Trickster's Treat by Jeff and Libra

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 28, 2012

Chapter 1
Trick or Treat

Mrs. Watters opened her front door and like the dozen of kids before stood a little kid dressed in a costume. At first she couldn’t tell if the child was a boy or girl until he spoke.

Dressed in a cheesy sci-fi space man outfit with a silver color on the outside and mirror helmet she couldn’t even see his face. Around his waist at first what appeared to be a western style gun belt turned out to hold a toy ray gun.

“Trick or Treat!” He loudly announced and the voice was male. As he spoke he pulled out his toy ray gun to point directly at her as he held out his candy bag in the other hand.

“Don’t shoot, Mr. Space Bandit. Here is a little extra candy. ” Mrs. Watters said mockingly then giving him an extra handful because she was so amused by his antics.

The little boy got his candy and with his thumb holding the ray gun he changed the position of a knob on the gun. He pulled the trigger and the toy gun admitted a series of lights then sounds.

“Oh, he shot me anyway. ” Mrs. Watters said acting like she was struck by a deadly beam of light. Then she proceeded to pretend to be dying and gently shut the door before she made it all the way to the floor.

The little boy turned and unseen smile was on his face as he dashed off for the next house. Oddly enough Mrs. Watters suddenly felt 10 years younger and in the reflection of a hanging mirror she thought she did looked good for a woman of her age as well.

Little did she know she truly was exactly 10 years younger after the boy in the space suit had shot her.

Ron Ward was a man of 28 years old, but currently he looked closer to 8 years old thanks to his invention. The space suit he wore did double duty as a costume and as a protective suit. The reflective material and mirror helmet he wore protected him from the unseen rays of his invention in case of a misfire. He had learned the hard way glass or a mirror could reflect his invention’s beam.

His invention he dubbed as the de-ager was cleverly hidden inside his toy ray gun. The added lights and sounds were not part of his original design, but he liked them anyway. As an Added feature was a mute switch for more silent shots.

Tonight he decided he would go out and have fun with his invention. So far he hadn’t met anyone who needed to be taught a lesson, but Ron was on the prowl.

Ron had spent weeks getting ready for this night. He had a few personal targets in mind along with a few he came across only recently.

Ron came to his first real target of the night. His former boss’s house was just ahead of him. Ron had been de-aging house wives along the way just for kicks.

Mr. Bruce’s house was a nice two story house and the best part for Ron he was married with children, but his children were grown now which meant he lived alone with his wife.

Ron spent three long years working for the man. Ron watched as Robert Bruce kissed ass with upper management and arranged to have other people to be fired. Robert rode people until they ended up stressed out or coming close to punching the guy out. Ron had quit before Robert could drive him too far, but a deep root of guilt stuck with him for years afterwards he was powerless to stop that tyrant.

“Grandpa can share the crib with his grandchildren. ” Ron quietly muttered and pushed the button to the doorbell.

Ron barely waited for the door to be halfway open before he fired his toy gun at the person. So excited by the idea of reducing his old boss into a baby he noticed the female curves too late.

Mrs. Bruce in the few brief seconds he had seen her clearly appeared to be a late middle aged woman with an attractive face. Within a minute her body and face changed from an adult to a teen. A bowl of candy fell suddenly to the hallway floor as she went from a beautiful teenage girl into a child with a cute face.

Seconds later the child features and body shrank into an adorable baby girl sitting on her naked butt. The witch’s outfit she had been wearing as an adult was just under her small butt.

“Don’t tell me some little kid’s costume just scared you honey. ” Robert’s voice said and from the other sounds he was coming to see what had scared his wife.

Mrs. Bruce started to call out to her husband, but all anyone could hear was baby babble coming from her mouth. Robert came around the corner a little faster than normal when he heard the funny noises and the lack of an adult female voice answering him back.

Robert stood there confused by the sight of a little boy dressed as a spaceman his face unseen and a naked baby girl sitting on a pile of black clothing he knew very well. The witch’s outfit had seen some action in the bedroom before his wife used it as a costume.

