the local sights at last. When night fell, Dan showed Katie why he was a better lover then anyone she had ever known.

By the second week, they were discussing baby names and Dan even offered to speed up her pregnancy, but Katie refused on the grounds that it might put her health or the baby’s health at risk.

Dan knew Katie trusted him and he understood her reasons. Dan was getting good with his power, but he was unsure of the long term side effects. On the last day of their honey moon, Dan meet with the elderly couple once more giving them more of their youth back. Each got nearly seventeen years each and looked much younger now. If Dan had to guess, he would have said they looked about forty years old now.

Of course they wanted more, so Dan arranged to have them placed on his waiting list and even gave them a slight discount on the payment. He knew them to be good people that didn’t judge people right away.

Dan returned home with Katie and soon they were all living together under his roof. Thanks to Katie’s life savings and her job income, they were able to buy up the houses around Dan’s house and then combine them into a single home. The mansion like home was small compared to most of the upper class, but was impressive to look at. Dan even had a pool installed in the back yard using one small house as a pool house.

Katie soon gave birth to a baby girl they name Kathrine, or normally known to everyone by her nickname Kat. Sometimes if Dan was in the mood and Katie talked him into it, he allowed himself to regress down back into an infant or into a small child so he could play with his daughter more on her level. This also meant Katie got to be a teenager again.

This made for some interesting family photo’s since it had baby Dan taking a bath with his infant daughter next to them with Charlie all in the family tub. Dan didn’t often let himself regress to a young age moslty because he was at the mercy at the adult women in his life.

Life was good even with a screaming newborn in the house. Katie took time off from her job to care for her and Dan learned what it was like to be the one changing diapers instead of wearing them for once.

Dan still saw people who wanted to be young again. One of his most interesting clients came just a few weeks after his daughter had been born.

Katie had taken their daughter to visit grandma and Aunt Ellie while he saw to his latest client.

When the doorbell rang, Dan opened the door and for one puzzling second, he thought someone had put a wall in front of his door. It was then that he noticed the clothes and looked up into the face.

The man was a special and appeared to be some type of human rock creature. Given his size he was perhaps a few inches shorter then Bulk, but wider.

“May I help you, sir? ” Dan asked thinking this guy maybe wanted to be de-aged back to a normal human being again.

“My name is Brusier. Just making sure that its safe for Mr Giles. ” Brusier said then leaned down and looked past Dan into the living room. His eyes scanned the room and he nodded to himself.

The hulking figure turned and waved a hand toward a Cadillac Escalade that Dan hadn’t noticed before. A young man stepped out then setup a wheel chair.

The special known as Brusier stepped over to the side and to Dan’s surprise, opened the door. He reached in then with great care helped an extremely old man out of the Cadillac Escalade then into the wheel chair. The old man held onto a small oxygen mask while the tank was transfer from the car into a spot on the side of the wheel chair’s back.

‘There is my client. Mr. Giles. ’ Dan thought and noticed the way they were all dressed in Pinstripe suits, like gangsters wore in all those cheesy movies he used to watch.

The special then looked around as if expecting an attacked as they made their way up to his front door.

Dan step back and the younger man shut the door behind them. Thankfully the special Brusier stayed outside just outside the front door. Dan wasn’t sure if his floor boards could have handled his weight.

Dan then saw the old man say something and the younger man bend down to listen before speaking to Dan.

“Please excuse our dramatic entrance. My father was once a powerful and dangerous man in his youth. He fears, like I do, that some people still might hold grudges against us. ” The young man spoke with a crisp educated voice.

“I get the impression that it involved Tommy guns. ” Dan said deciding maybe it would be best if he turned this guy away.

The old man in the wheel chair chuckled a little then had to take a few deep breaths from his mask. Then he waved toward his son to lean over to him again. He said something to him and the younger man nodded in agreement.

“We won’t lie to you, Mr. Reese. Yes, my father once was involved in more illegal activities. Over time, he has turned away from such things and I can assure you that we have taken up more legal ways of business mostly because of me. You see he wanted his son to live in a better world. Now there are countless number of superheros in the world it would be best if we stayed straight. Currently, I run the East coast part of our transportation business and my father Senior Giles wishes to run the west coast when he is made younger. If you refuse, we will be on our way. There are other age changers or shifters out there we can pay. Consider if you will, that we would owe you a favor as well. Recently in the past year, we have several teleporters under our employment. You and your wife could enjoy a second honey moon anywhere in the world. ” The son explained and Dan had to considered it deeply before answering.

