Takeover by Libra and Jeffr_2bya

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 20, 2011

The board of directors gathered around the long oval table high up in the sky scraper meeting room of the main office tower. They murmured among each other and finally 30 year old Miss Belle Hindley came into the room then everyone went silent. Her skirt was a few inches too short for professional business policy and her open dress shirt showed more cleavage then needed to seduce most men.

Chapter 1
Part 01

Chapter Description: The board of directors gathered around the long oval table high up in the sky scraper meeting room of the main office tower. They murmured among each other and finally 30 year old Miss Belle Hindley came into the room then everyone went silent. Her skirt was a few inches too short for professional business policy and her open dress shirt showed more cleavage then needed to seduce most men.

The board of directors gathered around the long oval table high up in the sky scraper meeting room of the main office tower. They murmured among each other and finally 30 year old Miss Belle Hindley came into the room then everyone went silent.

Her skirt was a few inches too short for professional business policy and her open dress shirt showed more cleavage then needed to seduce most men.

26 year old Miss Emma Hurst was looking about and saw the men staring at Miss Hindley like she was a goddess. The directional lines of the eyes were not at her face, but to those parts of Miss Hindley’s body that bared skin. Emma also noticed one of the women was showing a slight smile on her face if she was undressing Miss Hindley with just her eyes.

Emma sighed slightly and everyone knew that Miss Belle Hindley had slept her way to the top. She was a sharp and ruthless business woman, but she was also been a whore who used her body to get ahead in life. Everyone knew and no one talked about it. So everyone pretended she wasn’t unless they wanted to be black balled from the business world.

“Gentlemen and Ladies, I thank you for joining me here today. Since Mr. King is away on a much needed vacation these past few months. I have taken command until he returns. As you have noticed in the last few months we have merged with other companies and become a giant in the business world. ” Miss Hindley said and paused so everyone could clap and nod to each other. Everyone knew when Miss Hindley said merge she meant hostile takeover.

“Because we have absorbed so many companies you of course you may noticed that most of our newest board members are women now. Mr. King as personally requested to me that we should have the best and brightest women among us. I have noticed none of the men are complaining about all the new women around us. ” Miss Hindley said and everyone gave polite chuckles.

“Of course whatever you do outside the office is your business. ” Miss Hindley said with a little wicked smile and gave a extra second or two for the women who had been looking at her like men had been doing. It was clear to Emma she wanted everyone in the palm of her hand.

“We stand as an example for future generations of women. Mr. King wants to show the world that a woman can be leaders in the business world. Our profits are soaring and we started construction on our new research stations worldwide. So onto the business at hand. ” Miss Hindley said and listened as each of them gave their reports to her.

Finally it came to Emma’s turn to speak.

“Miss. Hindley as per your request I looked into saving money and possible areas we could trim down now. There is one research building that is currently abandon with all the equipment still there in storage according to a report you personally submitted just before your promotion. Since we have other research buildings now in other countries we could sell this one then move the equipment to other needed places instead of buying more. Also not to mention the small army of security guards employed to protect it. ” Emma said and waited for an answer. Emma had looked deeper into the research building and discovered more than Miss Hindley would want her too.

“Ah, you are referring to Building Seven. I and Mr. King personally toured it just before his extended vacation. Mr. King’s opinion was the equipment was out of date and research was a waste of time. He reassigned the team to other locations and decided it should serve as a storage house instead for expensive equipment. I suppose we could make a list of the items we don’t need there anymore to make more room. I will have someone get you a list first thing in the morning. ” Miss Hindley said and Emma saw the cold look and the woman’s smile didn’t reach her eyes.

“As usually Mr. King is two steps ahead of the game. My next order of business was the space we were wasting by storing broken equipment in our other buildings. I have a list here of items that needed to be removed as soon as possible. Also I think we need more computers in the labs so there is less man power needed in our labs which will save us money on wages. I out lined a business plan here in this green folder. ” Emma said and relaxed when Miss Hindley smile finally warmed.

Emma went on with several more ideas and each one was better than the last. The one thing she didn’t want to do was get on Miss Hindley’s radar. There wasn’t any proof yet that Miss Hindley was the cause, but a few board members seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth. The official report was they were transfer out to another branch, but Emma attempted to contact them and none of them could be reached.

Emma had checked the records herself and even secretly hired a few private eyes to find out more. When all the private eyes disappeared one after another Emma knew something was very wrong.

Emma finished and the order of business moved to the next person. Emma had a plan in getting inside the main lab. One report from her last private eye said that Miss Hindley herself personally went there alone. He went in as a security guard and reported back there was one area that was strictly forbidden according to his e-mail report. Just before he disappeared he mentioned another woman with German and Russian background who carried in food supplies. According to the private eye she barely spoke a word of English. Emma suspected someone was being held against his will there. Emma was guessing it was Mr. King.

“Well, our meeting is over. ” Miss. Hindley said and Emma gathered up her stuff, but left the green folder along with her other reports for Miss Hindley to read over in private.

“If I may have private girl’s chat with you, Miss Hurst. ” Miss Hindley said while everyone else left the room.

“Of course, Miss Hindley. ” Emma answered promptly and without any tone that could be considered insulting. The last person had left and she shut the door on their way out.

“As one of the original board members I know it must be hard with all the new changes. The good ole boy’s club no longer exists now in our company. What do you think about us girls taking over? ”Miss. Hindley asked and gave Emma a very hard stare while she forced Emma to stand before her while she sat.

“If I may speak freely I don’t think it was Mr. King who picked our female board members, but you. I must say I approve of the idea a great deal. There were times I felt uncomfortable around so many powerful men. ” Emma said and hung her head in slight shame to admit she had been scared just a little bit.