“You’re fired. ” Ron said and did fire his de-ager at Robert catching the man just as he turned to run. Three steps away going from a teenager to child and finally an infant himself Robert was lying on his belly looking around at a world grown far too large for him to completely understand yet what had just happened to him.

Ron step past the baby girl and went over to the baby boy. Robert Bruce still was fully aware of himself, but his adult mind was now trapped inside a helpless baby’s body.

Bending down so Robert could see himself in Ron’s mirror like space helmet he spoke to the baby.

“I want you to spend some time thinking about all the people you ever wronged and the ass kissing you done in the past. Otherwise I will see you again in another twenty years. ” Ron warned him having no intention of ever returning.

Ron stood back up and before he was just out of sight of Mrs. Bruce he fired his de-ager on her again from the street this time the gun’s knob set higher.

The beautiful teenage girl was back and very exposed with the front door wide open. The girl shrieked then kicked out slamming the front door close. Ron ran down the street some way before he felt it was safe to rest.

‘Would she call the police? ’ Ron wondered and chuckled to himself with that thought. Ron was 100 percent sure there wasn’t a law in making someone younger.

Then Ron thought about how Mrs. Bruce would handle the situation. At first she would honor the marriage to her now infant husband. As time would go by she would get horny and with her attractive young teenage body she could lure almost any man she wanted to her bed.

Ron smiled as he pictured a little diapered clad baby Robert screaming away in his crib while his teenage wife would be having fun in the bedroom with another man.

Happy he had gotten even with a man who treated people badly. Maybe he would grow up again to be worse or better, but Ron knew that was up to him.

Ron walked on hitting house here and there collecting more candy. As payment for the candy the adult dishing out the candy would get a few years shaved off ending up a little younger than before.

House wives and single people nice enough to stay home to hand out candy would discover their crow’s feet gone in the morning and have a more youthful spring in their step.

Ron was almost at his ex-girlfriend’s house when she appeared suddenly. Ron ducked into some bushes as she walked along the sidewalk with her mother.

Amy Rand looked like she was prepared for a Halloween party somewhere. If had fate decided to play a cruel joke on Amy she had picked out a costume to make herself look like a baby. She was wearing an adult size dress, but it was too short so it showed off her thighs all the way up to a puffy looking diaper that was part of the outfit.

“Amy, I still say that dress is too slutty to wear. A girl of your age shouldn’t be showing off so much leg. ” Amy’s mother said scolding her daughter lightly.

Ron reached with a finger to mute the sound on his ray gun de-ager putting it in silent mode.

“God mom, you still treating me like a baby. I wish I was a baby just so you would pay more attention to me instead on what I wear. ” Amy said and Ron decided not to miss his cue whether it was fate or not.

“Mommy!?” Amy said a moment later when she felt something wrong with her body.

Amy’s mother turned just in time to see her daughter go from a teenager into a toddler. Judging from her daughter’s new size and age she would need diapers until she got potty trained again.

“Mommy, I’m little. ” Amy said half in shock looking up at her mother.

Amy’s mother scooped up her daughter wrapping her daughter’s adult costume around her. Ron fired his de-ager again at Amy’s mothers back as the woman dashed down the sidewalk.

By the time Amy’s mother would get to a mirror she would discovered she would be a much younger woman. Ron always liked Amy’s mother, but little did she know how her daughter really treated guys.

“That was fun. ” Ron said coming out of the bushes and looking down the street where the now toddler Amy was being carried. Ron went the other way grinning at the thought how Amy would deal with being just a bratty tot now.

Ron went on the prowl again, but this time he didn’t have a set target in mind. The public park seemed to be the next best start. There had been rumors some teenagers used it as a make out spot.

Ron found he was in luck again. Just outside the reach of a street lamp he could just barely make out two forms besides the jungle gym. Judging from the conversation they were arguing.

Ron moved closer staying in the shadows.

