There's the Rub (Title by Piper) Story by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 8, 2014

A young boy discovers some magic baby lotion.

Chapter 1
There's the Rub Part 01 (Title by Piper)

Chapter Description: A young boy discovers some magic baby lotion.

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14 year old Paul was going to use the bathroom when he noticed the nursery. He had been force along on a trip to visit one of his mom’s new friends.

Eve was her name and he wasn’t exactly sure if that was her first or last name. The baby boy, named James, was back in the kitchen with his mother being breast fed.

Paul had excused himself not solely out of embarrassment, but because it was making him very aroused. Eve was a strange woman. More of a hippie then Paul had ever seen in anyone else. She grew most of her food and made most of the things in her house from raw materials.

It was the bottle of baby lotion that had caught his eye. Paul did learned soap is okay for jerking off, but can leave you dry or even cause a rash. Vaseline felt weird to him so he liked to use lotions instead. Like his own mom’s hand lotion that she kept stocked in the bathroom.

Glancing around for anyone coming, he slipped into the nursery. He picked up the glass bottle and he wasn’t surprise to see the homemade label when he unscrewed the cap to it.

Oddly enough it smell wonderful with a flowery scent to it. When he tilted it and some of the lotion poured onto his open palm, he saw it was perfect for rubbing on skin to skin. Not too greasy nor did it seem to absorb into the skin right away.

"Perfect.” Paul said in a low voice then he pocketed the bottle and he went into the bathroom to take care a bit of personal business.

Within two minutes, he was in the heaven of pure pleasure and washed all signs of his sin down the pipes.

He meant to return the bottle to the nursery, but his mom greeted him in the hallway telling him it was time to go.

Force to leave, he felt his heart hammering away as he past Eve now standing and still breast feeding her baby boy. The stolen bottle felt very heavy in his pocket.

Two days passed before Paul felt less guilty about swiping the bottle. Since Eve didn’t call his mom about it, he figured she didn’t miss it. Paul was busy counting his summer chore money including all he had earned from doing odd jobs for other people, when the front doorbell rang. He stuffed his counted cash into his pocket then stashed the rest into his hiding spot.

Since his mom was out doing some shopping, he guessed it might be the next door neighbor Tammy who came over for her monthly visit. She was a really hot 16 year old girl in need of a little extra cash.

There was no love interest from her side of their arrangement, but Tammy was willing to let Paul have a little fun with her for a price.

Paul had worked and saved all summer just to meet that price. He really liked Tammy, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. His mom would be gone for hours if not longer. Tammy was a free spirit so her mother wouldn’t have noticed her missing.

"Hey ya, Paul." 16 year old Tammy said when Paul opened the front door.

"Tam...Tammy. " Paul said a little embarrassed by the smile she gave him.

"So are we going to have our little bit of fun or do I have to wait?” Tammy asked.

Paul pulled out his counted cash and showed it to her.

"Half now and the other half later.” Paul said, thinking it was best if he treated this like a one-time business arrangement.

"Oh Pauly, don’t you trust me? I suppose you could wait for my little sister to mature in a few years. She has got a real crush on you.” Tammy said putting on a hurt pouting face in such a sweet sounding voice that made Paul’s pants a little tight.

"If you changed your mind that’s okay.” Paul said next and started to pocket his money away.

"Okay, but you better have all of it afterward. I know a few guys a lot bigger then you.” Tammy warned him and even that sounded sweet coming from her lips.

"My bedroom, I will be there in a second.” Paul said handing her the money.

Tammy grinned then pocketed the wad of cash into her purse then watched as Paul quickly made his way into the bathroom.

Paul missed the look of disappointment on her face when she realized that Paul wasn’t just some dumb kid. Oh well she thought. She was on the pill so he’ll poke her a few times with that prick of a penis of his then explode into an early orgasm. She had planned just to walk away with the cash knowing he would never would tell anyone what he was saving up for. If he whined too much, maybe a quick hand job then she be on her way.

She gave him five minutes at best if he wasn’t already jerking himself off in the bathroom already.

She almost felt sorry for him. This would be the high point of his life for the next few years or even his entire life if he was really unlucky.

When Tammy went to his bedroom, she was amused by all of the childish things he was still hanging onto. Tammy stripped naked then turned off the lights. She thought it would be best so she didn’t laugh when he showed up buck naked.

Paul was getting ready and with his heart beating like a drum inside his chest. He was finally going to do it with someone and she was pretty hot in his opinion.

Paul stripped out of his clothes then tossed them into the hamper. He decided to dab a little bit of Eve’s homemade baby lotion on his hands to help things along. When he made his way to the bedroom, he found the room in near darkness, but could see well enough even with the curtains closed.

"Keep the light off, sweetie. Come here and touch my titties if you like." Tammy’s voice said and there lying on his bed in a very relax pose was the girl he only dreamed of seeing naked before.

"I got a little lotion to help things along." Paul said and proceeded to rub it on her tits.

Paul’s hard on was getting painful now and Tammy really hope he explode right now.

"Hmm, that stuff smells really good." Tammy said and felt silky lotion making her tits go hard.

As Paul proceeded to climb on top of her, he blurted out a silly question.

"Tammy, your not a virgin are you? I am and its cool with me if you are." Paul said in a nervous tone that made him sound years younger.

"Just for you. Let’s just say I’m one. Come on, Paul. Deflower me. " Tammy said in that seductive tone she only used in the bedroom.

Paul’s first few thrusts were clumsy and he was already sweating from the effort.

Tammy had to admit the long summer of him doing extra chores and odd jobs gave him a nice body. Wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible, she decided some cheer-leading was in order.

"Oh yes, Paul. I’m a naughty little virgin girl." Tammy said and Paul responded in a low tone by saying "Yes, you are."

It felt like Paul had gotten bigger on her. Even his penis felt suddenly harder. Tammy changed her first impression about him. He wasn’t just a skinny kid with a little prick like she thought.

"Fuck me, harder." Tammy yelled as she was really starting to like this now.

They both orgasm together and not realizing it, Tammy was reliving her first time with Paul.

"Ouch, Jesus!" Tammy said and pushed Paul off of her. The final and last thrust was really painful.

Briefly she wondered if he had popped a pill to make his dick so big and hard.