“Oh Emma, it’s not the men who have all the power, but us women. They need us to bring them into this world and without us they have no place for them to stick their manhood into to make more future generations of men. Could I share a secret with you now? ” Miss. Hindley asked and Emma looked up pretending to hold back a smile.

“If you can feel I can be trusted. ” Emma answered and saw the woman seated before her smile.

“Don’t say anything to anyone and not even a fellow board member, but Mr. King was stressed out after touring Building Seven after he realized it was a failed project. He left that night on a private jet to get away from the stressful business life of daily operations. I managed to trace him to a series of tropical islands, but the trail went cold after that. He left the country and been running things by e-mails to me. If you ask me he won’t return until he was deflowered every pretty tanned girl he can on whatever island he has setup his retreat on. I have convinced the news media he has become reclusive man taking an extended vacation that could last for quite a while. Personally I don’t think he wants to return and may run things from the shadows for years to come. ” Miss Hindley explained and watched as Emma heard it all.

“I understand, Miss Hindley. Just between us girls. ” Emma said and had a motion she was zipping her lips and gave her boss a fool’s grin.

“I think Miss Hurst in a few years after you show me just how loyal you could be. You may have vice president next to your name. ” Miss Hindley said and waved Emma away to leave her in peace so she could gather the reports up to review later.

“Oh yes, Miss Hindley I do my best. Whatever you need done just call me. ” Emma said eagerly and playing her role as the faithful lackey as she left the room to nearly start shaking as she sat down in her own office. Too many people had disappeared and there was blackhole when it came to the history of Building Seven research.

A day later Emma’s second idea was approved and Emma was grinning when she saw a green stamp on her report meaning she had the power to order old equipment to be moved to Building Seven. Emma paid a friend of hers to make a special hideaway spot inside one of the expensive looking equipment. Outward it appeared to be a control panel unit.

The next day Emma would personally check the crates before they were packed and shipped off. Emma went down to the shipping warehouse after taking a cab. Her outfit she now wore was pants with her shirt tucked in while carrying a large purse. Her status as a board member got her pass any security check points and she went straight to the area where the crates were being unpacked by two men.

Emma dismissed the security guard and told him she see herself out later. Emma went to work consulting her blackberry and checking each shipping label. The two workers looked nervous, but went about opening the rest of the crates to check each one. After Emma was finished they would nailed them back up.

It was a pain to unload the equipment out of the box and re-boxed them, but it was important that it was checked for damage even if inside they were already broken in some way.

Emma pretended to make a small sound of dissatisfaction. The less experience worker looked at his buddy and the more senor member stepped forward.

“Something wrong, Madam. ” He asked as Emma looked at her fancy phone and then back down at the unpacked control unit.

“This here is going to Building Seven‘s main lab, but its suppose to be shipped today. I need it on the truck today. ” Emma said and the worker looked at his buddy.

“Frank, go see Eric in shipping and see if he can make some room on the six pm send out.” The worker said to his buddy and he nodded. He left the room in a hurry since it was close to being that time.

“Thanks, I could get into trouble with my boss if we don’t send this out today. Here is two hundred bucks for you and your friend if you can express it there tonight. ” Emma said pulling out the bills and handed them over. She was acting if the money meant nothing to her.

“Err…Thanks, Madam. I will catch up with Frank and make sure it is sent out within the hour. ” Frank said and left Emma alone. Emma looked about and saw no one or security cameras.

Emma went to the back part of the unit to a panel marked for hazard radiation warning on it in clear big print was “Do Not Open” followed by the world sign for radiation.

Emma slide her fingers until she found the hidden release lock where her friend had shown her he put it and the back panel slide away quietly without a squeak. Emma checked her purse and pulled out the flashlight then the dart gun already loaded. Inside the hidden space were enough supplies to last three days and inside a plastic cage held a rat trying to get out.

Emma would have remembered not to make a sound when anyone was around as she prepared to climb inside. Rolled up in the corner was a sleeping bag to she could lay on for comfort. Her friend had everything already in place for her. Emma slipped in and locked the panel back from the inside. Now she could slip out from side panels which were tighter fit or the main panel she used to enter.

Frank came back with his friend just as Emma switched off her phone. Now only the peep holes showed any light and they were small as screw’s holes.

“Guess the big boss from upper management finished up. I’m telling you Larry the lady gave us a hundred bucks to get it loaded right away. ” Frank said and Emma thought some friend he was stiffing his buddy.

“Okay, Frank. Let’s get this thing crated back up and I will take it to the truck now. ” Larry said and already Emma heard him putting the wooden walls back up.

There was a lot hammering and slowly Emma lost her light to darkness. Emma felt the rush of excitement as the crate was loaded then started moving through the building to the loading dock.

Emma heard as they went from concrete to metal then onto a wood flooring of a semi truck. A deep rumble of an engine was somewhere to her right as Emma was lying in the complete darkness.

It seemed a long time before Emma heard the truck door closed then they were moving again. With each stop Emma tensed when she heard the door to the truck open, but building seven was somewhere on the midway point of his route. Emma turned on her cell phone and called in sick.

“Yeah, Susan. It’s Emma I won’t be in for a few days. Coming from the doctors and he said I need plenty of bed rest. ” Emma said and had her ass covered now for work. The truck went on down the road as she spoke and finally it came to her stop.

Finally Emma felt her crate being moved then someone was undoing the wooden walls.

“Special expressed today. Someone needs to take it to the main lab for storage. ” a guff male voice said and Emma was blinded for a second by the points of light now shining through her peep holes.

“I’m not cleared for that area, but our head of security is. He won’t like it, because the big boss dragon lady will tear him a new one. ” A young male voice answered back and Emma heard the sniffling of a dog.

Emma found the plastic cage with the rat and knew the next step of her plan had to be done now. Thanks to the previous private eye she knew about their security checks. Emma used a precut hole toward the front side of the panel unit then opened the door to the cage slowly. The rat had no choice to go into the precut hole and there was a path he been trained to take. It went to an opening on the outside.

