There's the Rub (Title by Piper) Story by Libra and Jeff

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Chapter 3

Chapter Description: Epilogue

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A decade later, Paul and Tiffany had been happily married for a few years. Tiffany had given birth to twins just a few years after the honeymoon. They named the twins Alexander and Victoria. Everyone just called them, ’The Twins’ or ’Alex and Vicky’. Still toddlers, they had been a handful for the young parents.

Lucky they had grandmas, Grandpa and even two young aunts. Paul’s little sister was named Patricia and she was close to being 8 years old now. Paul wasn’t sure how he felt about the guy that his mom was seeing for the past years, but Freddy seemed like a nice enough guy.

Then there was 9 year old Tammi. Even at a early age, it was clear she was a child prodigy or Wunderkind, as some people called them.

Tammi even went so far in writing a book called, "Life in the Womb". It was the most detailed and insightful book on the market on what it might be like being back inside the womb as a unborn baby. More amazing was the author who wrote it with the help of her mother at the tender age of six.

It had become a best seller for six weeks straight and most put Tammi’s book down that she must of had a really good memory while being inside her mother as a unborn baby. Rumors were abound that Tammi was working on her second book, "No fun being a newborn", which promised a detail account on being a newborn thrust into a bright and sometimes cold world. For the coming countless generations, Tammi’s books would be a must have books for all mothers or expecting mothers to read.

Paul had worried at first that Tammi would turn out to be a bad seed again, but after a few years and what seemed like a million diaper changes later, she seemed at peace with herself and harbored no ill feelings toward anyone. There were still the normal temper tantrums and rebellions all small children have.

When she was 3 years old and able to talk fully, he sat down with her for a heart to heart. Paul, like Tiffany, was encouraged to take care of Tammi as a baby to gain more experience with infants. At the time, she been acting like a little nudist and showed no signs at being ashamed in having no modesty around anyone. As her Uncle Paul, she saw him differently now then before. So Uncle Paul did allow her to run naked as long as she put something on when friends of the family came over to visit.

Tammi had explained that the time she spent inside the womb had given her time to think and regret a lot of her decisions and actions. She had promised herself over and over that if she ever got the chance that she would do things right this time.

As it turned out, she had become a pretty good baby sitter to the twins when their parents were busy in another room of the house. It was easy to see she understood young children more so then most adults could. Tammi was content because in another few years, she would hit her teens and be mega rich from the sales from her second book. There was even talk of a series of DVDs to highlight the finer points of her books.

As for the magic lotion, Tammy’s parents had run out of the stuff years ago while Paul’s mother, who was more careful, was dangerously low on her own supply. Standing next to all of their kids, they still appeared to be older siblings then their parents. Few questioned their youthful looks, putting it down to rich people can afford to look young.

Tiffany and Paul went on pretending that the bottles of magic lotion Paul helped make had been lost in the fire. Truthfully, they were the only ones who knew about the secret door behind the bookcase that led down to a old bomb shelter. Paul’s mother never asked him if he knew how to make the stuff, so he never told her.

With Tiffany’s help at his side, the area remained free of drug dealers, child predators, and really bad parents. As concerned parents, both seemed to think they had a right to make sure their children grew up in a nice neighborhood.

Paul had discovered you could wipe a person mind clean of knowledge with the magic lotion. A sort of mental regression taking them back to a earlier state of mental development. They worked in secret and used the hidden bomb shelter as their work room to plan out who was next. Rarely they acted in person, finding it easy just to tip off the police about certain people.

There were those times when the police could do nothing or little at all.

So from time to time, a mysterious new child would show up or a well known adult would make the news, seeming to have suffered some mental breakdown that partly wiped their memory clean of a few years.

As far as their parents knew of the bomb shelter, it had been filled in over a decade ago. When Paul had free time to spare, he spent his days in the garden or the newly finished greenhouse in the backyard tending to the herbs and the food plants. Most of it went to cooking food and storing extra supplies.

Tiffany spent her free time investing their money and making even more of it for her family. Even if all else fails, they could always open a spa in one of the abandon business buildings next to the old convenience store and word would quickly spread that the customers who visit that spa really did seem more youthful when they left. Then they could expand their spa into the neighboring buildings. It was unlikely they would ever need it for money, but the young couple had another use for it.

Lately, they had been toying with the idea of opening one up anyway and making sure that certain bad people in the area would get invited for a free visit or two. Paul knew that if they ever decided on it, they would have to reveal the truth to their parents about his knowledge on making the magic lotion.

For now, they put that idea on hold until their parents were ready to retire from their old jobs.

Paul looked up at the walls of his house and saw various pictures of himself and a few of Tiffany as the old digital frames went from one image to another. Some of the pictures were made to look old as if taken a long time ago, nearly everyone in his house knew the truth of those photos.

Some of them were embarrassing, as it showed a naked pair of toddlers in a kiddie pool or two infants being bathed in a sink with Tiffany’s mother washing Paul’s infant backside with a grin on her face. Tiffany didn’t seem to mind them as much as Paul did at times.

The slide show order of the pictures were arranged in the slide show setting on the digital picture frames so a stranger looking at them would think they had grown up together as children. Truthfully, they volunteered themselves to be regressed during special holidays or when all of them were away on vacation.

Often they took trips together and vacationed in places far away from home, so they wouldn’t run into anyone they knew. One of those more memorable vacations was a early one in which Paul’s mother forgot to pack her bottle of magic lotion after she turned both Tiffany and Paul into very small children.