Paul fell sideways still riding the last wave of pleasure. He barely noticed his body hitting the floor.

Something was off about Tammy. Paul wondered why the hell she kept clenched up, but it made for a tighter hole.

"Sorry, Did I hurt you?" Paul asked while was wondering if he had been a bit too rough on her.

"Oh please, damn I do sound funny. Hit the light will ya. I will be taking my other half now." Tammy said now their little business arrangement was over with.

Eager to see her in all her naked glory in the full light Paul jumped up then flipped the switch

"Whoa, what the fuck!?" Paul said next seeing not a 16 year teen hottie on his bed, but a girl of 12 years old sitting there naked.

"Whats is your...." Tammy said looking down at her body. Her breasts were really high up on her body and small. When she looked further down, she was only partly glad to see she still had a bush, but it wasn’t anything close to what she had before.

"What the hell happen to my body? " Tammy asked then nearly screamed it when she asked again.

"I don’t know." Paul said then felt extremely guilty. He was slightly confused whether he just had sex with a minor, but looking at her body she was still in her teens.

Tammy gathered up her clothes then dashed for the bathroom. Paul heard the door slam shut then a panic sob.

Paul noticed a spot of blood on the sheets then decided he needed to clean up his room. Maybe he had passed out and this was all a dream.

Forgetting about his own modesty he carried his bed sheets and clothes then tossed them into the washer. Then he dressed in clean clothes that he took out of the dryer. Finally he went back to check on Tammy again.

"Tammy, are you okay in there?" Paul asked after a soft knock.

"My bra and panties don’t fit me anymore. What the hell do you think? What the hell, I look like I’m 12 years old again." Tammy said her voice in a panic.

"Should I call nine one one or maybe your mom?" Paul asked then the door flew open. Tammy was clad in her own oversize shirt and one of Paul’s shorts.

"You think a doctor can fix this? Look, there has to be a reason for this. Magic or something." Tammy said then realized she must have hit upon the cause of her sudden return to early puberty.

"Okay." Paul said slowly seeing only a half crazy tween girl in front of him now.

"Okay, your not a wizard or something or got some gypsy blood in you do you?" Tammy asked and Paul only shook his head no.

"Maybe you have a ring or amulet someone gave you that might be in your room now?" Tammy asked with her thoughts whirling around in her head.

Before Paul could have answered her. They both heard the front door opened then closed.

"Honey, I’m back early. Come help me with the food." Paul’s mother said and Paul turned a little pale.

Before Tammy could hide, Paul’s mother came around the corner and like a deer caught in the headlights Tammy couldn’t move.

"Oh, hello there. I didn’t know you had a young lady over." Paul’s mom said looking from the slightly scared girl to her very pale son with a hard look.

Briefly she wondered if they had been kissing or did her son reached second base before she barged in on them. He was growing up so fast.

"Mom, this is Tammy from next door." Paul said seeing no way out of this tricky problem, but the truth.

"That can’t be Tammy, are you her little sister?" Paul’s mom said then stepped closer. She paused when she got close enough to see this girl was too old to be the little sister.

"I’m Tammy." Tammy said in a low voice and her eyes started to tear up again.

"Oh my God, it is you. How did this happen?" Paul’s mom asked and watched as both of them looked confused. So Paul’s mother decided to call Tammy’s parents over when neither of them knew why Tammy had regressed back to a 12 year old girl.

Within minutes, Tammy’s parents and sister were there. Now the sisters nearly looked like twins, but there was still a good two years between them. Tiffany was just 10 years old, but like her sister before her entered into puberty at this age. Her breasts were smaller and she was just starting to get those womanly curves.

Paul was glad he didn’t have to confessed to telling them the truth. Tammy had called it fooling around, but the adults in the room weren’t fooled. Paul also noted she failed to tell them about how he paid her for her services. As Tammy told them what happen just before she changed. Paul got that light bulb moment when it clicked in his head the cause of her sudden regression.

"The baby lotion." Paul blurted out then went a little red face from blushing.

"What baby lotion?" Paul’s mother asked then Paul was forced to explain why he had a homemade bottle of Eve’s baby lotion hidden in the bathroom.

Tiffany who had been hearing all of this gave him a little smile and Paul thought he die of the embarrassment alone.

Paul’s mother got up from her seat then came back with the bottle exactly where her son said he had hidden it in the bathroom. Next she called up Eve only vaguely telling her that something had happen with her son and his female friend.

"Maybe she is a witch or something. This baby lotion could be magical in nature." Paul’s mother said now willing to believe just about anything.

They waited almost in near silence for a few minutes then when the doorbell finally rang Paul’s mother jumped up from her seat.

Eve came in carrying her baby boy as always then looked at the small crowd of people.

Paul’s mother explained everything in detail then put the bottle of baby lotion on the coffee table within easy reach for Eve.

"So which one of you has the talent for magic? Because that bottle of magic lotion wasn’t fully spelled. One of you must have charged it up." Eve said looking at Paul’s mother first.

Seeing everyone was confused by her question she explained it.

"Let’s just say there was this girl named Eve. Who just happened to live in the 1960s when peace, free love and new age things were becoming really popular to do. So with some of her friends she moved out into the woods and started a little group. Mostly they got stoned and hooked up as the kids now call it these days." Eve said seeing she had the full attention of everyone in the room.

"After a while, we needed supplies and hardly any of us had money. So we started making our own supplies. Some of my friends took up chanting or even singing while we work to put some positive energy in the stuff we made. Then one day we must of gotten really lucky with one of our homemade mixtures. At the time I was sort of a record keeper for all of the home made stuff that we created since few of my friends could ever remember clearly how they made their stuff to sell or trade. By now you can imagine just how many babies we had in our little camp by then. When I noticed that some of the babies didn’t appear to age like the other children, I looked into the matter." Eve said and paused to take a drink of tea that Paul’s mother had left on the coffee table just for her.

