turn backward, O Time, in your flight

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Chapter 1
turn backward, O Time, in your flight

Chapter Description: A Short Story

Harold sat upon the high wooden exam table and in between what appeared to be two small satellite dishes.

“Are you sure this will work, Jerry? ” Harold asked for the third time since he climbed up onto the table.

“Just relax, buddy. ” Jerry said and pushed the power button.

Harold couldn’t explain how it felt as time reversed itself inside his living body where he sat. Jerry told him that anything non-living wouldn’t be affected. So his clothes and the table itself would remain the same while his living body would de-age.

Harold found himself frozen to the spot and the world went into a hazy field of funny sounds and blurring lights. Jerry had called it a distortion bubble or something close to that.

When Harold regained his vision and other senses the large basement room looked very different and yet the same. He thought the room looked slightly bigger and more full of color then what he remembered seeing minutes before. Then Harold moved his hand up to his face and noticed it looked younger. Slimmer and more youthful tone to the skin.

“There you go. Your already looking younger and in a few minutes you will be twenty five again. I told you my invention would work. ” Jerry said with pride in his invention.

“Our invention, dear. ” Cindy said coming out from behind the computer cabinet that stored the data from each use. “Yes, our invention. ” Jerry said then nodded toward his wife and partner in all things.

“Thanks, man. I totally owe you one for this. ” Harold said adjusting his clothing and overjoyed to see his beer belly had vanished already. Unlike his friend Harold had family money to fall back onto and grown fat over the pass few years. He stayed single while his life long friend had married. Cindy was beautiful in her youth and thanks to the machine she looked the same she did nearly twenty years ago.

“I think we should be the one thanking you. You help fund our little basement project and thanks solely to you its our little secret. ” Jerry said and watch as Harold drop from his twenties into his teens. Harold took notice of this when his own clothes became very baggy.

“Hey, I think I’m younger then twenty five, guys. ” Harold said noticing his voice got higher by the time he finished speaking. He was fast approaching early teen hood by going through his growth spurts in reverse.

“No, I set it for twenty five. ” Cindy said and grinned a devil’s smile at her husband.

“Weeks that is. ” Jerry said and looked over to see a child version of his life long buddy.

“Weeks!? This is a joke, right? Okay you two had your fun. ” Harold said his voice and body now that of a child of ten and still retreating into early childhood once more.

“No joke, Harold. Me and Cindy are expecting our first child later on in the year. Thanks to this machine of ours it has rekindled our love life. Cindy had concerns about raising a child and we both wanted some fist hand experience. I promise it will only be for five months at the most then I will personally put you back on that table myself. ” Jerry said and saw his best friend now reduce down to a rather cute toddler. His naked upper body sticking out of his clothes like a kid playing dress up in daddy’s clothes.

“You better! ” Harold said and laid back and watched as the world grew even larger in size. Harold briefly wonder as a baby if he grabbed at Cindy’s breasts would she be offended by his actions. There was no telling how much he see and feel of her glorious naked form while he remained as a infant.

Six months later toddler Harold was attempting to remove his diaper from his waist. Daddy Jerry had use duct tape that very morning so Harold couldn’t get at the diaper’s tabs anymore. Harold was still learning how to go on the potty like a big boy, but still had little accidents. His adopted parents gave up on dressing him when at home and Harold didn’t like any the baby stuff they bought him to wear. Whenever he could get away with it he would strip down to this diaper. Even the soft fabric of the toddler wear itch sometimes.

Now the pressure was building in his bladder and he was just outside the bathroom.

“Caught you at it again, Harold. ” Cindy said and tickled Harold’s bare sides causing him to giggled with laughter then move away from her.

Even being six months pregnant; Cindy could still move around with ease. That would change in another month if her growing belly was any sign.

“Harold, you need to tell mommy when you have to go. ” Cindy said sharply, but not angry with little Harold.

“Its embarrassing going in front of you. ” Harold said and with ease Cindy loosen his diaper then pulled it down leaving him naked before her as he stepped clear of it.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before, sweetie. All those months as a baby and you didn’t mind me one bit wiping at your naughty bits. ” Cindy said and guided Harold into the bathroom then lifted him up so he could sit on the potty.

Harold used one hand to aim his small penis downward and to provide some modesty so he felt less exposed. Somehow it was slightly worse when Cindy saw him in all his naked glory. With Jerry he didn’t mind because his best friend had been giving him baths. They talked like old friends and Harold found it was a good distraction.

Harold said nothing and was finally able to relax enough for the urine from his bladder to flow freely.

“You know we never meant for this to happen to you. Who knew that the chrono particles stayed inside the human body and created a counter force the second time we attempted to age you back to normal. Oddly enough we can de-age you again if you like, but we can’t age you forward as much. Its a major drawback and it could take us years or even decades to figure it out. ” Cindy said and watched as Harold slowly removed his hand and stared at his privates before speaking after he was done peeing.