Furious barking started as the dog caught Emma scent. The rat ran into the hole and Emma held the plastic cage there just in case the rodent doubled back on her. She didn’t want to be doubled crossed by a rodent of all creatures.

“You got something boy?” The young male said then Emma heard the gruffer man screamed in surprise. Suddenly the dog wasn’t barking, but scraping his claws in hot pursuit.

“Jesus Christ! A fucking rat. ” The driver yelled and the young guard was laughing. Even Emma had to hold back a snicker. He screamed like a woman

Emma heard the death squeal of a rat then the guard was giving praise to his dog partner.

“Disgusting. ” The guff tone driver said then Emma heard him walked away. The guard was leaving the room too as he called on his radio for his boss.

Less than a minute later Emma was peeking through the holes to see a loading dock long abandon and nearly empty say for some power jacks still charging on one wall. Tomorrow according to her orders more boxes would show up.

Then a man entered muttering curses under his breath as he approached the crate and gave it a glance over.

Emma watched as he found a power jack then slid it under the unit. Emma watched as they went through long hallways and passed several doors with security card locks design to keep anyone out rather than inside.

The head of security came to the final door with a heavy look to it and punched in a number then swiped his keycard in.

Emma was now being moved into the main lab judging from the tables and divided sections of plastic walls. The center of the room held a sealed glassed or plastic chamber with an airlock door on the side to enter or leave from.

The man grunted and left the unit in the nearest corner almost out of sight.

A large, but muscled woman speaking Russia came out of a back room yelling at him and she wasn’t happy he was there.

“Tell Miss Hindley. I’m sorry. ” The man said speaking very slowly and down if she was a child.

The security guy left and the woman was still yelling until he passed through the doors. Emma held back a gasp when the large woman kicked the control unit. Then the woman switched as she went to muttering in the German language. Emma started to have doubts about finding Mr. King here, but that back room had caught her interest.

Emma listened as the big woman walked away then she settled down on the sleeping bag. The thrills had taken their toll and Emma went into sleep as she took an evening nap.

Emma awoke when a cell phone rang and from the ringtone she knew it wasn’t hers. A second later she remembered she had turned hers off. Emma remembered not to panic when she awoke in near darkness.

The large woman said something in Russia then looked around to see if anything needed to be cleaned or put away. She eyed the control unit then turned away to disappear into a back room.

Less than an hour later someone came into the main lab and Emma heard a voice she feared.

“Helga! Bring Mr. King out. ” Miss Hindley called out if and by the tone she was saying it like you call a dog.

Emma heard something in Russia then Helga reappeared with a baby in her arms. Emma was confused and thought maybe Mr. King had a son that Miss Hindley was keeping hostage. The baby wasn’t happy, as he made funny frustrated gurgling noises.

Miss Hindley then spoke in Russia and pointed to the main chamber as she went over to a steel lock box with a number keypad on it. Emma couldn’t see the numbers, but Miss Hindley pulled out something like a flashlight, but it had toggle knobs and a button for on or off.

Helga put the squirming baby in the center of the empty chamber then left. Miss Hindley went over to the open doorway then pointed the flashlight device at the baby now on the floor kicking his little legs.

Miss Hindley moved away from the door to put the device back in its secure steel box as Helga shut the airlock door to the chamber. Emma was confused by all this, but she kept watching.

Since Miss Hindley and Helga were watching the baby Emma started to watch the infant, but he wasn’t an infant now, but a toddler. Emma couldn’t understand until his baby fat disappeared as he grew into a little boy. For there was no doubt about that now it was a little boy for his cute little penis swayed and bounced as he stood up with no shame to his nudity.

Emma watched as he grew older and older going through his childhood years in the matter of seconds. Emma did gasp as she recognized the teenage Mr. King now standing and looking proud as ever. He whence from the pain, but stayed standing up as his body grew into a young man’s body and stopped growing.

“Hello, Mr. King. I hope Helga has been treating you like a baby. ” Miss Hindley said with a grin. Miss Hindley was wearing one of those stupid grins like the cat who ate the canary smile on her face.

“Bella Donna” Mr. King said addressing Miss Hindley.

Emma could just barely see that wiped the smile from her face. Even Emma knew that meant beautiful death since it referred to the poison nightshade. Perhaps it was an old insult he made up just for Miss Hindley.

“Tomorrow I’m going to reduce you to a toddler and tan your ass for that remark. ” Miss Hindley said and walked forward then looked down at the naked man behind the plastic wall. Emma noticed the speaker box and realized it was a sound sensitive mic. When you spoke and it picked up your voice to transmit through the wall.

“Come on in now and we will settle this. ” Mr. King said and Miss Hindley laughed.

“Mr. King, I suspect someone in the company’s higher ranks has been hiring private eyes to look for you. I’m happy to report that all the private eyes so far have been reduced all into cum spots on the floor. Such a handy device the Temporal Field Generator. ” Miss Hindley said waving a hand toward the now locked box. Emma realized she kept it here to torment Mr. King even more. To be so close to a device that would give him the upper hand.

“Yes, I know you’re a murderer. You reduce me and the working staff into babies then killed the working staff by reverting them back into the preconception stage. You have been keeping me alive for information and your own sick amusement. ” Mr. King said still standing as Miss Hindley removed her outer jacket to show off more cleavage to him.

“There is that M word again. Shame there are no bodies for the police to find or you might stand a good chance of being rescued. By the way does the name Emma Hurst mean anything to you? ” Miss Hindley asked and watched Mr. King’s face closely for a reaction.

“She was the youngest board member before I got stuck in this hell hole. She is curious, smart, and has a spirit of adventure in her. ” Mr. King said listing off traits.