“I can imagine some of my friends who are heroes that would have something to say about this, but I’ll do it. I want you to know that I don’t do it for money alone. ” Dan answered back feeling like his was playing with fire at this point.

The sick feeling was growing and Dan really didn’t want to regress down or make a mad dash for the fridge.

The old man nodded and Dan stepped forward reaching out with one hand until he touched the old man’s hand. It was cold to his touch and the older man’s skin felt paper thin.

Dan pushed the de-aging part of his power into the old man all at once wanting to get this business over with, but knew this man had schedule two appointments.

Dan watched as the old man in the wheel chair grew younger. Now he appeared to be only a decade or two older then his son, but still looked old with his graying hair and wrinkled face.

He smiled as he looked down at this body then slowly stood up. He flexed his arms then took a few careful steps then saw the mirror on the wall Dan kept there for his clients.

“I’m still old, but at least I’m far younger then I was before. ” Senior Giles said turning his face one way then the other looking over it with a careful gaze.

“Father, your oxygen mask. ” The son said going over to the empty wheel chair and holding up the mask fearing he would need it.

“I feel fine now, son. Mr. Reese’s power has restored part of my health back to me as well. Arrange things so we can meet him in my new office on the west coast. Pull one of the teleporters from their normal duties. Heavens above, I feel almost like a new man now. ” Senior Giles said next and gave his wheel chair a look as if a unwanted dirty stray dog had wondered in front of him.

“I will arrange it, father. ” The son said and pulled out a smart phone to type it in. Then he pulled out a small stack of money held together by an expensive looking money clip with his other hand.

“Keep the money clip as a tip. You have a family to look after. As a father, I know what it was like. ” Senior Giles said when Dan went to hand the money clip back to the son.

“Til next time we meet Mr. Reese. ” The son said and Dan took the offered hand and they shook hands briefly.

Senior Giles led the way out of Dan’s house and then the son followed behind taking the wheel chair with him.

The body guard didn’t look surprise to see a younger Senior Giles walking out and walked just in front of him as he kept his eyes shifting over everything in sight.

Dan let out a breath of relief when they were gone and half dreaded the next time he’d have to meet them.

As the years passed, Dan recalled many happy memories and a few close calls with his curse.

From an early age, Kat understood that her daddy’s power to make himself nearly her age or younger was a family secret. Dan never imagined how strong of bond of love this would create between them. People might say bad things about him if they knew he regressed himself down to her age or younger.

Sometimes if Charlie did something really bad, he got to be a baby as well and Kat enjoyed having him as the baby of the family for once. This feeling always seemed to pass when mommy gave him more attention then her.

Of course Charlie was returned to his normal self soon after his punishment was over with.

More years passed and Dan learned another thing about his power. He never aged beyond thirty five years old thanks to his power. Sometimes Dan worried about this from time to time. Sure he could keep everyone he loved around him young, but he worried about the day he would be alone. How many decades would pass before his love ones would grow tired of life itself?

Sure, people dream of being immortal, but after a while everyone would grow weary of it then wish for death. For Dan, he was either doomed to a being trapped in a infant’s body for untold years or doing his best to stay as an adult hanging onto those he loved. Dan promised himself to worry about it later after his kids were fully grown with families of their own.

It wasn’t until Kat was eight years old before she discovered she had her daddy’s special power.

Eight year old Kat had been playing outside by the pool when she went to get a toy boat from the pool house. She knew she couldn’t go into the water unless mommy or daddy was there with her to be lifeguard.

But she could play with the remote control boats as long as she promised to be very careful around the water.

After stepping into the pool house, she was distracted by a shadow blocking all the light from the doorway into the pool house. That made her turn around thinking her dad had come to check on her. At first, she thought it was daddy coming to look in on her after he finished fixing a pipe in the third bathroom. Kat knew better then to go into the water alone, but her parents worried over her more then her older brother did.

Instead, it was Mr. Collins from next door that was there and he had a funny smile on his face that made her feel uneasy. He only moved into the neighborhood recently in the past few months.

He had always been friendly and nice to her, but something about him now disturbed her deeply.

