turn backward, O Time, in your flight

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Chapter 2
turn backward, O Time, in your flight

Bridget knocked furiously on the door to her friend’s house as she was looking over her shoulder in worry.

The cab that had drove her there was already pulling away down the street.

Cindy answered the door and was nearly bowled over as Bridget came inside without being invited first.

“Bridget, are you okay? ” Cindy asked taking in the pale look on her friend’s face.

“No time to explain. I need your help. Your machine in the basement, is it still working? ” Bridget asked.

“Yeah, but we moved it. Its in the very back room down there and you know we haven’t solved aging problem yet. You caught me at a bad time. I have to pick up the kids from school in about a hour. ” Cindy said and she didn’t mind telling Bridget about the machine’s location since Bridget was in on the secret of the project years ago to help them solve the one hiccup they ran into with the invention.

Before Bridget could say any more the door banged loudly as someone hammered from the other side.

“Police!, Open up! ” A strong male voice said and Bridget hurried out of the room just seconds before a figure could be seen at the window trying to peak in.

“Coming! Police?, you say. How can I help you? ” Cindy said making it sound like she was coming from a far away room.

“We have reasons to believe that one Bridget Cells came to this address. ” The strong male voice said and Cindy saw the figure in the window trying to peak in while another man and judging from his outfit had to be a uniformed officer. No doubt in her mind another one was at the back door by now.

“I know a Bridget Cells. Has she done something wrong? ” Cindy asked now talking to the man from just the other side of the door.

“Open up Madam. My name is Detective Samuel Jones. She is wanted for hacking, trespassing, and stealing millions. ” Detective Jones said and Cindy noticed the lights dimmed then a little during their conversation.

“Do you have a warrant to search this house? ” Cindy asked and realized where Bridget must have gone and what she must of done to herself.

“I can have one within the hour and I hope you have a good lawyer if we find her inside. ” Detective Jones said next and Cindy heard him talking to the cop next to him.

Cindy heard him say “Cover all the exits. ”

Since Cindy bought herself some time she decided to see to Bridget first. Perhaps she find a teenager version or even a child version of Bridget when she entered the basement.

Cindy found Bridget at the bottom of the stairs barely able to crawl. She was naked and couldn’t have been more then a eight months old if less.

“Oh Bridget, what have you done to yourself? You could have set the machine to make yourself a child. ” Cindy asked and descended down the steps and picked up the infant girl.

Cindy’s eyes followed the trail of clothing and she knew she would have to act fast.

“Okay, Bridget. I’m going to put you in the nursery room. Thankfully my daughter, Emily still uses it for her playroom. Thank God I never tossed out any of that baby stuff even after the trouble I had giving birth to my daughter then having my own tubes tied off. ” Cindy said and carried the naked baby girl upstairs and into the nursery.

She had to clear a space in the crib by tossing out most of the stuff animals and dolls within. Then she hurriedly put a diaper on Bridget she borrowed from a doll her daughter liked to play with.

“Take a nap or something. ” Cindy said leaving baby Bridget alone while she went back downstairs to the basement to deal with the clothing the adult Bridget had shed while she de-aged.

Cindy had a great idea and tossed the underwear into the washer and put the rest of the clothes into her own closet so it blended with her own outfits. If found she could claim they were matching sets to the ones Bridget owned. Thankfully Bridget didn’t have a purse with her so no need to worry there. The last thing Cindy did was disable the machine so no one else could turned it on and discover its function.

Cindy then called Jerry up and spoke to him about the current situation they were in now.

“Yes, I have her in a baby crib and she is safe, but the kids are at school and are expecting me to pick them up in a hour’s time. ” Cindy said next after telling Jerry what happen in the last few minutes alone.

“You did great, honey. I will pick up the kids and explain everything to them. You know we prepared them for this kind of thing. I know she is not blood related to us, but they love her like an aunt all the same. I’m sure they do their best for Bridget” Jerry said and by the sound of it. He was leaving his work place at that very moment.

Cindy calmed herself and said goodbye to Jerry then prepared supper. She was barely getting the table set when the doorbell rang then more banging came from her front door.

“Madam, we have a warrant and you have thirty seconds to open up or we are coming in. ” Detective Jones said and Cindy pulled the door open so fast he nearly fell in just as he was about to hammer again on the front door.

Cindy received a few papers with the word warrant on it at the very top in big letters then she was nearly pushed aside as police men entered her house and spread out in every direction.

They started searching every possible hiding spot a human being could be.

“I have a baby girl in the back room and food on the stove. May I get my child before you scare her to death?” Cindy asked and watched as Jones motion for a female cop to follow Cindy into the back nursery room.

