The Day The Sky Fell by Libra and Jeff

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Chapter 6
The day the sky fell: Charlie’s Journal By Libra & Jeff

Chapter Description: A Record of Charlie's Journal

[From the pages of Charlie’s journal recovered by request of the historical Special Museum of New York city in the year 2030. The following pages were scanned by the time traveling Special known as Jamal “Jump” Jones at the request of the head curator of the Special Museum of New York during one of his many visits to the future from his own time period. Prior one year before The Special War. ]

[These pages are printed copies made from the scans and are on display for all to read or listen too by scanning the bar-code on the display case to your mobile device. Online copies are also available for a small fee if you are unable to make the walk to your nearest teleportation gate. ]

Page one:

One of the doctors has encouraged me to write my feelings and thoughts down in this stupid journal so they can test my IQ or something. Some of them think being turned into a [Censored for younger readers] kid might have lowered my IQ or the way I think. This is a total [Censored for younger readers] and I think about giving them a piece of my mind. That freak did this to me and he is out there walking around as free as a bird while I’m stuck here in a temporary foster home being tested like a [Censored for younger readers] lab rat by different doctors.

Okay, I have to admit going to see my ex-girlfriend at her boyfriend’s house with a gun wasn’t the best of my ideas. The gun wasn’t even loaded and it had rust spots on it from lack of use. Hell, I don’t think my real mother even remembers she had it in her lock box tucked away in the basement until I found it recently. I hung onto it thinking I could sell it for drugs.

Page 02:

Then the [Censored for younger readers] pulled some kind of karate move on me and we fought a bit. I ended up in his kitchen and then this really [Censored for younger readers] feeling came over me. Next thing I know, I’m shrinking and my own clothes no longer fit me.

It was then I feared that Dan, my ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend, might be a Special. I nearly pissed myself at the thought that I might shrink down to doll size or turned into a [Censored for younger readers] midget.

Of course it was at that moment Katie started to crow about how I was an idiot then the freak said something about me becoming younger.

Page 03:

Next thing I know my [Censored for younger readers] of an ex-girlfriend is going through my pockets talking about how she is going to call the police on me. To my own horror she discovered the clone phone so I could keep tabs on her and then she totally loses her temper.

Before I could put up a real fight, she puts me over her knees then spanks my [Censored for younger readers] as red as an apple. Then she said something about calling my mother and leaves with the freak. You have to remember that I’m a naked little kid now and I’m alone with a guy I don’t know.

Now it’s just us in the room, so I attempt to bargain with him before he gets into real deep trouble with the law for turning me into a kid. He is totally [Censored for younger readers] whipped by Katie and refuses my offer.

Page 04:

Katie comes back after a few minutes have passed and if she was granting me some grand gift tells this freak I should get some clothes on. I feel a little safer with Katie in the room, but the whole time we are walking to the nursery and I’m thinking this guy is checking out my naked [Censored for younger readers] or planning to molest me or something.

I don’t need help in getting dressed, but the freak helps me anyway then locks me in this nursery after he pulled a mattress then some blankets out of a crib.

Page 05:

For the life of me I can’t figure out why he doesn’t just turned me into a damn baby already, the best I can see, he is too gutless in taking the chance in killing me by shrinking down into a stain on the carpet.

Then my ex threatens me she knows a guy or girl who can change me into a girl if I’m not a good little boy. After that, I’m left alone in a locked room with no hope of escape.

I did try the window, but it was painted shut and I no longer had the strength to break the seal. It was a newer window so breaking the glass was out of the question.

The door knob was next and I wasn’t surprise that it didn’t budge. I settled down on the makeshift bed and took in the room for the first time. As far as nurseries went, this one wasn’t so bad. No creepy clowns or cartoon figures were looking at me.

Bright color sport’s balls were wallpapered on the walls. It was all part of the sports theme of the room.

Page 06:

Just when I thought I was getting a little sleepy, I heard Katie in the next room with him.