“I know, but it just sucks being a little boy again and doing my best not to let my emotions get the better of me. ” Harold said in a depressed tone. He had suffered from crying fits to temper tampers in which Cindy or Jerry taken action too.

At first they babied him and then punishment came in the form of spankings or time outs. Now he was in control most of the time they came to a understanding that he was their adopted son from now on.

“You been such a brave little man. As your new mommy I been very proud of you. ” Cindy said and like she had discussed with her husband that Harold needed all the encouragement they could provide.

“I was rich and in full control of my life. Now I’m stuck like this until I turn eight-teen again. ” Harold said and touched his penis not caring that Cindy saw him playing with it now. It stayed limp and small as ever.

“Don’t forget smart to sign everything that you own over to us until your all grown up again. I know what will cheer you up. You want some titty? ” Cindy blurted out and watch as Harold’s head snapped up.

He was looking at her with his mouth a opened in a O shape as Cindy slowly undid the buttons on her blouse.

“I haven’t breast fed you since we have failed to return you back to normal. I really miss having my little guy sucking at my nipple. You remember my tits don’t ya? ” Cindy said and saw that Harold was now rubbing his penis in such a way if he been able too would had a full on erection going.

Once when he was still a infant and confined to a playpen they had forgotten he was in the room. Cindy and Jerry made love to each other within his view. It was only after wards that the couple realized they did it in front of a old friend. Since then Cindy sometimes teased him and allowed herself to be more open with Harold then in the past.

“What about daddy Jerry? ” Harold found himself asking.

“As your daddy he fully understands that you have certain privileges to my body. Besides you deserve some perks for all you done for us and haven’t you fantasized about me before. I know you never say or do anything because I was Jerry’s girl, but as my son its only natural for you to love me now. ” Cindy said and with no concern removed her blouse so now she was topless.

She had bathed with infant Harold and held his naked form close to her body to share body heat. She had cleaned and caressed every part of his body and loved him nearly as much as she did her own husband. Harold the toddler held the same special spot in her heart as the infant version of himself.

She lifted Harold from the toilet seat and place him in front of the sink to wash his hands. He couldn’t help himself by looking up into the mirror and see her naked breasts in the reflection hovering over his head.

Not only did they look bigger they really were due to the fact she had breast milk in them.

Harold soon found himself on the sofa and on Cindy’s lap. More out being cold she put a fuzzy robe on so she could wrap them both up in it as Harold breast fed from her. How Harold had dream of moments somewhat like this. When been an adult he had daydreams of himself and Cindy being together only after Jerry died in some sort of tragic accident.

In the daydreams he would be there for her in time of grief and slowly they would bond as lovers. Now that fantasy was nothing more then wishful thinking on his part. Now he be her son and he love her as a mother figure. Cindy would better mother then his birth mother because she showed more affection and really cared for him.

As he sucked for her warm milk Harold found the experience about the same when he was a baby. He never broke his sucking routine even when Cindy started to gently caress his penis. She seemed to marvel at the small size of it, but never said anything to hurt his feelings directly.

Harold didn’t mind because Cindy was enjoying herself and let his mind drift into thoughts about the future. In a decade he would be old enough for puberty once more and kissing girls before he knew it. A few years after that he could go on dates with a hot pretty teenage girl and no one outside the family would ever suspect his real age.

Taking his eyes off the breast in front of him Harold looked up at Cindy who was smiling warmly down at him. She was now lightly squeezing his butt as she held him on her lap. Something she did quite often when he was a baby in her arms.

He smiled a bit himself knowing she be a great mom and knew that Jerry would be a very understanding father figure.

“You see, I told ya that would cheer you up. Men, no matter their age they like women for the same reasons. ” Cindy said trying to sound like she was scolding him, but the glint in her eyes said otherwise.

“I will tell you a secret. I’m going to have a baby girl and I want to run a few names by you. ” Cindy said rubbing her belly a little and Harold listened as she went through her side of a one sided conversation.

Harold listened and nodded on the ones he liked and felt sleepy toward the end of his feeding. He knew it was getting close to his afternoon nap time and this time didn’t fight it when the sleepy feeling came.

Cindy found it funny that he didn’t mind being naked with Jerry even when daddy held him naked on his hip just before going into the shower together. In time she knew that Harold would loose his sense of modesty and accept her as his bathing buddy.

Cindy re-diapered him and laid him down on the sofa so he could sleep in toddler bliss and dream of better days. She had worried he hate them for dooming him into a second childhood, but he had accepted his new role and secretly she did love having him as her son. Slowly Cindy hummed a lullaby and rocked her new son gently so he fall into a deeper sleep.

The end.



End Chapter 1

turn backward, O Time, in your flight

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 16, 2015


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