"When I realized it was the baby lotion, I wrote every detail down about it. Til this day, I’m not exactly sure if it is the singing, chanting or the fact some of the girls picked the ingredients in the middle of the night, but something about that combination started a tiny bit of magic. All my friends usually worked together to make one large batch. It took me months to figure it out that only certain people had the inner talent to infused the lotion with its full magical power like myself. Which makes sense once you considered the stories about witches making potions, forging magical items and such. By now, I had warned the mothers not to use the lotion making up a story that it was causing rashes instead of curing them and the babies started to grow like normal kids. Honestly, everyone was so stoned or in a daze I don’t think they even really noticed anything magical had happened." Eve said then went quiet as everyone thought about her story.

"I think it was me." Paul said then explained to Eve blushing all over again then told her how he had come to borrow the bottle for a little personal business in the bathroom at her house.

Eve chuckled a little at that part.

"Well, I guess sexual energy would work too. I didn’t fully spell this bottle, but i still make the stuff because its cheaper and really great baby lotion after all. My lover James here doesn’t mind I still use that old recipe." Eve said and tickled the infant on her lap a little.

The baby giggled then laid his head against her breast looking up at her with pure love.

When Eve noticed everyone staring at her then the baby in turn, she laughed a little more. Then explained herself.

"After I left the hippie group. I fell in love with a man named James. Let’s just say he had a real thing for a woman’s breasts. One night, I accidentally used some of my magical infused lotion then turned him into a little baby. Up to that point I had no idea you could say something like your my baby and someone could suddenly become a real baby again. After I changed him back to an adult, I had to tell him everything. We also learned that once you put the lotion in your hand then used it or say the right words. The amount leftover on the other person’s skin didn’t have any more magic left in it. So after a few experiments, we sort of cast spells or curses on myself. I would only stay young as long as someone sucked on my breasts once a month and James wished anyone who suck on my tits would be a year younger with every suck until they were a baby again. Later on, I made it so if James sucked on the right breast of any woman on a full moon night he slowly become a young man again within a few hours." Eve explained then looked down into the eyes of the person she loved beyond words could ever explain.

"He has been a baby for over fifty years?" Paul’s mother asked next finding her voice.

"Well, back and forth. I have seen James as a child, teenager and even as a newborn baby thanks to the magic lotion. The lotion can undo the curses, but we like the extra bit of magic in our life. I have begged him to stay as a man full time, but he prefers the life of a baby instead. At least I get to see my lover twice a month. I don’t even mind if he sucks another woman’s breasts or flirts with them. He is my sweet little baby James, aren’t you honey." Eve said as she cuddle the infant closer to her face for a second then grinning as baby James giggled with delight.

Paul study the infant then Eve and he thought about all of the times he been around them. James hardly cried unless he needed changing or wanted to be fed. He was a chubby little guy who could just barely walk on his own two feet. More often then not Eve let him run naked claiming that he was getting just too many diaper rashes lately. It made Paul slightly uncomfortable to think that James was really a man.

"Please Eve, can you reverse what happen to me I can pay you." Tammy spoke up forgetting the money in her purse was a secret.

"With what money?" Tammy’s mother asked and watched as Tammy glanced over at her purse before catching herself not to do so.

Tammy’s mother quickly snatched up the purse before her daughter could even think about reaching for it.

"Where did you exactly get this much cash? " Tammy’s mother said in a tone that sent a shiver down Paul’s back.

Then Tammy told her.

"You did what!" Tammy’s mother said fuming at her oldest daughter.

Tammy jumped at the shout and started to say she was sorry many times over.

"I thought that I had raised my daughter better then to take advantage of a minor and sell her body for some money like a common whore." Tammy’s mother said then eyed the lotion on the table. Clutching her oldest daughter by the wrist so she couldn’t run away.

Tammy watched in horror as her mother grabbed the bottle to pour a little lotion out onto her bare arm before speaking.

"I wish you were my little girl again." Tammy’s mother said rubbing the lotion onto Tammy’s skin as she screamed in protest.

Paul watching every second of this was still shocked when Tammy seemed to be there one minute as a 12 year old girl then reduced down to a little 6 year old girl.

"There now that I have you down to a more manageable level." Tammy’s mom said then spanked her daughter after pulling the oversize shirt up to expose Tammy’s naked butt under it in full view of everyone in the room.

"Mommy, stop it!" Tammy wailed more embarrassed then feeling the stings from her mother’s open palm.

"Are you going to be a good little girl for mommy?" Tammy’s mother asked in a stern tone and Tammy was nodding in response.

"I"m so happy to hear that. Other wise I would get out all of those old baby things I have been saving for future grand children and put them to good use. You think being a little girl is bad just step out of line and I will put you back into diapers, young lady." Tammy’s mother said then turned her attention to her now older daughter.

"Tiffany." Tiffany’s mother said in a calmer tone. It caused Tiffany to jump regardless.

"Yes, Mom.” Tiffany answered.

"Since your former older sister has proven herself unsuited to be the mature one, you are going to be her older sister from now on until I say so." Tiffany’s mother said and put a little lotion on Tiffany’s arm.

"Your 15 years old now." Tiffany’s mother said then everyone watched as the 10 year old girl grew in height then filled out in all the right places.

Her shirt rode up leaving her mid section exposed and her baggy shorts now showed off a bit too much skin for a respectable girl.

"There, now you can swap rooms with your sister and take any personal items with you." Their mother said and Paul noticed the look of shock on Tammy’s little face that she would have to sleep next to her mom’s room.

"Mom, will I be babysitting Tammy?" Tiffany asked her mom.

"Hmm, that’s not a bad idea. It would give you some experience with children. Remind me later to tell you everything I know about taking care of small children." Her mother said then it was Paul’s mother who grabbed the bottle next.

Paul didn’t protest or attempt escape. He held out his arm with his hand cupped ready for his own punishment.

This made Paul’s mother paused before acting out of disappointment and anger. Thinking about it, she realized that he had always been a good boy until now even if those extra chores was to save money for the wrong reason.

"Being a single mother isn’t easy. Paul, I’m making you 9 years old again. If I recall right, you didn’t want a lock on your bedroom door until you were ten." Paul’s mother said then put a dab of lotion on his opened palm then spoke her request.

Paul found the shrinking feeling odd and didn’t really notice it until he looked around again. Everything looked a little bigger and taller to him.

Little did his mother was aware of, that he did get hard-ons even at this age despite not having any pubic hair at the time.

"There, young man. Now lets discuss how long I’m going to ground you for this little stunt." His mother said and Paul felt that hole in his stomach opened into a bottomless pit.

