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Chapter 2
Part 02

Chapter Description: It was now days after Emma’s last visit to Building Seven. Emma now known as Emily had been reduced to a 6 year old girl by her old boss Jason King. Jason had prepared nearly half his house for her and Emily called him daddy now.

It was now days after Emma’s last visit to Building Seven. Emma now known as Emily had been reduced to a 6 year old girl by her old boss Jason King. Jason had prepared nearly half his house for her and Emily called him daddy now.

Emily had played on the computers and found them very limited on what she could download and send out. Emily tried to relax and passed the time with mindless TV watching. It was when she was flipping through the news channel that her name had caught her attention.

“Emma Hurst was believed to be the driver of this car and is now thought to be dead after a police investigation. Her funeral will be held this Friday at a private location because Jason King will be attending the service in honor of her memory. ” A news woman said and the TV screen flashed a picture of a car being dragged out of a river.

“Due to the river’s fast current because of recent rains it remains unclear if her body will ever be found. ” The News woman said and then she switched to a story about a recent scandal.

“Jason! ” Emily yelled and taking a risk using his name. He preferred for her to call him daddy.

“Emily, how many times must I say it? I’m your father now. Call me daddy. ” Jason said and stopped as he looked down at a very mad 6 year old girl. Despite her size he paused just for a second.

“Okay, what is it? ” Jason asked seeing he at least better to hear her out.

“Apparently I’m dead. Drowned in a river after my car went off into the water. ” Emily said and watched as Jason understood.

“I was tying up loose ends. Would you have rather just disappeared without a trace? Make your friends and family worry about you for years? ” Jason asked reasonably.

“No, but my parents. The grief they must be feeling now. ” Emily said thinking of her parents she hadn’t seen in almost two years.

“Emily, I saw your phone records. You haven’t called your parents in over a year now. That was before you got involved with trying to find me. I did a thoroughly background check on you. It was my understanding you had some type of falling out with them. One of the neighbors talked to one of my people. ” Jason said and sitting on the bed so Emily could lean into him.

“You shouldn’t pry into a woman’s life. ” Emily said, but she did leaned against him.

“So what was it? Opinions on which college or money? ” Jason asked and Emily knew he was trying to make her feeling better by talking about it.

“Babies. My mother wanted me to settle down and give her grandchildren. I just finished college and was climbing the business ladder. I told her I didn’t want children yet and I still had all the time in the world. My father seemed to think I needed a man in my life. How she would be thrilled to see me now. ” Emily said looking at her little hands and still a little clumsy with them.

“Well, you are going to see her soon. I was going to tell you tonight, but right now is as good as ever. Would you care to attend your own funeral? ” Jason asked and Emily pulled away from him looking at him. He was being serious about it.

“I hate what you did to me sometimes. ” Emily said and pounded a fist into his chest. A thought went across her mind even if she could escape from his loving care she wouldn’t go back to her family as a little girl.

“Ah, but you don’t hate me do you? This is as close as we can get to a relationship. As father and daughter. ” Jason said back to her while he rubbed his chest just a little and Emily looked away.

“So we are going then. I have a black dress picked out for you and I must warn your outfit will be bugged so I will be listening in on any conversations you will have. Pretty please with sugar on top say you will go. ” Jason said tickled her just a little.

“Stop it. ” Emily said half joking with him now. It might have been morbid, but she did want to attend her own funeral just to see who would be there. Most of all she wanted to see her family once more because it could be months or even years before she get a chance to turn the tables on Jason. Emily had a promise she made to herself to keep.

“Okay, I will go. Just stop tickling me for an answer. ” Emily said giggling and he halted his attack on her.

“I will leave you in peace then, but I want a rematch on that one video game. You kicked my butt last time we played. ” Jason said as he got up and left her room through the open door.

Emily didn’t say it out loud, but there was another relationship he didn’t considered between them.

“One day Jason you will be younger and I will be older. I will be mommy and you will be my child. ” Emily whispered and thought about the Temporal Field Generator. Because of that time device he had gotten revenge on two horrible women. Then he had turned the device on the person who saved him. Emily understood why he did it sometimes. Jason had trust issues with women since he been held against his will for months on end.

Emily hadn’t seen the time device in days and she was being careful not to mention it. Emily was going to try reason and guilt on him first.

When Friday came Emily liked the black dress he picked out for her and briefly looked for any hidden video cameras or microphones on it, but couldn’t see any. Emily didn’t doubt he had lied about it. Jason was always sure to tell her the truth and every once in a while he would omitted unless she asked about something in detail.

Jason came in and told her she needed to dye her hair or he would do it for her with bleach. Emily given the choice of dyeing the hair a deeper color or losing all her hair color went with the more respectable choice. Her hair was black and would match her dress now. Emily thought she looked like a little Goth kid now, but Jason told she looked very well for someone going to their own funeral.

“I must say you look very lively for a dead person. ” Jason said and Emily gave him an amused smile.

They rode in the back of a black limousine and Emily watched as the trees rolled by and then they came to a highway seemingly in the middle of nowhere. After that it took some time as usual to get to the out skirts of the city.

It wasn’t long before they came to a graveyard and the sky was growing cloudy. It was raining only a little bit, but Jason had it cover as he bought out an umbrella. Emily stayed close to him holding his hand like a good little girl.

“I hope I can trust you Emily. ” Jason said quietly and he didn’t threaten, but Emily was unsure what he would do. Emily decided she would stay quiet about who she really was. Besides she didn’t have any plans in escaping anyway.

There was no freshly dug grave, because there was no body to bury. Instead everyone was gathering around a headstone with her name on it. Emily saw her birthday some twenty five years ago with the date of her death being the day of the accident. Emily looked and saw beloved daughter and sister there as well with a little angel was beside the name.

Emily looked up to see her parents and her younger sister there. Everyone dressed in black. Emily’s eyes traveled over the crowd and spotted people she knew from work and even an old boyfriend she once had. Emily didn’t think he cared so much about her since she could see a wedding ring on his finger.

The sermon started and everyone lowered their heads. The rain increased as the priest ended the sermon then they went to the funeral’s wake.

Thankfully it was held inside and it was a nice funeral home. Jason King had paid for everything. People laughed and smiled as they shared stories about Emma Hurst. Emily being the only child there was able to slip in and out of the adult groups listening in. It was interesting hearing people talk about her and most of the stories were good things about her. Few people cried, but because they wanted to remember Emma with happy memories.

Emily saw her parents and sister again. Her younger sister seemed to be consoling her mother. Then her mother got up and excused herself into a back room. Emily knew what the rooms were for. Such rooms were used so a person could cry their eyes out in private.

“You there? ” Emma’s real father asked and she looked up at a man she loved. He looked at her and there was something in her face that seemed to disturbed him just a little bit.

“King’s daughter aren’t you? ” Emma’s father asked.

“Yes. ” Emily answered mindful of the listening devices somewhere planted in her dress. Emily spared a glance for her sister and thought how she would die to know her big sister was younger than her now standing before her.

“I would like to speak with your father for a minute. I understood he personally trained my daughter when she got her last promotion. ” Emma’s father said and Emily pointed back the way she came.

“Thank you, young lady. ” Emma’s father said and Emily waited until they were out of earshot.

“Be nice to him, Jason. ” Emily said to one of her dress buttons, but couldn’t tell if she had the right one.

Emily waited till no one was looking and then she slipped into the room where her mother was.