“It’s too gross to do on the jungle gym. Little kids play on this. ” The girl said and from his stiffness in his stance Ron could tell the guy she was with wasn’t happy.

“Come on, Sharon it’s exciting. ” The boy said his hands reaching up her shirt and leaning over her.

“Rick, you know what that does to me…” Sharon said, but she moaned cutting herself off and felt herself relax back onto the lowest platform of the jungle gym.

A minute later they were both half naked and going at it. If Ron was still old enough to be past or in puberty he was pretty sure he would have a full boner by now.

“Time for the stud to become a foal and for little girls to grow up. ” Ron whispered to himself setting and fire his de-ager changing the setting each time. Ron just hoped his aim was good.

“God, fuck me harder I can hardly feel you in me. ” Sharon said as her breasts grew bigger as her hips expanded even more. In the darkness she couldn’t see that she was growing older into a full woman.

“I’m doing it harder. ” Rick said giving all he got. Swearing Sharon was getting bigger. Part of him could swear the nipple in his mouth was growing larger. Rick failed to notice the slight crack in his voice as his body retreated back into puberty.

Ron amused stopped his device there.

“What the hell?” Sharon said catching a faint look at Rick’s face.

“Why did you stop?” Rick asked his voice high pitch and he startled at his own voice.

Rick moved into the only pool of light near the playground and stared at his body shrunken and somewhere around 11 years old. Ron tried not to look, but it was clear he still had half of an erection going on.

Then Sharon came into the light and even Ron wished he was still old enough to get a hard on. She was beautiful and her body was like a goddess in her full naked glory.

Rick could only stare at her as his manhood stood up again.

“You did this to me. You’re a witch or something. This is all your fault. ” Rick accused anger coming into his tone.

“My fault!? It was your idea to come here and do it. This place is cursed or something. ” Sharon said back not believing Rick could be so stupid.

“You’re so old. ” Rick said looking at her and seeing Sharon was close to being 30 years old if not more.

“Old! Well at least I’m not some little kid. ” Sharon said taking offense to his words.

“Hey baby, I still got it where it counts. ” Rick answered back and actually held his dick to show her he had a full boner going.

‘Hubris’ Ron thought and fired his de-ager again.

Rick shrank into a 6 year old boy a moment later and stared down at himself in sheer horror.

“Looks like someone spoke up too soon. If I’m stuck like this at the very least I can do for you now is give you a spanking. ” Sharon said and moved forward on Rick.

Rick darted away, but Sharon had much longer legs on him now.

Ron moved away at this point, but he could hear them.

“Call me mommy. ” Sharon’s voice said loudly and it was followed by smacking sounds of a hand on a bare ass.

Ron was grinning at the chaos he was causing so far tonight. Still the night was young and he had just thought of someone to use his de-ager on next.

Ron supposed every town had at least one crabby old woman in it that could scare kids out of their wits. For Ron‘s hometown it was Miss. Crandell. No one called her Miss Crandell unless they were addressing her directly. As a town legend she was known as Miss Crab-apple because of her nature toward children and the huge apple tree in her front yard.

As Ron got close to her house he could see this was one old lady who didn’t care for the Holiday. The porch light was off and there wasn’t even a Jack-O-lantern in sight. Signs here and there warned people not to trespass.

Every year a few children or teenagers went onto her property on a dare. Even when Ron was really a child the first time he could remember the woman being old.

The apple tree in her yard had become something of lore as well. The fallen apples had long become a source of sprained ankles and the twisted branches had caused a one or two kids to end up with a broken arm every few years.

As Ron got closer the sweet smell of apples was in the air. Ron could almost see the woman, but she wasn’t in sight just yet. In Ron’s memory she was a tall and lean woman clutching a cane with a silver handle.

As far as her age Ron guessed she must be in her late 80s by now.

Ron carefully walked through the yard until he was up on the porch of the house. For an old house it was well cared for and far too large for a single person to live alone.