"Before you set a date on this punishment for Paul, I was wondering if he could spend the next few weeks with me instead. Its been over thirty years since I taught anyone the secrets behind my baby lotion and I would feel better knowing someone with talent knows about it. I’m a stern mistress and Paul will have to do everything I say. My punishments will vary on a degree. I won’t promise if I will tell him everything or not." Eve said next giving a Paul a hard look as she spoke.

"You think it is wise to teach my son that kind of thing?" Paul’s mother asked her.

"Trust me, I’m a very good judge of character. Just don’t be surprise if I turn him into a baby from time to time." Eve said giving Paul a wink which he couldn’t fully work out what she meant by the eye movement.

Things were arranged and Paul waited until all the guests left before he stood up. The bottom half of his clothes fell down past his now skinny legs. All those months of extra work giving him more muscles were gone now.

His mom babied him a little seeing only her little boy back again and not the teenager trapped in the immature body.

The next day his mother walked him to Eve’s front door then paused only long enough to say she be back at six to pick him up. Paul was forced to wear his smallest shirt with swim trunks tied tight.

"Strip naked." Eve ordered the moment he was through the door and by now Paul’s mother was long out of earshot.

When Paul just stood there, Eve reached out to touched his face with something cold and wet.

"Your just a 6 month old baby." Eve said in a sweet honey tone voice and Paul suddenly found himself sitting on the floor with his naked chest now sticking out of the collar of his shirt.

Eve reached down and plucked him out of it leaving him to be cradle naked in her arms now. Paul did the natural thing and covered his privates with both hands.

"When I say something, you are to obey me without pause or questioning my command. You may ask questions about the lessons and how to do something. For today your only lesson will be being a baby. It is important that you understand what is it like to be different ages." Eve said taking him over to the table then pulling out all the things you need to diaper a baby.

"Remove your hands from your privates dear. I have seen it all after half of a century." Eve said with a chuckle. Slowly Paul pulled his hands away feeling very exposed to Eve.

Paul spent the rest of the day with James in the living room play area, which had been set aside for babies. It was fenced off by a few low plastic walls. Like James, he was dressed in only a cloth diaper with plastic pants on the outside. Neither of them could really talk beyond a few words so they played a game to see who could stack the wooden blocks higher for a while.

James won most of the time having decades of experience at being a baby while Paul was still adjusting to being a clumsy baby. It wasn’t long before he needed a diaper change then a hour later Eve announced it was feeding time.

Side by side on her lap she breast fed them both.

"Don’t you worry, Paul. Your already a baby so my milk will have no effect on you. It always stops when a person reaches infant hood. Since your already a infant, it will have no effect on you. My James is not the jealous type. Just think of me as one of those wet nurses rich people still use to this day." Eve said when she noticed that Paul didn’t dive in like James did.

Slowly and looking up at Eve, he started to suck from her nipple. The milk was different from what he was use too, but had a watery rich flavor to it. Not to mention it was very warm as it slowly filled up his belly.

Paul felt a little drowsy after wards and when Eve put him down for a nap he didn’t fight the sleep that was coming.

When Paul awoke next to a sleeping James, he needed changing again. This time it was the messy kind that would require a few baby wipes.

"Someone is up." Eve said gliding into the room then seeing which of her two charges were up. Long experience and a keen sense of smell told her that someone had a very dirty diaper.

Eve went to work making funny noises at him as she stripped him of the dirty diaper then cleaned him up.

"I want you to remember this day, Paul. Whether you use what I am going to teach you for good or evil, you could end up as a helpless infant for the rest of your life no matter what you do. If you share this secret or anyone learns about the baby lotion, they could easily have power over you. Death is the least of your worries now. There are fates far far worse. Like being unborn and trapped inside a womb for over a decade." Eve said and pressed a hand over her own stomach so Paul understood that there was a person inside of her.

Paul was sitting up now and stared wide eye at her.

"She was a very evil woman who would have ruined countless lives. She learned of my secret of long life and wanted it all for herself. I can’t take another human life no matter the cost to others so I placed her in a prison where I could keep her close to me at all times. Sometimes, I can still feel her move around in there just a little bit. Since I don’t age anymore and she is now inside of me she did get her wish to be immortal." Eve said now absentmindedly rubbing the spot on her belly where her occupied womb was.

The more Paul was learning about Eve the more he was coming to respect her.

Paul was allowed to watch cartoons from the baby play area. Eve was busy doing her normal house chores. Paul wondered why the woman wasn’t living in some big mansion or alone on her own private island with a trusted staff. Then he realized she was flying under the radar. As long as she appeared to be nothing more then a single mother living an average life, who would have ever taken notice of her.

Even if a person poke his or her nose into Eve’s life, she could put them back into diapers for doing so. Unless that person turned Eve into a baby first. Paul was beginning to understand just how dangerous it could be knowing what she knew.

When James woke up, Eve gave them both a bath in the middle section of the kitchen sink. James was happy to splash Paul, but he wasn’t into the game as much.

"Oh stop that, James." Eve scolded lightly as she smiled at the pair of naked baby boys.

James put on a pouty face which only made Eve spray him full in the face with water.

"Don’t think that pouty face will ever work on me. I know you too well. Save it for those pretty teenage girls at the daycare." Eve said grinning at her own action.

Paul was diapered and allowed to move around the house freely now. James followed after him crawling or walking depending on his mood.

Eve kept a close eye on them as she worked and it wasn’t until Paul’s mother arrived did the real embarrassment start.

Paul’s mother descended on him with coos and cuddle him close to her breasts Paul just knew he was blushing from the attention. Eve’s caring attention had been professional. While his mother was over bearing at the moment.

"Oh Paul. I’m half tempted to keep you this way. My sweet little baby boy is back again." Paul’s mother said kissing him then she blew a raspberry on his chubby belly. Paul giggled as the tickling sensation over took him. This seemed to make his mother happier.

"I doubt you would like him as a baby for very long. Dirty diapers, crying in the middle of the night, and worrying about him every minute of the day." Eve said coming over with Paul’s clothes.

"I guess you are right. Now I got that lotion, I could be a little younger. Maybe I will have another child. I really want a girl this time." Paul’s mother said just starting to see the possibilities in front of her.

