The Day The Sky Fell by Libra and Jeff

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Chapter 4
The Day The Sky Fell Part 04 By Libra & Jeff

Chapter Description: Dan learns having power isn't all fun and games.

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It was a few days later that Dan got a letter to appear in court and the phone call from Katie.

Dan learned from both that Katie was going through legal channels to get Charlie adopted officially. Everything was going fine until what they first thought was a mistake with a birthday and age.

When Katie then Charlie’s real mother explained things, it soon became a matter for the court to decide. True, there was no law on making someone younger, but the question of Charlie being held against his will had come up. Then Charlie had been taken away by a social worker to be put in a temporary foster home until the court date.

Dan had to appear before a judge or face prison time for kidnapping and other related charges against him.

Dan did the smart thing and hired one of the best lawyers he could. When he arrived with his lawyer, it turned out to be a bit unorthodox type of trial.

For one thing, he was led into a large office with the judge sitting on the other side of the desk like a business man. Before him were file folders and what appeared to be records of everyone involved.

Katie, Miss Moes, and another lawyer Miss Moes had hired on, was there waiting for him.

Sitting on the right in another set of chairs, was little Charlie and a lawyer apparently well known to Charlie already. Later on, Dan would learn that this lawyer had helped him out before.

“Mr. Reese, have a seat.” The Judge said and Dan saw that his nameplate read Judge William H. Miles.

Dan sat and took Katie’s hand to show his support openly.

Then Judge Miles Spoke to everyone. “Now before we begin, you should all understand that my decision is final as far the courts are concerned. In cases involving people with special powers, such as yourself, requires more personal attention. Due to the events known as Chicken Little Day the government has granted extra power to judges to rule over these cases quickly to save money and time. If you disagree, you may request a jury trial instead, which could take months and even more legal fees piling up. ”

“Your honor, my client was held against his will right after being assaulted. Further more, he has been reduced to the statue of a small child. His finance resources are limited because he cannot work due to his size and appearance. I strongly urge you to rule in our favor right now, since my client is unable to have the option for trial by a jury.” Charlie’s lawyer said next. The Judge listened but then his attention went to piece of paper on his desk before speaking an answer.

“Mr. Arts, your client never held a job for more then a few months from what I can see here. Until recently, he lived with his mother paying her rent at a greatly reduced rate. It is my understanding that your client had a drug habit as well and that it caused him to lose his previous jobs and then he was evicted by his own mother. From what I can see here, your client had plenty of times to earn and save money. Your objection will be noted at this time.” Judge Miles said and wrote down something on another piece of paper.

“Mrs. Vills, what does your client say to trial by Jury? ” Judge Miles asked referring to Dan’s lawyer.

“Mr. Reese respects your judgment in this case and we wish to proceed. If my client is found guilty, we are fully prepared to pay for any wages lost, fines and any settlement amount you deemed fair. If my client is facing prison time, I would like to remind the court that Mr. Reese has been an upstanding citizen up to this point.” Mrs. Vills said promptly and with as much professional air as she could.

Judge Miles nodded then spoke again: “Very Well, then. I will ask everyone involved a series of questions and I have statements here on my desk from medical experts, social workers, and even a doctor to read to everyone here. ”

Everyone waited and when Judge Miles saw everyone understood.

“After Charlie Moes was taken into custody by a social worker, he was given a full medical screening including the state of his mental health. Based on previous medical records, it was found he was in better health and mental condition then he was as an adult. Our professional psychologist said this was because he is now younger and smaller then everyone else. Given his past history of violence, he has now lost more of his aggression because he knows he is no longer as strong as an adult. The psychologist also claims, if he was returned to adulthood there is a good chance he would fall back into his old habits again. The medical doctor who examined him and did the blood work found all traces of drugs and signs of self abuse gone from his body. The final report says he was in very good health for a child of his age. Do you disagree? ” Judge Miles asked.

“Your honor I have considered the future mental effects and mental trauma my client suffered already in the night in question.” Charlie’s lawyer spoke up in a protesting tone.

“Yes, you claim your client went to Mr. Reese’s place of resident in fear that his ex-girlfriend was in danger after he learned that Mr. Reese was a Special; a term used to describe someone with a superpower.” Judge Miles asked and watched as the lawyer nodded. Then he went on.

“Yet you have failed to provide me any evidence to that statement. Say for your client’s word. I have statements here from Mr. Reese and your client’s ex-girlfriend saying your client, when he was an adult, forced his way in by gunpoint and then assaulted Mr. Reese. In the struggle, Miss Katie Sung attempted to step in to help when she was backhanded by accident in the eye. I have pictures here printed from her cell phone with time stamps proving it did happen on the night of question.”