There was a sniffle and Emily turned to see her mother putting away a handkerchief.

“Hello, What is your name little one? ” Emma’s mother asked and made sure her face was tear free now.

“Emily King. I’m 6 years old. ”Emily said and like she had practiced for hours on end with Jason held up her little fingers.

“King’s little girl. Does that make you a princess then? You are the daughter of a King. ” Emma’s mother said sweetly and Emily had to smile at that.

“My daddy thinks I’m a princess. ” Emily answered and thought this was a mistake to be here now.

“Would you mind if I could hold you a minute? I had a daughter just like you once. ” Emma’s mother said and didn’t open her arms, but patted her lap.

Emily almost tripped on her feet as she moved forward. Emily climbed onto her mother’s lap.

“Let’s get a proper look at you. ” Emma’s mother said and cupped Emily’s chin gently. Emily was scared for a moment when her mother paused and stared at her.

“It is amazing, but you look like my Emma, but “ Emma’s mother said and Emily was screaming a single thought.

‘Don’t say it, mother please! ’ Emily thought furiously.

“She didn’t have a black spot on her face. ” Emma’s mother said and wiped a little black smudge away with her gloved hand from Emily’s face.

“So is your mother around? ” Emma’s mother asked.

“No, she is gone. Just me and daddy. ” Emily said quickly and hoped Jason didn’t have a living person posing as her new mother.

“Oh. When did you see her last? ” Emma’s mother asked if understanding something.

“Two years ago. ” Emily answered and fought back a tear. She wanted to confessed right there. I’m Emma. I didn’t die in a car crash I was turned into a little girl again. I will come back home real soon. I just have one little thing to do. Emily thoughts raced through her head, but she stayed quiet and answered her mother’s questions.

“Did you get a chance to say goodbye to her? ” Emma’s mother asked.

“No. ” Emily answered and there was a sad look on her face.

“Neither did I. I will make you a deal. I’m going to hug you tightly and say goodbye to my daughter then you can hug me right back just as hard to say goodbye to your mother. ” Emma’s mother said and opened her arms.

Emily found herself in a bear hug as she heard her mother say “Goodbye, Emma. ”

“Goodbye, Mommy. ” Emily said and thought just maybe for a second her mother knew the truth.

“Thank you for that. You don’t know how much I needed that. I really should see to my other daughter. In her condition she comes out here adding more stress to her life. ” Emma’s mother said and slowly Emily slid off her mother’s lap.

“Is she sick? ” Emily asked concern for her younger sister. Emily made the question as innocent as she could.

“Not really. I don’t know if you are old enough to understand this, but she is going to have a baby. She promised me to name the baby Emma if it’s a girl. ” Emma’s mother said and had a smile on her face as she left the room. The door shut and Emily was left alone in the private room.

“Goodbye mom, I love you. Send my love to dad. ” Emily said quietly and cried a little as she took the warm seat where her mother had sat.

A minute later the door opened and Jason came in.

“Come here, princess. ” Jason said and Emily ran to him burying her face into him and bawled like a baby.

“Look at me bawling like a baby. ” Emily said wiping her eyes dry now.

“You know I could let you go back to your family in some months. Let’s just say what if your sister happens to have twins then doesn’t remember it? I could pay a doctor to dope her so much when she is giving birth she wouldn’t even remember how many babies came out. Just think Aunt and niece or perhaps you will have a nephew instead sharing the same crib. ” Jason offered and Emily saw the sadness in his eyes at the thought of losing her.

“You would miss me too much and no, Jason I’m keeping my adult mind. I want to remember who I am. Even if I can never go back to my first family. Besides my mom raise me once already and I was enough of a burden the first time around. ” Emily said and looked hard at her adopted father. Emily loved him very much and only hated a little.

“I know I have trust issues, but so far I think I’m doing pretty well as a father. ” Jason admitted and looked unsure of himself.

“So you heard every word? ” Emily asked as he picked her up and held her in his arms.

“Yeah, I think we got a good start to fully trusting each other. ” Jason said and moved his hair out of the way to show an earpiece in his ear.

“As long as you don’t have a hidden camera in my bathroom. ” Emily said and watched his face. She was half joking because no matter how old she was he didn’t like girls in a sexual way.

“No, but the hallway between rooms there is one. Are you concern I will see you naked? ” Jason asked chuckling. It was a silly thing to be worried about.

“No. You dress me and give me baths, but a girl needs her privacy sometimes. ” Emily answered blushing only a little bit. It was silly to have a crush on him. Emily knew she could be drop dead beautiful with a horny teenage body and he wouldn’t be interested in her due to his sexual preference.

“I’m really surprised so many people turned out. I ran into an old boyfriend of yours and after a drink or two he told me about the time you went skinny dipping with him down at Palm Beach. ” Jason said and Emily had a shock look on her face.

“He didn’t. ” Emily said wanting to go kick her old boyfriend in the shin for telling. It had been her idea in the first place.

“Well, at least he waited till you passed on from his world. ” Jason said chuckling and he carried her back to the waiting limo.

Another week passed and Jason realized he needed help maintaining the house he setup for Emily. Soon a nanny and housekeeper were added. The limo driver pulled double duty as a handyman and gardener when he wasn’t driving Mr. King around.

Emily found the door to her wing of the house now left unlocked and she knew Jason just trusted her just a little bit more.

Emily wasn’t sure of the Nanny Miss Potts because she was a somewhat stern woman, but fair and became her teacher. Emily learned she was to study other languages. Something her father requested for her to do. Emily thought no doubt because he learned Russia it saved their asses once.

The Nanny was a young woman, but looked like she had years of experience with children.

“Your father, Mr. King informed me you have a wild imagination, but as long as you can focus on your studies we will get along. ” Miss Potts said sternly after introducing herself. Emily soon learned that Miss. Potts would only come over for a few days a week.

Emily guessed all the servants knew that Mr. King’s daughter like to tell tall tales. More insurance in her not getting a message out or getting someone on her side. The maid Miss. Etta was an older woman, but young enough to still turn men’s head. Emily didn’t like her at all because she fussed at her when one of her toys was out of place.

Emily could tell she didn’t work around children a lot or perhaps just envy her a little. Danny their driver, handyman, and gardener seemed to think the world of Emily. Emily always helped him when the job wasn’t too dangerous and he was eager to teach her about repairing things. Hearing Emily was a child prodigy of sorts and seeing it was two different things.

Jason spent most of his time either with Emily or in his private office if he wasn’t away taking care of business. Emily knew he still had ties to genetic labs and access to places no other stock holder could go. He made a point to own the businesses while investing in several law firms.

It was weeks later when Jason announced that Emily was going with him to a party. Just a business deal that had a plus one invitation to it. Emily was almost overwhelmed by the diamond earrings and gold bracelets he got for her to wear. Emily admitted to herself she really like the idea of going out to an upper class party once more.

With the maid’s help Emily got dressed as Jason did her hair. Emily was more dressed up then she ever had been as an adult. Emily thought as she look liked a doll wearing makeup.

When they got to the party Emily felt small and very much like her young physical age. Emily discovered she was the only child there besides some babies too young to leave their mother’s breasts just yet. Little old ladies pinched her cheeks and out of respect toward Mr. King Young men had kissed her hand when they came over to introduce themselves to him. Emily was either getting too much attention or being completely ignored during the party.