"The lotion is in a safe place?" Eve asked. Now she took Paul from his mother and started to strip him naked. Then she placed him on the sofa with his over size clothes on him.

"Bottom of my purse. I don’t dare leave it inside my house right now. " Paul’s mother said as she patted a odd lump at the back end of her large purse.

"Your 9 years old now." Eve said after she dabbed a little lotion on his nose after she took a small plastic bottle of baby lotion from one of her many apron pockets.

Paul had to adjust his swimming trunks, but it was clear that both women caught a flash of his privates before he got them pulled on fully.

"Modesty. So amusing." Eve said and Paul’s mother giggled a little as well.

The next few weeks were humbling for Paul. Some of the ingredients were strange and how they went about picking them was a little out there. Just how high some of Eve’s old hippies friends had to be at the moment was a good question.

Now he was spending more time at her house and he got to see James in his adult form. He was a quiet man most of the time and rarely spoke unless it was very important. James was a large man with a beard and with enough muscles to make even a marine worry a little.

Paul had been put on baby sitting duty before and he felt a little embarrassed now he was around the guy who’s diapers he had changed. Eve said their work would go faster with another pair of hands and the power of three was better.

Paul was thankful it was dark for the times they all went outside to her garden naked to pick certain herbs. Eve believed in working by the light of a full moon. Close up he could make out what was needed and did his best not to stare at her nude form. Thankfully, they didn’t mention his unintentional erections during those times.

Other times they sang or chanted together a few words and Paul thought he felt something stirring inside of him.

Even after they had finished their first batch of bottles which was now a even dozen. Eve then prayed over them.

"Moon Goddess and lesser gods who names are lost, but who are peaceful and loving. Most of all Oh mighty God of Heaven bless these bottles. " Eve said then touched each bottle in turn.

When Paul only looked at Eve then wondered why she would invoke more then one God. Eve only smiled at him before speaking.

"You think that I only follow one order of the faith? There is always a bit of wisdom in every book you can read and it never hurts to know something." Eve said then they carried the bottles down in crates into the back room of Eve’s basement.

Paul understood this was part of the basement was once a old fall out shelter back when nukes could have rained down on the USA.

Eve kept the place well stocked and behind two locked doors. The keys always near at hand or in a hidden spot just outside the door.

The last door was hidden behind a bookcase of all things.

"Tomorrow, I will test the batch then we will go out to do a bit of good." Eve said and sent Paul home on his own.

By now, Paul was allowed to go on his on to Eve’s house and was surprise to be greeted at the door by a little boy.

"James?" Paul asked seeing a boy about 5 years old. He was all skin and bones. Hardly a trace of baby fat was on his body and no hint of the bearded muscled man he would become one day.

"Ready to go to the park?" James asked and knowing Eve would explain on the way or when they got there so Paul just nodded.

When they walked there on foot, they looked like nothing more then a single mother with her two boys. Even with it being still summer, a few people were around the jungle gym. The warm weather made most people go into the local ice cream shop or over to the water park part of the playground.

"There, see that woman over there in the purple shirt. Since I have tested our new batch on James, we know its works. We’re going to de-age her into a 2 year old baby." Eve said pulling out the tiny plastic bottle filled with baby lotion from her purse.

"May I ask why?" Paul said knowing that Eve must of have a very good reason.

"She beats her kids. That’s them over there. You can just see the bruises. Take special notice on how they act around other kids then compare their bruises to normal ones from playing. When you have been around as long as I have, you will become a expert on bad people too. " Eve said.

Paul looked then study each child from what he could see. There was something strange how those two children reacted to other children. Eve was right about the bruises. Most were in the wrong places.

"We come here from time to time. The kids don’t flinch away from their daddy. The parents are separated so he has no clue what is going on. They get real quiet when mom shouts at them like they are more fearful of her then him." James said then nodded to Eve.

"James, you go to each one of your friends and explain to them what is going to happen to their mother then tell them to hide inside the jungle gym with you. Paul, I need you as my lookout. When she goes behind the jungle gym area there will be our chance to act. I have a diaper and even a baby dress for her in my purse." Eve said.

Paul didn’t have to wait very long for the woman in the purple shirt to react. When she couldn’t spot her kids in the open, she marched forward then around behind the massive jungle gym calling each of their names. Once out of sight from the other mothers and most of the children playing, Paul then Eve came around the other side of the jungle gym.

Eve was pretending to call for James as they went.

They found the woman in the purple shirt looking into a opening of the jungle gym and yelling for her kids to come out now or else. As Paul turned around and looked in every direction, he saw no one in sight at the moment. Eve took a moment to dab a little lotion on her hand.

"Excuse me, Your just a 2 year old baby." Eve said as she grabbed the woman’s bare arm.

Suddenly, there was a 2 year old girl standing there in a oversize purple shirt staring up at them.

Eve wasted no time. She bent down then proceeded to dress the little baby girl in a frilly play dress. Eve didn’t bothered to diaper her yet.

The former woman protested then attempted to struggle away.

Eve was a professional with children and easily stripped her naked then was pulling on the dress within a minute.

"Stop thwat! I’m not a bab-bee." The 2 year old girl protested as Eve was buttoning up the back of the dress.

Eve finished her work by stuffing the woman’s clothing into her purse. Even the woman’s flip flops fit into the big bag.

"Children. Come out on and meet your new baby sister." Eve called sweetly and Paul turned around in time to see James led two children out of the jungle gym. Eve had let the 2 year old baby girl go now. Given her size she couldn’t run away without someone catching her.

A boy and girl a few years apart, but younger then Paul, appeared out of the opening. Judging from their staring wide eyes, they had just seen their own mother turned into a baby.

"See, he wasn’t lying. They did turn mommy into a baby. She is our baby sister now." The younger girl said to her older brother if she never doubted for a moment what James had told them was the truth.

"She is a baby now." The older boy said then stepping closer to look down at his mother.

"I am your mom-nee. Don’t you forget it." The 2 year old said pointing a finger at the boy.

"Oh yeah!" The younger sister said then stood in front of her mother then pushed her down with just a little bit of effort.