They had saved money on the plane tickets by reducing the pair down to 4 year olds, since the air line offered free flying for young kids. Later, it was discovered the bottle was left behind and they had hardly any clothes for them. Each of them was encouraged wear next to nothing or to run about naked both inside and outside the beach house during their time in the Paia’s secret beach area.

Full nudity was often overlooked and since they were so young, no one really cared. By then, Tammi had been born again and Tammi was nearly a half of a year old, so her mother let her play naked on the sand with her now older sister.

It was on that trip that his little secret about his privates was revealed. How the adult women giggled at him to the point he stormed off to hide. At the time, the clothing optional beach was a bit of surprise to Paul. It had been Tiffany who found him and out of sight of the parents had a bit of fun with him. Paul always smiled at that point in recalling the memory. He doubted no other two kids in the world had so much fun playing doctor then they did that day.

Later pictures showed them going to the movies as tweens or teenagers depending on the rating of the movie and then their college days. It was here that Tiffany’s baby bump could first be seen. Thankfully, her graduation robes covered her belly. The final set of pictures had the twins sharing their bath or play area with a regressed Paul.

"Dinner’s ready!" Tiffany’s mother called out and all around a huge rectangular table, they all gather to eat. It wasn’t always a peaceful gathering around that dinner table, but it was clear they were a family that cared about each other deeply.

Outside the house, no one noticed the woman, with dyed hair, holding the hand of a very small girl. While a heavily muscled beardless man stood next to a young teenage boy, with a new snake tattoo on his upper arm.

"See honey. Nothing to worry about. Looks like they turned out just fine. They are doing a lot of good in this area too." James said in a deep voice.

"Yeah, looks like they are doing okay." Eve said and then turned away from the house so no one inside would feel eyes upon them.

"Feels strange being back here. I know my real dad is in prison and all, but I still don’t like being this close to home." Teenage Carl said and Eve laughed a little.

"Oh my silly little man. We will walk by your house and I’ll bet you won’t hardly recognize it after it was sold for unpaid bills." Eve said and hurried her family along down the street. Maybe in another few years, she’d look in on Paul and his family again. She had a sneaky feeling that Paul was keeping the knowledge of making the magic lotion a secret from nearly everyone these days.

As they moved down the street, they past a trio of people. Two dark haired women in the company of a young man. All of them looked Jewish, as far Eve could tell, and she had experience to guess the right answer nearly every time. All of them were older then Carl. Only a few people would notice that the girls seemed oddly close to each other as they walked. The mature looking teenage boy with them looked to be a very happy young man.

"Stop it, Gina." One girl said and blushed a little and Gina was grinning while the young man at her side was doing the same. All three went quiet when they noticed that Eve’s family was coming closer. They didn’t start talking again until they were sure they were all out of earshot.

As Eve walked past them, she got the feeling that they had threesomes in the bedroom or out in the woods while their parents were away. Eve smiled at that idea and wished them well. Eve’s own teenage years had been wild and she had done things to make a sailor blush with shame in her young adulthood. She had always believed that people should live their life as much as possible while doing no harm to others.

Carl was getting a puzzled expression on his face as they looked at the house that once been his home. The people who bought it had done a lot of work on it in fixing it up. Children toys laid scattered in the mowed yard and there was a well maintained flower garden out front on each side of the walkway up to the house.

“You see boy, its in very good hands. Maybe you might want to buy it when these people finally decide to sell the place. I know there are some bad memories here, but I’ll bet the good ones out number those dark times.” James said and then clapped the teenager on the shoulder.

“Yeah, maybe. I know Paul will be surprised to see me again.” Carl answered and smiled at the idea at moving back home one day, but at the moment he would hate to leave his step parents.

“Mommy.” A small timid voice said and Eve felt a tiny hand tugging on her skirt.

“Yes, Cynthia?” Eve said to her daughter and shared a very special relationship with her. During those early years, Eve had allowed Cynthia to be born and grew up naturally like any other child for a few years. Then once she had been fully potty trained, Cynthia begged her mother to allow her to be breast fed by Eve so she didn’t have to age like her playmates.

Eve allowed this since they did move around a lot and Cynthia never had to worry about her playmates noticing that their friend never grew a single inch in height. Most people found her to be an extremely quiet child, but few could ever fully understand her.

“I think I’m ready for preschool now.” Cynthia said and looked sad she have to give up on being mommy’s little girl at home.

Those years inside the woman’s womb had enraged her at first, but then in the later years of that decade, as she over heard everything that was going on in Eve’s life, she had come to love the woman more then anything in life itself.

She could remember everything from her time in the womb. The rare times Eve talked to her or when her parents had sex, Eve singing, and then there were the hundred of conversations that Eve had with people. One of her favorite things to do was to curl up in mommy or daddy’s lap and listen to their heart beats.

It was deeply relaxing for her to hear.

“Are you sure? I could make you older and you could go to college or high school if you like. I know you have adjusted to this new world, but you are my special girl after all.” Eve asked bending down so she was on the same eye level with Cynthia.

“No, preschool then elementary school in another few years when I’m ready. I’m still your little girl.” Cynthia said then embraced her mother and Eve picked her up to hold in her arms. The girl was getting too big to be carried around any more, but Eve indulged her from time to time.

They moved on back toward their mini van just as the sun was starting to set over the distant treeline.

The End



End Chapter 3

There's the Rub (Title by Piper) Story by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 8, 2014


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