When the social gathering was coming close to the end Emily was getting very sleepy. Like most children her age she now needed daily naps or she found herself in an emotional state she couldn’t control at first.

“Okay, little lady we are going home. ” Jason said picking her up and holding her against his body.

“It’s okay. I’m just a little tired. ” Emily said not wanting to ruin Jason’s evening. The protest was ruined when she let out a deep yawn and her eye lids felt so very heavy.

When Emily awoke she had to dress and get ready for the nanny who was coming to teach her. Jason sometimes sat in so he could learn a few words in Spanish or French. As the nanny left for the day Emily noticed something about her jewelry collection she hadn’t noticed that morning.

“Daddy, did you take the earrings to be cleaned or safe keeping? ” Emily asked unable to find them among her jewelry box.

“No, I haven’t seen them since I put you too bed last night. ” Jason answered and went over to the box himself and looked.

“I swore I put them in here. I was tired, but I know I put them away. ” Emily said looking around the dresser top then went on all fours to inspect the floor.

“Don’t you worry about it. I’m sure they will turn up in a day or two. ” Jason said and he did remembered Emily had removed them. Then he helped her to her own bed and retired to his own bed last night.

“Don’t wear yourself thin over it. I will get you new ones. ” Jason said and left the room so Emily could be alone.

When Jason reviewed the security camera from the hallway he felt slightly betrayed. At first he suspected the nanny since she recently been in Emily’s room, but he been there too with her learning new languages himself.

He hadn’t seen her go anywhere near the dresser. Rewinding the footage even further back he saw who it was. Jason decided that tonight in the guest bedroom in on the other side of the house he would setup a show for the thief.

The maid was called over to the guest bedroom to clean it up a little bit. What she didn’t expect was for Jason to pull a gun on her then fire on her in a flash of movement. The dart landed in her chest and he helped her to the bed after catching her.

The other servants had the night off and wouldn’t be back till morning. Emily was locked into her own wing of the house just for tonight. Jason knew he didn’t have to wonder about her anyway. She rarely woke up at night unless it was the call of nature.

Jason fixed the dresser mirror so it showed the maid’s reflection back at her then he undressed her. Then Jason got out the straps and silk ropes and tied her to the posts of the bed. This left her spread eagle and Jason approved of the embarrassing picture he made of her.

He had been careful in picking the servants. Most came from respectable backgrounds and best of all they had no close family members that would miss them.

Jason opened a briefcase he kept locked away in a safe inside a hidden room not even Emily knew about. Within Jason’s bedroom there was a secret door which led into a nursery. Sometimes Jason found it hard to relax or sleep so he would go into the other room and climb into the giant crib. The crib was suitable for an adult or baby. Jason used it for a bed when he needed rest.

Jason thought Emily would get a good laugh out of that. Sometimes Jason didn’t feel at home in a bed without wooden bars.

The briefcase when opened had a collection of viral injections that did far more then make people sick for a little while. All of the viruses could physically change a person one way or another. Some of them were fates worse than death so Jason thought. Some could change your gender into various human forms or cover you in light fur. Jason smiled as he browsed through the B’s. Just before bigger breasts he found baldness and picked that one out.

From his robe pocket he pulled out the time device also from his hidden room usually kept under the crib just in case of an accident happen. He wanted it in a low spot where he could reach it.

Jason set the controls on it and used it to make the old maid into a young one. Her bonds held and Jason adjusted them so she couldn’t escape. The only door in and out of the room was locked also this guest bedroom had been sound proofed.

“Miss Etta, be kind enough to wake up. ” Jason said and ready the TV remote in his hand. He had the burned DVD already setup to play.

The maid Miss Etta stirred then realized she was tied up against her will.

“What the devil? ” Miss Etta said and heard her voice then looked about. She saw Mr. King then looked over at the mirror. There was a younger nude version of herself in the reflection.

“Miss Etta, I have turned you into a younger maid rather than an old maid because I want you to understand part of the power I have. Some earrings have come up missing in my house. Earrings I gave to Emily which have vanished after the party we came back from. ” Jason said not accusing anyone yet, but wanted to see what her reaction would be.

“Children lose things. You should check the floor of her room. I have no idea what has happen to those earrings. How did you make me younger? ” Miss Etta said and then realized there was a bigger mystery at least from her point of view.

“Did you know I have hidden cameras in this house? One is cleverly hidden in the hallway outside Emily’s room. ” Jason said and played the DVD. The video was short, but clearly showed Miss Etta entered Emily’s bedroom then leave a minute later tucking something into her pocket.

“You can’t prove anything with that. Doing my duties I was. ” Miss Etta said trying to free at least one hand.

“I watched the video several times and you are the only one who had a chance to take the earrings. I must apologized now because I been in your room. The cameras clearly show you go in there and come back a minute later. Unlucky for you the door was left open and I saw you put something in the back part of the drawer where you keep your unmentionables. I checked that drawer and not only did I found the earrings, but one of the bracelets even I didn’t know were missing just yet. ” Jason said and fast forward the video a little bit.

The video images showed everything and given what he found there only proved without a doubt she did it.

“Please sir, I needed the money. If you could forgive me I will let you have my body as a reward. ” Miss Etta said and moved her hips just so Jason would have noticed.

“I have friends in key spots to check records like bank accounts. Miss Etta you are highly paid as my housekeeper or if you preferred maid. From the records I review before hiring you I noticed the large bank account you have. You have no need for the money. I even checked into your family and know for a fact no one in your family needs any money of the pawn sum the earrings would get you. Besides you don’t have any close family anymore. ” Jason said and watched her carefully. He made sure to hire people who could go missing without any close family members to wonder where they went.

“You want the truth Mr. King. I will tell you. I worked for several families with children. I watched their parents spoil them rotten. Then a maid like me gets blamed sooner or later for a broken vase or window. Then they are politely dismissed from the house just to start the process later. So I take just a little bit of jewelry here and there from children, because their parents always promised to replace it when the child finally takes notice. I seen enough brats like your little bastard girl, so why shouldn’t I get rich along the way? ” Miss Etta said then asked.

Jason raised his hand to slap her hard, but he halted his hand just in time for Emily’s sake. She wouldn’t want him to strike a lady mostly because she would do it herself. Miss. Etta flinched then noticed he wasn’t going to strike her.

“Well then Miss Etta just in case you didn’t noticed you have been wearing the earrings this whole time. I put them on you while you slept as a going away gift. As an understanding adult I’m sure Emily will understand when I tell her I let you keep them. I guess it didn’t occur to you that Emily could be far older then she looks. Maybe an adult turned child?” Jason asked and watched at Miss. Etta was figuring it out.

“It can’t be true. ” Miss. Etta said realizing her mistake in stealing the jewelry.

“She is more of a lady then you. In fact you can never hope to match her maturity. I’m going to make sure you never will again. ” Jason said furiously at her as he pulled out the time device. He had it preset already to make her only 2 years old.

Somehow a temper tantrum 2 years old Miss Etta seemed proper after what he heard. Miss. Elaina Etta shrank out of her bonds, but she only made it halfway to the door when she hit her toddler years. Jason caught her and put her over his knees.

Elaina kicked and screamed to be let loose, but Jason wasn’t going to spank her.

“Ouch. ” Elaina said a moment later when he stuck her with a needle injecting her with something.

“Ouch, what the hell are those? ” Elaina asked trying to see her own little butt.

“This one is called, Pertit. ” Jason said and feeling his angry fade away now.