At first it was just grunting then groaning. Then Katie was screaming out her pleasure like the [Censored for younger readers] she was for that freak.

It was dumb, but part of me was getting mentally aroused at this point and I slipped my hand into my childish shorts to play with my member. Of course it stayed limp and at best it gave me only a tiny bit of pleasure.

I might have whimpered at this point, but I can’t really remember clearly. I even jumped up and put a little baby lotion into my hand then attempted it again. The screams were getting really loud now and I needed something to relieve the stress I had gone through so far.

No matter how hard I rubbed it or fondled myself, my body simply refused to give me the grown up pleasure I had desired so much. I’m man enough to say I did cry a little at this point then decided sleep was all I needed.

Page 07:

The nightmares I suffered that night and the first few days were mostly being stuck in a crib while Katie changed my diapers. I blamed the smell of the baby lotion combine with baby powder during my first night in that nursery.

Page 08:

When morning does finally come and I’m not feeling very social due the lack of sleep, the freak opens the door. I make a dash for the bathroom and just make it time before I piss myself. Thankfully the freak doesn’t follow me into the bathroom and I’m left alone so I can do my business.

Soon after that, I’m allowed to watch some TV and I give the freak my best cold look when he turns the channel to cartoons. Then Katie arrives and starts spoon feeding me like a baby. I let her know that my real mother is on her way.

Page 09:

Screw this. I have been betrayed by my own mother: end of story. I refuse to tell these so called doctors on my feelings or thoughts on this.

[It may interest the reader that Charlie Moes was in the temporary care of his ex-girlfriend Katie Sung before being placed in foster care while the court system decided what was best for him. The following pages were attained before Charlie burned them. Until now it was unknown what happen to Charlie during those first days he lived with his ex-girlfriend. ]

Page 10:

Katie has been treating me like a child. Even when we are in the privacy of her apartment, she talks down to me.

Lately, she has been telling me how she is filing papers to have me adopted so officially I can be her son.

I fight the motherly treatment at first, but it’s really hard when she wants to cuddle me to her chest. Bath time has gotten really interesting since Katie joins me in the tub now. I think I’ll burn these pages later, but I feel compelled to write down what happens during our time in the tub.

Page 11:

Katie takes a lot of pleasure in fondling me and allowing me to do the same to her body. Of course, she gets the better deal out of our new relationship. The best I have ever got was a ticklish funny feeling making her smile with my giggles.

At night, she allows me into her bed and only few people know this, but Katie loves to sleep with nothing on up top. Often, I play with her nipples while she is still awake and long after she is asleep.

[Censored for younger readers] me. I’m still in love with her, but lately I been feeling a little guilty about touching her. Which is seriously [Censored for younger readers] up. I’m the child here and she is the adult now.

Page 12:

It’s been a few days and one morning a woman and a police officer are at the front door while I’m watching morning cartoons. They are asking questions about me and at this point I’m [Censored for younger readers] out of my mind thinking this is it. They are going to lock me away in some prison no matter what I look like now.

Instead, the cop stands in front of Katie if to prevent her from doing anything and the woman comes over to me and starts asking questions about my age and who I am.

At this point, I figured what the hell. I tell the truth and answer each question with as much detail as I can.

Before I fully understand what is going on, she is taking me by the hand out of the apartment to put me with a foster family just for a short time until everything can be straighten out.

Page 13:

The Peterson’s seem like nice people, but Mrs. Peterson treats me like I’m a dangerous animal when she learns I’m really an adult guy trapped in a child’s body.

They have a younger daughter who just still a toddler and currently still in diapers. She is a cute kid and very trusting. She wants me to play dolls with her all the time, but Mrs. Peterson won’t allow it. This of course upsets her daughter and I get the blame in the end.

Mostly, I stay in my temporary room and allow the various doctors and social workers to see me. At one point, I’m taken to a hospital and get a full day of being scanned, poked and examined by several doctors.