“Hi, Mr. Collins. If you want my daddy, he is inside the house fixing a pipe. ” Kat said taking a step back or two and trying to remember if there was another way out from the pool house. It had been a small house before and other doors had been bricked up years ago. The back door was blocked with pool stuff. A funny sick feeling was building up inside her now. Kat couldn’t explain where it was coming from as fear surged through her body.

“You know you turned into such a pretty little girl. ” Mr. Collins said and shut the door behind him.

“Hey! I want that open. ” Kat protested, but Mr. Collins moved forward faster then she have guessed and he had his hand wrapped around her wrist.

He had his other hand under her skirt and was pulling her panties down. Kat screamed and struggled now for all she was worth.

Next to her horror he had started to unbuckled his belt now then he fully exposed himself to her from the waist down.

Kat knew a little bit about sex from her talks with mommy, but she also understood it was something between people of the same age or close to it that loved each other. What Mr. Collins was doing was very wrong and she felt it deep inside her mind.

‘I have to get free before he touches me with that, but my wrist is too big to slip from his grip. If only I could make myself smaller like daddy. ’ Kat thought then felt that funny sick feeling surge over her body. She felt something being transferred from Mr. Collins body coming into her own. She had no idea she had aged the man a few years while making her self younger. Suddenly, she was free from his grasp and to her shock she was shrinking in size.

Kat wasted no time in escaping and ran deeper into the pool house. Often enough, she had played hide and seek in here. It was darker the further you went inside and the single light bulb had burned out last week. Taking shelter into the shadows and remembering where to run from memory alone , she hid from the terrible man.

It was then the pool house door flew open and just as Mr. Collins turned around, Dan struck the man down with a pipe wrench he was holding.

Mr. Collins fell to the floor as he was knocked out cold from the blow. Still half naked from the waist down.

“Kat! Baby!, Are you okay? ” Dan called out and he was greeted by a small figure that slowly came from a dark corner of the room. She was half naked, but this didn’t matter since her shirt now covered her waist nearly down to her knees.

A four year old version of Kat slowly emerged from the shadows looking at up him with tears streaming down her face.

Dan lifted her up into his arms and held her tightly telling her everything was okay now. Then her brother Charlie arrived next looking scared then confused at the sight before him. There was a fierce look of hatred in his eyes when he saw the half naked man on the ground and his sister crying her eyes out in daddy’s arms. Kat could tell her brother no longer liked Mr. Collins either.

Then Dan put her down again and went to work on Mr. Collins by tying him up with ropes they kept out here. Charlie asked what happen and his step father told him what he saw. Then Dan turned his attention to his daughter and asked for her side of the story.

Through hiccuping sobs, Kat told them what happen. After Dan got the full story from his daughter, he asked her if she could reverse what happen to her by touching Mr. Collins again.

Kat didn’t want to go near Mr. Collins again, but feeling safe with her daddy and brother near by and that mean man now tied up, she placed her palm on a bare patch of skin on his arm.

The sick feeling returned and this time she pushed it away from herself into him. Kat found herself aging and to her slight embarrassment, her shirt no longer covered her waist.

Daddy quickly pulled a towel from a towel rack to put around her waist and then tied it off so it appeared she was wearing a long skirt now. Charlie was pretending to watch Mr. Collins for any signs of movement.

“It was a good thing I looked out the window when I did. I saw him follow you into the pool house and I ran as fast I could. Then I heard you screaming and I thought the worse. ” Dan said then hugged her close again.

“Daddy, am I a Special like you?” Kat asked realizing what she did was sort of like her daddy’s power. She had the strangest feeling she could do it again at any time she pleased.

“Yes you are, but your extra special because it seems you have complete control over your power. ” Dan said and saw his daughter smile warmly at this statement.

“What is going to happen to Mr. Collins? ” Charlie asked next looking at the tied up man with a fearful expression on his face.

Dan wanted to tell them he would call the cops and they take him away then lock the man away forever, but knew that would be a lie in the end. Dan doubted the man would spend a decade behind bars. Then fearing that Mr. Collins might return one day and exact his revenge on them, came into his dark thoughts. It was then that Kat made a suggestion.

“You could make him into a baby like you did with Charlie when he is being bad, daddy. Then you could make sure he never grows up like Peter Pan. ” Kat said thinking she wouldn’t fear Mr. Collins if he was a helpless little baby.

