There's the Rub (Title by Piper) Story by Libra and Jeff

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Chapter 2
There's the Rub Part 02 (Title by Piper)

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When Monday came around, it was the day they started to spy on Carl. Paul felt a little nervous. Carl was 17 years old and nearly out of high school with barely passing grades or maybe the teachers were giving him a free pass to get him out of their classrooms.

As far as Paul knew, Carl was the youngest kid he ever known to get a tattoo. Paul had to admit to himself that the inking of a snake wrapped around Carl’s upper arm was pretty cool. Normally, Carl wore jeans with holes and a big brown leather type jacket even in hot weather.

Paul did all he could to stay out of the guy’s way and stood up to him only a bit during the rare times their paths ever crossed.

When Eve suggested they go for a walk, he noticed that she was leading them toward Carl’s house. He lived just two streets down from Paul. Before today, Paul had just avoided this area before.

"I had no trouble on getting some information on him. I simply just asked a few children if they were any bullies in the area. You were right to mention him to me. So far, he hasn’t gone beyond a few bruises and shake downs for money. I fear someone like that will take it a step further." Eve said.

The toddler, who was James, stepped on one of his shoe laces just as they were walking in front of Carl’s house. When he lifted his other foot, that shoe became untied. If Paul hadn’t been watching closely, he could have sworn, otherwise, it was truly just a bit of bad luck for the toddler.

Eve paused their progress and told Paul to watch for cars. Paul scanned the street from left to right, glancing at the house in slow turns.

"Tell me what you see about the place?" Eve said and Paul knew this was another lesson he needed to pass.

"The Yard is partly mowed, but cluttered with junk and branches. Also, the paint is peeling away and it could use a few repairs." Paul reported.

"So you would say its just as nice as your house, but needs work?" Eve asked him.

"Yeah, sure. Someone really should clean up those beer bottles." Paul said noticing for the first time how a bunch of them were lined up on the railing of the porch. Paul was willing to bet some of them were even in the yard. Still whole or smashed would be anyone’s guess. Then shouting from inside the house caught everyone’s attention.

"Boy, where in the Sam Hell do you think your going?" a deep male voice yelled and Paul felt a spike of fear hit him as Carl came out of the front door of the house.

"Out, old man. Screw you and this shit hole." Carl yelled back and it was clear to everyone watching there wasn’t much love between them. Just in the doorway, all of them could see a figure standing behind a screen door. Wearing only boxers and holding a beer bottle loosely in one hand, he looked like a dangerous man you’d hope you never meet alone.

Carl barely took notice of them as he made is way down the street.

"Perfect." Eve said and picked up James as they started after Carl.

"Wait, are we going to do it now? Paul asked as he caught up with them.

"Look where he is going Paul." Eve said with some excitement in her voice.

As Paul looked up, he noticed that Carl was making a bee line for the path behind the local convenience store. The back alley way was a well known spot for teens who liked to smoke or do drugs or those rare few who just wanted to hang out without any adults around. At this time of the day, it was unlikely any of them would be there now.

There were also a few abandoned businesses in what had been a mini store complex once. Heavily barred and gated against vandals, they had proven to be too much of a challenge for the local hoodlums to break into. However, the outer walls and windows were no match for the level of spray painting that included various wanna be gang tags, swear words, and highly offensive artwork. A high stone wall blocked these buildings from view to people who’s backyards were near the property line.

"Paul, go to the side of that building and wait. I’m going to go around with James and cut him off." Eve ordered and Paul promptly obeyed even with his fear level high.

Paul did wait and when his beating heart was down to a lower level, he could hear a sound.

It was crying and sounded fairly close to him.

Fearing Eve was in trouble, he came around the corner trying to locate the source. There it was again and coming from the other side of that abandon dumpster.

Paul walked forward and stopped at the sight of Carl sitting against the wall with his hands covering his face. There was a loud sniff and Paul felt pity for him for the first time in his life.

Then a voice inside his head was yelling at him to run and get away. Paul realized if Carl saw him bawling like a baby, he might kill him just to silence him from telling anyone about it.

Paul was backing away slowly and had the bad luck to kick a empty soda can. It clattered then banged as it hit a rock.

Carl was up in a flash and bearing down on Paul.

Paul tripped backwards in his haste. He was forcefully pulled up to his feet by a strong arm.

"Who are you and what the hell are you doing here you little snot?" Carl snared at him in a low tone that wouldn’t carry very far.

"I’m lost!." Paul shouted and didn’t have to fake the fear in his voice. He also realized that Carl didn’t recognize him in this younger body.

"You must be new around here. This here is my turf and you have to pay me to be on it." Carl said looking at Paul as if he was trying to figure out just how much money he could get from him.

"Oh there is my baby." a woman’s voice said and Paul was relieved to see that it Eva was coming their way.

Before Paul could speak, it was Carl who spoke up first.

"Yeah, lady. I just found this little guy wondering around here. He is pretty scared and I was just telling him that if he had some quarters, he could call home from the pay phone in the store just there." Carl said and loosened his grip a great deal on Paul as he pointed to the back side of the local convenience store just down the alley way. A single security door could be seen.

Paul wasted no time in breaking away and returning to Eve’s side. Eve pretended to fuss over him then lightly scold him for running ahead. Then she returned her attention to Carl.

"And they say there are no good men left in the world and your a handsome young man too. We were just on our way to get some ice cream. You sir deserve a reward, but I have forgotten my purse and only have enough money for my boy’s ice cream." Eve said putting James on his feet once more then searching through her pockets.

"That’s okay. I will just be going now." Carl said and he was smart enough to know to get away from them, which could spell trouble for him, if Paul told her what really happen.

"Wait, I have a way to thank you if your up for it." Eve said and her voice changed slightly to a more seductive tone. She loosened a few buttons on her top and even Paul was getting a little aroused by that action. Paul also remembered that anyone who sucked on those tits would grow younger with every suck until they were a baby again.

"..hmm...yeah...sure." Carl said after wetting his lips a few times.

"Kids, take this and get some ice cream and then wait for mommy in the store. If any of you step outside before I get there, I will spank you both." Eve said handing Paul a twenty dollar bill and then pointed them in the general direction.

Paul led the way around the corner with James and both of them stopped to listen once they were out of sight.

"Right here against the side of the dumpster. I like it where it is a little dirty." Eve said and gently pushed Carl back against the wall.

Paul then dared to peak around the corner again and saw a side view of Eve’s backside. Even from this angle, in which he couldn’t see much of her, but he could tell at least her blouse was unbuttoned.

Sound carried pretty good in this part of the alley way with the stone wall so close.

"Close your eyes and suck them hard." Eve said next and Paul could just see the lust filled horny Carl doing everything she ordered him to do.