Page 14:

They tell me that I’m a healthy boy again, but after all the scans I half expect I have gotten cancer by now. Worse, my right arm hurts from all the blood samples they have taken from me.

Thankfully, Mr. Peterson is there and takes me away before I get too upset at the medical staff.

Recently, I have gotten in touch with my old lawyer and he seems to think I got a law suit case against Dan Reese and my ex. I learn through him that the freak has been earning extra money by using his power on elderly couple.

Personally, I think this is a great idea. If I had his power, I would be taking them for every penny they had. How could anyone put a price limit on being young again?

God, I miss Katie and our special time together. I have kept that part of time together secret from everyone.

Page 15:

Mrs. Peterson lost it today when I accidentally walked into the bathroom while she was given her daughter a bath.

She screamed and then ranted at me as I quickly ran from the room to use the other bathroom. I heard her daughter crying a few seconds later and I felt bad afterward.

I do my best to avoid her over the next few days and Mr. Peterson plays peace maker until my court date.

Page 16:

The court day finally comes and my lawyer shows up early with a child size business suit in a dry cleaning bag for me to wear.

I hate the court house mostly because of its musty smell of old books and small rooms. I don’t know the judge thank God.

I sit there and listen while everyone talks. One thing about being a child again, it has taught me that little kids, if they are quiet, are soon forgotten about.

I listen as the judge goes over the facts and a bit of my life story as a criminal. I’m too ashamed of my past actions to say anything.

Worst of all, I feel like a grade A [Censored for younger readers] for all the trouble I caused so far. All I want to do is go back to Katie’s apartment and pick up where we left off.

Page 16:

Finally, they come to the point and I’m given a choice. I think the judge is being a bit of a dick at this point, but given my past history, part of me can’t blame him. Sure, I can be an adult again with a lot of money waiting for me, but it means I’ll have to go back behind prison bars. Given the various criminal charges against me and the state of things, my sentence wouldn’t be a short one.

The first choice appeals to me more. Legally, I would be a child, but in little over a decade I would still get paid and I would be with Katie.

Page 17:

My lawyer is quietly arguing with me for the larger sum and thinks my stay in prison won’t be so bad. Shows what he knows about life behind bars. Hell, if I spend the next few years behind crib bars, it would still be the better deal for me.

The judge bangs his little hammer and it’s all over. Outside, I still have a few last words with my lawyer and then I go over to Katie to leave with her. One of them must have caught my smirk on my face when I was thinking about the money I’ll get one day. There is a comment made about spending all that time in diapers and it was then I decided I be a good little boy for now. Once grown and the legal age again, I could just take off with my cash. I even get to tell Katie I know about her lie about the gender changing special was total [Censored for younger readers].

Page 18:

It’s been weeks since I’ve written anything in this dumb book. The social workers show up less and less now. Also, it’s rare I see any of the head doctors anymore. Now that I have Katie all to myself, I have found myself thinking less of her as a woman and more as a mother figure. My real mother is young again, thanks to Dan, and I call her aunt now.

I hate to admit it, but Dan is a decent guy after all. His mom and sister are alright and treat me with respect. Lately, I have been invited to trips to the spa and the best highlight of the trip is that I’m in a room full of naked women with a few teenage girls thrown in.

All the women think I’m cute beyond words and ask the same questions all adults seem to say to little kids. Sometimes, I get hugs or kisses on the cheek and then all the women are gossiping away. By that time, I decide to lay down for a nap. Out of habit, I find my thumb in my mouth when awake, but few comments on this.

Page 19:

I think it’s been a few months since I returned with Katie. I have started to call her mommy now and our special time together has changed. It was all my choice since going down on her with my hand was giving her the better deal. Besides, she can pleasure herself faster than I could. Somewhere down the line; me sucking on her milk filled nipples has turned into a need to be close to her then a sexual act.