“A gun which has disappeared and my client has claimed that it was Mr. Reese who gave Miss Sung the black eye before he arrived.” Charlie’s lawyer said next then turned his attention to Dan.

The judge did the same. Dan knew the judge had the full story, but they wanted to hear him say it.

“I gave the gun to a military buddy of mine. He is currently out of the country now. Personally, I like guns and I do love to go the firing range after borrowing a gun from a friend, but I’ve never had a reason for owning one myself. I’ve always been scared someone might steal it and use it in a crime. You see I couldn’t afford a gun safe before, so I thought it would be safer with someone who owned a gun safe.” Dan explained and the judge listened. It was Miss Moes who spoke up next.

“Your honor, sir. I believe the gun my son used was one that was left to me by his father before he left us. It was for protection since I was a single woman with a baby in the house. I don’t like guns myself so I locked it away until I remembered it was in my small fire proof safe with my important papers. My lawyer was able to find the serial number on a bill of sale and when the gun is recovered I’m sure they will match.” Miss Moes said in bit of a timid voice.

“Thank you, Miss Moes.” Judge Miles said pulling out a photocopy of the bill of sale and writing on it. Dan was sure it was note to check the numbers to see if they match.

“At this point, I’m inclined to believe Mr. Reese’s statement that a gun was used. Furthermore, I will go on to say there was a fight and Miss Sung was injured. Fearing for her safety and his own life, Mr. Reese used his unique power on Charlie Moes. De-aging him from an adult to the child that we all see here today. So far, this has been a clear case of self defense and defense of another person. For reasons unknown, after discovering the gun was empty and non-functioning, they failed to alert the proper authorities. Instead, Miss Katie Sung spanked him as you would a naughty child. Afterwords, Mr Charlie Moes was locked in a room by himself until the morning. Since Charlie Moes was now a child, in everything but mind, they wished to return him to his biological mother. Instead, she rejected him and asked Miss Sung to raise him in more family environment for his own good. Is this true? ” Judge Miles asked looking at Katie then Dan. Both nodded and said yes. Then the judge went on his speech.

“Granted, they did break the law by holding him against his will and I take in the fact that your client was spanked for giving Miss Sung a black eye. Given your criminal history and past relationship, it was no surprise she felt inclined to punish him. Have you have anything to say in your own defense Mr. Moes? ” The judge asked and for the first time since the meeting Charlie spoke.

“No. ” Charlie said looking very ashamed of himself and out of place wearing his child size business suit.

Judge Miles gave him a stern look before speaking again.

“Here before me I have a file folder with Mr. Reese’s criminal records. It is nearly two decades old and apparently Mr. Reese had a lead foot when he was a teenager. No serious accidents, but quite a few speeding tickets showing all of them paid in full. Since then, as far as I can tell, he hasn’t broken any laws. This here is Mr. Moes more colorful history with the law.” Judge Miles said and thumped with his hand a large stack of papers on the desk next to Dan’s records. It was clear that Dan was a saint compared to Charlie.

“Disregarding my personally opinions on this case, I rule that Charlie Moes is to be given a choice. If he so desires it, he shall be given into the care of Katie Sung as a minor and therefore becoming her legally adopted son as widow Moes requested. Despite the restraining order against him, he was dead set on being near her in the night in question. So with the blessing of this court, she shall become his adopted mother, if she so desires it. So he is not to be a burden on her bank accounts, I will order a settlement payment of half of a million from Mr. Reese to be paid for the next twelve years to provide living expenses, educational funding, and what is leftover to be place in a trust fund after he pays all legal fees. Mr. Moes can claim the trust in twelve years time regardless of what age he appears to be. Would you agree to that Miss Sung and Mr. Reese? ” Judge Miles asked them both.

“Yes. ” Katie answered.

“Sure. ” Dan replied in turn with his lawyer looking like she might what to try for a lower settlement. Dan waved her down with a simple hand gesture.

“Your honor you can’t expect my client to accept those terms.” Charlie’s lawyer said next and went quiet when Judge Miles spoke again.