“Kat, I can’t…” Dan started to say then thought about it. His wife Katie was a few months away now and pretty soon she would give birth to their second child. If they make sure she stayed home to give birth, they could claim she had given birth to twins. Then they could tell everyone that that one of the twins doesn’t age. It wasn’t uncommon for a Special to be born with his or her power.

“Honey, go inside and get daddy’s cell phone from the kitchen counter. I’m going to call mommy up at work. ” Dan said and found an old rag to use as a gag so Mr. Chris Collins would remain quiet where he was.

Dan only had to wait a few more days and made sure Mr. Collins would be no threat to anyone. After his daughter came back, he had a long conversation with his wife on the phone.

Katie came home soon after with something extra from work she injected into Mr. Collins. It was enough to knock him out for a few days and she even risked putting him into a coma, but Katie hadn’t care. He had dared to touch her little girl and she was a mother on the war path.

Days later, Chris Collins woke up feeling pretty good which was a surprise to him self. The room was pitched black and he felt something soft under him. There was a blurred memory of Dan Reese coming at him with a pipe wrench then pain followed by darkness.

‘Bastard special hit me over the head. ’ Chris thought.

Something about his body felt very strange and from a funny feeling around his waist he felt something bulky there forcing his legs apart.

Then a soft overhead light came on with a faint glow. His first images were the bars at his side and this didn’t shock him until he realized they would were made of wood and not iron or steel.

‘What the hell?’ Chris thought.

“I think someone is finally awake. ” Dan said and came into the room. To Chris’s horror, Dan appeared to have grown into the size of a giant and then he was looming over Chris. Then Chris realized what had happen to him. Of course he knew Dan was a Special with the power to make people younger or older, but he had also figured out it took him two weeks to recharge his power between clients.

Chris couldn’t figure it out. He had planned to leave town with his crime behind him. Even if the little girl had confessed to what had happen to her, they would soon discover that Chris Collins had been a fake identity all along. All of it had been arranged as a covert attack.

As a member of the Humans Only Group, or H.O.G, he was told to show these freaks their place in the world by given them a good scare. Having a bit of fun with the girl was his own idea of course. The higher ups wouldn’t have approved of it.

Chris attempted to asked him what the hell did he do to him and heard only a baby’s gurgle then a funny sound only babies make when they are getting fussy or mad about something.

‘Oh God, no. He didn’t. He can’t do this to me. ’ Chris thought next.

Then Mrs. Resse entered the room and Chris knew her first name to be Katie or Kathy. Like Dan, she appeared to be a giant in size as well, but shorter then Dan. The children came in behind her with that Charlie boy holding his sister’s hand in support. They were shorter and stared at him through the wooden bars.

‘Fuck, even the children look like giants to me. ’ Chris thought staring at all of them with wide eyes.

“I like him in dresses. He looks like a baby girl. ” Kat said and looked up at her mother with a grin. Chris could see she no longer feared him.

“Oh yes, baby I do too. It makes changing his diapers so easy. I’m so happy we hung onto your old baby clothes. ” Katie said to her daughter and put a hand on her shoulder as she turned back to stare at the tiny infant that was Chris Collins.

“You think he is a prenatal baby? ” Dan asked looking only slightly concern. Dan feared in his bottled up anger he might have regressed the man a bit too far back. Only seeing one newborn in his life so far, he wasn’t sure on such things and looked toward his wife for her professional opinion.

“No, he looks like a newborn or barely a few weeks old at best. ” Katie said with a knowing eye.

“What was he thinking? ” thirteen year old Charlie asked looking at the infant then repressed a shiver from his own inner fear that could have been him in there if he hadn’t turned over a new leaf.

“I know, Charlie. Lately crimes against Specials have been going up. Not to mention when Specials commit a crime, they get harsher punishments from the government. People are scared now that children with powers are coming into their own unique gifts now. I’ll bet Chris thought he could get away it or just get a slap on a wrist. Lets’ make his babyhood last for fifty years. I would dare to say his mind won’t last ten years in that body, but I believe in over doing it. What do you say Kat? ” Dan asked looking at his daughter.