Part of me is worried that I’m changing into a little kid mentally because my interest have shifted now. Katie gave me a small tablet and I spend my time looking up specials that are superheroes.

Page 20:

Specials are awesome. Lately, I’ve been going to preschool. Katie thinks it is important I make friends my own age. Me and my friend’s favorite topic of choice are superheroes. I know it’s silly, but I have started to collect the trading cards and even have some action figures in my room.

The teachers are impressed by my early test scores and have encouraged Katie to enroll me in more advance classes. Some even think I’m a Special myself with increased mental intelligence. Katie refuses to put me in with the older children after she asks me on my opinion on it.

Page 21:

Being a former bully myself back in my more innocent days, I have no wish to be picked on for my size or smarts.

I’m more careful now doing school tests and make sure I score slightly above average now.

Only recently, I have been spending more time with Dan. Being the only other guy in my life, I suppose it was only naturally that we bonded over time.

I love Katie and my aunts, but sometimes all the cuddling and affection they pour on me gets old fast.

Page 22:

Most of the time we go camping with his military buddies and their sons. At first, I watch and listen to everything I’m told about the wildlife and plants.

I never realized until now, how much I love the outdoors. Granted, we are cheating a little bit. We all stay in a big cabin in the middle of nowhere that happens to be close to a lake. The boys go swimming nearly every day and its clothing optional mostly depending how modest you are. I go total wild child and don’t mind being naked since I’m one of the youngest looking.

It takes a few dozen trips out here over a few more months, before I know nearly every plant and can make out nearly every animal track I see.

The cabin we share is loaded with modern comforts and looks like it can withstand any storm or world ending event. I can tell Dan doesn’t really care for it like I do, but one day I want to live out here on my own.

Page 23:

Hell, maybe I’ll buy this very cabin from the guy who owns it. The other boys don’t show the same interest I do in nature and care more about the big screen TV we have.

In my previous life, I begun to think of it as I spent too much time behind bars and indoors. Out here in the woods, armed with a rifle and knife, this forest would be my home one day.

On the way home, Dan picks up on my secret desire to live as a wild man and jokes I’ll be a mountain man one day.

Page 24:

Lately things have been getting serious between him and my mommy. As far dads go, Dan would make a great father figure in my life. Sometimes we tickle each other or wrestle like I was really his son. I find myself hugging him more and more often. Sometimes, he picks me up and carries me about as well, which I find I don’t mind as much now of days.

This morning I found a discarded pregnancy test in the bathroom trash can. The box was there and it confirmed that Katie was going to have a child.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Katie’s apartment is a bit small and it means I will have to share a room with a screaming newborn.

I almost tell Dan, but stop myself from doing so. Even with Dan paying for my comfortable life style, he was still making a lot of money.

So much in fact, his house had been expanded upon by buying up his neighbor’s place.

Secretly, I have been praying that he’ll ask mommy to marry him and we all can live together in his big house.

Page 25:

Dan told me and mommy a wild story today how some superheroes showed up on his doorstep begging for his help.

At first, I think he is just having a bit of fun with me because he knows how much I love Specials now.

Then he shows us the pictures and I study each picture carefully for any Photoshop effects. It’s hard to believe, but I recognized each super hero. Voltage, Jinn, Miss Spider, and even Baby-doll are there and putting their arms about Dan like he is an old friend.

Page 26:

Beyond the pictures, he won’t give us any details, but he saved the life of Baby-Doll from a bad guy name Hourglass.

Unlike Katie, I know who Hourglass is. Recently he setup himself as the new ruler of Cuba and if the rumored stories were true, took pleasure in aging people to death whenever they disappointed him.

His action figure shows a twisted sharp chin man, which I suspect looks little like him, but he is a must have in any villain collection of toys.

Page 27:

Mommy says that we going out to eat at a very special place. When I learn it’s the Plasma Ball, I thought my heart would explode from the excitement.