“His only other choice is to be returned to his normal age by Mr. Reese or by another person with this age changing power of his choice. Upon returning to his legal age of adulthood, he will be arrested for ignoring the restraining order, trespassing, and assaulting two people. Oh and let’s not forget if the gun in question. It the serial numbers matches, even more charges will be leveled at your client. Given your client’s history with the law and the current state of legal system, I can only imagine the next judge he sees will give him the maximum sentence for his crimes. So you have no objection to this second choice, I will double the settlement if Mr. Reese or his lawyer doesn’t has any objections to it? ” Judge Miles asked and Dan gave a quick shake of the head and said no just to be clear.

Dan watched as Charlie and his lawyer had a brief, but very intense discussion on the matter. It was clear that Charles wasn’t thrilled about facing prison time no matter how much money was involved.

“My client agrees with the first option and in twelve years time myself or another member of my law firm will visit Mr. Moes to ensure the trust fund will be given solely to him, sir. ” Charlie’s lawyer said next and looked a little put out in not getting double in the settlement.

“Mr. Reese. I here by drop all charges against you and Miss Sung. I would strongly advise you not to regress or de-age anyone else against their will with the only exception of being in regards of self defense of yourself or others. Also, since you are providing a unique service to elderly people while earning yourself a healthy income, you will need to apply for a small business license. You can talk to your lawyer about setting up your own business. Some back taxes will have to be paid as well. Special people like yourself, such as that new guy calling himself Midas, will help America recover faster. If you have no objections or questions, then I declare this case dismissed.” Judge Miles said and it was over after he paused then bang his gavel.

Outside with Charlie by her side, Katie asked Dan about the Midas guy. Dan had made it hobby to keep up with current Specials.

“Oh, I’m surprise you haven’t heard of him. Turns out he can turn lead into gold. As the result of his power, we no longer have the Gold Standard anymore and its being replaced by Silver in nearly every state. Rumor has it, most of the new buildings being rebuilt will be using gold wiring instead of copper.” Dan answered.

There were final talks between lawyers and finally Dan was allowed to return back to as normal of a life as he could get given his special power.

“So Charlie, do you think half of a million is fair? ” Dan asked and it did urk him a little that he’ll have to pay so much out over the next decade plus cost of living for a normal life.

“Oh yeah.” Charlie said excited, not noticing the scowl directed at him, but dreaming how he would spend that money in twelve years time.

“Don’t sound so smudge about it, Charlie. Remember you can spend that time in diapers and as a girl.” Katie teased.

“There is no gender switching Special. I already checked the internet and the news feeds.” Charlie said very sure of himself.

“Okay, you caught me in that lie, but you know the diaper threat is very real. Better be a humble good little boy or decade of pampers is in your future. ” Katie said in a sing song voice and Charlie looked at Dan with respect then slowly nodded.

“We’ll talk later. ” Dan said and kissed Katie goodbye for now.

By the time Miss Moes showed up for her treatment, Dan was legally opened for business. Even with all he had to pay out, he still make a pretty good living. The word had gotten around the neighborhood he was a man with a power to make people young again. Some openly accepted him, while others packed up their family to move away. As result, Dan was able to expand his house after buying property around him, making his home into an “L” shape house.

Dan got to thinking about it. ‘If the guy on the corner was willing to sell, I could have the entire corner lot to call home. Once I connected the houses together, it would be a “U” shape with the bend of the “U” facing the main street. The side street could be my personal parking area. Sure that could happen in a decade when I’m rich enough to make him an offer on the place. ’ Dan amused himself with a chuckle.

It would mean a lot of old ladies and men being young again, but he would have no need to worry about money ever again.

Within a year, Dan felt his relationship with Katie was getting pretty serious. Dan had even managed to befriend Charlie by taking him on trips for guys only. This meant a lot of fishing or a few hunting trips during the weekend with some of Dan’s military buddies, who had boys of their own. Most of them were older then Charlie, but friendly.

Charlie wasn’t nearly as old as the other boys, but proved to be the smartest among them. He learned animal tracks faster then the rest of them and avoided poison ivy more often. What really made him friends was he called out warnings for the other children. Most of time they did listened to him.

“That’s a fine boy you got there. He is going to be a real man someday, Dan.” One of his buddies called out and Charlie looked as proud as Dan felt. This comment was coming from a six foot three inched tall military guy which made it a high praise.

Charlie often talked to Dan about missing the cabin when they were on their way home. Dan always thought the two story wood cabin by the lake belonged in nearly every horror slasher movie he ever seen. The only reason he felt safe in it, was nearly every adult there was military trained to use a gun. Not to mention the older boys could shoot just as well or better. Then there was the level of security that was used on the first floor. Every window and door had been reinforced to withstand just about anything.