"But...but...I the mom-nee." The baby girl said again then started to whimper a little. Paul watched as she was starting to tear up. She forgotten a very important rule about being the bully. Normally you have to be bigger and stronger then your victims.

"Not any more. I have spent decades as a mother. I know better not to strike a child out in anger or frustration. Now you are in the bottom of the pecking order you will learn this lesson too or so help me I make you so young that you will still be wet behind the ears again." Eve said now pointing a finger into the baby’s chest watching her jump from fright every time Eve lightly jabbed her with her index finger. Then Eve put a diaper on the baby girl.

"Boy, did you know how to use your mother’s cell phone to call your daddy?" Eve asked the older child.

"Yeah, If daddy doesn’t answer his new girlfriend will." The boy said in answer.

"She is real nice to us." The sister added in giving her own two cents.

"Good, go call your daddy on it then tell him that your mommy left you all alone in the park with your two little sisters. When he asks you about your second sister, you just tell him that mommy had a baby in secret and you were not to tell anyone, but you are really scared now that mommy is gone." Eve said in a sweet voice and the boy dashed off to grab the cell phone from his mother’s purse where she left it on the bench next to the other mothers.

"Honey, why don’t you take your new baby sister to play with the other babies by the benches while your brother calls daddy." Eve said next to the girl and watched as she forced her former mother to her feet then dragged her along to the other side of the jungle gym.

"Well, time for us to retreat to a safer distance and watch things unfold." James said as they all started to walk away to see things unfold from a distance.

They were far enough away to be unnoticed by the siblings and when the cops showed up along with the children’s father. Then things got really interesting.

The cops spread out in every direction searching bushes, bathrooms and cars. Some cops talked to the mothers and even some of the children there.

When the paramedics and a CPS van arrived, they checked out the children for harm. When the bruises in strange places were discovered on the older children, the baby girl suddenly went very quiet. No longer did she whimper or cry now. She promptly put her thumb in her mouth and hid her face as much as she could.

Paul could tell even from this distance that the children were telling their dad and the CPS person everything about their minor injuries. For one second Paul thought the girl was about to point to the little baby to say that’s my mommy, but seemed to think better of it.

Once it was clear that the baby girl didn’t belong to anyone else in the park, they were all loaded into the van and Paul watched as the father was preparing to leave as well. He guessed that they were all going to go to the hospital to run a full check up on all of the children.

"What if she tells someone who she really is?" Paul asked a little worried now.

"I like to see that. If she some how convinced her former husband of her identity, I think he would give her a good spanking for hitting the children then she spend years under his tender care. Other wise they just think she made it all up. Simple trauma from her mother leaving her all alone in the world. Even if all three children told the truth, everyone will think it is just a coping reaction to being abandon by their own mother." Eve said then they left the park.

Along the way back to Eve’s house, Eve detoured to drop the clothes off at a Goodwill drop-off box then hurried off so no one really noticed her there. Just another woman in a rush to get things done.

When they nearly reached Eve’s house, she asked him a question.

"Paul, do you know someone who needs to be taught a lesson? Any rumors about sexual abuse or maybe just a really mean bully?" Eve asked him and Paul thought about it.

Sure he knew a lot of people who could be taken down a peg or two, but what Eve might have in mind was a bit extreme.

"Well, there is this kid, Carl. He is older and much bigger then me. He gets his kicks from making little kids cry. Gender doesn’t matter to him generally, but he is a touch more careful around little girls. Someone might say something if a little girl shows up with a black eye. With the younger boys, he doesn’t seemed to have hardly any self control. He mostly just wants money." Paul explained and watched as Eve’s face went into a expression of deep thought.

"I’m giving you the weekend off. First thing on Monday we are going to follow Carl and learn all we can about him." Eve said and Paul went a bit pale. If he got caught by Carl, he didn’t like his own odds in coming out of it without getting a black eye.

"Okay." Paul said with a nervous laugh.

That weekend turned out to be a very interesting one for Paul.

For the past few weeks, the few rare times he saw Tammy again, she had changed in personality No longer was she a independent bold girl who teased all before her.

Now she turned into a shy timid girl who hid behind her mother’s legs or stayed out of sight. Her mother explained that her once older daughter was now embarrassed being a little girl again.

As Paul understood it, Tiffany was now in charge when the girl’s mother went out shopping or left them alone in the house while their dad worked. Tiffany seemed more mature and ever time Paul had seen her lately she was reading a book or surfing the internet on her I-Pad.

All the adult women had gotten together and planned a girl’s night out.

Paul, James and Tammy would be babysat by Tiffany herself at Paul’s house since his home was so close.

Still stuck as a 9 year old boy, he was shorter then Tiffany not to mention less mature looking. James had been returned to his babyhood and looked as happy as ever. Tammy sulked for the first few hours she was left at Paul’s house.

Tiffany was a pretty good babysitter after all. They ate pizza and watched movies strictly not suited for young children, but no one among the children were really children. Then she went to work in getting James and Tammy in the bath together.

"I’m not getting in the tub with him. He is really a full grown man inside that baby’s body." Tammy protested and Paul stayed quiet has he watched this argument play out.

"Tammy, you know what mom said." Tiffany warned her in a stern tone.

"I don’t care. I don’t let daddy wash me and I’m not going to take a bath with anyone who has a penis." Tammy said folding her arms to show she wouldn’t budge from this issue.

"Fine, then you two can take your bath in the sink. I will invite Paul to help me wash you." Tiffany said and held up a tiny clear plastic bottle she had taken out of her pocket. Inside it, Paul could see the tiny amount of baby lotion.

"Where did you get that?" Tammy asked now her arms unfolded and looking for the nearest exit out of the room.

"Mom, silly. She told me if you were trouble or if you get out of line with me on my first real babysitting gig, I was to put you back into diapers no questions asked." Tiffany said and turned the tiny bottle over with her fingers.

"You wouldn’t." Tammy said now fear creeping into her features.

"So do you want to be a toddler just learning how to be potty trained or should I reduce you down to a crawling infant. Maybe I will just make you too young to go anywhere. Then I could lay you naked on the floor with a towel under your body and you can enjoy the life at being an helpless little nudist. I don’t mind cleaning up any little messes you might make." Tiffany said out loud if she was thinking about her options.

"Fine, I will do it." Tammy said and her eyes teared up.