Paul blushed when Eve’s hands suggested that she was either rubbing the outside of Carl’s shorts or her hand was inside them to stroke his member.

Curious to see how James might feel about this, he looked down to see a grinning toddler. The toddler’s fingers were slowly rubbing his own crotch, but the thick diaper under his clothes prevented him from playing with himself.

Paul guessed this was some kind of weird sex show for him.

Slowly, Eve bent her knees and Paul guessed that Carl was loosing his height as his previous growth spurts were being undone as he de-aged into a younger body each time he took a sip.

"What the hell?" a squeaky boyish voice said and now Paul could see Carl as he stumbled out into the middle of the alley way.

He had tripped over his own shorts and boxers. The thread bare shirt he wore, did nothing to hide his skinny 5 years old body.

Paul no longer fearing what Carl might do to them, he stepped out with James at his side.

"I almost had him down to toddler size when he opened one of his eyes to see why something felt off." Eve said as she was buttoning up her blouse. She then turned around to pick up the discarded jacket where it had fallen. She searched through the pockets and then tossed it into the dumpster.

"Hey that’s my favorite jacket." Carl said in protest and didn’t tell them it was his only jacket he owned.

Eve ignored him and then grabbed the boxers and shorts next. After looking through the pockets, she came up with a few bucks and then let them fall to the ground. Then the boxers and shorts joined the jacket in the dumpster.

"Good, you don’t own a cell phone. Goodbye Carl." Eve said to Carl then walked toward Paul and James. It was clear she was going to just walk away now.

"Wait, you can’t leave me like this." Carl asked getting up and making sure his oversize shirt covered his lower area.

"Sure I can. I would strongly suggest you tell the police nothing about our little encounter here, otherwise, I might have to track you down. I also hear that a lot of kids around here know your face pretty well. I wonder what they would do to you if they discovered that the local bully was reduce to a little boy?" Eve asked in a taunting tone that made Carl halt in his tracks.

"Please, I can’t go home like this. He....hit..." Carl said and then burst into a tearful wail of a lost little boy.

"He hits you doesn’t he." Eve said turning back and then kneeling before Carl.

The little boy, that was Carl, only nodded, then having nothing left of his dignity, allowed Eve to hug him.

"When did it start?" Eve asked him next now that she had him at her arm’s length.

"After mom left. When she wasn’t high, she did try to be a good mom. She inherited a little family money and we all moved out here a few years back. They fought a lot and one day she couldn’t take his shit anymore." Carl said and then looked at Eve as if she would smack him for swearing.

"I bet mom left you some money. Not a lot, but enough to pay bills and schooling for a while. Are you getting low on cash, is that why you have been bullying the other kids for money?" Eve asked next and Paul was amazed by her insight.

"That son of a...My father drank it all away. We have nothing left. I was almost out of high school. It’s not like social services can do much for me then." Carl said this time watching what he said to Eve.

Paul couldn’t see the bully anymore. Carl was nothing more then a scared boy doing his best to get by in life.

"Foster care has gotten a lot better these days. I could make sure you can start over in life. This time with a loving mommy and daddy. " Eve offered and Carl was now realizing that she did have the power to make it happen.

Carl had no idea what she was, but he knew she was magical in just more then one way.

"Could I...go with you. I would be a good boy I promise. You can even make me into a little baby if that what it takes. I will suck until I’m a newborn again", Carl said looking over at Paul then at little James.

Maybe he was wondering if one or both of them had been adults once or just teenagers a long time ago. Judging from their clothes and how well fed they both looked, surely there was room for him at her house.

"Well, my little curse doesn’t quite take anyone back that far. Best I can tell, and I’ve had decades to figure it out, you would be a year old baby. What if I spanked you daily for the smallest bit of trouble you give me?" Eve said and Paul saw that she was testing Carl.

"I had worst before." Carl answered and Paul believed him.

"I suppose I can put you on probation. Would you like some ice cream?" Eve asked him then stood up. She held out her hand to him.

"Sure, but I’m banned from that store." Carl said taking her hand.

"I’m pretty sure the clerk won’t recognize you." Eve said and then watched as Carl looked down at himself then laughed a little.

When they all entered the little store, the clerk, who’s name tag read Markus, did give the group a curious look. Two of her boys seemed well dressed and fed, but the middle child looked a little skinny and was wearing a shirt that barely covered his body.

Due to the various holes in the shirt, the clerk could tell the boy wasn’t wearing nothing else under it.

"Excuse me, my son had a little accident. Is there anything he can wear besides that ratty old shirt I was going to throw away." Eve asked the clerk and he nodded and hitched his thumb at a corner.

A rack of clothes were there mostly just for the passing tourists to buy. Most of it was in children sizes with a few adult size shirts in the triple digits.

Eve went over to it and then she selected an outfit including a small brown jacket for a small boy.

From another pocket, she pulled out a hundred dollar bill and then told the kids to pick out anything they wanted.

Before they left, Carl was allowed to wear the jacket. Each of them also had a soda and ice cream of one type or another in each of their small hands now as they left the store.

Just before they re-entered the neighborhood, Carl was told to dress in his new shirt and shorts. Eve held onto his stuff while he quickly got into his new clothes. The last bit of his teenage clothing went into a nearby trash can.

Paul wasn’t sure he’d be bold enough to change clothes out in the open like Carl had just did.

"Won’t his dad report him missing or something?" Paul asked looking over at Carl. The former bully also looked curious to see how Eve would answer that question.

"I guess when Carl’s father finally does notice that his son is missing, he might tell someone about it. Besides your mother, is there anyone like grandparents or siblings that might miss you?" Eve asked Carl.

"Dead on both sides and I’m an only child." Carl answered simply and Paul thought he heard more in that answer like Carl secretly wished that he had someone else to count on in life.

"Well, then I don’t think the police will look too hard just for another troubled runaway teenage boy who has been a local terror to the children." Eve answered and saw she had shamed him a little bit.

"I guess we should introduce ourselves. I’m Eve, I guess I’m your mother now and this is your baby brother James who will be your father from time to time. I will explain that later. This other boy here is Paul and he is a close friend of the family." Eve said and watched as Carl looked at each of them in turn. He looked at the baby boy the longest as if trying to puzzle out what he look like all grown up.

"Thank you for everything so far." Carl said showing more manners then he had in his entire life.

"And to think my mother warned me about taking in strays." Eve said and put a arm around the boy Carl who smiled at the act of love.

Once at Eve’s home, Paul was dismissed back to his own house.

Paul returned once a day to check in on Eve. By the third day, James was back to being his adult self. Eve must of have used some of the magic lotion on him because it was still a week away from a full moon.