“Is she loyal to you?” Miss Hindley said and banged a palm on the plastic wall in angry. He was listed off stuff she already knew or could have found out easily enough.

“I hardly think so. As you already know she was only around me for a month. I helped her personally for the first two weeks then she took to the business like a duck to water. ” Mr. King answered and Miss Hindley seemed happy with that answer.

“The woman has become a pain in my side. She has been looking into Building Seven for some time and seemed a bit too curious about it at first. Maybe I will invite her here and turn her into a little girl. I swear to you the woman is a brat on the inside. I just might change her even if she proves to be innocent and loyal to me. A real shame to lose a woman, but you will be happy to know that most the original board members are gone. I left William alive, but he is in a prenatal care unit at Mercy Point hospital. Of course you know that already. Today means it’s been two whole weeks now. Anyone regressed under 3 months old loses their memories don’t they after being a baby for two weeks? ” Miss Hindley asked in a mocking tone of concern and Emma saw the look on Mr. King’s face passed over to angry. Emma remembered he had been close to his business buddy William.

“Belle, you’re a bitch from hell and I will see you over my knees then behind the wooden bars of a crib if I could have my way. ” Mr. King spoke and walked forward to the wall and Emma smiled when Miss Hindley back up a step or two in fear. Then she remembered the clear wall between them.

“If not Miss Hurst then how about Mr. David Weber then?” Miss Hindley asked and Mr. King gave another smartass answer. Emma noticed he didn’t really answer the questions by evading them or stalling for time for more witty comebacks.

Miss Hindley asked about several more people then asked for business advice and Finally Mr. King answered truthfully. Emma knew that he really cared what happen to the company and perhaps even the people employed by the company.

“Thank you Mr. King. As a reward for your help tonight you will be an adult for this night at least. Don’t mind Helga since she has seen every inch of your body anyway. ” Miss Hindley said smirking as she said it. Refering the inches of the male body that gave women the most pleasure.

Miss Hindley was in a pretty good mood when she turned away and finally noticed what was new in the room. Miss Hindley spoke something Russia and Helga answered in her own quick Russia tongue.

Emma moved to the far corner inside the unit as Miss Hindley approached then looked over the unit. Then Emma heard papers as Miss Hindley was checking the shipping papers.

“It is that woman again. I’m going to reduce her into a wailing 6 year old then spank her until her ass is red as a ripe apple. Did anyone see or hear the baby? ” Miss Hindley asked as her mood changed to angry then realized who she was speaking too. Emma heard more Russian words then Miss Hindley walked away and Emma could hear the angry clicking sounds of her heels made as she left the room.

Helga moved away and Emma risked looking out from her peep holes once more. Helga walked over to the plastic cell and looked at Mr. King speaking softly then she blew him a kiss. Helga then sighed and left to go back into the other room.

Emma risked sliding the side panel and that moved on grease rollers. Mr. King noticed the movement and watched as his mind was trying puzzle out what he was seeing. It was a tighter fit, but the back panel had been put against the wall.

Emma stepped out carefully avoiding making any noise and blessed her tennis shoes. Emma stretched and stopped when a bone popped, but her ears were alert for any sound. Beside a buzzing light she heard nothing else, but the flow of air being fed into the room. Emma held the dart gun in one hand as she moved. Mr. King now knew who she was and he glanced back in the back room if Helga would return soon.

If she opened the airlock door it would hiss loudly so Emma thought she go over to the locked steel box instead. That time device was the advantaged she needed to have. Emma resisted looking at the nude Mr. King as she moved, but did when she was standing in front of the locked steel box.

“I need the combination. ” Emma whispered

Mr. King didn’t speak but held up fingers.

“1-9-7-7” Emma whispered as she looked from him to the key pad. The beep with each number seemed loud, but the box was sliding open when someone shouted in the Russian language.

Emma raised her dart gun and fired. Thanks to the practice she did every week she put in the first dart squarely in Helga’s chest.

To Emma’s surprise Helga staggered then regained her footing still charging at full speed. Emma put two more darts in the woman’s chest then got back handed by a hand bigger then her own feet. Two strong arms grabbed her around the waist and started squeezing the life out of her.

Emma struggled then raised the gun up as much as her pinned arms could allowed then fired at that awkward angle. The fourth dart hit home in Helga’s wide neck.

The arms loosened then fell away from Emma and Helga face went slack then like a mighty tree she fell to the ground with a crash. Either the first darts finally took affect or the last one was the tipping point.

Emma was coughing and gasping for the breath of life as she slowly stood up then stumbled. Emma held the counter for support then went over to the airlock.

The controls were simple and she had seen how it was locked. She thought she might need help and Emma freed the only person that could help her.

“Thank You, but you almost forgot about the t.f.g device. ” Mr. King said as he was walking free from the sealed room.

Mr. King went over to the steel box and lifted out the precious device if it was a baby. He was setting the controls on it when Emma gained enough air to speak again.

“That woman isn’t human. Four darts is enough to overdose someone. ” Emma said and checked to see she still had two left in the magazine with one in the chamber.

“She was a pro ex-wrestler now banned in most countries because of her roughness in the ring. Mother was from Russia and her father was a German man. Belle told me all this so I could understand her background. Belle found the meanest and strongest woman that could handle me no matter how old I was. ” Mr. King said then pointed the device at Helga. He pushed the button and Emma watched in awe now much closer to the show as Helga was shrinking.

The bulk of her body grew smaller as muscles got less and less. The woman had been wearing huge overalls with a man’s shirt under it, but now it was getting baggy on her younger body.

Emma watched as the hard face changed into face of a teenage girl that sadly showed even in her teen years appeared she had fallen out of the ugly tree hitting a few branches on the way down.

Helga stopped when she hit her childhood years and Emma could tell she had been tall and lanky in statue even with the clothes threatening to swallow her up.

Mr. King went around to where her head rested and pulled her out of the clothes by her arms leaving her naked.