Elaina was crying now, but in great sobs as tears of pain fell. It felt like two bees had stung her twice with one on the left butt cheek and then on the right cheek. Jason let her down off his lap and Elaina ran a little distance away then attempted to see her own ass.

“What the hell did you do to me? ” Elaina asked rubbing her tender spots.

“I cursed you. ” Jason answered realizing what he just did to her.

“With what? ”Elaina asked now looking very scared.

“First needle will cause you to lose all your body hair forever. Second needle had been designed to make you like a child and young looking. Not a midget, but you will appear to stop aging when you turn 11 years old again. Your internal organs will keep aging, but outward you will never appear to be more than an 11 year old child. ” Jason said realizing the horror of her new future would be. He meant only to make her go through life as a bald person. In his rage he given her a second needle because it felt good to do so.

“You are lying. Use that device to make me older. ” Elaina said pointing at the time device still loosely held in Jason’s free hand.

“I will set it for 20 years old then. ” Jason said and showed her he moved the toggle knob to twenty marks.

Elaina went over to the front of the dresser and stood in front of it so the tilted mirror now caught her reflection. Looking up she watched as her body grew into a little girl then into a very young teenage girl and stopped. The hair on her head had fallen out and Elaina had caught some of it, but it was a useless gesture on her part. Elaina looked at her young bald body and noticed her breasts were only half formed. Worst of all was her head for it was bald and looked too large for her body. The best she could hope for was to wear wigs and stuffed an A-cup size bra with tissues to give herself any curves.

“I rather die. Kill me! ” Elaina said and turned toward Jason.

“I can’t Elaina. I don’t murder people. ” Jason answered.

“Damn you. ” Elaina said and jumped over the bed onto Jason. Jason had the time device already set to reduce anyone into a two month baby. He fired as Elaina landed on him and the device went flying from his hand, but its work for the night was done.

Jason grabbed her arms and as Elaina struggled she grew younger again.

“No, please. Drown me. I can’t grow up like this. I don’t want to be a brat forever. ” Elaina screamed as Jason held her wrists as he held her tight to his body.

Elaina screamed in rage and tears as she fought like a hell cat to get loose. Soon the hell cat was reduced to a hell kitten as she went into a deep sobbing fit.

“Its okay, Elaina. I got orphanages and important people in place. I will see you are given to a loving family and just for you I will make sure they will have money. The earrings are yours now and the gold bracelet. We will call it severance pay. ” Jason said taking his hands from her wrists and just held her while he rubbed her back as she re-entered toddlerhood once more.

Jason held her until she couldn’t cry anymore and she was reduce to a mere 2 month old bald baby girl.

“Don’t worry Elaina Etta. In two weeks you won’t remember your old life or me. You will forget all of this. Some good news your ears are still pierced. I will make sure the earrings will be handed over to your new parents. ” Jason said and carried her to his nursery after he picked up the time device. He would come right back before the morning light and clean everything up then Jason would make it appeared that Miss Etta left during the night.

Jason made the usual arrangement and Elaina was taken away during the night as pre-arranged with no questions asked. Later someone would write up a report she was found abandon on the steps of a church.

Jason knew he had to do more for her since she would have a rough childhood and her adult life would be a living hell unless he figured out how to make her life better. The risk of changing her DNA twice could have killed her. If he attempted a third try on her body she would reject any more changes. Even the human body became immune to the specially designed retro viruses.

A day later Jason reported the missing earrings to the police and his number one suspect. A maid by the name of Elaina Etta. Despite the police had gotten her bank accounts frozen and watched her credit cards there was no trace ever found of her again. Further background checks into her past employers found that there was a history of stuff going missing from other households when she worked there.

The other servants were shocked or acted like they were, but Emily suspected something else. Emily waited until they were alone in his private office after he got done talking to the police.

“What really happen to her? ” Emily asked not sure she wanted to know the whole truth. Part of her had to know if Jason was turning into someone like Belle with the power he had hidden away.

“Emily, I imagine right now she is a very fussy 2 month old baby. Oh I let her keep the earrings as part of her severance pay. You might notice one of your gold bracelets missing too. She took that too. ” Jason answered and saw Emily was giving him a hard stare.

“What else? Did you inject her with anything like Belle and Helga? ” Emily asked sternly and looked for older then she outwardly appeared.

“Yes and you will sleep better at night if you don’t asked what. I’m a little ashame of it myself. She called you a name and I lost my temper for a moment. ” Jason said and was putting more of a stern tone into his words.

“Okay I won’t ask you today, but I think I have the right to know what she said about me. ” Emily said seeing she wasn’t get all the details this day, but maybe in few weeks she would work up the courage to ask again.

“She said you were a bastard child. Apparently she didn’t approve of children out of wedlock and from what she told me she didn’t really like any children at all. Ironic now. ” Jason answered and saw Emily was confused by his last comment.

“I will tell you another day, Honey. ” Jason said and waved her out of the room. Emily knew she had reached her limit as far as questions. If she pushed him now he might remember he was the father of the family and tanned her butt for forgetting.

Weeks went by before Emily got bored with reading books and playing with her childish things. Jason allowed her more time in his private office with him and slowly she was learning all about his investments while she sat next to him.

Some of Jason’s business friends who stopped by for meetings were a little disturbed that they were talking about very private business information with a child in the room. Jason would only smile and said Emily needed to learn the business one day. Emily was embarrassed when he called her gifted or extremely smart. She had to swear to keeping secrets whenever these meetings were held.

It was another three months before anything really interesting happen at the King household. Of course they hired a new maid by the name of Eda Watts. She was younger then the last one and only came in every other day like the Nanny.

Jason was discussing how much money he should pour into the cancer research with Emily when the door to his office opened suddenly. Jason’s hand went under the desk faster than Emily noticed at first, but Jason stopped in mid motion when he saw Detective Boon standing there.

“I’m sorry, Mr. King. I told him you were busy, but he forced his way past me. ” Eda said standing behind the detective.

“It’s quite alright Eda. I usually like for the police to make an appointment, but perhaps they finally caught Miss Etta. ” Jason said waving for Eda to attend to her other duties.

“No, not yet. There are things I would like to discuss with you. It might be best if you send the girl away. ” Detective Boon said and Emily looked at the man. He was tall, rough looking and had hard eyes that seen too much murder and blood.

“My daughter is a gifted child. She understands everything and I will just tell her later so to save time she will stay. ” Jason said and looked at Emily if asking her. Emily nodded and Detective Boon didn’t look happy about it.

“Very well. I won’t sugar coat it then. I don’t like you Mr. King. Maybe you heard of cop’s instincts before, but I can sense your hiding something. I can’t help, but notice women in your life disappear without a trace. ” Detective Boon said and paused studying Jason’s face.

Emily looked from Jason to the Detective and saw Jason had a good poker face. He took a seat then and Detective Boon then slowly took a notebook from his inner coat pocket. He consulted it carefully.

“Miss Elaina Etta disappeared from your employment after stealing some earrings without closing her bank accounts first. If I went on the run I want every dime I could get. Miss Emma Hurst supposingly drowned after crashing her car into the river which I suspected was faked. Miss Belle Hindley’s body is also missing as well. Cremated so I’m told after she lost her life giving birth to her child. Not to mention the questionable history around Building Seven. During your extended vacation around that time. The entire building’s staff and several board members in your old company completely vanished. I checked the records and made calls. None of them can be reached. In fact no one knows where they are. Do you know what they all have in common? ” Detective Boon asked now apparently done flipping through his note book.