When he returned at the end of the week, a pregnant looking Eve was there and his eyes went bugged eye at the sight. Eve chuckled then invited him to sit.

Carl was at the breakfast table with James eating like someone would snatch the plate away before he would finish his food. James, the big quiet bearded man, chuckled a little and refilled the boy’s glass. It was clear he liked the boy as well.

"I decided that a decade in my womb has been long enough for her. Me and James are ready to start a family now. It took decades for him to grow tired of the baby life and he is ready to be my husband now. Also, its time for us to move away. I never stay in one place too long just in case someone gets too curious about me." Eve explained to Paul.

"You removed the curses then?" Paul asked as he remembered his lessons with her.

"I have altered them so only my breast milk will prevent someone from aging as long as they drink directly from me once a month. This summer so far has been one of the best ones for me, Paul. I would hug you, but I don’t think your arms could reach around my belly." Eve said with a grin so she settled for kissing him on the cheek.

Just before he left, she had some final words for him.

"Good luck with that Tiffany girl." Eve said with a wink and then slowly closed the door behind him as he stared slightly opened mouth at her.

Paul wasn’t sure if she had guessed or somehow knew he was involved with Tiffany now.

When Paul had told his mother the news, they returned together the next day to see if Eve needed help moving out or wanted to say goodbye for the final time. Paul’s mother also decided that her son’s punishment was over. Just before leaving, she retrieved the only bottle of magic lotion she had, now greatly reduced since she had split half of it with her new best friend. Paul was overjoyed to be a teenager again. His body returned to that lightly muscled state he had before.

When they arrived, they found the house empty of Eve’s family with a woman in a business suit waiting for them instead.

"Ah you must be Paul. Well, everything is in order and its paid in full. You have a very lucky Aunt, young man. She even paid the bills in advance for the next two years." The woman said and handed Paul a set of keys.

Paul knew these keys. One of them went to the front door and two of them went to the locked doors in the basement or more to the point the old fall out shelter hidden down there.

"Of course we have a few papers for you to sign before it becomes official" The woman said and led them into the kitchen.

Paul was surprised that Eve had left so much behind.

Paul and his mother quickly realized this was a parting gift from Eve so they pretended to know what was going on.

"Oh and your aunt told me to give you this before I left." The woman said who’s name he already forgot. It turned out to be a small box sealed with tape.

Paul waited until the stranger was gone and then opened the small box.

It was full of cash along with a letter.

As Paul read the letter, he spoke out loud for his mother to hear.

"I’m sorry I didn’t stay longer, but its for the best I don’t get too attach to people, Paul. If you choose to live forever as a young man, you will quickly learn that it gets lonely after a while. Even if there is a special someone in your life. It is a hard life not to make friends or to get to close to anyone else. I have left you with a dozen bottles of you know what and where. I know you are wise beyond your years and will be careful on how you will use them. Love Eve." Paul said, but in his mind he heard only her voice.

"Its too much. The house, the money and a dozen bottles." Paul’s mother said looking over it all and around as if curious to know where those bottles were. Paul saw she was close to fainting now. Slowly, she sat down on the sofa and Paul fetched his mother something to drink. He wasn’t surprised to see food in the fridge.

"Good news, now I have a place to stay when I leave home or you kick me out." Paul joked and his mother gave the house another look.

"Well, at least there is enough money for your college fund." His mother said and from the look on her son’s face, she could tell he wasn’t thinking about the future all that much.

"Maybe some left over for a car when your old enough and I’m counting real birthdays with no magic lotion involved." Paul’s mother said next with a stern look and Paul nodded.

Since it was highly unlikely that Paul would be staying in the house anytime soon, they locked the place up tight and then took whatever food away in small plastic bags, which they had discovered in a kitchen drawer.

Anything dry or the can goods were left behind for another day. Paul didn’t tell his mom where the bottles were, but wasn’t sure he would even if she asked him.

Eve had picked him to be guardian and owner of the house. Paul did hang onto a spare key to the house his mother didn’t know about.

The first few rare times he went alone into the house, it felt strange to him. Mostly, he stopped by to water the garden or tend to the lawn. Each time he left he took a bit of food with him, so pretty soon the house was empty of anything that could spoil.

Everything else, he moved into the secret bomb shelter in the basement. Considering it was a small room, it could fit a amazing amount of supplies within.

Personally, Paul would never want to use it for its original design and he couldn’t even imagine more then one person living in the confined space.

Once that was done, he moved onto house work, but there was little that needed cleaning.

Paul rarely wash the sheets because he loved every smell about the place. Even the nursery was heaven to him now. He often wondered where, how and if Eve had her baby girl yet.

He could clearly recall the way little Carl looked that last day. He looked so happy and Paul knew he misjudged the teenager he used to be.

There was a knock at the door and was excited that it might be Eve coming back to get something. He was only slightly disappointed to see Tiffany there.

Still her teenage self and looking happy to see an older Paul now.

"Hey, I heard you got your own place now. That’s really sweet that Eve woman left you everything." Tiffany said looking around the house with a awe expression on her face.

"I will give you the dime tour." Paul said and took her hand then showed her each room telling a little story.

Tiffany giggled when he had told her about the time he had to pick herbs in the middle of the night with nothing on with Eve doing the same.

"I guess those hippie friends of hers were lucky they didn’t summon a demon or something. They really lucked out on the cosmic lottery there and they didn’t even realize what they had. Too busy getting stoned and having sex I guess." Tiffany said and then looked at Paul when she said sex.

Paul got quiet when they looked in on the nursery.

"Oh I love that baby smell." Tiffany said taking in deep breaths through her nose.

"Tiffany!" a voice said downstairs and Paul remembered he didn’t locked the front door.

"Up here, mom. Paul is giving me a tour of the place." Tiffany answered and a minute later, they were joined by Tiffany’s mom and little sister Tammy.

"So your mom was just telling me about your little windfall. Are you going to sell it?" Tiffany’s mom asked him.

"No, I love this place too much. It has everything I need." Paul answered thinking about how little he would change it once he moved in.

Paul then offered to show everybody the rest of the house and the tour ended outside. Then all of them were heading home.

Tammy was furious beyond words. For the past few weeks she had been playacting while waiting for her chance to return to her normal self. Tammy had watched and listen when she was sure that no one was paying her much attention.

Tammy had overheard her mother bragging to Paul’s mother that she wasn’t going to allow Tammy to become the older sister again. Worst of all was the fact that she had the room next to her parents. She had heard them through the walls having sex and judging from the higher pitch of voices she sometimes heard, they have changed their age to spice things up in the bedroom.

Once, Tammy had even dared to peak out her nearly shut door when she heard someone unlocking her parent’s bedroom door from the inside.