Emma realized what he was doing and grabbed the child’s feet as they carried her through the airlock door. Then Mr. King closed it himself once Emma was free of the room then he went over to the voice box and turned it off.

The child Helga stirred then woke up puzzled by her hands then she looked down at her skinny tall body. She had no breasts to speak of and Emma smiled when Helga noticed she had no hair where it counted on a woman. Like any woman finding herself suddenly nude she cupped herself then put a hand over her flat chest now highly concern for modesty.

Mr. King was pulling on the shirt then attempted to wear the overalls, but it was clear right away they were a tripping hazard so he found a pair of scissors in a drawer and started cutting the pants length shorter with a very crude result.

Emma was feeling her swollen lip and knew by this time tomorrow she have a bruise to impress even a boxer.

“Okay Emma, come over here. ” Mr. King said and Emma flinched a little when he raised the device to point at her.

“I’m going to use it to heal you. I used it on Helga and you noticed the drugs in her system disappear when she got younger. Otherwise she wouldn’t have woken up so quickly. ” Mr. King said and Emma stepped forward ready to close her eyes, but felt something like static run over her body instead. The beam of the device was invisible which made sense. Emma couldn’t see time itself. As Emma thought about it you could only see the effects of time on a person or object. Emma looked at herself and couldn’t tell a difference if there was one. Apparently the device only worked on living creatures.

“Congrats your now 25 years old again and your face as healed. ” Mr. King said and Emma checked her lip and it felt normal. The aches in her knees were gone and her face didn’t sting like a son of a bitch now.

“Thanks, it’s even fixed the cramps in my legs from spending so much time in my hideaway spot. ” Emma said looking back the control unit that got her inside Building Seven.

“Beware of Trojans bearing gifts. ” Mr. King said looking at it with amazement.

“Helga! ” Miss Hindley voice said loudly and both Mr. King and Emma turned toward the noise with their weapons at the ready. Both realized it was coming from the intercom speaker by the door a second or two later.

“Emma, go over there and say this in a deeper voice. ” Mr. King said and then said something in Russia she didn’t understand.

Emma did so and attempted to lower her voice as she pushed the button to talk.

There was a long pause or it felt like it then Miss Hindley said something in Russia and Mr. King listened hard with his full attention on each word. Then he told Emma a single word to say.

Emma figured it meant yes since Mr. King nodded as he said it. Old habits die hard Emma thought.

“I owe Helga one now. She taught me enough Russia when I was a baby I have a passing understanding of it in conversations. ” Mr. King said and took a position against the wall so when a person walked in they wouldn’t see him there unless they turned around.

“What did she say?” Emma asked joining him against the wall.

“Get ready I’m bringing a friend to show him a little surprise. ” Mr. King said and adjusted the device in his hands once more.

“She is so ticked off I think she is bringing the head of security down here to kill him or reduce him into infancy. ” Emma said taking a big gulp of air.

“Think you can nail both of them with that toy gun of yours.” Mr. King asked in a teasing tone.

“If I miss you fire on both of them. I will aim for the head of security first since he is armed with a real gun. ” Emma said and Mr. King agreed as they waited in silence.

On the other side of the door there was a beep then the door swung in and two people stepped forward.

“What the hell?”The head of security asked seeing a naked homely 8 year old little girl banging on the clear plastic wall of the containment room. It appeared she was trying to warn them of something.

Emma sighted down her dart gun barrel then fired. The head of security spun around after the dart landed in the spot of the back where you can’t get a good reach. On reflexes he reached for the source of the pain then he stumble a step to fall down completely knocked out.

Miss Hindley spun when she saw the dart with its bright red end sticking out of the man’s back. Emma waited for her to realize who was standing there then she fired.

Miss Hindley looked down stunned at the dart sticking in her chest then pulled it out stumbling a little bit. Then she leaped for the gun still on the head of security’s belt.

Mr. King stepped forward kicking the 9mm gun out of her hands then pointed the device down at her. The gun went spinning away far out of reach.

“Don’t’ move. ” Mr. King said as he looked down on a woman he hated.

“I will kill you both. ” Miss Hindley said then fell on top of the head of security.

“No, Belle I don’t think I will give you the chance. ” Mr. King said and pulled the woman off of the head of security to point the device at the man first.

“Wait, she was bringing him down to kill him or change into a baby. ” Emma said and Mr. King paused in the act of pushing the button.

“Even if he knows nothing I am not about to let the worst head of security I ever seen leave here without punishment. Besides whom do you think discovered the new security guard was really a private eye? He betrayed the private eye to her. ” Mr. King explained and fired the device with a simple push of the button.

Emma watched as the man turned into a teenager, little boy, toddler then a tiny pink infant.

“Its better then he deserves. I’m given him a second chance to start over in life and in two weeks he won’t remember a thing. ” Mr. King said and picked up the almost newborn baby to carry him toward the back room. Emma followed to see the room Helga had come from. A bedroom slash nursery had been setup.

Of course the baby woke up and Mr. King held him in front of a mirror and Emma wasn’t sure the baby could even see himself clearly since babies that young didn’t have clear vision yet. None the less he figured out his fate and screamed like a banshee after a minute. Mr. King put him into a crib he knew all too well and left the room as Emma backed away from the doorway.

“Now for Belle. ” Mr. King said and adjusted the device still in his hand.

Emma watched as he fired it from a distance and she watched as the beautiful yet dangerous woman become younger.

Her beauty never left her face as she went back to being a teenager, but her face did have more childhood innocence to it.

Even Emma felt a stirring of motherhood in her when Belle turned into a little girl. Because of her slutty business outfit she wore. It left her naked as she shrank out of her clothes to become a very pretty little girl with a round innocent face to match.