Alien invasion, the dead rising from their graves, or any other end of world event, Dan knew that it would be the place he would go to and wondered if his more paranoid friends who had helped build the cabin had did it just for that reason alone.

Then Dan had to admit to himself that the cabin wasn’t all bad. The place even had its own power supply thanks to a combination of solar panels and a mini hydro dam that one of his military buddies had setup across the river that fed into the lake itself.

“Charlie the mountain man. Going to build yourself a cabin out there by the lake or buy that one when your rich? ” Dan asked half joking and saw Charlie was giving it some serious thought.

Slowly, Charlie had let go of his adult life and bonded with Dan without meaning too. After all he was the only other guy in his life now.

Charlie played nice and pretended to a kid when he was at school, but it was hard to connect to them.

Dan let him think about it in almost nearly peaceful silence and made sure the radio was down low. The only channels he could get out here were country stations.

Dan wasn’t looking forward to next week since it meant he have to see another client. Like clockwork, every two weeks he had to make someone else younger or risk being stuck as an infant until someone gave him breast milk.

“Your adopted mother will be there waiting to pick you up. Next weekend is her turn.” Dan said and saw his eyes roll if to say I know, I know.

Sometimes Dan forgot the little boy, he had come to love as a son, wasn’t really as innocence as he appeared to be. Emotionaly he acted like a child, but he still had a mind of an adult. Dan noticed with each passing day, Charlie seemed to be more like a child.

Dan could tickle him, wrestle with him without shame. Charlie accepted him as a father figure and even hugged Dan when the mood stuck him.

Dan let the rest of trip pass in idle chit chat and before long he was back home. Dan passed Charlie off to Katie and he was alone once more.

Recently, he started to worry she’d find the ring he had hidden in his house. He wasn’t ready to pop the question yet because he wanted some place special. Maybe he should ask Susie, but she had been secret of late herself. She would only say she had a new job that took her away on long trips.

Katie doted over Charlie now of days and even breastfed him claiming they were bonding more by doing so. Without saying so, it had become a family secret among them. Of course his mother and sister loved little Charlie as well. They knew who he really was and didn’t care.

To tease him a little, they took Charlie along to the spa for fun. Dan was a touch jealous since it meant at some point in the day, Charlie was in a steam room full of naked women fussing over the little man who joined them. Whenever the girls talked about it, Charlie would blush and get very quiet. Dan was almost tempted to allow himself to de-age, then join them on one of their spa days. But, his days to play with his power were few and rare. Sometimes he could hold back a few years and enjoy a little kinky fun with Katie, but most days his highest paying customers wanted every year they could get out of him.

When Friday came, the sick feeling returned and Dan had only hours left to push his power into someone else by touch or revert back into a helpless infant yet again.

The closer the final hour came, the worse he felt, but never got violently ill. The best way he could ever describe it was something wild was caged up inside of him, tearing to get loose.

When the door bell rang and the door pounded with a knock, he was a bit surprised. Mrs. and Mr. Combs were early.

When Dan opened the door, he was greeted by a sight he never imagined possible. There was that superhero guy called Voltage standing there along with Miss Spider, Baby-Doll, and Jinn.

What further shocked him was that Baby-Doll was being held up by Miss Spider and Jinn.

“Dan Reese, We need your help. It’s Baby-Doll; she is aging fast. An age changer name Hourglass used his power on her.” The woman known as Miss Spider said and Dan nodded as he stepped away from the front door.

They carried her inside and were about to put her on the sofa when she spoke.

“No, not here. Back bedroom or spare bedroom.” Baby-Doll said when they were about to set her down on the sofa. Her voice had a croaking sound to it even through the speaker were her mouth would be.

“The spare bedroom is empty.” Dan said and they carried her into the room and gently laid her down on the bed. From the sound of her voice she was in trouble.

“Just him.” Baby-Doll said and the other heroes looked at each other then left the room in silent agreement.

“Okay, I need to have bare skin to touch. Do you have an open spot on that armor? ” Dan asked looking over her armored body. Baby-Doll got her name from the armor she wore. It was strange and down right creepy to look at. She looked like nothing less then a five foot five porcelain doll with a chalk white face and cold blank staring eyes.

Dan knew this to be her body armor and she even painted it with cracks. To add to the effect, she wore a neck to toe dress with an apron in the front.

“Lock the door, first.” Baby-Doll said and Dan puzzling did so.

“Okay, it is done.” Dan said and watched as she slid a panel back under her wrist area then punch in a series of numbers.