If the rumors were true online, I’ll get to see some superheroes tonight.

I dressed in my casual best and not only are we going, but Dan is a VIP member now. We get there and I get to see my first fully changed special.

Her name was Roxy and she looks like a lizard woman from some erotic porn movie. Her skin is covered in black scales that give off a pattern of rainbow colors where ever the light hits it.

She is a knock out even with the scales and now for the first time I notice she has a tail coming out of the small of her back. Her dress is custom tailored to it.

Dan doesn’t see it right away, but she is on her guard the moment we walked in. I get the feeling if Dan started any trouble, she doubled as a bouncer. Given her clawed hands and graceful movements, I suspected that she was a fighter once.

Page 28:

After she sees Dan’s VIP card, its all smiles and warm greetings.

I catch a glimpse of the lower level before we are taken up stairs by elevator. The place is amazing looking mostly because of the giant Plasma Ball in the center of the room protected by thick glass.

On the second floor, the tables are more spread out and it’s even has a more relaxed feeling up here.

We are greeted by a man I’m dead sure I’ve seen before.

Page 29:

Holy [Censored for younger readers] its Voltage himself standing there in comfortable clothes and showing off a ball of lightening in his hand.

It had been debated nearly to death online that Voltage was easily the most powerful Special ever. I have learned from countless stories and YouTube Videos on my Smart phone, that Voltage was always sent in first.

Because he can’t die or stay dead very long, he doesn’t mind taking the risk so I guessed. I’m awe stuck in seeing him in person and even shaking his hand.

I noticed a slight tingle when we made skin contact and I could almost feel the overwhelming power he contained inside his body.

Page 30:

We were given a table close to the elevators and Mr. V, as he calls himself now, hints we should look around the room.

I’m faster than Dan in spotting the various superheroes and even know each one of them by name. Mommy and Dan talk about each one. I only pay attention when they mention Miss Spider.

At first I don’t see her, but then I do and a cold feeling travels up my spine.

Little is known about her and she is more rumor then known facts. I suspect that she is from the Middle East area, but mostly grew up in America given her accent.

Page 31:

Besides the public appearances videos where she speaks up for women’s rights while wearing her full costume, there are only three known videos of her duking it out with the bad guys.

Each video is shaky and Miss Spider is barely seen in the videos, but she is deadly. Charlie recalled her disarming six guys all armed with hand held machine guns. The Widow’s Fangs were legendary among those who followed the superheroes. She was careful not to kill anyone, but is famous for slashing up the bad guys and leaving them with various scars.

[It may interest reader that the Widow’s Fangs are on display in our museum with the full costume of Miss Spider donated to us after her retirement. You may find it next to an early model of Baby-Doll’s armor. ]

Page 32:

Then I see my favorite hero of all time. Bulk the ape man himself. He is sitting Indian style at the end of the table and I can’t blame him for doing so. He is one of the biggest strongest superheroes known to this day.

He has a soft spot for kids and does a lot of charity work since Chicken Little day. Rarely is he ever called into action because most bad guys give up when he is around. The guy is pretty big and dwarfs football players.

Dan and Katie are making comments about his body hair, but I don’t mind. From what I seen online, he is a good nature kind of guy with very thick skin. Most of the hair on his face is tied in braids and the hair on top of his head is made into a long pony tail that falls behind his head. Somehow the business suit he wears, gives me the impression that Bulk deserves an air of respect.

Page 33:

Then Mommy says something about Aunt Susie and I see her too. She was more of a friend of the family, but it was easier for me to think of her as another aunt. Her visits were extremely rare, but I suspected she had turned hero some time back.

She was known as Rewind and she was rarely seen in public. Always, she was in the role of medic for a badly injured Special or person.

I was hungry by now and I was happy when Dan announced we should order our food already.