The face hardly changed as Belle reached toddlerhood then her de-aging process stopped. Emma wanted to hold the little girl and spoil her rotten then Emma remembered what the adult woman had been like.

Mr. King picked up Miss Hindley now reduce to a little toddler girl about 4 years old and went over to a chair where he laid Bella across his lap with her little bare ass sticking up.

“Belle, my little angel from hell. Time for you to wake up and get a spanking from Uncle Jason. ” Mr. King said in a sing song voice and the toddler stirred awake then looked at him and attempted to squirm away.

The smacks that followed were loud and without mercy as Belle cursed then went into a sobbing rage they left her making no sense at all as she screamed out either pleas or insults.

Mr. King was listing off all the bad stuff she had done including murdering, kidnapping, stealing company property, unlawful imprisonment and he left torture for last.

Then he stopped and carried her under one arm over to the airlock door. The child Helga was backing away into the far corner of the sealed room away from the airlock door as the door opened. He put the toddler Belle in a corner where she stayed curled up balling her eyes out.

Helga managed to dodge Mr. King’s first attempt to grab her, but his other hand caught her and he wrestled her onto the ground not as gently he would treat a real child. There on the floor he pinned her and gave her the same spanking he performed on Belle.

The little girl screamed in pain and he didn’t stop until her ass was red in color. Emma watched with mixed feelings. She couldn’t really judge the man since she hadn’t been held against her will for months like he had been.

Mr. King sealed the airlock door as he left the chamber then he went over to a corner sink to run his hand under some cold water.

“Miss Hurst. May I borrow your phone if you have one? I have a few calls to make and if you would I need you to go shopping for me. I will let security know you will be leaving this building and allow you to come back inside. I’m going to need some nice looking clothes then what I am wearing. Not to mention a really good pair of shoes. ” Mr. King asked then gave her his clothing sizes as he called out to her from nearly the other side of the room.

“Sure, I have a blackberry in my purse. It is still in my hiding spot. ” Emma said and went over to the hiding spot to get the requested item.

It was a few days later that Mr. King returned to the spot light of the business world to announce he wasn’t going to lead anymore, but play the role of a major stock holder. While Miss Hindley was reported to be on an extended vacation leave after having a nervous breakdown. Mr. King assured the public the best care was being provided and she was being pampered like a baby. According to the press release he gave to them.

Months later Mr. King walked into Building Seven and went through several automatic security doors until he reached the main lab. Now it was a place to keep people in rather than out.

Emma was stretched out in a comfortable chair and Jason King looked about the room that looked more like a living room then a lab now.

“So how are our inmates doing?” Jason asked and Emma looked up over to the sealed room through the open doorway blocked with a baby gate to see two diaper clad baby girls. The larger one was throwing a fit because she was trapped in the playpen and the smaller one was playing with herself in a naughty way that would get her a smack on the butt later on for her attempt to give herself pleasure.

“Helga still bites Belle whenever she doesn’t get her way so she is in time out until I feel this time she can learn her lesson and Belle is missing sex again. I will smack her butt in minute or two if you want. ” Emma said noticing what Belle was doing with herself.

“Have they learned any words yet?” Jason asked

“Yeah and Bella got a quick cold shower for her trouble. She called me ca-ca mama. ”Emma answered and Jason chuckled.

They still had their adult minds but their bodies weren’t developed enough to say very much.

“William was happy to see his Uncle Jason and the parents I arranged are a good understanding couple. He doesn’t show any signs of remembering me even a year later. It’s kind of hard seeing him as a real baby. He was so tiny when I rescued him out of the prenatal ward. ” Jason said and Emma saw it hurt the man a great deal so see his friend not gone, but so changed so much he might as well be dead to him now.

“Do you think your former head of security has learned to crawl again?” Emma asked enjoying her new job as head of security for Building Seven. She lived on site and got paid to look after two very terrible babies.

“It’s a good bet he has learned to walk again. I hope he enjoys hard working farm life. I do have some good news to tell you. I finally arranged for our darling baby girls to be adopted. Helga will be going to a very nice, but wealthy British couple to be raised over there in England. While Belle will be going to her younger sister who she hates. You can say Belle told me a lot about her family when I was held here. ” Jason said and pulled out two needles clearly marked and capped.

“What are those?” Emma asked.

“Going away presents. ” Jason answered and turned away to collect the time device from its locked steel box. The numbers had been changed and only Jason knew the code now.

Emma went back to reading her book thinking she was going to be out of a job soon. The size of her bank account gave her a very good reason not to worry about money.

“Belle! You naughty little girl” Jason said in a scolding voice as he stepped over the baby gate then walked over the soft plush toys scatted about the floor. Belle stopped what she was doing and sat up to stare at Jason in an uncertain way.

“I know it is wrong to reward a baby after they do something bad, but I do have something for you. Do you happen to know what a retro virus is? ” Jason asked and saw even Helga was listening with full attention. Jason made sure he kept them both above 3 months old. He enjoyed seeing the babies learning to crawl over and over again then he let them stay 8 months old. Since they learned to stand up on their own he kept them from getting any older.

“I had the research and development boys and girls make me two very special retro viruses. This virus is design to rewrite your DNA. Helga for your benefit I will explain what DNA is. ” Jason said seeing now he had a captured audience.

“DNA is the genetic code which makes you what you are. How pretty or ugly you will be to how long you are going to live. For example this needle is filled with a virus that changes the genetic code of receiver into Belle’s younger sister. Did you know that Helga she hates her sister with a passion because the woman has everything she doesn’t have? They are a nice happy family with a few kids and loving father. Now you must asked what will I say to the public when the adult Belle doesn’t reappear? ” Jason asked and paused for effect.