Ron thought he was being quiet, but as he looked into a living room window the front door suddenly opened.

Ron moved as quickly as he could and ran. The bottom part of a cane tripped him and he went sprawling on the porch.

“What are you up too you nasty little boy?” An ancient womanly voice asked and Ron was staring up at a very old woman with stern eyes. A long white nightdress was the only thing she was wearing and Ron thought she looked like a lizard in human clothing.

“Come to see the old witch. ” she said flatly if just making a statement and Ron found the end of her cane on top of his chest.

“Time to make her melt. ” Ron said and thankful his de-ager didn’t go flying out of its holster. He pulled it out and fired. The setting a little higher then he originally set it for.

Mrs. Crandell flinched if she expected him to shoot water at her, but instead her cane fell with a clatter.

Ron watched as her body was thrown into rewind. At first she appeared to grow taller, but Ron realize she was only standing straighter as her back gained back its strength. Her face and skin changed the most. Wrinkles went smooth and narrow features of her face filled in with a more youthful appearance once more.

She was a woman somewhere around middle age now and still getting younger. Ron took an interest in her body as womanly curves returned and the front of her nightdress seemed to rise up as her breasts came back to their full glory.

“I’m young.” Miss. Crandell said looking at herself running her fingers over each hand feeling the smooth young skin. There was a lack of joint aches and tiredness.

Ron watched still on his back as she reached the prime of her life then she seemed to shrink before his eyes. Her breasts seemed to go even higher as she got closer to being a teenager. Ron regretted his decision to make her into a child because she was beautiful as a teen girl.

“I’m getting a bit too young now. ” Miss. Crandell said as a bit of concern crossed her face, but she was still smiling with glee. Ron had a funny idea she could turn into a baby and still be happy to have her youth back.

The final changed happen as her body left puberty and there before him was an innocent looking girl about 9 years old with one strap of her nightdress over one shoulder exposing a single nipple.

Ron was about to scramble up and run for it, but the former woman Miss Crandell was too fast for him. She kicked his de-ager away and straddled herself on top of him holding him in place. Ron was currently in the body of an 8 year old boy and didn’t stand a chance.

“Who are you and how did you make me young?” She asked pinning Ron’s arms down.

Seeing no point in lying or trying to escape he told her. Maybe if she decided to use his de-ager on him she would make that mistake. Ron wasn’t scared since the suit would reflect the beam back onto her. The beauty of his device it only effected living creatures.

“So this De-ager is your own invention. You’re a grown man running around pretending to be a little boy. Let’s go inside and talk some more” Miss Crandell said after hearing his story then she got up taking up the De-ager in one hand and holding her cane like a sword in the other.

Ron took a seat on a sofa and Miss Crandell walked carefully so her too large nightgown didn’t trip her up.

“Take off that helmet. ” She ordered and Ron did so showing his face for the first time that night.

“Well you’re fair enough to look at. I think a proper introduction is in order. I’m Miss Sophie Crandell. ” Sophie said and even inclined her head toward him.

“Ron Ward. ”Ron said giving her his full name.

“May I know the reason why you shot me with this De-ager gun?” Sophie asked in her tone that stayed unchanging.

“Well, you hate kids so as a trick I thought I turn you into one. ” Ron answered truthfully seeing no reason to lie yet.

“I say you succeeded. If you excuse me I have to adjust my clothing some more. I have a nipple showing. ” Sophie said not embarrassed she had been flashing her guest the entire time.

“Okay. ” Ron said blushing just a little. Doing the short conversation he had made a point to look her in the eyes until she mentioned that part of her body.

Ron saw that Sophie wasn’t dumb since she took the de-ager with her into a back room of the house.

Ron could have escaped, but he didn’t want to be stuck as a little kid. As a child it could take him weeks or even months to rebuild a new de-ager.

Ron waited for long minutes and finally got tired of waiting on Sophie. Putting aside joking comments how girls take forever to get ready Ron got up and quietly walked down the hallway.