I have no idea if they had a super powered cook or they made our food ahead of time, but before I get very far on the tablet game that I was playing, the plates of food we ordered had arrived. The food was amazing and there is plenty on my plate to eat. I swear they must have their own greenhouse or farm nearby.

[Interesting Fact: At this time it was unknown to the general public that The Plasma Ball was part of a much larger building. The building was pyramid shape with the The Plasma Ball poking out at ground level. Thanks to Specials the construction was done in secret as a headquarters for Specials. The restaurant was used as cover so Specials could come and go without drawing too much attention. Charlie’s guess on greenhouse or farm being near was a good one. ]

Page 34:

Never in my life did food taste so good. I’m convinced now they have a Special in the back with a minor power in preparing food. Afterward, when I was nearly done eating, a beautiful woman stopped by our table to greet Dan.

I could tell right away that mommy was a little jealous of her, but hid it well.

At first, I think she is just another client of his with enough money to get a booth up here and then she hints at her other alter ego and I find myself honored by her being there.

Slowly I realized, I must be one of few people in the world to see the real Baby-Doll without her armor. We shake hands and they are as soft as mine own. Then I overheard her talking to Dan about The Plasma Ball and her burn scars.

It’s hard for me to believe once she was covered in them, but I can’t contain my excitement. Trying to sound impressive, I ask her about her power since no one was really sure of her talent.

Page 35:

Dan gives me a look like I was being rude or something, but Tiffany doesn’t mind. I’m blown away by the fact that she is not a Special, but merely a rich woman who hired a Special to make her high tech armor.

She goes so far to ruffle up my hair in a playful gesture and I feel myself blushing at the attention. I stare over at Bulk wishing I could just jump up and meet him.

Then Tiffany sees this and offers to take me over to him since she is a good friend of his.

I half drag her over there taking Dan’s Smart phone with me after he offers it for taking a few pictures. Later, I’m going to print them off and tape them inside my journal.

[For those listening to the audio version the pictures include several images of the child Charlie Moes having a mock arm wrestling match with Bulk with Charlie winning every time. The final pictures have him posing with Bulk and Baby-Doll or Tiffany without her armor. ]

Page 36:

Just when I’m about to leave to go back to my own table, I noticed that Dan and Katie are drawing a lot of attention from everyone in the room. I look as well and I know from the gesture and excited screaming on mommy’s part, he just ask her to marry him.

Then with a bit of secret pleasure of my own, I see her delivered her own bit of news. I had known for nearly a week now.

I stay with Bulk and Tiffany a while longer to give them more time to celebrate. I return to the table when Mr. V shows up again to take the empty wine bottle away. Just as I get settled down again in my seat, I notice the air next to Voltage is rippling like a heat wave had just hit it.

Page 37:

At first, I think Mr. V is doing something to the air then a young black man steps out of nowhere and he is wearing clothes that look really old, but not worn down. More like they are from some old person’s attic.

I relaxed when Voltage greets him like an old friend and I learn right away that he is a time traveling Special.

It was just another shock since I never heard of one before.

He is very young looking and barely looks old enough to drive, but something in his eyes tells you he seen and done things most people only dreamed of.

He talks with Dan for a little bit then I decided to chime in with a question about the future.

Jamal is amused by this and even calls me by my last name. Then I realized, I never told him my last name and no one at the table had said it.

I ask him how he knows my last name and get another shock.

Page 38:

I guess in hindsight, I shouldn’t have been surprised by it. This guy has been to the future countless times and along the way he met me as an adult.

I listen hard taking in every detail and he goes on to tell me one day I will help Specials by hiding them out at my cabin.

At this bit of news, I’m excited about the future and can’t wait to grow up again.

Kate asks him about the hate group against Specials and I take a mental note to research them online later on.

Page 39:

Even with the excitement of the evening, I’m pretty tired now and mommy carries me out and I drift off into sleep. I only woke up when we were back home at her apartment.