“Me, of course. ” Jason answered and Emily thought he looked just a little too smug in saying it.

“Yes, Mr. Jason King. One time company leader turned investor. I looked into your business investments. Cancer research, orphanages, research labs doing very secret work seeking cures and now housing development with a school named after you just miles down the road from here. Do you have a lot of guilt Mr. King? ” Detective Boon asked.

“Detective Boon. I have many regrets and alot of guilt in my life for the decisions I made as a business man. When my company was on its way to the top I had to step on a lot people to make it happen. Thousands lost their jobs because of me and those who played the stock market recklessly lost their fortunes when they didn’t think the underdog like my company wasn’t going to come on top. I was so sick with myself I hired a ruthless woman named Belle Hindley to train to take my place. Undoubtedly you know that she had a nervous breakdown after a few months and I came back to save my company. Shortly after that I handed my company over to the board while becoming a major investor at the same time. Where you see guilt is simply a man making up for legal business decisions that ruined thousands of people. If I could save millions in the future perhaps one day I could live with myself in peace. ” Jason explained with his fingers now calmly interlocked and Emily saw it pained him to talk about the company and Miss Hindley.

“Then you wouldn’t mind consenting to a full house search and the grounds? ” Detective Boon asked and looked liked he knew the answer.

“Detective Boon. I must say no to your question unless you can obtain a warrant. If you think I am some kind of murderer who likes pretty young women then let me dismiss you of that idea. I find you very attractive rather than a horny teenage girl throwing herself on me. ” Jason answered and Emily saw he had surprised Detective Boon for once. The look of shock was there only for a few seconds, but he recovered quickly.

“Somehow Mr. King I don’t think that is your only secret. This isn’t the last time you will see me. ” Detective Boon said getting up and held out his hand in a farewell handshake. Jason took it and even Emily saw them testing each other’s strength.

After the detective left the room Jason turned toward a mounted flat screen TV on the wall. Emily hardly noticed it now of days since all it showed was security feed from the cameras. Jason picked up a remote and focused the parts to show Mr. Boon leaving. The detective paused from time to time looking out windows and noticing room sizes then he left the house altogether.

“He thinks himself as a Sherlock Holmes character and I must look like Jack the Ripper to him without leaving behind bodies. ” Jason said noticing the Detective noticed that the house had more to it then it appeared on the outside.

“It’s funny it was almost like he was searching for a secret room. You don’t have one do you Jason? ” Emily asked in a joking comment and got silence until she looked at him.

“Just beyond my bedroom before my private bathroom door there is another room. Please don’t ask me what is in there besides my other safe. ” Jason answered as he always answered her with the truth.

“I think I know what you keep hidden there, but I won’t say it. ” Emily said making a motion of zipping her lips. Jason never mention the device directly and Emily made a point not to mention it.

Days later Detective Boon did his best to get a warrant and every judge turned him down. Simply enough there wasn’t any evidence. When Boon’s boss said maybe he should take some time off or transfer out he now knew Mr. King had power even within the law system.

Detective Boon even knew about Mr. King’s lawyers and he had one of the best in his back pocket. Even if Boon could prove the man killed someone it was unlikely he would serve many years behind bars. Maybe later Detective Boon would regret what he did. That night Boon left his badge on his living room table and took only his gun. Lightning flashed as thunder rumbled in the distance as he left the house.

Dressed in only a pair of child panties Emily was still up putting away a book in her library when she heard something. The storm had been loud and kept her from sleeping. It was late and she was out of bed so Emily didn’t call out. Instead she crept around corners. Oddly enough she thought she heard a raised voice. Emily walked down the hall quietly until she came to the open door of Jason’s office. Emily knew he kept it locked at all times unless he was inside.

Emily found Danny wearing his night clothes on the floor in Jason’s office.

“Danny? ” Emily called seeing the driver plus handyman knocked out. He had a knot on the back of his head that would leave him with a headache later. He was breathing so Emily didn’t worry. More puzzling was the state of Jason’s office. Desk drawers had been pulled out and dumped onto the floor. The wall safe was open and Emily could see the stacks of money left untouched. Emily remembered the spot where Jason’s hand went when Detective Boon burst into the room.

“Well, hello old friend. ” Emily said pulling out her old dart gun. It was loaded and ready to fire. Jason had rigged it under the desk for easy reach. Emily was forced to carry it two handed, but she was strong enough to wield it. Emily made a note to thank Jason for the jungle gym play set in the back yard.

Over the sound of the hard rain Emily heard voices being raised and thought she knew the voice. Looking at the messy room and untouched money in the safe she figured it out quickly. Detective Boon had broken in and searched the office himself. Danny either awoken by noise of the storm or Detective Boon tearing up Jason’s office happened to come by the office.

Emily didn’t waste any more time, but carefully went down the hallways toward Jason’s bedroom. The door was opened wide and Emily could hear them talking.

“Mr. King. I measured out my steps the last time I was here. You have a secret room through that wall. Either you show me where the door is or I’m going start shooting up the wall until I can see through it. ” Detective Boon threatened and Emily risked a glance in.

Jason was standing in the middle of the room with his hands halfway up as Detective Boon held a gun in his right hand. Currently the gun was pointed at the wall, but a quick motion he could turn it on Jason.

“Very well Detective Boon. I’m sorry to say you won’t like what you will find. ” Jason answered and calmly went over to a wall space just before you turned into the bathroom. Jason slowly reached over and pushed a part of the trim on the wall then Emily watched as that part of the wall swing inward.

Detective Boon motioned with the gun and they went into the room. Emily ran over to the wall and peeked inside the hidden room herself.

“You see Detective Boon it’s a nursery with a crib big enough for adult to sleep in. I find it comforting some nights to remember more simple days. ” Jason said gesturing about the room and even went over to the crib to slow pat the mattress still wrapped in plastic, covered with a sheet.

As Emily looked in she saw it was indeed almost the same nursery he been had captive for months on end. It even had the smell of baby powder in the room if only very faint.

“Oh God. My entire career down the drain over a man with a fetish for baby stuff. ” Detective Boon said lowering the gun a little, but looking like a man lost.

“No one needs to know about this, Detective Boon. You told me you knocked out Danny. I can convince him not to press charges. Just put the gun away. ” Jason said and Emily saw that Jason was reaching for something when Detective Boon was looking at his gun for just a second.

‘No, don’t do it Jason’ Emily screamed with her mind.

“Hey, hands where I can see them. ” Detective Boon said raising his gun up, but his hand had started shaking.

There was a loud pop as the gun went off and Jason jerked back.

“Noooo! ” Emily screamed and stood in the doorway like an idiot. Later she realized she should have leaned around the corner and fire. Instead Emily fired her dart gun just as Detective Boon turned and fired his gun aiming about the middle of the body on an adult.

Emily closed her eyes as the gun fired from Detective Boon and she felt the bullet just miss her. When Emily jerked her eyes back open she saw Detective Boon looking white as a sheet he realized he almost killed a child. He looked down at the dart and took only a step before landing on the floor. Because of training he never dropped his gun.

Emily looked back at the hidden door and saw a hole in it just a foot above her head. A funny thought passed through her head as she thanked God she didn’t have her growth spurt yet.