"That’s my baby sister." Tiffany said and pocketed the tiny bottle deep into her pocket.

Paul was left alone to watch TV while Tiffany bathed her sister and James together in the tub.

When Tammy did finally returned now dressed in a nightgown, she looked very rosy cheek and Paul guessed her sister scrubbed her thoroughly. Tiffany came in with a diaper clad James giving him a bottle with milk she had warmed up on the stove just before his bath.

Within minutes after being burped by Tiffany, James was fast asleep in his playpen while Tammy was curled up on the floor near the TV in dreamland herself.

"Okay, Paul. I think the water heater has recovered enough for your bath unless you want yours in the sink?" Tiffany said with a grin and didn’t bother showing him the bottle she kept in her pocket.

Paul was undressed and inside the tub as it filled when a voice behind him made him jump.

"Your still pretty cute to me." Tiffany said and Paul quickly put his hands over his privates, but found himself looking at a nude Tiffany.

"How did you get in here?" Paul asked looking from her to the door that he had locked.

From a bathroom counter top, Tiffany picked up a small flat head screwdriver that had a curved end for a handle.

"My new baby sister has been trying to lock herself away in different rooms of the house. Everyone at my house carries these little screwdrivers now." Tiffany answered and tossed the little screwdriver onto the counter top while she palmed something else into her hand.

Then she stepped into the tub just behind him. Without much control, his penis started to get a hard on when he could feel Tiffany’s warm body against his own.

"Relax, Paul. I have slipped Tammy and James a tiny bit of children’s sleep medicine in their drinks." Tiffany said and put her arms around his body. Paul could feel the plastic bottle she had in one palm.

"What if our moms come home early?" Paul asked next thinking the last time he been naked with a girl at his house.

"I overheard my mom making plans with yours and that Eve woman. We got hours before they return. Besides, I never got to punish you." Tiffany said and Paul half turned his head to look up at her.

"For what?" Paul asked thinking he been a good boy so far while she was babysitting him.

"For banging my sister for one. Funny how just a few years difference makes between us. Now that I’m the older one and judging from that little boner you got, you really want me now. How does it feel to fawn after someone bigger and more mature then you?" Tiffany asked him.

Paul thought about it. Lately, his masturbation fantasies had changed. Since Tammy was now reduced to a child status, he pictured Tiffany instead. He figured his chances were better with her now since she had always had a crush on him.

"I have been a real jerk." Paul admitted realizing what it must of been like for her.

"Yeah, but things do look different with the tables turned. Ever since I gotten older, its like a door opened up inside my mind to a big empty library in my head. I have been reading so many books beyond my educational level, surfing the net on everything interesting and I suddenly understand all the little things I didn’t quite get as a child before. Not to mention I have done some exploring on my own body." Tiffany explained then forced him a little closer.

Paul’s boner went painfully hard when he felt the warmth of her sex against his back as the bushy hairs pushing into his skin.

"So what now?" Paul said figuring they were going to do it here in the tub. Already the water was getting half way up to his knees.

Tiffany was uncapping the plastic bottle that she had palmed then put a tiny bit of magic lotion onto her finger. Using this method, she could do it only two more times before the bottle was empty.

"Now, your just a little 4 year old boy." Tiffany said and Paul suddenly found the water level very close to his waist.

He was cupping a very small limp penis and his ball sack felt oddly shrunken.

Paul pulled his hands away to reveal the near toddler size penis. His weeks with Eve had taught him not to be ashamed of his body at a younger age since most children were not shy.

"Oh, you are so cute." Tiffany said then she sat down in the water causing the water level to rise up.

Paul was speechless as he looked down at himself. Briefly he had been this age before, but Eve always put him in diapers or had him close to his teen years. He wasn’t chubby, but a skinny little boy with child like features just starting to emerge.

Gently Tiffany turned him around and now he got a full view of her body. He glanced at her breasts then her lower area then blushed deeply.

"That so adorable that your the shy one now." Tiffany said and used one of her long legs to shut off the water. Her added body weight to the water made it high enough now they could share the bath with plenty of water in the tub.

Paul allowed himself to be pulled down on her lap and Tiffany cradled him on to her chest. She carefully moved his head so it rested on one of her warm pillow breasts.

"Just enough left in the bottle for two more dabs, sweetie. I will save the last dab of lotion to restore you to normal. I think I will use the next one to curse you." Tiffany said and Paul wondered what she had in mind.

Never before did Paul feel so helpless or vulnerable in the company of Tiffany.

"No matter your age you will get erections when aroused and can feel sexual pleasures." Tiffany said rubbing in the second dab of lotion on Paul’s skin.

Because they were touching skin on skin with their bodies so close, Tiffany giggled at the sight of his small boner. Where Tiffany found it cute, Paul found it pathetic to look at. Barely bigger then a toddler’s penis as it stood out if it was just a pointing pinky finger.

"Why?" Paul asked curious to know why she pick to curse him with this. He was clearly looking at his little member now standing to attention.

"I was reading about how babies and even toddlers get erections when they first wake up. Sometimes this means they have a full bladder. Most of the time it is just a normal part of nature as the blood flow increases just before you wake up. Do guys really wake up with morning wood every day?" Tiffany asked Paul.

"Most days." Paul answered back and jumped a little when Tiffany reached down to touch his little penis. She paused and saw Paul just looking at her. Since he didn’t move away or verbally protested the touching, she started to rub the head of the penis.

Maybe it was because he rarely got to masturbate or because he was in a more sensitive body now, that Paul suddenly found himself gasping for air as a wave of pleasure over took him.

"Oh.....Tiffany.....Please...." Paul said between breaths of air then unexpectedly Paul was peeing into the tub.

Paul realized his body was too young to have cum or semen so only urine came out. Paul only dimly noticed this because he was lost in the mind numbing pleasure of an orgasm.

"Oops." Tiffany said with a giggle then used her foot to move the drain lever.

When Paul could think again, he realized that her reaction wasn’t that of a child in a teenager’s body, but someone who had matured emotionally and mentally enough to understand what she was doing.

Tiffany wasn’t that silly little 10 year old girl on the first steps to puberty with a boy crush, but had become a teenager.