“It seems Belle got herself pregnant just before her nervous breakdown and sadly lost her life during the childbirth process, but there is no need to weep over the mother to be because there is a happy ending. Her baby girl Donna was born and will be extremely healthy. Not only will this little needle change dear Belle’s DNA into a carbon copy of a sister whom she hates. I’m pretty sure the both of you will live to be well over a hundred years old and be highly fertile in the baby making department. Fitting since in your previous life you took people’s lives. ” Jason said and saw Belle had that scared panic look just before she was going to get a good spanking.

“First Uncle Jason will make you just a few weeks old. ” Jason said pointing the device at Belle who was trying to crawl away to hide or escape even if there was nowhere to go. She only managed to crawl out of her diaper and soon was squirming as a helpless baby on the nursery floor as she got too young to even hold her own little head up.

“Next we will inject her with the virus that will make her look like a mini-me version of her younger sister” Jason said and Belle gave a hiccupping cry of alarm as Jason injected her butt then recapped the needle very carefully unless he wanted to be changed into a girl.

Jason half crawled over to the playpen to see Helga huddle down as low as she could get whimpering like a scared little puppy. Silent tears were falling from her face as she stared up in terror at her fate in Jason’s hands.

“Helga, what can I say? I’m in your debt because if you hadn’t taught me Russian words when I was shall we say in your tender care as a baby or teased me by being the butts of your joking comments when you changed my diapers. I might not have learned to understand Russia and trick Belle into walking into a trap. I decided that you should get Belle’s DNA with one minor change to it. ” Jason said and saw Helga was starting to understand what he was saying.

“That’s right Helga. You’re going to be the prettiest most adorable little girl around who is going to be a beautiful woman some day. For you the story of the ugly duckling will come true as you will be transformed into that fabled swan. ” Jason said and baby Helga stood up to jump up and down in the playpen while reaching out for Jason.

“Not just yet Helga. I haven’t mentioned the minor changed I had included. I had the lab people make sure your changes won’t happen right away. As you grow up again you are going be a little small for your age and potty training will take longer, but over the years you will get just a little more beautiful with each passing day. When you hit puberty again everyone is going to think an angel fell from heaven after the final change to your body takes place.

So when you are an adult again you will be under the average adult female height and size, but will have a angelic face to make up for having small breasts and short statue. The best you can hope for is a mere five feet if you are lucky. ” Jason said and watched as Helga considered what he said but resume her excited jumping.

“Okay okay. Just calm down. ” Jason said chuckling as he pointed the time device now at Helga as Belle went into a full tantrum crying fit that made her face go bright red. She had heard everything and understood that Helga was going to get all her beauty while she will be growing up looking like a younger version of her new mother.

Helga let out only a pain whimper when Jason injected her with the last needle he had, but she was cooing happily afterwards as she squirmed naked on the floor of the playpen in a younger body. Jason removed the now too large size diapers and made a call on his cell phone. Soon a van would come and two women would come in to collect the babies. Before the sun would set that day each baby girl would be in the loving arms of their new parents.

For Belle now known as Donna she grew up with an innocent mind and listened to countless comments just how much she looked like her adopted mother rather than her real mother who died giving life to her only daughter. Thankfully she wasn’t a burden on her aunt or uncle because a very large trust fund had been setup by her mother just before her tragic death. It was enough for Donna to live an average life and in the end Donna married. Then she gave birth to twins and triplets whenever she had become pregnant.

For Helga who was renamed to Bridget by her new parents. It was during those early years Bridget’s parents almost regretted in adopting her because she was always small for her age and not as adorable as they were promised she was going to be. Bridget had to wear her nappies far longer than all her young playmates and hid her dummies so the mean adults didn’t throw them away. Not long after Bridget became a humble, but very smart little girl. As Bridget grew closer to puberty she blossom into a beautiful child that her parents adored very much. Then after Bridget went through puberty her parents arranged for her to fall in love with a noble son of a family they were already good friends with. Bridget gave him many sons and daughters after they wed, but the one thing no one could understand was why Bridget loved watching wrestling.

Jason folded his cell phone closed and explained to Emma what he did too the babies now completely helpless.

He tossed the needles away and still had one last surprise just for Emma.

“Don’t I get a going away present? Today is my last day on the job because of you. ” Emma accused and Jason rolled his eyes then pointed a hand toward the doorway he came in through.

Emma thought he meant for her to leave, but she was trapped inside the building because only Jason could open the doors to leave. Then Emma looked at the bags he bought. There were the normal brown food bags, but among them was a bright pink one he did well to hide among the others.

“I always love it when you go shopping. What did you get me? ” Emma said jumping up to run over to the bag.

“Just a dress. ” Jason answered and Emma pulled it out with her back turned to Jason. When Emma pulled it out and held it against her body something was wrong with it and Emma knew what it was almost right away. It was a child’s size sundress for a little girl of course and far too small for her.

Then there was a static tingle going up her body and Emma spun around to see Jason holding that time device right at her then he locked it back up in the steel box secured by a key number only he knew.

“Jason, I don’t want to be a little girl again. Stop playing around! ” Emma half yelled as she grew younger. Already Emma was in her teenage years.

“Emma, I’m sorry, but you’re the only other person who knows about the temporal device. No one is going to believe the wild tales of a little girl if you get the idea to tattle on me. ” Jason explained as Emma held onto her slipping night gown she still wore from the night before.

“But I thought we were like a couple. We go shopping and see sad movies together. You were always giving me polite kisses on the cheeks and I thought I could be your girlfriend? ” Emma said now years away from seeing puberty ever again and she was nearly finished getting younger.

“Oh Emma, I thought you knew. Think about what you are saying to me just now. I really love to shop and all the movies we seen are known as girly movies. I never kissed you on the lips or even held your hand. Didn’t you ever wonder why I cared about William so much? ” Jason said listing off what she had said and pointing out things she missed.