“Jason. ” Emily said dropping her dart gun and running over to him.

He was groaning as he sat against the wall blood spreading down his night shirt through a nice clean hole.

“The bullet passed through my body and just missed my heart I think, but one of my lungs is damaged. I can’t breathe right. ” Jason said gasping for breath and held a hand on the wound as he clutched at the leg of the crib to help with the pain.

Emily looked under the crib and found the long desired time device on a custom made shelf next to a briefcase. Over half a year later in Jason’s house and it was in her hands for the first time in her life.

Emily saw the controls were easy enough to use and set the device to make a person 3 years old. Emily was pretty sure she could handle a toddler size Jason even with her 7 year old body.

“Finally you get your chance for revenge. Judging from that one knob I say it’s back to diapers for me. ” Jason said looking like a man ready to face his final hour.

“No, Jason. I’m not doing this for revenge or even power like Belle did. I made a promise my first night here. You never considered our relationship could be reversed did you? ” Emily said and fired the device at him. The wound healed instantly and Jason took off his stained shirt then stood up as he got younger.

Jason had no concern for modesty, but used the shirt to wipe away some of the blood still sticking to his body.

“Here, little boy. Clean yourself up. Stay right here and I will see to Detective Boon. ” Emily said tossing down a package of baby wipes and Jason took them as he wiped his body clean of his own blood.

Emily went to Detective Boon and checked his pockets after she picked up his gun to lie on a changing table. Emily only found his billfold, car keys, handcuffs, keys to the handcuffs were the only things in his pockets.

Emily handcuffed Detective Boon with his hands behind his back and she made them a tight fit. Tonight she wasn’t being gentle to a man that almost killed a man she came to love as a second father figure in her life.

Emily set the device to make him into a young teenager again. Then she tightened the handcuffs again before he could wake up.

“Oh Detective Boon. ” Emily said making her voice sing with his name.

“Emily, are you okay? ” Detective Boon asked as he awoke with a start and realized he was handcuff and lying on the floor of a nursery with a little toddler boy playing with baby wipes. Then he realized the toddler was cleaning the blood off his body.

“My voice sounds funny. Where did that little boy come from? Where is your father? ” Mr. Boon asked looking from her to the little boy. There wasn’t an adult in sight.

“That is Jason King over there. This device in my hands can change people’s age. ” Emily said deciding to start slow.

“Listen little girl I don’t have time for made up stories. Your father is hurt and needs a doctor. ” Detective Boon said and attempted to get out of the handcuffs. Emily had put them on pretty tight.

“Little girl!? ”Emily said and looked down at herself. Currently she was a panty clad 7 year old girl holding what appeared to be a fancy flashlight. No wondered he wasn’t taking her serious.

“I rather do this in private, but if seeing is believing. ” Emily said and pulled off her underwear as she got a confused look from Mr. Boon. Jason only giggled as she prepared to fire the device on herself. Emily set the device for 25 years old and pushed the button.

“Sweet Jesus! ” Detective Boon said as she grew into her early teen years. Emily’s body grew breasts and curves came back as hair sprouted back between her legs.

No one noticed as toddler Jason pulled out the briefcase and selected a needle he had specially made. Detective Boon’s eyes were on the aging teenager now nearly a full grown woman.

“Wow that felt wonderful and painful at the same time. By the way my name really is Emma Hurst” Emma said happy to have her adult name back again.

“That must be Jason King…” Detective Boon said and paused as he looked over at the toddler now curled in pain.

“Jason! ” Emily called seeing him in pain as he curled into the fetal position. Emily saw the discarded needle on the floor now empty. Oddly enough he had her name on it.

“Jason, will aging you help? ” Emily asked as she set the device for 7 years old.

“Yes, but the pain is already fading. I’m changing. ” Jason answered, but Emily didn’t wait.

Emily aimed then fired the device again.

Jason aged, but his body changed. His hair color changed and grew long and when he uncurled his body he looked very different.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph. ” Detective Boon said as Jason turned around and stood up showing them her new body.

“Jason, you’re a little girl now. ” Emma said and looked down on a face she knew very well.

“Not just any little girl. I’m Emily King now. I had it made for your replacement after I would have set you free. Strangely enough I feel pefectly normal minus something I don’t think I will miss. ” Jason said and moved a hand over her new bare vagina.

“What about the adult Jason King everyone is going to miss? ” Emma asked feeling he was leaving all up to her now to explain things.

“Spiritual journey into India. I will give you the numbers of people to call and what to say. I even have your return to the world already planned out. Just trust me. ” Emily answered and Emma nodded her head, but she walked over and picked up the briefcase after closing it.

“Okay, Emily. Go get dress and we will make the calls later. Wait for me in your room. ” Emma said and felt odd in saying it since it had been her name for half a year now.

“Detective Boon. If you excuse me I’m going to get a robe from the bathroom then we need to talk. ” Emma said and left the room to come back wearing Jason’s bathrobe. It took a little longer, but Emma dumped all the needles into the bathtub then poured an entire bottle of bleach in after it. She half filled it and decided to let it soak. The bleach would kill all the nasty body changing viruses in a matter of minutes.

Emma figured that the wall safe in the nursery room had the same combination as the one in Jason’s office and she was right. She put the time device, dart gun and Mr. Boon’s gun in there when she returned. Emily found a wall mirror and showed Mr. Boon his reflection.

Now Detective Boon realized why his voiced changed and his clothes felt strange. A young high school boy stared back out from the mirror with a slightly scared look to his face.

“Now Mr. Boon. Let me tell you a story about an evil woman named Belle Hindley. Then I’m going to give you a choice whether you like to start your life over again like this or a baby. ” Emma said and then used the key to the handcuffs to let him loose.

Minutes later a teenage Mr. Boon left the house and was going home to prepare to disappear from the world.

Emma waited for Jason to return to his room, but after a few minutes she realized what she had said. Emma walked back to her old room and found Jason or rather now Emily King fully dressed while sitting on the bed.

“I meant for you to come back to your room. Not my old one. I guess this is your room now. ” Emma said looking around and had a funny feeling she remembered everything being so much bigger.

“Where is Mr. Boon? ” Emily asked.

“I gave him a choice. I told him I would set him up with a new life as a rich teenage boy sure to get the pretty girls or as an innocent baby again. For some strange reason he picked young rich teenage boy. I gave the guest bedroom to him when he returns. I told him everything and I destroy that nasty collection of retro viruses you had. Oh before I forget Danny is still knocked out on your office floor. I think we need to call a doctor for him. ” Emma explained and watched as she took it in.

“Okay, if you think we can trust him. After this day you are in charge. I really could use a very long vacation and a second childhood where I don’t have to pretend I don’t like boy’s sounds really nice to me. ” Emily said and giggled as she said it. The emotional control would take a little while. Emma remembered her time as a little girl during those first few weeks.

“So give me the phone numbers you wanted me to call and are you my adopted daughter or younger twin sister now? ” Emma asked puzzling out they were now related to each other by DNA.

“Let’s go with step-daughter. ” Emily said then gave names and numbers.

Danny was taken to a private hospital where he was told not to say anything about Mr. Boon attacking him. Danny was promised enough money to fatten his bank account a little for his silence in the matter. If anyone asked he was struck from behind and didn’t see the person. Since nothing was stolen they didn’t report it to the police.