When she caught a glimpse of a very naked teenage boy, who looked a lot like her dad, walk past Tammy, she thought that her parents were turning into real sex freaks these days.

She didn’t even want to know just how young her mother was willing to go just for a bit of extra naughty fun.

Then the second night after she had been given a tour of Paul’s house Tammy’s moment had finally come.

Tiffany was out on a walk with Paul. Her mother was downstairs preparing dinner while her dad was upstairs in the master bedroom working on stuff from work.

Tammy was doing her best to be left alone as she pretended to play with some old dolls. It was best if everyone thought she was just a harmless little girl again. So she had pretended to be a shy timid child for most of the time.

Tammy had heard a odd grunting noise that was coming from the next room and slowly Tammy got up and then peaked into her parent’s room.

He was too preoccupied with masturbating under the bed sheets to notice Tammy peaking at him from around the corner and then he muttered something. Tammy saw him shrink down to the size of a 13 year old boy and then gave a sound of utter pleasure. Tammy pulled back and listened hard.

She heard him get out of bed and make a beeline for the master bathroom. Once she heard the bathroom door shut, she peered inside again.

Tammy spotted the plastic pink baby bottle of lotion that was being recycled to hold the magical lotion that put her in this current role of the little sister.

Wasting no time, Tammy dashed in and seized it with silent joy.

Quickly, Tammy stripped off her childish dress and then the joke at what passed for underwear for little girls.

After rubbing a handful of lotion on her bare chest, she whispered her request.

"Make me 18 years old." Tammy said wanting to be older then she was before all of this mess had started. She wanted to look like she was done with high school and ready for college. With this bottle, she had a meal ticket for several lifetimes.

The sound of running water through the closed door caught her attention.

Tammy looked at her mother’s closet and thought about just getting dressed then leaving out the back door. That would leave her mother with a 13 year old husband unless someone changed his age again.

Then Tammy looked out the window and saw a bit of Paul’s house and knew his mother had more of the magic lotion.

"I have to get my hands on all of it and then leave town. First, I am going to take care of a few threats." Tammy whispered to herself as she thought out her revenge.

Tammy entered the bathroom with no problems. Rarely did her parents locked the master bathroom door. Tammy had a handful of the magic lotion in her right palm.

Then she slid the shower door open and smacked the gob of lotion right onto her father’s young backside calling out her request.

"Your just a little toddler." Tammy said and watched as her 13 year old dad seemed to vanish from sight and then she looked down to a see a little 3 year old boy staring up at her nude body with a hint of fear in his eyes. He quickly cupped his hands over his own very small privates.

"Hi daddy, As you can see your little girl grew up again." Tammy said caressing her fingers over her full breasts and ended down to her waist.

Her father remained silent. He was looking around the tub and then out the only opened door as if searching for a quick exit.

"Awww, is daddy shy? Didn’t you want to give me a bath when I was a little girl again? Or maybe you just wanted your precious little girl back like mommy was planning to do with me. I know everything. The joke is on you, daddy." Tammy said then knelt down dropping the plastic bottle just outside the tub and gently pulled his hands away from his private area.

He pushed and pulled with all of his strength with no luck. He was a toddler trying to fight an mature teenager.

"Hmm, I don’t think mommy will be very impressed by that little thing. I know." Tammy said and thought back to something she had seen on Tiffany’s I-Pad just before the girl had closed the browser window.

Tammy was sure her sister had been looking up weird stuff lately, but mostly it involved subject matters relating to child care and sex. The word baby erections in the search box had been clear as day.

Letting go of her father, she was more careful in putting the lotion on her hand. This smaller amount didn’t look like much, but Tammy knew it didn’t take a lot to make things happen.

"I wish my daddy still got boners and orgasms whatever age he is." Tammy said and managed to smack the toddler’s shoulder as he attempted to dodge out of the way.

Tammy wasn’t sure this would work, but Eve had told them how she cursed herself and her lover. Tammy didn’t think the lotion could make you instantly rich or give you god like powers, but if you wanted to be smarter, stronger, or change your age, then there was no problem.

Tammy watched as her dad stared down at what had to be one of the world’s smallest hard-ons.

Before he could stop her, Tammy reached and held him by the balls. Tammy easily cupped his privates in her fingers and then started stroking his penis as if she was nothing more then a young girl interested in a boy’s privates for the first time.

"No...stop." Tammy’s father said in a very weak voice and then arched his back as a wave of pleasure over took his young body. His body was so sensitive that he was lost to pleasure in under a minute.

"Ewww, gross. You did that on purpose." Tammy said feeling warm urine on her chest.

The toddler, who was her father, grabbed his still partly stiff penis and he aimed it downward toward the drain. Tammy used the water still coming down from the shower head to wash herself clean.

Tammy barely waited for him to finish peeing and then braced one hand on his belly while using her other hand to smack his bare ass a few times.

When he started to cry loudly, Tammy knew she had made a mistake. The sound carried through out the house and even down to the kitchen.

"Tammy, baby are you okay?!" Her mother’s voice said and Tammy silently cursed her moment of anger.

Quickly, Tammy turned off the water and took the plastic baby bottle with her. The only spot to hide was behind the bedroom door. Her toddler father could barely see her from where he was leaning over the side of the tub. He pointed at her hiding spot just as Tammy heard her mother in the doorway.

"Honey, is that you?" Her mother said and the tone of the voice had changed. From a panic mother to a concerned wife and lover.

"Your a toddler, mommy." Tammy’s voice said and watched as her mother turned with wide eyes as the side of her face was being touched by her daughter’s fingers. Something cold and wet with a flowery scent slid across her skin as she flinched away.

Tammy smiled as she watched the little girl toddler fall backwards tripping on her adult clothes. Tammy sat the bottle of magic lotion up high on a dresser.

"Awww, Did mommy fall down and go boom?" Tammy said stripping her mother naked and then carried her into the bathroom. Once there, she put her parents together and shut off the water.

"Well mommy and daddy, I’m off to take care of Paul’s mommy and then Paul himself or my sister. It really depends on which one I meet first. Then I"m going to take all of this nasty magic lotion away with me and skip town to start a new life. Maybe you two will get lucky and get adopted by the same foster parents or you will live close enough to each other to grow up as childhood sweethearts." Tammy said then started to leave, but paused.

Thinking back on these past few weeks, it was her mother who had been the mean one and her daddy had been really nice to her. It felt wrong to leave two naked toddlers in a tub with high cold fiberglass walls.

"Here Daddy. I will leave the drain area clear in case you have to go again." Tammy said gathering every towel within reach and then piling them in the tub so they could sleep or sit on something soft while they waited for rescue.