“No, you are joking. It can’t be. ” Emma said her little 6 year old body now trembling with fright as she now realized a very important fact about Jason King. It was the same reason why Miss Hindley could never hope to seduce him and why Helga had sighed when she saw the naked man in all his glory. They knew his dark secret he kept from the public and even his business friends. Then Jason told her what she just figured out.

“I’m gay. William had been my lover and he got himself turned into a prenatal baby looking for me. ” Jason explained and Emma went down to her knees crying and let the gown fall away from her sexless child body for a moment before she pulled it back up to cover herself. There was almost no point in her modesty since he didn’t like girls at all.

“It’s okay Emma. I am not going to abandon you. In fact I arranged things so your now legally my daughter from a secret relationship I had years ago according the report I’m going to leak to the media. ” Jason said going over to Emma to pull the gown out of her hands.

Jason slowly picked her up in his arms and grabbed the sundress with a free hand.

“Please Jason. Make me older again. I will leave the country or you can exile me to an island with some sexy men as company. I won’t tell anyone about the device. All these months I haven’t told a soul about it. ” Emma begged as Jason carried her back over to the chair she had been in when he first came in. Jason let her down on her own two feet to stand naked while helped her get into the dress he bought. Emma resisted getting into the dress. If she was wearing that dress it meant she accepted her new life as his daughter without question.

“Emily, you be a good little girl now. ” Jason ordered.

“I’m Emma not Emily. ” Emma said and Jason gave her one quick smack to her bare butt. Emma knew he had held back his hand. She had seen him hit a lot harder than he did just now. Plus it didn’t really hurt because was done to get her full attention. If she didn’t agree with him there was sure to be a more painful spanking coming.

“Honey, if you fight me on this I may consider not letting you get any older. You want to spend your birthdays getting younger rather than older. I wouldn’t mind changing your diapers in a few years. Or maybe I will make you spend a decade as a 6 year old girl. Now what is your name? ” Jason asked and Emma knew she was no longer the adult she had been just a minute ago. Now she would have to considered herself as a very smart little girl with a rich daddy.

“Emily. ” Emily said with a defeated tone in her voice.

“And how old are you?”Jason asked.

“I’m twenty…I mean I’m six years old. ” Emily answered remembering just how young he had made her now.

“In the future I want you to hold up your fingers when you say it. That sort of thing really melts adult’s hearts. Okay one final question. Who is your daddy? ” Jason asked.

“You are. ” Emily said and smiled as she said it because she knew he loved her on some strange level.

“That’s right. ” Jason said and gave her a kiss on the forehead then held out the dress and Emily understood right away what he wanted. Without any further protest Emily got dressed in the sundress.

“Oh be still my heart it’s the prettiest little girl I ever seen. ” Jason said once the dress was on her and Emily did a little spin in it before she looked down at herself. As long she as didn’t raise her dress over her head no one had to know at that very moment she wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Come on, you are just saying I’m pretty. ” Emily said bashfully. It was hard to think of herself as beautiful or even pretty with her now non sexy body.

“You doubt me. Let us retreat to the bathroom my darling daughter and can see for yourself in the mirror. Then I will fix your hair then we will go shopping for some Mary Jane shoes. After that I will let you pick out any toy or game system you desire. Price tags are little concern to me. Then we are going home and I can’t wait to see your face when you see the room in my country house I have setup just for you. You will be protected by a high stone wall all the way around my home. You can play in the backyard even sleep under the stars every night if you want too until the weather changes. Don’t’ you worry about your bank account for I will have the money transferred into your college fund and trust account for safe keeping. ” Jason said and causing her laugh with delight when he started to carry her over his shoulder to the bathroom.

Jason left with his new daughter right after the women left with the babies. Emily found out he was true to his word and they had even stopped to have some ice cream before returning to Jason’s country home.

Emily saw the narrow tall gate and stone walls and she knew this was to be her prison from now on. Jason explained she would have a wing of the house to herself and besides her bedroom she had a few other rooms to occupy her time with. The library was very nice and she had a few computers with internet connection but it was a very limited on what she could do online. No calling for help over the internet Emily figured out much later.

The backyard had a play set that would be the envy of most public parks and her bedroom was fit for a visiting royal princess. What impressed Emily the most was the bathroom that was all hers. The closest stall to the door had a child size pink toilet in it with a larger pink toilet in the next stall for when she got older. She had both a shower and bathtub area. Calling the tub a tub was an insult because she could do laps in the small indoor pool where she was to bathe herself.

“Okay honey you will have all the time in the world to see your new home. It’s past your new bedtime now. I want you in that bed and asleep when I check on you in a few minutes. ” Jason said looking overjoyed now to have Emma as his daughter Emily.

“Yes, daddy. ” Emily said and got a playful pat on her butt as she trotted off for the bed room. All the stuff was still very nice, but it was still a prison to Emma’s point of view.

Jason came in a few minutes later and Emily had her eyes shut tightly. She was breathing deep slow breaths appearing to be fast asleep now. The door shut and locked as Jason left the room.

Emily waited a minute more before she opened her eyes and looked around.

She was trapped into a gilded cage. There were toys, games, and enough to delight the heart of any little girl in the world. Emma knew she grow to hate it all in the end. Emma was buying her time.

“One day, Jason. You are going to call me mommy and I will lock you away in a gold cage just like this one someday. ” Emily said making a promise to herself and grinned as a mental image flashed inside her head of a toddler named Jason.

He was looking up at his new mommy on the verge of crying showing on his round chubby face. His eyes were like a puppy’s dog with a deep begging expression in them as his lower lip trembled just a little. In one chubby little hand he held up an empty baby bottle with little drops of milk still dripping from his chin. The final touch to the mental image Emily could see as clear as day now was the sagging diaper he held up with his other hand because he just wet himself.

Emily went to sleep with a smile on her face because one day Jason would slip up with the time device and she would show him how wonderful a mother she could be.

The End for now.



End Chapter 1

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