Emma’s parents and her younger sister were called nearly at the same time from a doctor with a heavy German accent. He told them a once coma patient of his had woken up with complete memory loss. Only yesterday she finally remembered who she was. When Emma took the phone from the doctor she was in tears like her mother on the other end. They were all invited out to Mr. King’s house where she was staying for her recovery since it had been one of the first people she remembered as a friend.

The reunion was a heartfelt one when her parents were escorted into Jason King’s bedroom by Eda who was staying on in the house in the maid’s bedroom.

Emma was there in the bed looking very healthy while a short German man with glasses was wearing a white lab coat as he stood next to the bed.

“Emma! ” Emma’s mother said and nearly fell down getting to her daughter’s bedside.

“Your daughter is a very lucky woman. Washed up on the river bank miles away from the accident. We searched missing persons, but her face was so swollen we couldn’t find a match. Then when she woke up she had total memory loss until yesterday. Mr. King has already paid her medical bills and she has been asked to stay here until she is well enough to be independent again. ” The German doctor explained with his heavy German accent as he smoothed out his name tag which said Dr. Harsher.

“Thank you doctor. If you see Mr. King tell him thank you from us. ” Emma’s father said and regretted something he said to the man at the funeral.

“I will leave you alone now. ” Dr. Harsher said and left the room just as Emma’s younger sister waddled into the room. Her stomach preceding her as she entered.

“Hey sister. I bet you remember I was a lot skinnier the last time you saw me. ” Emma’s sister said entering the room and looked very happy that her unborn child’s aunt was alive after all.

“Mom told me you were pregnant. Having twins? ” Emma asked in a joking tone to show everyone she was okay.

“I hope not. Unlikely since we did the ultrasound a few days ago. Your niece Emma will be here in a month or two. I finally beat my older sister at something. ” Emma’s sister answered back and found a chair to sit in.

“Now girls. It was never a competition. ” Emma’s mother said, but if pressed she admitted she was looking forward to a grandchild.

“Mom and Daddy. I just want to say I’m sorry for the last three years. ” Emma said and saw her mother burst into tears she did her best to wipe away.

“Oh honey. Me and your father can be a bit too pushy sometimes. Everyone is just so happy you are alive. This might be the wrong thing to say, but everyone came to your funeral. Even that boy you knew in college, but he is married now. ” Emma’s mother said and was calming down now.

“Mr. King told me all about it. It’s almost like I was there. ” Emma said and smiled at her own little secret. The door to the bedroom opened just a little. Everyone looked when Emma noticed the movement.

“Come on in, Emily. ” Emma called out and everyone watched as a 7 year old girl entered the room and walked over to the other side of the bed.

“Well, hello again little one. ” Emma’s mother said and watched as the girl blushed a little.

“Hello, Mrs. Hurst. I’m 7 years old now. ” Emily said and held up her fingers to show everyone just how old she was.

“That’s wonderful, dear. How about you go over to my other daughter and feel her tummy. You just might feel the baby kick. ” Emma’s mother suggested and Emily nodded then went over to Emma’s sister to feel her stomach.

They talked and Emma discovered her mother hadn’t thrown out any of her old things. Then her father talked to her for a little while and made several passing comments that Mr. King was a good man. Emma knew that he was implying she should try to marry him.

Then Emma’s sister got up from her chair and Emma spent a minute or two feeling her sister’s swollen belly. The baby kicked and Emma laughed when she felt it.

“Get better sister. I got to pee. ” Emma’s sister said quietly so their father didn’t hear the last comment. Emma laughed and told her first door before the stairs that led up.

“Okay everyone. I will promise to get better and I will be staying here until I get all the paper work sorted out that I’m no longer dead. ” Emma said in good cheer and her parents left after collecting her younger sister.

Once the cars left the driveway Emma got out of the bed just as Dr. Harsher came back into the room.

“Your payment is in this briefcase and I hope you have a long career. ” Emma said pulling out a briefcase from under the bed. It had been the same briefcase that once held a collection of very nasty DNA changing viruses.

“Career, Miss Hurst. I plan to buy my own island and private clinic then play doctor with the nurses. ” Dr. Harsher said and Emily giggled loudly.

“Ah, I forgot the child was gifted and knows more then she appears. Good day to you Miss. Hurst and tell Mr. King he can call me for another favor anytime he wants. ” Dr. Harsher said and left the room with his money.

“That man is going to end up making more babies then bringing them into the world. ” Emma said and shook her head at the man now hurrying to his car.

“I just wondered if he will hire any male nurses. ” Emily said with a grin which showed she was just entaintaining a wicked thought.

“Somehow I doubt it. So my evil wicked twin step daughter. What is the next part of your plan? ” Emma asked Emily.

“The lawyers from my legal firm are due here in a few minutes then you get everything I own including being my legal guardian while daddy is away on his trip, but there is a price. ” Emily said and skipped out of the room before Emma could ask.

“Emily, what price!? ” Emma yelled after her, but gave up on catching the little girl. Since her return to her adult body Emma was still getting use to her longer limbs.

Emma got dressed in her business outfit and went to her office that once had belonged to Jason. Emily showed the lawyers into the office when they arrived and she took the seat next to Emma. Once everyone found a seat they spoke.

“Miss. Hurst. First let me say I’m happy to see you so healthy looking. You may call me Linda. ” Linda said and introduced her assistants as Dan and Bob.

“Mr. King left instructions while he is away that you are in charge of the estate and the legal guardian of his daughter. I understand he is on a spiritual journey that could last years? ” Linda asked pulling out papers to be signed.

“Yes. He hopes to find enlightenment and return in three years time. ” Emma answered and saw Emily was following the conversation closely.

“Yes and you understand if he doesn’t returned in three years everything will belong to you. Emily will become your legal charge until she is 18 years old then the estate will be split between the two of you. ” Linda asked and Miss. Hurst nodded in understanding.

“There is one catch to the papers your about the sign. It seems Mr. King made several deposits into a certain bank. If you sign the papers today you must agree to with draw from this bank by next week. ” Linda said and handed over a paper with a bank letter head on it.

“It’s a sperm bank. ” Emma said out loud and Emily giggled then gain control over herself. The men shifted in their seats just a little.

“Yes. Even if you can’t have children it doesn’t’ matter to Mr. King. He only wished for his line to be carried on. You only have to submit to one withdraw. ” Linda said and gave the men at her sides a quick glance to stop moving.

“Very well, Linda. I accept this one last surprise from Mr. King. In a year’s time he will have an heir to his throne. ” Emma answered making a joke as she did.

“Very funny joke, Miss Hurst. Sign here. ” Linda said and handed over the first paper to be sign. There were more papers after that.

Teenage Ernie Boon stayed in the King’s house hold only a week then he moved into one of the new houses in the King housing development. Of course the house was paid for and they given him a new car to help him out. Emma setup a bank account giving him more than enough money to make it on his own even he if he didn’t want to work for the next decade.

Jr. Ernie Boon was to become the long lost son of Detective Boon who retired to travel the world alone. Emma setup all the legal documents and even given back his gun then she encouraged him to go back into a police career when he was old enough again.

Over the years they all became good friends and Ernie became sheriff of the nearest town years later with a lovely young wife he first met back in high school. She gave him only three healthy sons along the way.