Tammy found some clean underwear in the dresser that had belong to her mother and then decided to dress in the discarded clothes on the floor her mother had shrank out of.

Then Tammy checked herself in the mirror before putting on shoes that her sister had been using.

Tammy stopped by the master bedroom one more time to get the plastic bottle of magic lotion and check on her toddler parents.

Her father was holding a nearly quiet mother as they sat down cuddled against each other. For all the world, it looked like one toddler giving another toddler some comfort.

Tammy did a quick check to make sure the stove was turned off and found that even in her haste that her mother didn’t forget to turn off everything. The cooked food was sitting in the pots with covered lids.

Tammy left the house with just a pang of guilt eating at her. With her mother’s purse combined with the contents of her own purse inside, she went out the front door of her house.

Tammy didn’t have to walk far to knock on the front door to Paul’s house. Tammy then turned her face away so anyone peaking out a window or a peep hole, wouldn’t see her clearly.

Paul’s mother glanced out of a window and saw only a young woman in her best friend’s clothing so she assumed that her next door neighbor had been playing around with the magic lotion again.

She opened the door and was confused for a few seconds, too long as Tammy reached out for her neck making contact.

"Your just a little girl." Tammy said and instantly Paul’s mother was turned into a 6 year old girl falling backwards because her sun dress was far too large for her small body.

Tammy wasted no time in entering the house and kicking the door shut. She grabbed the little girl’s arm and hauled her up on her feet.

"Where is my sister and your son?" Tammy asked in a snarling tone meant to invoke total fear.

"Out. A walk." Paul’s mother said in a timid voice.

"Now, where is your bottle of magic lotion or would you prefer starting life over as a newborn?" Tammy asked and watched with a grin as Paul’s mother pointed a trembling finger in the general direction where she hid her half.

"That’s a good girl. Now show me." Tammy said while still keeping a firm hold on her.

Tammy got the second bottle and then locked Paul’s mother in the basement. Tammy knew she would be safe down there among the laundry and boxes of holiday stuff.

"Don’t you worry about your son. You’ll have your little boy back soon. Once I’m done with him, you can go to elementary school together with my sister." Tammy called through the locked and closed door.

Tammy had a pretty good idea on where Paul and her sister might have gotten off too. She figured, just maybe, those two had hooked up now they were nearly the same age.

Tammy would have to be careful on sneaking up on them. No doubt in her mind that Tiffany still held onto that tiny bottle of magic lotion.

If Tammy ran into them, she would have to play it cool and pretend that mom changed her back. Tammy kept a sharp eye on everyone coming toward her and looked about from time to time.

When Tammy arrived at what had been Eve’s house, she sneaked around to the back and looked through the windows first. Seeing no one inside, she risked breaking a window to the back door of the garage.

Tammy then entered the house with a small dab of magic lotion on her palm. She was careful to mind her words in case she spoke out without meaning too.

Hearing and seeing no one, she felt disappointed. Tammy had planned on regressing the couple down to children. Tammy wanted to stay and search the place from top to bottom. She was sure there were more bottles here and they were mostly likely hidden by Eve with Paul knowing their exact location.

Tammy decided it was too dangerous to stay and decided on another course of action. She wiped the dab of lotion on her dress and then went back toward the garage.

Grabbing a gas container from the garage, she started up the stairs and then worked her way down, soaking the dangerous liquid as she walked backwards. Once the container was empty, she found some matches in the kitchen.

Tammy ripped the protected cover from the match book and then lit one up. Next, she touched the lit match to the rest of the matches.

Once the chemical chain reaction started, she tossed the now flaming match book into the house.

There was a small whoosh of air and then the entire kitchen was in flames.

"If I can’t have the bottles then no one will." Tammy said to herself walking toward the front of the house.

Tammy silently cursed herself for not thinking about grabbing her mom’s car when she had the chance. Now that black smoke was starting to come out of the burning house, she thought it might have been smart to have a getaway car ready.

When Tammy was busy soaking Paul’s house with the gasoline, her sister and Paul were just getting back from their walk.

Paul took Tiffany down to the local store using the back alley shortcut with no fear now that Carl the bully was gone.

Paul was telling her the story and even showed her where they dumped his clothes. Since the dumpster was rarely used, it be weeks before it was empty again.

"So just like that she trusted him?" Tiffany asked Paul.

"Yeah, I believe he was telling the truth. You had to be there. I think Eve was trying to teach me how to read people. It was amazing to see her work." Paul answered back and thought about the past few weeks.

"I would have liked to seen her one last time. There are so many questions about her past I would like to ask her." Tiffany said next and then noticed as they approached her house, the front door was slightly ajar.

Paul looked and frowned slightly. Tiffany’s parents were always strict about doors being properly shut and more so when it came to outside ones.

Paul went first in case of danger and sensed something was very wrong. The house was quiet and there was a very strong smell of cooked food.

Hearing nor seeing any danger, Tiffany and Paul searched the house.

It was Tiffany who found her parents in the tub. They had wrapped themselves in towels to stay warm and get back some modesty.

"Hewp us." They both said in lisping tones

Paul was in the doorway looking at them in slight disbelief.

Tiffany pulled out her small bottle of magic lotion and then smiled when Paul was just staring at her now.

"What? I never leave home with out it." Tiffany said dabbing the smallest possible amount on her finger then wishing her mother back to a woman.

Paul quickly adverted his eyes as a half naked 25 year old woman suddenly appeared in the tub with a towel around her waist. When Tiffany returned her father to adulthood, she was the one to advert her eyes. Paul and her excused themselves from the master bedroom area altogether.

"Paul, it was Tammy who did this to us. You need to go check on your mother. We will lock up the house behind you." Tiffany’s mother said as they retreated from the bedroom.

Paul wasted no time in rushing over to his house and was calling out for his mom. Tiffany was behind him searching every possible safe spots where you might put a baby to get her out of the way.

There was series of banging on the basement door a minute later. Paul rushed to the door and after unlocking it, pulled it open so fast that the little girl, who was his mother, nearly fell forward.

"Mom!?" Paul asked seeing only a little girl wearing one of his old shirts. The shirt went down past her waist so she had her modesty at the very least.

"Who else would I be?" Paul’s mom asked and smiled with relief when she noticed what Tiffany had in her hand.

"Thank God. I thought I would be doomed to a second childhood." Paul’s mother said and went over to Tiffany. Paul left the room not wanting to see his own mother half naked when that shirt became a few sizes smaller on her frame.

Less then a minute later, they returned with his mom dressed in her own clothes and Paul noticed like Tiffany’s parents his own mom couldn’t be more then 30 years old now.

"Paul, your mom said that Tammy left here looking for you." Tiffany said and Paul had a pretty good idea where she might go.