It’s been awhile since I written anything down, but the wedding was awesome. I forgot to mention it was held at the Plasma Ball and I got to meet dozens of more Specials. Some of them heroes and a few whom played a more public role in the world.

Bulk bent steel beams with ease. Miss Spider put on a knife fight show with Roxy and I learned that Roxy could heal herself from nearly any wound. At first the slashes looked bad, then Roxy smiled and showed everyone her healing scars.

Special’s, with wings and without, flew over head and sometimes dropping paper confetti on people or glitter.

Voltage stole the show by entering the enclosed glass of the giant plasma ball through a trap door on the floor and putting on a light show that dazzled the eyes for a few seconds.

I recorded a few videos of it to put on YouTube.

Page 40:

Mommy and Dan went off to enjoy their honeymoon and I’m staying with Aunt Ellie now for two whole weeks. She is a lot of fun and enjoys going over the wedding pictures I took and seeing the videos from the wedding. She had been there of course, but didn’t mingle with everyone has much as I did.

Page 41:

It’s been a really long time since I seen this journal. I found it tuck away on the end of my bookcase among my other books. I can say it’s been nearly eight years since I read this last part. Before, I only got it out to show my school buddies the pictures in it.

I guess I should get anyone reading this caught up on current events. I call Dan daddy now without any shame.

Sure I was a bit of a hell raiser growing up again, but I found the baby punishment fair enough and I could indulge in more infantile desires. Mommy never seems to mind I like to be breast fed as a baby. Diaper changes are not as bad once you have gotten use to them. My new sister Kathryn, or Kat as we call her, gets so jealous when I get more attention than she does.

As brother and sister go, we get along pretty good. I’m careful not to tease her too much mostly because one day I think she is going to be a Special like daddy.

I’m thirteen years old now and I even have a girlfriend now. We have kissed and done other things, but neither of us are ready for sex just yet.

She has even been my babysitter when I been reduce back down to an infant for acting out.

Page 42:

In four short more years I will be a very rich teenager. It turns out the trust I’m to inherit has grown far larger in size then anyone would have guessed.

Already, I have made arrangements to buy the cabin and the entire valley surrounding it. Over the years, Dan’s friends had lost interest in the place and only recently did it fall to neglect.

By the time I’m old enough to move out there the boat house will be done and the cabin shall be restored to its former glory.

The superhero Voltage is on the TV talking about about a new supervillain who is a plain human who was crippled during Chicken Little Day. The bad guy was calling himself The Engineer and Voltage claims he is the one behind recent rise of hate between Specials and normal people. Even goes on to explain this bad guy is also behind the new illegal drug drink called Power-Ups that gives people powers for a few days.

Voltage is explaining that The Engineer hates superheroes mostly because they couldn’t save his wife and his kid.

Why is my sister Kat screaming like that?

Page 43:

I’m going to burn this book as soon as I have moved into my cabin up north.

It’s been a few hours, but it turns out my sister was attacked by a neighbor; Mr. Chris Collins. I don’t know the guy very well, but he seemed nice and always friendly.

He moved into the neighborhood a while back. The sicko nearly raped poor Kat, but thankfully her powers saved her.

That’s right my sister is an age changer or more to the point an age exchanger. Unlike daddy, she has full control over her power.

I feel like I’d have to write this down to get it out of my system. The air vent to the pool house is directly across from my bedroom window. So when Kat started screaming, I heard her because I left the window open to let in the summer breeze.

I ran toward the pool house to find dad was already there holding a big pipe wrench over the half naked body of Mr. Collins. At first, I thought he was dead, but then I saw he was still breathing.

Page 44:

More shocking was Kat. She was a little girl again about four years old I think and sobbing her eyes out.

I soon heard the full story and personally I wanted to kill him for what he almost did to my sister.

It’s not long until Kat is restored back to her own true age after Mr. Collins is tied up like a turkey dinner.