Cindy had to hide a smirk on her face as the male cop already in the room was searching the closet then under the crib not realizing the person he was looking for was standing inside the crib itself. Baby Bridget was using the baby crib railing for support and looking at them with wide eyes.

“Come to mommy, Bridget. ” Cindy said and noticed that the two cops attention was on her as she picked up the baby girl in the crib.

Seeing she was talking to the baby and not reaching for anything else but the baby the female cop then escorted her into the kitchen after Cindy had the baby.

Detective Jones was waiting for them.

He had turned off the stove and was directing more cops down stairs into the basement.

“Mrs...” Detective Jones started to say then Cindy cut him off.

“Call me, Cindy. ” Cindy said and sat down in a kitchen chair with baby Bridget on her lap.

“Cindy, if be better for everyone if you just tell us where Bridget is? ” Detective Jones said and took on the air of a helpful guy just doing his best.

“There must be some mistake. This is my daughter, Bridget here and her adopted Aunt. Who she is named after isn’t here. ” Cindy said and held up the baby girl a little so Detective Jones could get a good look at her.

Perhaps Bridget was feeling very bold and decided to taunt the detective a little.

The baby that was Bridget pointed at Detective Jones and in a cute baby voice said “Pig-gee. ”. She then giggled with delight and looked at Cindy if expecting praise for pointing at him then calling the the detective a rude name.

“No, Bridget. This is Detective Jones. ” Cindy said doing her best to sound like she was scolding the baby for the name calling.

Detective Jones didn’t seemed bother by it and started to grill Cindy with questions.

Cindy played innocent housewife until Jerry came in with the kids. The cops were now searching the attic space and studying the walls if looking for a secret room somewhere.

Twelve year old Harold walk beside his dad as he held onto his little sister’s hand. He was a protective big brother and Emily loved him as much as her daddy. Emily was looking around in wide eye wonder at so many people in her house.

“How was school? ” Cindy asked and watched as their eyes locked onto her then the baby on her lap.

“It was fun, today. ” Emily said and bounded forward to jabber on about all the stuff she did so far that day. Clearly her brother and father had coached her very well, not to act surprised that mommy had a baby on her lap.

“It was okay. ” Harold said and asked his dad if he could go to his room now. Besides chatting up girls his only other love was beating the latest video game on his computer or Ipad.

Jerry nodded after getting a dismissive hand gesture from Detective Jones that the boy could leave.

“Emily, go to the nursery and play. ” Cindy ordered and watched as her daughter nodded then left the room as well.

Jerry then talked to Detective Jones and there was a heated discussion went on that didn’t go beyond cussing or shouting. Jerry mention police harassment and lawsuits while Detective Jones went on about tracking down Bridget Cells to this very house.

Once it was made clear that Bridget Cells wasn’t hiding in the house the cops started to file out one by one. Cindy swore they had searched every room twice before they gave up on finding her.

When the strange machine in the basement was mention Jerry explained his research into sound waves. Then if asked Jerry went into a short dull speech about his hobby. It was enough for the detective to dismiss it as anything important.

Detective Jones had a funny feeling the person he was looking for was right under his nose and he couldn’t quite figure out where she could be hiding. Besides a hunch he hadn’t any proof so he decided to back off for now.

“I will find her. ” Detective Jones said and left the house along with the rest of the cops. Cindy shut the door and saw the neighbors had taken notice to all the police activity.

It was hours later and after Bridget’s bath when the doorbell rang again. Cindy got up and wondering who would call after dark as she walked toward the front door. Cindy answered the door to a man wearing a t-shirt and hat proclaiming him as a cab driver. Jerry was there by her side looking at the man in a curious way. The cab driver looked slightly nervous.

“I’m sorry, you must have the wrong address. We didn’t call a cab. ” Cindy said seeing the cab parked in front of their house.

“The lady in my cab earlier paid me to give you this after the cops left. ” The cabby said in a heavy Russian accent and handed Cindy a Blackberry model type cell phone.

“Thank you, sir. ” Cindy said and decided to take it right away just in case her house was being watch. Anyone looking would only see a cab driver returning lost property and nothing else. Cindy checked the phone for damage and turned it on right away, but the message “No SIM Card” appeared on the screen seconds later.

“No problem. ” The cabby said and turned away to get back in his cab to go home.

After shutting the door Cindy turned to her husband and through a silent look they both agree it was time they got some answers now.

“Okay, Bridget. Its time we got some answers from you. ” Cindy said picking up the infant from the crib and taking her toward the basement steps. She knew that her son Harold would watch his little sister while they dealt with Cindy.