Paul was thankful that his penis now lay limp between his legs on top of his much reduced ball sack.

"Now let’s make love." Tiffany said next as the water slowly drained away.

Paul was confused by this request since his young body felt very weak and shaky at best. Not to mention his little member was limp as a wet noodle now.

Then Tiffany showed him the tiny bottle again. She worked the last of it out onto her finger.

"Your 10 years old." Tiffany said making him just a bit older then Paul’s mother had made him.

"How you going to explain away the empty bottle you have?" Paul asked after he found himself on top of Tiffany in a much bigger body. His energy returned and he was getting a full hard on again.

"I will just say I used it when you were all asleep. I will make up a story that I aged myself into an adult then back down to a teenager. I will just tell my mom that I was curious to have a look at my adult self and how much I would look like her." Tiffany said then opened her legs wide open to allow Paul inside of her.

Tiffany moaned with pleasure and bucked a little when her orgasms hit. They hadn’t even paused when her hymen had broken leaving only a little bit of blood. Tiffany didn’t experience any pain like some girls do.

"I didn’t think you were big enough to make me into a woman. I really don’t see what the big deal is about virginity anyway." Tiffany commented after wards.

Exhausted, they slowly got up then showered together getting rid of the sweat and other bodily fluids.

"You know we shouldn’t play around with that lotion stuff. It can be dangerous. I have seen what Eve can do with it and she told me a few things about her past." Paul said to Tiffany to let her know that whatever magic they were playing with could backfire.

"I agree with you. We should use it rarely. Speaking of that bottle. Did you know that your mom and mine split up the original lotion bottle between them? My parents look a decade younger all the time now and I’ll bet if you look at yours you will see the same thing. I think they even made themselves teenagers once or twice for kicks. The way my mom has been talking lately, I will be the older sister forever. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister, but I kind of agree with mom on keeping her as my little sister." Tiffany said and Paul nodded to show his own agreement.

"Well, I better get to bed before you have to explain why we are naked in here together." Paul said and exited the tub.

The last sexual taunt was Tiffany giving a playful smack on Paul’s naked rear end when he left the tub to go get dress for bed.

Paul didn’t bother to wrap a towel around his waist, but went to his room. Paul dressed for bed then fell onto his bed quickly falling a sleep within minutes.

Looking refreshed, Tiffany came in and smiled at the sleeping boy before her. Never did Tiffany ever imagine her girlish fantasies would come to a night like this. Like all children who grew up, she realized that nothing is exactly how you imagined it when your a silly kid or just a girl on the verge of womanhood.

"Good night, my little prince." Tiffany said then kissed him on the forehead and couldn’t wait until his punishment was over with. If she was lucky, maybe they could be the same age or close enough not to be taboo when they went out in public.

Paul awoke in the morning thinking part of what happen last night might have been some twisted wet dream since he didn’t have a full hard on or any wet spots on the bed for the truth to hit him.

If Tiffany’s mom even suspected he had sex with her other daughter, she’d put him back into diapers for sure. Then his life would be a hellish nightmare of bottle feedings and diaper changes.

It wouldn’t take long for his mother or any caretaker to discover his little problem. Paul would get aroused, maybe rub his penis against his diaper a few times then start pissing into his clean diaper within a few minutes.

Because it would feel good and he would had no access to a woman’s most private area. The best he could hope for is cuddling or being held near her breasts. He would soon become a slave to his orgasms. Paul doubted he would have much self control if he was a toddler or even a infant.

Briefly, he wondered if that it had been Tiffany’s plan for him. If they ever got involved and he cheated on her, Paul was pretty sure if she could, he would be turned into a very young child and be at her tender mercy.

Sometime during the night while he slept, his own mother and Tiffany’s mother had come back from their ladies night on the town.

When he came to the breakfast table, his mother looked tired, but full of life. As Paul study her face, he did see she looked years younger. Paul could imagine her using a bit of lotion to restore her youth a little at a time over a long period.

Anyone who knew her like he did would assume she had some work done. Also Paul’s mother could always say she been going to the gym and dieting more.

"Tiffany said you were a perfect little gentleman last night." Paul’s mother said and for a second Paul felt his heart jump with fear.

"Yeah, we watched some movies and ate pizza." Paul said and started in on his breakfast.

"I was a little worried. She was just 10 years old a few weeks back. Now she seems so much more mature and smarter then her sister. Tammy has changed so much too. I never did liked that girl when she was a teenager. What ever did you see in her?" Paul’s mother asked him and Paul answered back after taking a long drink.

"She was pretty." Paul answered and heard his mother laugh a little. Surprised, he looked up.

"Oh my son the fool. I thought I taught you better then to trust a pretty face with a nice body. Now Tiffany is another story. Maybe you should ask her out sometime after I decide to end your journey through your second childhood." Paul’s mother suggested just as he was in the middle of another gulp of his apple juice.

He choked and gagged on it. Coughing, he cleared the tears from his eyes.

"I’m serious. I know its a little weird since she was just a child a few weeks ago, but she has really matured mentally. We talked last night for an entire hour after her mother took her sister home. I think even Eve was impressed by her. Apparently, Eve hasn’t seen anyone aged before who wasn’t already an adult." Paul’s mother said lightly patting him on the back.

"I will think it over." Paul said in answer and realized when he did tell her that he did like Tiffany, it wouldn’t be a shocker.

"Or I could have a talk with Tiffany’s mother. She told me in secret that she has no plans in turning her Tammy back into a teenager again. She wants Tiffany to remain the older sister from now on. That doesn’t mean Tiffany has to stay as a teenager. I"m sure if you are willing to stay 9 years old, Tiffany would be happy to join you. I swear that girl has had a crush on you since she was chest high to me. " Paul’s mother said and he looked up into his mother’s eyes and felt her fingers caressing his hair on the back of his head.

"No, mom. I like to be older when my punishment is over." Paul said and watched as she sighed a little.

"Maybe you could be my little boy again on Mother’s day?" Paul’s mother asked him next and he nodded.

"And other family holidays if I don’t have any plans." Paul said hopeful to score a few extra brownie points.

She lightly squeezed his shoulders then went back into the kitchen.

End of Part 01



End Chapter 1

There's the Rub (Title by Piper) Story by Libra and Jeff

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