The white porcelain face split open and revealed a very old looking woman. Looking at her, Dan was shocked to see she had once been a serious burn victim. Nearly her entire face was lost to burn scars. It was clear she was also aging at a fast pace.

“Promise me that you will not to tell the others about my burn scars.” Baby-Doll said and held up a weak hand to stop him from coming toward her.

“I promise.” Dan said and when her hand dropped, he lightly touched her neck with one hand pushing his power into her.

Instantly he felt a strange push back and realized this must be Hourglass’s power aging her.

Dan pushed his power a little harder and felt the other power break and then watched as Baby-Doll grew younger. Oddly enough, her burn scars didn’t heal like his did when he de-aged. Perhaps it was because of Hourglass’s power or maybe she had to be de-aged to the point before she got the burn scars. Dan was unsure since he had never bothered to asked people about their own scars.

Somehow he knew she wasn’t aging as fast anymore and then she started to regress in age. Within a few minutes she appeared to be a woman in her mid forties and she was breathing deeper breaths now.

“Well, I’m not back to my youthful age, but Miss Spider said you had limits. She is the one who told us to come here. Apparently, she knows a lot about other Specials.” Baby-Doll said and sat up a little in bed taking note of her surroundings for the first time.

“You must have your own Age Changers? ” Dan asked confused why they came to him for help.

“Well, we have Rewind girl, but she was too far away to help me. I wasn’t even supposed to be in any danger. We got bad information about that Hourglass guy. We thought he was like you and needed bare skin to touch. Turns out he only has to be a few feet away to make it happen. That sick bastard liked to age people to dust. Miss Spider killed him before he could age anyone else.” Baby-Doll explained and noticed that Dan was looking over her face without openly staring at her.

“You know we have a tradition among us superheros types for each time we save each others lives. Sometimes we trade secrets like a letter in our real name or who we like to date. Silly I know. I bet your wondering about my scars. Since I owe you my own life, I’ll give you my life story.” Baby-Doll said and took a deep breath before starting.

“I’m not really a Special. I’m just a normal woman with a really fancy suit I paid a Special to build for me who had a talent for making high tech armor. On the day the sky fell, I had the bad luck at being at a gas station close enough to a gas tanker to watch it go up like a Roman candle. After that, I only remembered pain and being on fire. It was an off duty firefighter that put out the flames on my body. I must have passed out from the pain because somehow I ended up in the ER among a dozen of other people nearly as bad as I was. A lot of them were dying and things didn’t look good for me either. Would you believe it, it was a priest giving out last rites, that save me? He was a special and didn’t know it at the time. He had the power to heal people. A honest to God faith healer with healing hands. I nearly bucked off the cot I was lying in when he laid his hand on my forehead. There he was speaking in rapid Spanish about miracles after seeing me heal. Besides looking like that guy from that Dark Man movie, I felt okay. I stole some clothes and left the hospital before anyone could stop me. The rest you can guess.” Baby-Doll said and put her helmet back on making sure what was left of her hair didn’t catch.

Dan thought he now understood why she wore the weird white porcelain face since it would be a reminder of the human face she lost.

“I’m not saying I can, but when I de-age most people their scars always vanish. Chances are if I regress you back to the point before you got those scars you might be normal looking again.” Dan said and could feel her eyes on him even through the lenses on her face mask.

“If you told me my chances were slim to none, I’d come back anyway. Besides, I need another treatment.” Baby-Doll said and she even sounded creepy as her voice was transmitted through the face mask.

“You have to come back at this time in two weeks from now. My power takes time to recharge. ” Dan explained. Then Baby-Doll opened the door and he heard voices in the living room.

While he was busy with Baby-Doll, the elderly Combs couple had arrived to find a small group of superheroes in his living room.

“Mr. and Mrs. Combs, I can’t thank you enough for understanding our situation.” Voltage was saying after Mrs. Combs was taking picture after picture posing with each hero in turn.

“Not a problem, young man. I’m sure that Mr. Reese will see us again soon enough.” Mr. Combs said and looking over at Dan for an answer.

“Well…turns out…” Dan started to say then was cut off by Baby-Doll.

“I’m really sorry, but Dan has to see me again. We have our own Age Changer by the name of Rewind. If you would be kind enough to give your address she will popped by for a visit. ” Baby-Doll said in answer and Dan watched as the couple looked very surprised.

“Another superhero and she’ll be at our house. ” Mrs. Combs said excited and from there things were arranged. Voltage even promised double the going rate for saving her life. Dan was more then happy to accept.