The back bedroom door was opened just a crack and Ron entertained the notion he could slip in to steal back his de-ager.

Peaking in on her he felt a mixture of shame, guilt and slight amusement almost at once.

Sophie was naked and posing in front of a huge mirror on a stand. The former old woman was admiring her childish body if she was in the prime of her youth.

“Going to stay there and play peeping Tom or you going to come in.” Sophie said looking at him in the mirror’s reflection. Ron only figured it out right there and then she had set him up. She was waiting for him to come along.

“I didn’t mean to look. ” Ron said coming into the room his head down and his face bright red from blush.

“I admit I don’t have any womanly curves anymore, but it’s a far better sight then the wrinkled bag of bones I was before. I feel so giddy right now. ” Sophie said and pulled her night gown back over her body after she saw her opened nudity was bothering Ron a great deal

“I felt the same way the first time when my de-ager misfired on me. I spent a whole day as a toddler until I decided to return back to normal. ” Ron said thinking back how he made the mistake of aiming his device at the glass surface of a tank meaning to regress the snake on the other side of the glass.

Ron was looking around the bedroom seeing this inner sanctuary. A dresser off the side caught his eye when he noticed the picture frames covering the surface of it. Pictures of a small boy and the woman he knew as Sophie Crandell.

“My son; Adam. He was murdered 40 years ago on this very day. ” Sophie said her voice cracking only a little.

“Murdered?” Ron asked not remembering any story connecting to the legend of old Miss Crab-apple.

“Maybe there might be a record of it in the public library, but the old newspaper story is pure fiction. They had the nerve to call it an accident. ” Sophie said going over to a shelf and pulled out a well worn scrap book.

Ron accepted it from her and opened it up.

“Boy dies in tragic Halloween Prank. ” The headline said in bold letters from the faded page.

Ron read on, but the details on how he died were vague and mentioned it was the result of an accident from another boy just rough housing with him.

“One of the boys before they got to him told me the full story. My little boy wasn’t a healthy baby when he was born and I wasn’t a young woman when I had him. He had been small for his age since he had been sick as a baby. He was so excited about going trick or treating I let him go alone just one street over. He promised me he wouldn’t go too far away from the house. ” Sophie said and Ron could see it was taking a lot of courage for her to tell her story to a stranger. Ron stayed quiet so he could hear all of it.

“He ran into the town bullies. Just boys like himself at the time, but mean. One of them was the son of the sheriff at the time and the other boy was the son of rich man. His daddy owned a lot of the land around here back then. The third boy wasn’t really a bad kid, but he liked hanging out with kids his own age that would protect him from other boys. My son didn’t want anything to do with them. ” Sophie said her eyes brimming with tears as she remembered that day so long ago.

“It was that boy Paul who did it. Because his father had money they hushed it all up. They dared my son to hold his breath and as a prank to his buddies Paul held his hand over my son’s mouth. ” Sophie burst out and the tears flowed freely and she made no move to stop them.

Ron thought about her story and why she was telling him now. Truthfully he didn’t care if she was playing him or not.

“Why not get justice tonight? Give me back my de-ager and I will help you get even. ” Ron suggested seeing his de-ager on the bed within easy reach for Sophie.

“Promise?” Sophie asked drying her eyes and looking surprise either from the fact she never forgave them or just talking about her son could bring up such emotions again.

“Sure. I have been having fun with my invention half the evening already. ” Ron answered and had to react fast because Sophie tossed him his device.

Ron caught it and put it back in his holster. When he looked back at Sophie she was pulling something out from under her bed.

Ron watched as she pulled out a plastic container with a cowboy costume for a little boy within. Not caring for modesty Sophie let her night gown fall from her body once more, but Ron paid more attention to what she was doing.

Sophie pulled on the costume and even had a hat where she tucked her long hair into.

“It was my son’s costume. I have taken really good care of it. ” Sophie said and went back to stand in front of the mirror where she looked like a cowboy. Only a closer look at her oval face would show she was really a cowgirl.