Less then a minute later a toddler version of Bridget sat on the table with a blanket wrapped around her lower waist as she explained everything. While she talked she took apart her phone that Jerry left by her side and pushed the SIM card all the way into its slot.

“You heard of a company called Legion Investments. I was hired to step up their new security and I did my job of course, but I discovered along the way they were scamming people through illegal business means. So I hacked them and stole the information I needed and the bank account numbers to those they stole from. Then I wiped the account numbers from their system so only I have the numbers. ” Bridget said and now was typing away on the little keyboard on her phone.

“So you really did break the law. ” Cindy said in a accusing voice.

“Yeah, but she did it for the right reasons. ” Jerry said and watched as Bridget seemed to be up to something using her phone.

“And those millions of dollars? ” Cindy asked looking from Jerry then over to toddler Bridget.

“It will take a few days, but I just started a program remotely using my phone that will give the money back to the people and will in time upload all the information to the internet for the authorities. ” Bridget said and put the phone down after removing the SIM card once more. Then she removed another card that Cindy recognized as one of those micro SD memory cards. Then she held it out for Jerry to take.

“What is this? ” Jerry asked.

“I solved the aging problem with your invention a day before I got pulled into my security job. I wanted to earn just a bit capital first then invest with you after I gave you the good news. ” Bridget said and Jerry took the card and walked over to a computer. Using a card reader he looked at the document file and math formulas that would make his machine work both ways now.

“Of course its so simple. I was looking at it all wrong this whole time. ” Jerry said to himself running his finger down the screen and following every bit of it.

“This means Bridget can return to normal after her name is cleared. ” Cindy said with a smile on her face.

“No, I can’t ever go back to being an adult anytime soon. Even if my name is cleared of any wrong doing and they arrest most of the people involved. I’m going to have a price on my head and some will fear me being a major witness in the case. It could take years or even a decade before some of these rich guys see any prison time if their high price lawyers don’t find a way to wiggle their clients free from it. I don’t even want anyone to even mistake me for a younger sister or daughter. That is why I choose to be your baby girl instead. My own bit of justice will be that in three days time Legion will be bankrupt and those at the top will have their names black marked. ” Bridget explained further and looked at peace with herself that she had done the right thing.

“So you decided to hide in plain sight as our youngest daughter. That’s pretty smart considering no one would ever suspect a baby. ” Jerry said figuring out what Cindy had planned.

“Yeah, I have even arranged it so that all government records show you have a infant daughter matching my physical appearance. A friend of mine will mail you a small package with birth certificate and some hospital records within a few days from now. As a private joke I used my old birth certificate for all the vital information only changing my birthday year. Now the only thing left for me is for me to go back to being your baby girl. ” Bridget said and looked at them both with a look that said she was ready.

“It’s like Harold all over again. ” Cindy said fighting back tears. At first they had only bought Bridget in because of her intelligence and with the hope she would solve their machine’s one major drawback, but ended up bonding as friends in the end.

“Its for her own safety, Cindy. Its best that Bridget Cells vanishes from the face of the earth. I think we are going to need a bigger house at the rate our family is growing. ” Jerry said and started the machine up again. Pretty soon Cindy was carrying up a bundle up baby in her arms toward the nursery room.

It was months later they had moved into a nice big house just outside the suburbs with a high level of privacy in the back yard area thanks to the high stone wall the previous owner had installed. Jerry had made a major killing in the stock market by investing a lot of money into rival companies of Legion Investments who’s stock skyrocketed upward once Legion Investments fell into ruin.

The most amazing part only those working for the company suffered and the investors discovered all their money was returned to their bank accounts.

The fall of Legion investments had taken up a lot of news time during those first few weeks, but now public interest had falling away and from time to time they might report one person or another being sent to the prison for fraud.

Cindy saw that Bridget had called it right. A few of the higher ups did turn snitch and avoided jail time by becoming key witness. More then one of them had died in mysterious accidents before they could testify. Those who lived soon disappeared into witness protection programs.

Cindy had better things on her mind at the moment. She watch as her children played naked in the kiddie pool or ran about the yard without a care in the world. Just for this afternoon Harold was de-aged down to Emily’s age while a baby Bridget happily trotted about with a toddler Jerry pretending to chase her down. Little Bridget was still unsteady on her feet, but could run once she got into motion. The stone wall around the back part gave them privacy needed to enjoy summer afternoon at whatever age they wanted to be.

Cindy had to admit the sight at so many naked butts was very cute in her own opinion.