“Be truthful Baby-Doll. You just want to come back here to have fewer birthday candles on your cake.” Voltage said in a light bantering tone of friendship.

“How can you be sure I wasn’t a little girl in pigtails before Hourglass used his power on me? ” Baby-Doll said in reply and Dan had to admit given her armor and electronic voice, it would be nearly impossible to tell who might be wearing the armor.

“Given your speech pattern and level of education with words, I dare say you were a woman between twenty-one and twenty five years old at the most. ” Miss Spider spoke up and the sudden jerk of the head from Baby-Doll told Dan that Miss Spider was pretty close to the mark.

Looking at her, it was hard to believe that this ninja looking Special, was one of the world’s greatest detectives. Everyone who’ve seen her work, compared her to Sherlock or Batman in crime detecting skills.

Her outfit was mostly a black spandex outfit with a trench coat with a Spider pattern on the back. She even had a belt with a lot of pouches on the sides. Even her mask appeared to be some type of see through black spandex. Dan couldn’t make out any features on her face, say for her nose, but it was clear she could see them clearly enough.

The Combs requested that Baby-Doll should pose a few pictures with them and even Dan got to join in since they considered him a friend to the really great superheroes in the world.

Even Dan couldn’t pass up the chance to grab his own smart phone and take a few snap shots with the superheroes. It wasn’t every day you got to meet someone like them.

After they left, Dan waited a few days before he told Katie and his family about the encounter. At first, they didn’t believe him right away, but after seeing the pictures, no one question him again on the matter.

When the unknown woman, who was Baby-Doll, returned to his home at the scheduled time, she came casually dressed with a veiled hat to cover her head and face. They greeted each other politely then Dan offered a seat on the sofa and she carefully removed a long white glove from her right hand once she was settled.

“I’m half tempted to kiss your hand first.” Dan joked taking it and pushing his power into her body.

“I can feel it working.” Baby-Doll said and she tore her hat away revealing a face of a younger woman now.

Dan saw her scars were changing now. He reached over to the coffee table and pulled a towel off showing a small wall mirror he placed there earlier.

She picked it up by the frame and stared in awe. Dan had to admit the flesh filling it self back in and her hair growing back was one hell of a sight. Minutes passed and there before him was a fairly attractive woman once more.

Tears flowed freely down her face and it was some time before she could get a handle on her emotions once more.

“You have no idea how much I’m in your debt. ” Baby-Doll said wiping her eyes until she gained control over herself.

“There was a question that had been bugging me. Why did you become a superhero? ” Dan asked, curious since the day she told him the truth about herself.

“It was the off duty firefighter and that priest. To them I was a stranger and they did all they could for me. Wouldn’t it have been a mercy to let me burn to death rather then live? That priest was going around doing his best to get as many people as he could into heaven with clean souls. I admitted for a while I was broken and used my family’s money to hide from the world. Then I saw all these people with powers on the TV for weeks on end. Some of them were doing good deeds while others were doing bad things. Then it hit me, I should help as many people as I could. Given my previous appearance, I didn’t dare show myself to any of the Specials as I was. Maybe it was pride or fear of being rejected by them because I was a normal person. So I became someone else.” Baby-Doll explained and looked so relief to have someone she could tell at long last.

“Well, Miss Baby-Doll I’m sure you got people to save and villains to fight. Don’t let me keep you from your hero gig. ” Dan said and saw her smile.

“You can call me Tiffany if you like. I do have one question for you.” Tiffany asked and Dan nodded his okay.

“Why haven’t you asked Katie Sung to marry you yet? ” Tiffany asked and saw the look of shock on his face.

“How do you know? ” Dan asked, thinking they did a back ground check on him or something.

“Miss Spider knows a lot about people. You popped onto her radar after your used your power on your girlfriend’s ex. You might say she keeps her eyes on people sliding toward the dark side. Then you go out and buy an expensive ring. Miss Spider has this smart phone that can hack into almost anything. ” Tiffany said as she explained the quarks of one of her friends.

“I’m looking for the right place to ask her. I want it to be unique for my special lady if you can forgive me for using a pun. ” Dan answered and was thankful he was still a good guy.

“A hopeless romantic. ” Tiffany said then kissed him on the cheek and saw herself out the door tucking her hat under her arm now. Dan watched as she lifted her head to feel the sun on her face and she smiled. Then Dan shut the door and decided make himself something to eat.



End Chapter 4

The Day The Sky Fell by Libra and Jeff

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