"Eve’s house or rather my house now." Paul said and looked horrified

"Right, I will drive. What about your parents, Tiffany?" Paul’s mom asked Tiffany.

"They were toddlers when we found them. They are back to normal and behind locked doors." Tiffany answered.

"Good. Your sister has two an a half filled bottles of that magic lotion. We can’t let her get away with them. There is no telling just how much damage she will do." Paul’s mother explained and all of them rushed out to the car.

There was a squeak of brakes and Tammy turned to see an elderly woman in her car. Tammy recognized the old woman from around here, but didn’t know her by name exactly. Tammy vaguely recalled it was Gina something. The driver’s side window came down making a whirring sound.

"Are you okay, Dear? Is there anyone else in the house?" Gina asked in her croaking tone looking very concerned. From her point of view, it appeared that this young teenage girl had just escaped a house fire.

Tammy smiled slightly as she approach the woman’s car. Openly, she put a little lotion on her hands ignoring the funny look the old woman was giving her.

"I’m good. How old are you?" Tammy asked now bent down within easy reach of the woman.

"What? I’m 80 years old, dear. I really shouldn’t be driving, but I was just going to the local store then back. Do you need to go to the hospital or something?" Gina asked looking confused and how calm Tammy was.

"Silly little girl. Your only 8 years old." Tammy said having the number eight stuck in her head now. She touched the woman’s arm.

The old woman was gone and in her place a 8 year old girl who was wondering why she couldn’t see over the dash anymore.

Tammy reached into the car and unlocked the door and then released the seat belt. She pulled the child Gina out of the car and tossed out the old woman’s purse as well.

In a slight state of shock, the child, who was Gina Whitely, looked around in confusion and then noticed how baggy her dress was. One side of the dress had fallen over to expose a flat pink nipple.

Gina hardly noticed when the teenager drove off in her car, leaving her standing shell shocked on the sidewalk.

"I’m young again. Really young." Gina said looking further down her dress and seeing only a child’s body under her loose clothing. Her sagging breasts were gone and she was a hairless from the neck down.

Another car pulled up and Gina saw a woman with two teenagers in the back.

"Did a teenage girl just leave here?" The woman driver asked and Gina nodded then pointed in the general direction her car went.

"She just stole my car." Gina said hearing a voice that didn’t belong to her. It was small and very girlish sounding.

"Thanks." The woman said and then sped off so fast she was burning rubber as the car took off.

Gina looked down at her body once more and grinned widely. Sure she had been turned back into a little girl again, but it also meant she had decades more to live her life. This time she would do better.

Gina had never married or had children of her own and because she was a bi-sexual woman. She was a sort of a outcast among her Jewish friends at a very young age. Gina then looked down at her arm and noticed that dreadful number tattoo the Germans gave her, when she had been a child, was gone now.

"I can grow up again and then I can get marry if I want. I can have or adopt children of my very own." Gina said to herself and then thought about a friend of hers who just happened to live a few houses down from her.

Her friend was fifty years younger then Gina. Also, her friend had a young daughter, named Linda. Linda was just going through puberty and like Gina, showed an interest in both girls and boys.

Recently, Linda’s mother asked Gina to have a talk with the girl since they both attended the same faith and Gina was sort of a step-grandmother to the little girl.

Linda was shocked to learn her adopted grandmother was like her and then to be told it was perfectly normal and okay for a girl to like both girls and the boys at the same time. Even if her parents didn’t understand why, Gina had been speaking from a lifetime of regret in denying who she was.

Gina then realized that she was still standing in front of a burning house wearing very baggy clothes. As the shock of it all wore off, Gina reacted. She started walking away from the house that was currently on fire. Gina gathered up her purse and hiking her dress up, made her way to her friend’s house.

"Best to get out of here before the police and fire department arrives. Shame about my car, but the brakes were getting really bad on it anyway." Gina said to herself in a tone her mother liked to use.

It would take some time and very serious convincing on her part, but Gina was sure once she told them who she was, Linda would get a new slightly younger step-sister to share a room with. Gina smiled just how close they would be once they started to share a room.

Tammy looked in the rear view and noticed the car coming up on her fast. Tammy recognized that car within seconds. Tammy pushed a little harder on the gas pedal. She barely took the bend in the road in time before she looked up again in the mirror.

Because Tammy was looking behind her, she didn’t notice the mini van pulling out of the local convenience store parking lot.

Tammy slammed on the brakes to a ear piercing squeal of brakes and rubber tires. The car shifted to the left and then banged into the back bumper of the van leaving a small dent in the bumper.

Worse for Tammy, she had gone off the road with the van after the impact. The stolen car’s tires spun useless in the mud now.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!." Tammy said getting out and grabbing her purse.

"Where did the hell you learn to drive, young lady? I saw you sped up just as I was coming out. You better have good insurance young lady because I’m going to sue your ass for all your worth." A woman said in a business suit and over her tyrant yelling, Tammy heard a baby girl somewhere in the backseat screaming her head off.

"Maybe you should calm your baby down first before we trade information." Tammy suggested and knew she had to work fast. Paul’s mother wasn’t far behind her. This woman in front of her could delay her if she tried to run away now.

Tammy looked at the woman. The business woman appeared to be on her way to a meeting or maybe just a business trip out of town. The baby that was crying in the backseat was mostly likely to be dropped off a babysitter’s house or perhaps even with a family member.

When Tammy reached into the purse, the woman assumed the teenager was just going to pull out her insurance card. Tammy watched as the business woman pulled out her phone after she opened the Van’s side door to tend to her scared child.

Paying no attention to Tammy, she didn’t see the young teenager putting some lotion on her fingers.

"Yeah, I’m going to be late. Some kid, barely out of diapers and driving her grandma’s car, just ran into the back of my van." The woman said while unbuckling her baby girl’s car seat so she could hold her.

"Your just a 2 year old brat." Tammy said touching the woman’s arm that held the phone.

Suddenly, the business woman was replaced by a 2 year old baby girl half naked on the back seat of the van. The woman’s daughter looked very confused on where her mommy went and how this little baby girl suddenly appeared in her place.

"I might be barely out of diapers, but your going to be in them pretty soon." Tammy said then looked up to see a car coming around the bend a short distance away.

Tammy shut the door to the side van leaving a very confused pair of babies within. On the floor of the van, a voice was trying to get a answer.

"Hello!? are you still there? " A man’s voice asked from the dropped cell phone.

As Tammy dashed for the store, she could hear sirens in the distance coming closer. Police and the fire department were coming her way now. Lucky for all of those in involved in the chase, they didn’t notice the car accident as they passed the cars on side of the road.