Cindy stayed as a adult so she could watch over all of them and just in case anyone stopped by for a visit. Mostly they kept to themselves and kept outside friendships at a distance. Next weekend Cindy was planning on being the child or toddler depending on her mood and loved the time she spent playing with her children as one of them. With her or Jerry able to alter their age they had bonded with their children more so then most parents could dream of.

No one noticed the figure who was peaking through the wooden gaps in the side gate. Detective Jones moved away from the gate with no interest in watching the naked children play. He was slightly confused only to see one adult and who had the other children belong too he found himself thinking.

Wasting no time Detective Jones slipped into the house through the front door by picking the lock. Thankfully they didn’t have a dead bolt install yet still being new home owners.

The price on Bridget Cells head had grown so large that Detective Jones decided that a cop’s pay wasn’t enough anymore. At this point it was nothing more then a revenge bounty, but he wanted to be the one to collect on such a large sum. Detective Jones came to the decision to search the house for any information that could lead him to her secret location. He was sure that Cindy or Jerry knew where she was hiding in these past months.

He went as far to have their home phone’s tapped and listened on every cell phone conversation. A few times he went so far to examine their trash for clues. So far he turned up nothing and figured out they didn’t have regular contact with her. Detective Jones even tailed Cindy or Jerry from time to time during his free time hopeful that one of them would lead him back to her hiding spot.

Now he was reduce to search the house while keeping his ears open for anyone coming into the house. He didn’t think one of the children would come inside to use the bathroom judging from their naked state outside. From what he could see there were plenty of bushes inside the walls. If caught snooping about he could just flash his badge and claim he heard screaming from the back yard which was true enough. Then he pretend to grill Cindy with more questions then make his leave the moment they threaten him with a lawsuit.

When he saw the basement door cracked open he went down the steps staying alert for any movement. Maybe the reason he couldn’t find Bridget was because she been hiding in some bomb shelter or inside a secret room all this time.

Thinking about it the family had a lot of good luck when it came to money and then they suddenly move out here away from prying eyes into a much bigger house. Something hadn’t added up and Detective Jones was going to find out why.

When he came to the only locked door in the basement he noticed the keypad just above the knob.

He looked at the keypad and noticed that a few of the numbers were more faded then the rest. It didn’t take him long to figure out that the numbers were Cindy’s birthday. For a woman of her age with so many kids she still looked pretty sexy in his own opinion.

Detective Jones felt stupid when he flipped on the light only to discover that funny machine that husband Jerry said dealt with sound waves.

“How can anyone find this interesting. ” Detective Jones said to himself and looked over the controls that were at elbow height for an adult. He noticed the display when he turned it on and saw the number three was in the display in bright red letters.

What Detective Jones didn’t realized it was on a time delay and the moment he powered it on the machine was counting down to fire.

Detective Jones was taking a closer look at the discs when the machine fired catching him in between the unseen rays that created a time bubble.

Upstairs Cindy noticed the lights dimmed then flickered and realized they only did that when someone was using the machine in the basement. She barely caught it out of the corner of her eye. Looking over everyone in the yard she noticed that no one was missing. Which meant someone else was inside the house. Cindy almost told Jerry about it, but given his current toddler state he was in no position to help.

“Jerry and Harold are in charge until I get back. ” Cindy said and made it look like she was making another bathroom run inside the house.

Quietly Cindy grabbed a knife from the kitchen then she went down the steps. When she discovered a nearly naked toddler attempting to pile boxes in front of the control panel of the de-ager machine so he could reset the device all of her fears left her body. She placed the knife on a high shelf then decided to take care of the intruder herself.

When Cindy found the discarded clothes she bent down and search the pockets of the discarded pants only to discovered the badge and ID belong to Detective Jones himself. Which explain the gun still in its holster on the belt of the light pants.

Cindy smirking entered the room and picked up the toddler Samuel Jones and sat him on the tall wooden table. He still wore his shirt which provided him with modesty.

“Detective Samuel Jones, I do believe. Creeping into my house like a common thief. ” Cindy said and watch as he looked over the edge of the table and saw it was too high for him to jump off of without hurting himself at his current size.

“That baby, your youngest daughter really is Bridget Cells. This machine can change a person’s age. ” Samuel said hating the lisp in his voice, but unable to get around due to the gaps in his teeth.

“Oh yes she is. A bit of bad luck for you turning the machine on and getting caught in its power since it was set last for my husband to be a toddler. Now your just a little toddler too. ” Cindy said and playfully lifted up the shirt to get a peak at his privates. She knew this would unsettle him due to the fact they had shrunk as he de-aged.

Samuel pulled the hem away from her then scooted away from her into the center of the table in defiance.