“Yeah. ” Kat answered back and smiled at the baby in the crib. Of course Mommy would look after him, but Kat liked the idea with playing with him now he was so helpless

Chris began to cry loudly in protest at where the conversation was heading.

‘You can’t. I’m a grown man dammit. I know the law and my rights. You can’t keep me like this. I know all about you dammit. You bastard, they will lock you away in a deepest darkest hole for this. ’ Chris thought with a furious rage that caused his face to go bright red.

“Well, everyone out. Looks like we have upset our new family pet. ” Katie said and waved everyone to go.

The next day, Chris had a new visitor in the company of Mrs. Katie Resse. The woman was a bit odd looking dressed in clothes more suited for a gym workout then going to see a friend.

“You know years ago I joked there was a Special like you just to keep my adopted son in line. Who would have guessed someone like you does really exist. ” Katie was saying as they entered the nursery.

“Oh I wish I was there to see the look on his face. Now down to our business. Are you sure my fee isn’t too high for you pay. ” The woman stranger said and came to the side of the crib and now Chris could see her face clearly. The woman was younger then Mrs. Resse and looked to be in her college years at best.

“Sam, my husband de-ages people to make a living and I’m a nurse. We can pay you in cash if you like. ” Katie said in answer.

“That’s alright. You’ll have to forgive me. I’m still new to using my gift to provide a service to people. Usually it’s a kinky couple or cheating husband. Hell, the first time I switch genders when I was fooling around my girlfriend and we were barely fourteen at the time. ” Sam said then she was blushing a deep red then looked down trying to compose herself once more. Katie could guess they were right in the middle of it when they swapped genders.

“I will be sure to transfer the money into your account and you can kiss a large part of your college debt goodbye. ” Katie said seeing this young woman or rather young man currently stuck as a woman, embarrassed by her first time.

“Good, yeah. That would be great. God, I can’t wait to be a guy again. I’ve been taking online classes and my girlfriend has been really understanding these past few weeks I been a girl again. Personally I don’t think she really minds if I’m a girl for weeks on end until I’m back to normal again. It pays the bills and we have a nice place we share together. ” Sam said then looked at the infant in the crib.

“That’s the little monster. ” Katie said and looking down at the baby boy in the crib.

“Hard to believe that’s him. The one you told me about. I have to ask you again. Are you really sure about this? Once I use my power he will be a girl for real. If you allow him or rather her to grow up she can have babies like any other normal woman. ” Sam asked and Katie nodded.

“Okay. Sammy the Switcher is at your service. ” Sam said and she reached down and placed her hand under the dress until she felt bare skin on the baby’s belly.

Chris knew what was coming. From the conversation, he quickly realized that Sam was a special with the power to switch genders with other people.

Chris bucked a little from the minor pain and he felt his insides were being turned inside out. A few seconds later Chris screamed out and it was a cry like a banshee.

‘Please no, I want to be a guy. Get away from me you freak. ’ Chris thought hard and squirmed in hopes he would get out of reach of this Special.

As Katie looked over at Sam, the young woman changed suddenly into a young man. Now his gym clothes looked alright on his larger frame and he was smiling after he broke skin contact with the now baby girl in the crib.

Katie reached into the crib to calm the screaming baby then she did a quick diaper check undoing the baby’s diaper. One long look between the baby’s legs then Katie smiled at the baby girl’s private parts. Even if Chris grew up again, he’d be a girl for the rest of his life. Kaite put the infant girl back into the crib.

“Sam, you have no idea how happy I am right now. Just wait til my husband and children get home to see this. We’ll have call her Christy from now on. You look thirsty, dear. Go have a coke on me from the fridge. I will be in there soon to transfer your payment. ” Katie said and Sam the young man left the room looking a little worn out.

Once alone with the baby, Katie leaned in for one final comment before she left the room.

“I hope you last a long time in there before your mind slips back into simple thoughts. I’m going to enjoy watching you mentally turn into a baby as the years go by. You will be so cute to watch you as you slowly become my daughter’s baby sister. If you are really lucky just maybe you can be her daughter one day. ” Katie said in a harsh tone and then she turned her back on baby girl in the crib.

The last thing Katie heard before she shut the door was the screaming pitiful wail of a baby girl, but somewhere inside that baby’s head a monster howled out in horror.

The End



End Chapter 5

The Day The Sky Fell by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 10, 2015


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