I ask dad what are we going to do to Mr. Collins and at first I think he is going to call the cops, but it was my wonderful sister who came up with a great plan. The Peter Pan book after all was her favorite book since it reminded her so much of daddy.

Me and dad were standing guard over him while Kat ran back into the house to get daddy’s phone and get dressed.

Page 45:

Mom comes home and right away and I can tell she is on the war path. Thankfully, I’m glad I’ve been a saint lately and watched as she inject something into Mr. Collins. I found it strange to see a pregnant woman so enraged, but I knew she had every right to be.

Mom tells me and Kat that Mr. Collins will sleep for a few days, but he is tied to an old bed in the pool house. When Daddy’s power returns, Mr. Collins will be turned into an itty bitty baby again.

Until then, mom stays home taking some vacation time with us and takes care of Mr. Collins.

It’s weird seeing an adult man in nothing more than a diaper meant for senior citizen, but knowing his fate I can’t wait for his punishment day to come.

Katie can’t sleep and has been having nightmares. Most of the time, she just crawls into bed with mommy and daddy after a bad dream.

She cries a lot when she thinks no one is around to hear her and it wasn’t until I took her out to the pool house in secret and showed her Mr. Collins did the crying stop.

Seeing the man there lying there in a coma like sleep on an old forgotten bed and firmly tied into place with various tubes running into his body was enough to ease off her fears.

The day finally came and Charlie watched as his step father shrank the sicko down into a tiny infant.

Page 46:

Mr. Collins is a tiny baby now and he is no threat to anyone. Dad puts him in the old nursery that had been recently been touched up for the new baby on the way. Now when mommy gives birth we are to pretend that she had twins.

It was only a few hours later that Mr. Collins woke up. No one is sure what his new name will be, but I don’t care. Mom and dad go in first then I take Kat by the hand and show her the new baby.

Right away she is grinning and makes a comment on the dress he is wearing. Personally, I have no problem with mom dressing him up like a sissy.

There is a quick quiet discussion on how long they are going to keep him like that and I’m relieved to hear it will be decades before he will ever be out of using diapers.

The baby in the crib gets really fussy now and his face goes bright red with frustration. Mom orders us out of the room and we know not to protest. There will be plenty of time to see and play with the new baby in our family.

Page 47:

Oh my God. I can’t believe what mom has done. We just came back from a visit from Aunt Ellie’s house and find out that we now have a baby sister.

It turns out there was really a Special out there with a gender changing power.

Kat couldn’t be happier and for her I put on a grin as well. I overheard the entire story when mom told dad about the Special she hired to change Mr. Collins gender to female.

We started calling her Christy now and I can tell the baby in the crib isn’t happy she is a girl now.

It’s a bit creepy, but I have decades to get use to the idea I now have a new baby sister.

[End of Journal. ]

[It may interest the reader that the police were contacted the moment this information was brought to the attention of one of our employees. A baby girl by the name of Christy Reese was discovered in the home of the Reese family. She was found to be in perfect health and restored to adulthood for questioning. ]

[After spending over a decade in an infant’s body, it was soon discovered whoever she or he had been lost to time. The years trapped in an infant’s body had taken it toll on her mind. While her body was now full grown to adulthood, her mind stayed in its infant state. Beyond a few simple words she behaved like any other six month old infant would have. ]

[After a week long trial for custody rights, Christy Reese previous true identity couldn’t be discovered. The man known as Chris Collins had been a false name with a fake background. Unable to contact any blood family members, she was regressed back down to her infant state and then officially adopted by Kathrine Reese as her daughter. ]

[Jamal “Jump” Jones has refused all requests for further information on discovering the true identity of Christy Reese a.k.a Chris Collins. Saying “It was best that some things stayed lost in the past. ” ]

[We hope you have enjoyed your visit so far to our Museum via online connection or in person and we hope that you return for another visit. Be sure to visit our gift shop before you leave. ]



End Chapter 6

The Day The Sky Fell by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 10, 2015


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