“Do you know how much money you could make with this machine? ” Samuel asked and decided a polite approach might be best. Maybe he could con her into starting a company then if he could just convince her to take him on as head of security after restoring him to normal he would buy his time then take the machine from her in the end once he learned all of its secrets.

“Me and my husband did discuss making our discovery public knowledge then decided against it. The world is just not ready because the wrong people would use it more often then the right ones. I noticed you were doing your best to reach these controls again. I don’t think for a second you would have left us in peace if somehow you managed to reset the machine and climb back onto that table again. I dare say you might have return one day when the house was empty or not and take our invention away for your own selfish reasons. You know being a toddler is too good for you. How about a little baby instead so mommy can always have a plaything? ” Cindy asked and walked over to the controls pushing the boxes out of the way with her foot.

“Wait, you can’t leave me like this. I’m a man, damn it. A Detective and people are going to notice that I’m missing. ” Toddler Samuel said and thought about leaping from the table anyway, but a second later he was too late to do much of anything.

Cindy temporarily disable the the time delay and he was caught in the machine’s power once more just as he stood up. Cindy watch as he shrunk down while he de-aged further back while disappearing into his shirt then she walked forward and lifted the shirt up to reveal a naked baby boy unable to roll over or speak anything beyond a few simple words.

A string of baby babble came from his mouth and Cindy imagined he was begging or pleading with her. Maybe he was even threatening her.

“Don’t you worry your pretty head, Sammy. Mommy has no plans in ever letting your grow up anytime soon. My adopted daughter Bridget will be back in college before your ever out of diapers so you won’t be a threat to her. By then I’m not so sure I want you potty train just yet. You seen I have grown quite fond at having a little baby in my arms all the time and your just perfect for the role as mommy’s new little play thing. ” Cindy said and wrapped the baby up in the shirt and then caress his penis with a single finger to watch him shiver with fright or pleasure. Cindy missed doing that with her little Harold and she had to settle for those private moments with her husband when he was reduce to a younger state. Now with Sammy reduce to this state she could keep him like this forever or as long they had the machine around.

Later on that night Cindy would return with her full grown husband Jerry and they would dispose of the clothing and toss everything else into a nearby river, but first she needed to introduce the newest adopted member to their growing family.

A few days later the cops did come by the house and asked about Detective Jones who’s car was found parked down the street from their house. Cindy was busy trying to breast feed her newest son while Jerry talked with the police in the front door entry way himself.

The police officers took no notice to the crying infant who appeared to be doing his best to wrestle free from his mother’s arms.

Since he never saw the adult Detective Jones. Jerry honestly answered them that he hadn’t seen the man.

It was a few weeks later when Detective Samuel Jones was assumed murdered and his case became a cold case after no leads were ever discovered.

Meanwhile Cindy sat in her favorite back yard chair topless with a baby Sammy sucking away at her tit like any other hungry infant in the world would. Over time he had finally become more submissive to her and acted more like a real baby every day that passed. Cindy wasn’t worry it was some act because he would lose his mind long before she ever decide to let him grow up past her waist level. From time to time she lightly squeezed his diapered butt and caress her finger over his chubby cheek with great affection. While he sucked he often used his free hand to play with her other exposed nipple and she let him since it kept him calm. Cindy had no problem in letting any of her children explore her body when they were very young.

The other children played on and would do so until the end of summer break. Sammy gave up on any hopes at returning to normal anytime in the next few years. Since he was a helpless infant his new parents openly discussed about disabling the machine for a few months at a time and let the children grow up as normal kids would.

Cindy agreed and convinced her husband that Sammy would get regular treatments so he would never really grow up and she could always have him as her little boy for years to come. Jerry agreed seeing no problem and if anyone outside the family notice they could always claim he suffered from some rare genetic disease that didn’t allow their youngest son to grow very fast.

Besides some verbal teasing that came his way from time to time. Samuel found the life of a infant was a nice one. With someone as sexy and beautiful as Cindy was. He figured out it wasn’t a bad way to end his career as a detective.

Samuel played with her nipple some more and noticed that his new mommy didn’t seem to mind when he pinched it which gave him a bit of delight to do so. Samuel knew his views on woman and girls were going to change in the next few years. Trapped inside this infant body he would come to see them as more then sexual objects and fall in love with every female caregiver he would be left with. The best part he could lay his head on their soft breasts or stick his hand for a quick feel of their nipples and they only think he was being playful at the most since after all he appeared to be nothing more then a baby.

The End.



End Chapter 2

turn backward, O Time, in your flight

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 16, 2015


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