The baby once known as Miss Elaina Etta stayed in the orphanage longer than the other babies until an older couple took pity on her then adopted her. According to the records she had been found with a note only telling a person who found her that they couldn’t take care of their darling Elaina anymore. Once the adoption was complete a pricey pair of earrings and a gold bracelet were unexpectedly given to her new parents. Since her parents were an older couple they already had enough money to raise her. So they held onto the items until they could give them to Elaina when she was 18 years old again.

Elaina Smith first years were hard as she was teased and taunted about her baldness by other children. She wore wigs and did her very best to make sure they didn’t slip off. She made a few close friends, but it was in those high school years things changed for her.

During middle school all her friends got taller and developed into young women while she remained as a child on the outside. By the time she entered high school she was heartbroken to see her friends going on dates with high school boys. While boys in the middle school classes were hitting on her. Elaina broke her friendship ties with her friends and only a few stayed in touched with her by phone.

Depression hit Elaina after her parents took her to the doctor who happen to live in the area who specialized in people with her condition. The news was she would never grow beyond the body of an 11 year old girl, but her internal organs would age and her mind would develop normally.

Elaina took long walks into the woods and often visited Lover’s Leap. On Friday nights her friends would come up here and make out in their cars. More than often couples came here and talked.

Elaina had just turned 16 years old, but outwardly her body didn’t reflect her true age. Elaina walked to the edge of the cliff and didn’t fear the dizzy effect that washed over her. It wasn’t a quick drop off from where she stood and it would require a running leap to clear the last out cropping of rocks.

Elaina walked back some yards and thought about jumping to end her horrible life so far. Her parents were old now and might live to see her reach her late twenties then she be alone in the world in a child’s body.

Elaina then remembered something about herself and she sat down to cry.

“Did you decide not to jump? ” A voice said from the tree above her and Elaina looked up to see a boy about 13 year’s old sitting on a branch.

“Have you been watching me? ” Elaina asked now wiping her eye’s dry.

“I have seen you up here a few times. Hell, I even thought about it myself taking the leap. I’m Tom. ” Tom said and jumped down from the tree like a cat.

“Well, Tom. I’m Elaina and I don’t have time for little boys. I know I don’t look like it, but I’m really 16 years old. ” Elaina said and turned away to walk away mad.

“Well, I’m 18 years old. We see the same doctor. ” Tom called after her, but didn’t move from his standing spot.

“How did you know we see the same doctor? ” Elaina asked walking back over to him to get in his face now. Years of teasing at given her a fearful temper.

“I was in one of the exam rooms and the doctor left her chart on the table while she took a phone call. I peeked at it only curious about my own condition then I noticed she had your file under it with a picture. I was surprised when you lived only a few miles away. ” Tom confessed and hung his head in slight shame.

“I have never seen you in my school. ” Elaina accused next.

“Dad left my mom when he discovered I was a freak of nature. He said they never should have adopted me in the first place. Mom moved me out here years ago so we could be close to our doctor and she has home school me since I turned 14 years old. ” Tom said now looking at Elaina.

“I bet I got you beat. I’m bald. ” Elaina said and removed her wig to show him not even a single hair grew. While her eyebrows were painted on.

“I knew that already. News travels fast in a small town. I keep to myself and don’t go out very much so no one knows I don’t appear to age. ” Tom said and lifted a hand to touch her head and Elaina stepped closer so he could.

“It’s weird. We are both adopted and suffer from some rare genetic disorder. ” Elaina said and liked his touch. No boy her age or older dared to touch her so lovingly. Unless he wanted to be branded as a pervert.

“Maybe my real parents knew something was wrong with me. Since the only doctor who is a expert lives in this area it doesn’t surprise me that two of her patients would meet someday. ” Tom said explaining things to her.

“Your saying its fate then. Do you want to know why I was crying? ” Elaina asked and somehow his hand ended up trailing her arm and she liked it a lot.

“Sure, if it will make you feel better. ” Tom answered.

“I didn’t want to die as a virgin. ” Elaina said and laughed a little when she said it. On reflection it was kind of funny to her.

“Well, if it means you live a hundred years I could live with that. ” Tom said sweetly.

“Tom, are you a virgin? ” Elaina asked and thought she get a lie.

“There was a girl I grew up with. She became my babysitter after I stop aging and we made love once then she freaked out about it later. She claimed she did it only out of pity and told me never to speak of it with her ever again. Since I moved out here she hasn’t contacted me. ” Tom said and his hand started to fall away from Elaina’s body.

“No, Tom. Don’t stop. No one has ever touched me like this. ” Elaina said and guided his hand under her shirt.

Minutes after having sex they were sunning their nude bodies on the rocks while lying on their clothes.

“God, I just had sex with you and I don’t even know your last name. ” Elaina said with a happy tone she hadn’t had in years.

“You will laugh. ” Tom warn her.

“Go on. ” Elaina said.

“It’s Thumb like the finger. When my dad left my mom she legally changed our last name. I got to pick it. ” Tom said.

“Your name is Tom Thumb like in those fairy tale stories. ” Elaina said and laughed and it was like music to Tom’s ears.

“My favorite book is Peter Pan. ” Tom said and Elaina laughed in further amusement.

“So I guess that makes me your Wendy then? ” Elaina said and shared a few kisses with him.

“I want to meet your mother. Then in a few days you can meet my parents. ” Elaina said as she relaxed on his chest.

“Whatever you want just as long as we can have sex again. ” Tom said and got his wish.

Two years later they were married at a very private wedding and Elaina gave him his first son through a caesarean section. Then they had a daughter a few years after their son was born. Then it was decided they couldn’t risk her health with a third child so Elaina got her tubes tied as they say. After the death of her parents Elaina moved in with Tom and his mother who treated them like adults. As it turned out Elaina inherited a small wealth of money which would provide for her family for years to come

Emma inherited everything Mr. King owned and in time her family moved into the huge house. She gave birth to twin’s just months after her sister gave birth to her niece. Which she crowed later to her sister she now had more children than her sister. The twin boys were healthy and had a loving older sister to look after them.

Emma was just getting Little Robert King settle for bed in his basinet. While her other child Jason King was still breast feeding on her nipple.

Emily came in and Emma made no move to cover herself, but stayed sitting feeding her little boy.

“Mommy, Can I sleep in the other room? ” Emily asked as she came and gave her mom big puppy dog eyes.

“Oh Emily. You are going have to sleep in your own bed one day. My sister and her husband are moving in soon. I’m pretty sure I can convince my parents to join us. This house is too big not to fill it up with people we love. I guess one more time couldn’t hurt. ” Emma said and walked over to the wall that held a secret door. Emily was stripping off her night gown and neatly put the folded clothing by the door before she went to stand over next to the crib.

Emma pulled out the time device from the safe and used it on Emily. Emily quickly climbed into the crib and soon there was a cute naked 1 year old baby girl sitting in the crib. Baby Emily lay down on her back and Emma managed to get a diaper on her with Emily’s help.

“You know young lady. I got to thinking. When you are old enough to date you better remember those needles you once had. You told me once they make females very fertile in the baby making department. Sweet dreams, Emily. ” Emma said and saw the look as Emily realized the truth in Emma’s words.

Emily wasn’t worried. She decided she would cross that bridge when it came to that. One thought more than anything came to her. She could grow up liking boys and everyone would treat her like a normal little child.

Emma didn’t picture she have Jason in this manner under her power, but things rarely turned out how you planned it. For her life was like an old Chinese curse. May you live in interesting times.

The End



End Chapter 2

Takeover by Libra and Jeffr_2bya

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 20, 2011


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