Markus, the night clerk of the local convenience store who liked a good joint from time to time, had been in the back of the store when he heard the squeal of tires and then the bang of a car accident.

He stood in the open doorway of the back security door and tossed his joint away after hearing the noise. Leaving the door wide opened, he went against one of the rules that management had laid down, but he didn’t care. Markus went toward the front to see what had happened and if it had occurred in the parking lot. Secretly, he hoped the cops didn’t show up. He was already half stoned. Then he heard sirens in the distance.

Looking out, he saw a teenage girl talking to someone inside a van and then she shut the van’s side door. When he saw it was Tammy running for the store’s front door, he smiled.

Paul’s mother car was just pulling into the parking lot as Tammy entered through the front doors.

"Hey Tammy, Long time no see." Markus said and judging from her worried look, she was in trouble. Oddly enough, she was just putting some lotion on one of her hands.

"Markus, you got a car. I really need it." Tammy said knowing he was either still in college or a had dropped out by now.

"Yeah, parked out back, but you can’t just leave a car accident." Markus said patting his pocket where his keys were. He wasn’t looking at Tammy’s face, but her chest. He had noticed that she got bigger over the summer.

"Would you like suck on my tits like a baby?" Tammy asked fearing that her sister, Paul and his mother would rush through the front door at any second now. Maybe if she stood her ground and fight, she might beat two of them, but whoever was left might be able to get the upper hand in the end.

"Hehe...sure." Markus said feeling his buzz fading now.

"Fine, your a helpless baby." Tammy said and then she smacked him across the face. Briefly, Markus felt the lotion on his face.

Markus barely felt the blow when he was confused on why he was lying on the floor staring up at the ceiling. When he attempted to talk, a funny babbling and gurgled sound came out of his mouth. Then all attempts to stand up failed. His arms and legs felt like jelly.

Not to mention everything looked blurred and really big no matter where he looked.

"Enjoy babyhood." Tammy said after she knelt down and grabbed his keys from his jean’s pocket.

Tammy was just around the counter again when the front door chimed and Paul’s mother walked through.

Tammy was ready with another gob of magic lotion in her hand.

"I’m going to put you in diapers this time. The real question is how big they are going to be. You want the newborn or the adult size." Tammy said ready and knew that her faster reflexes could touch Paul’s mother before she had a chance to grab her wrist

"Your just a nearly helpless old hag." Tiffany voice said from behind her and Tammy found her wrist in her sister’s grip. Then Tammy got smacked by her own hand. At the same time, Paul was coming up behind her and he wrestled the purse away from Tammy’s grip, keeping the the dangerous bottles out of her reach.

"Nooooooooooo!" Tammy said and instantly her voice shifted into a croaking sound of a very old woman.

Her knees nearly gave out then she was in pain all over. Tiffany wasn’t a expert on old people, but looking at her sister, she guessed her to be 80 or even 90 years old now. She was thin, half cripple looking as she was bent over and looked near to death.

"My body. My beautiful body. What have you done to me?" Tammy said while trying to focus her weak eyes on her own body.

"Tiffany, get grandma to my car while me and Paul handled her two most recent victims.” Paul’s mother ordered and they went to work.

It was easy to convince Markus that he had smoked a bad joint. Paul had seen it on the ground still smoking outside the back door when he sneaked around the back to block or prevent Tammy from escaping.

Paul’s mother also was able to convince the business woman turned baby that she had imagined her brief transformation into a infant after hitting her head or something.

She was horrified by the fact she was sitting half naked in the back seat of her own van. So Paul’s mother walked away after the side door shut and then went back to her car. The business woman got dressed then drove the hell away from the place convincing herself she just had a hellish waking nightmare that passed.

A few days later, she put it down to shock and being overworked. She then put in for a week long vacation with her family.

Paul had taken up a seat in the passenger side while the sisters were in the back. Tiffany was holding her sister and for a one dreadful second she thought her to be dead. Then Paul’s mother noticed that Tammy was still breathing.

"I think she passed out or just fell asleep." Paul said clutching Tammy’s purse in his hands with a death grip.

"Right we need to double back now and see if we can’t find that one woman turned child. A quick drive by then back to my house." Paul’s mother said seeing more police lights on the highway.

They drove past the burning house, that was meant for Paul, to see it was a lost cause now. Police cars and Firetrucks were parked out front. While firefighters did their best, the police kept people away from the burning house. Already a small gathering of people were there and they didn’t see any child in oversize clothes, so they drove on slowly.

The blaring of another fire truck horn was behind them as they turned into the drive way.

"Oh Paul, I"m so sorry for what my sister did." Tiffany said seeing that Paul was nearly in tears now. It was clear that he loved that house and the happy memories he got there.

The police knocked on Paul’s front door to delivery the bad news an hour later. Paul and his mom talked with the police on the front porch.

"We had a report of young teenage girl sneaking about the place just before the fire. Would you have any idea who that might be?" The cop asked him and Paul nodded.

"My ex-girlfriend. Tammy. She used to live next door to us, but she ran away with another teenage boy. I think his first name was Carl. She was pretty mad at me when I broke up with her and I think she was really jealous that I’m dating her younger sister now." Paul said and even if the cop went next door to talk with Tammy’s parents. His mother had already discussed their fake story with them to explain where Tammy had disappeared too.

Paul met with a detective next and then some guy, who worked for the fire fighter’s department, next and answered various questions for the next thirty minutes.

Then they went over next door to talk with Tammy’s parents. By the time they got everyone’s statements, it was pretty clear what had happened.

Tammy had planned to run off with a local bad boy, but she was short on cash so she broke into Paul’s house to take whatever she could and then burn the place as part of her revenge for being scorned by him.

The cops were pretty sure they would catch her sooner or later and put a warrant out for her arrest. Since no one had seen Carl, he was only wanted for questioning.

A week passed and the same woman, who greeted Paul at Eve’s house to turn over the deed, came by with a check for him.

As it turned out, Paul’s house was well insured against just about everything. The woman explain normally it would have taken weeks to get a settlement, but they had a very good law firm on the case. Within a matter of hours after the fire, they started working on it.

Paul felt dizzy when he looked at the number of zeros. It was enough to build the house again and improve the design a little.

When he went to tell Tiffany the good news, he found her mom and Tammy sitting on the porch.

"Hello, Paul. Come to see Tiffany I bet." Tiffany’s mother said with a warm smile as she sat next to an old woman in a rocking chair.

Tammy looked a little better now she was a few decades younger, but still very old looking.

"Paul, have you come to make me young again? Please, I hate being so old. I would be a little girl forever if that is what it takes." Tammy asked in her new creaky croaking voice and looking at Paul with hope filled eyes.