“We have to walk. Neither of us can drive at our current age. ” Ron said reminding Sophie that Halloween night would be over in a few hours.

“We have two stops tonight. They are in their late 40s or early 50s by now, but I never lost track of them through the years. I know their addresses by heart. ” Sophie said and with the sound of her cowboy boots hitting the floor she left the room toward the front door. Ron followed her and thought she was trusting him a great deal he wouldn’t shoot her in the back.

Ron never knew the last name of the first man, but as they got close to his house Sophie called it James’s house. Ron saw like Sophie’s house it was a unwelcome spot for trick or treater’s. The porch light was off and as they came to the gate a dog growled at them.

Ron had little doubt the dog was lying there to discourage Halloween pranksters.

“Down Cujo. ” Ron said and fired his de-ager. Now the dog was a puppy and his growl was more cute then menacing.

Sophie reached down avoiding his teeth and smacked the dog on the rump. Whimpering the puppy ran back to his dog house.

“All bark and no bite. ” Sophie said and opened the gate. Ron felt the thrill of excitement as they reached the front door.

As bold as brass Sophie rang the doorbell several times. Ron held his bag out to conceal his de-ager in his other hand.

The door opened with a mighty swing inward and one of the meanest looking 50 year old men Ron had ever seen was looking down at them.

“How the hell did you get past my dog?” James asked and Ron gave Sophie a look. She gave him the smallest of nods.

Ron was about to fire to turn the man into a toddler until a small voice behind James stopped him.

A little girl just a little younger then Sophie now appeared in night clothes with a bruise on the side of her face.

“Who is it Grandpa James?” The little girl asked and she appeared to be scared. More frightened of her own family then the two strangers on the doorstep.

“Girl, I told you to go to bed. ” James said and half turned toward his granddaughter and she stepped back and Ron didn’t fail to notice it was to get out of reach of his hands.

“Have you no shame, James. You had to watch a boy named Adam die in front of your eyes and you said nothing. Now you beat on little girls. ” Sophie burst out with anger. James appeared to be in half shock for a few seconds, but he recovered quickly.

“I don’t’ know who has been telling you stories little girl, but if your not off my property in ten seconds I will make sure you won’t be able to sit down for a week. My son is the sheriff like his daddy before him. ” James said and Ron didn’t need to hear anymore.

Ron always had a deep hate for bullies and more so for adults who hit little kids.

James didn’t know what had happen to him at first. One minute he had been towering over all the children around him. The next he was looking up at them naked as the day he was born.

“I think I will tan your hide instead. ” Sophie said and grabbed his wrist and held him by the tips of his toes and she proceeded to smack his bare ass.

By the time she was done Sophie’s small hand hurt and James was reduced to a sobbing form in the corner of the room rubbing his backside with care.

“If he bites, hits or even pinches you again you just give him a good spanking just like I did. Call your mother or just dial nine one-one on the phone. ” Sophie said to James’s granddaughter as she just stood there looking amazed at what she just witness.

They left a few seconds later and Ron locked the door as they turned away.

They walked on and Ron looked at Sophie seeing a change in her step with a curious smile on her face.

What seemed like an hour later they walked out one neighborhood into a much higher class neighborhood. Houses didn’t describe the homes on this street. Mansions would have been closer to describe these houses.

Well lit and appeared to be extremely busy street. Sounds of Halloween parties were going on here and there. Sophie moved through the crowds of kids and parents until they came to one house with a lot of cars parked on the side of a curving driveway.

“Looks like a full party going on inside. ” Ron said seeing this last job of the night would be harder.

“This way.” Sophie said avoiding going up the main driveway where a security guard or valet would spot them. The hedges where to thick for adults to sneak through, but two skinny children had little trouble. Ron decided to leave his candy bag here since it was added weight he didn’t need.

Ron saw the security cameras, but Sophie didn’t care. She came up to the side of the house and just as they rounded one corner a security guard came around the same corner.