"No, Tammy I won’t allow that. We tried that once with you already. First chance you got, you decided on getting even with everyone. Just look at all the trouble you caused in under a hour after you got a hold of some magic lotion. That’s why Paul’s mother has hidden away the bottles until Saturday. I’m sure by then, I will think of a fitting punishment for you. I’m half tempted to de-age you back to a teenager and let the police have you. Arson, car jacking, and lets not forget your original transgressions that got you turned into a little girl in the first place. Maybe I will just throw you into a nursing home for the next decade." Tammy’s mother said and her tone becoming more aggressive as she spoke. Then she took several calming breaths before settling down.

Thankfully Tiffany came outside at that moment, perhaps alerted to her mother’s raised voice.

"Hey Paul." Tiffany said as he came onto the front porch.

"Come on Tammy, time for your walk. At your age, you have to stay active when possible." Tammy’s mother said and waited for her oldest daughter to slowly get up and half hobbled down the steps.

Paul waited until they were long out of ear shot, which took some time given how slowly Tammy was moving these days.

"I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve been calling her grandma Tammy lately. " Tiffany said with a grin.

"You got to see this." Paul said and then showed her the check from the insurance company.

"Wow, that is a lot of zeros. Oh, remember that one woman turned kid we couldn’t track down. I found her. Turns out that Gina has been living with a friend of hers pretending to be her newly adopted daughter." Tiffany said after handing the check back to Paul.

"Great, did you tell her we can change her back? I totally understand if she wants to be a young woman again." Paul asked thinking about the dress and car that once belong to the woman, both look liked something a old woman might own.

" it turned out, her friend has a daughter name Linda and apparently they are a very happy couple." Tiffany said blushing.

"You mean they were." Paul asked his mouth dropping a little.

"They were kissing and playing doctor when I stumbled upon them. I recognized Gina right away. All three of us talked and it turns out they are both bi-sexual. Linda’s mother knows about her daughter’s preferences, but doesn’t know that Gina and Linda are together. So far, they are pretending to be really close step sisters. They do everything together. Baths, share a room and sometimes sleep in the same bed. I think its so romantic they get to be childhood sweethearts." Tiffany explained to Paul and he nodded in silent agreement that it was best to leave them be.

"Well, my mom will be happy about that. Did you hear that the store security cameras weren’t turned on. Our stoned friend switched it off before his little smoke break by the back door. We got lucky there too." Paul said and Tiffany nodded now agreeing with him.

The conversation went to small talk and they broke it off when Tiffany’s mother returned.

"See you Saturday." Tiffany called out as Paul left.

When Saturday arrived, they all gathered in the living room of Tiffany’s house. Tammy was seated in the lazy boy which had been moved so everyone could see her clearly.

The adults talked and discussed the best way to deal with her.

"The nursery has been ready for days now. I say we just turn her back into a baby and make sure she stays in diapers for a few years." Tammy’s dad said and didn’t seem mad about his daughter’s recent actions. He had more of a disappointed look to him.

"Or you could just make her down to a toddler and wash out the last two bottles of lotion. All the others were destroyed in the fire." Paul’s mother said and Paul didn’t correct her on that matter.

"I’m all for making her a little girl forever trapped on the wrong side of puberty and curse her not to age." Tiffany said and with a glint in her eye.

Paul was silent and trying to think of the best way to deal with Tammy.

Tammy’s mother was playing with the gob of lotion on her hand. She was quiet because she was thinking of the best way to say her words.

"What do you think Paul?" Tammy’s mother asked him and Paul answered slowly.

"Well, it would be hard to explain where a new little girl came from or even a toddler. Sure, making her live on forever sounds cool but then people are going to notice that she doesn’t age. So there are more problems there. I really don’t know the best choice here. You could just pretend that your pregnant for a few months and then change Tammy into a newborn or keep her old and de-age her a few years so she stays healthy." Paul answered and knew he had made very good suggestions.

"No, please. I don’t want to be a tiny baby or a old woman." Tammy said getting up from her feet on very unsteady legs. Paul knew without a doubt if she was half the age she was now, they would be chasing her down right about now.

"Tammy, you sit down right now before you break your hip or something. God, I wish you weren’t born yet." Tammy’s mother said and then she had to jump forward to catch her elderly daughter as Tammy fell forward after tripping. Tammy’s mother hands caught her elderly daughter’s arm and then Tammy wasn’t there.

Paul had been watching unblinking when Tammy just vanished from sight. For just a second, he thought he saw an after image of a younger Tammy then nothing but thin air.

Tammy’s clothes collapsed on the floor and Tammy’s mother let out a painful groan. When everyone looked at her, she was 9 months pregnant with Tammy now. The sun dress she wore was now stretched to its limits. Carefully, she sat back down in her old seat next to the bottle of magic lotion.

"Oh baby, I didn’t really mean it." Tammy’s mother said to the unborn baby inside her now while she was rubbing her very tight belly. Paul watched as she started to reach for the magic lotion again then stop.

"But, it looks like that we have found a good way with dealing with you. Mommy is going have to make you just a little younger sweetie. Otherwise, I won’t be able to explain how I’m so far along without anyone noticing beforehand." Tammy’s mother said next and appeared to whence as a certain someone inside her seemed to kick or punch at her from within. She put another gob of lotion on her hand.

"I’m 5 months younger then now." Tammy’s mother said and they watched as her belly shrank down to just to show off a baby bump.

"There, most of our problems are solved. Tammy will come out in about 5 months and we will alter the spelling of her name by replacing the Y with I. Once she is born again in a hospital with a official birth certificate, no one will suspect anything other then a mother wanting her oldest child to come home by naming her new child with the same name as the oldest." Tammy’s mother said now rubbing her belly with great affection.

Paul couldn’t imagine what it was like being sent back into the womb. He supposed it was a partly lit warm place with the sound of a beating human heart as background noise.

"Well, I will go put the baby stuff under plastic sheets and will have to wash everything every once in a while to keep it all clean." Tammy’s father said then left the room to work.

"Come on, Paul." Tiffany said and Paul nodded still a little shocked at what happen.

Together they walked outside and down to the empty lot where Eve’s house once stood. It all had been torn down to the foundation and only the fence remained standing.

A piece of plywood covered the entrance to the bomb shelter and it was being held down by a dozen cement blocks the work crew had used.

"So you gonna make it look the same?" Tiffany asked.

"No, I was thinking more like a Victorian style home with a wrap around porch. My mom has been making me look at home magazines lately. I like to get one built with a spiral staircase on one corner that overlooks the yard." Paul said and could almost see it done.

"That would be cool." Tiffany said leaning into Paul.

End of Part 02



End Chapter 2

There's the Rub (Title by Piper) Story by Libra and Jeff

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