“What do we have here?” The guard said and had both of them by the collars.

“We were…” Ron stuttered then went silent. They were caught and there was nothing for it now. Ron slowly started to reach for his de-ager until the guard spoke.

“Sorry kids. The party in the ballroom is adults only. Back to the playroom with the other children where the nannies can keep an eye on you. ” The guard said let them loose to walk in front of him.

Ron and Sophie were led through a side door into the house and up some steps until they reached a large playroom filled with children at different ages.

Ron noticed no toddlers or babies were in here and he assumed the youngest were in another room.

The guard left them under the watchful eyes of two women who looked a bit stressed.

“Two more for you. Caught them trying to sneak away. ” The guard said with a chuckle then he left.

The nannies gave them warm smiles and didn’t appear to notice this was the first time they had seen these two children before.

“Go play with the other children. ” One of the nannies said and gave them a gentle push toward the loud mayhem where the children were playing.

Ron thought Sophie would turn to him and tell him to take care of the nannies. Instead she was making her way through the throng of children.

Ron followed and saw kids on various game systems playing each other. Some in games of pretend as they took up fake soft swords and plastic shields. Most of the girls were in the corner giggling and laughing in their private conversations.

Sophie scouted and found only the open side door where the nursery was with no other way out.

“Guess we have to bust out of here the hard way. Shame we have to shrink a few adults just to get to Paul. ” Sophie said looking slightly dejected some innocent people would have to fall victim to their plans.

“Hey cool ray gun. ” A voice said behind Ron and before he could react he felt someone take his de-ager from his holster.

Turning around he was looking into a face of a boy a little older then himself.

“That’s mine. ” Ron said simply realizing he was sounding like a child.

“I only want to see it. This is my dad’s party anyway. Remember my name, new kid. It’s Alan. ” Alan said and Ron felt nervous. He still had his suit on, but the mirror helmet he had left it at Sophie’s house. So eager he was to help her it had slipped his mind to put it back on.

Sophie took a few side steps behind a large dollhouse just in case Alan decided to fire the de-ager her way. Ron licked his lips as Alan was now playing with the knobs trying to figure it out. Alan turned the switch for the lights and sound to come on when fired.

“I hate being stuck in the playroom all night. ” Alan said and looking over at the nannies Ron just knew where Alan was going to aim the de-ager.

“Wait. ” Ron said, but it was too late.

“Take that you meanies!” Alan shouted, but over the noise of the other children Ron doubted the nannies heard him.

Oddly enough no other children noticed their caretakers vanished and two new babies were in their place.

“Whoa, it made them into babies. ” Alan said and rushed forward. Ron was in shocked and didn’t move for a few seconds.

As Ron went chasing after Alan the baby nannies made the mistake of crawling into the nursery room for help where their former co-workers mistake them for lost charges and had them both diapered then in cribs waiting to be claimed.

He had to get his de-ager back before Alan turned all the adults into infants. Sophie was beside him as they ran out of the playroom into the hallway.

At the bottom of the stairs they found two more children wearing clothes far too large for them. One appeared to be a French maid and the other a security guard. The little girl was babbling away in French while the former guard was in shock saying the same thing over and over.

“This is impossible. ” The child guard said looking at himself with disbelief.

“I guess they got in his way. ” Sophie said as they rounded a corner and finally found the ballroom.

Ron stopped to stare at the sheer size of the room. It wasn’t as big as he pictured it, but it was tall with massive glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and with high windows with deep red curtains. Worse it was crowded with adults moving about in every direction.

The musicians were playing a bass number with an upbeat to it as senior citizens danced on a dance floor setup just for this night.

It was a party for the social elite and wealthy judging from the dresses and jewelry Ron could see.

“We will split up. ” Sophie said taking a direction toward the tables and Ron try to tell her to wait, but she vanished into the crowd almost at once.

Ron now regretted not telling her his suit could protect him and he should be the one to get the de-ager back.

Ron had to dodge adults and mostly helpful little old ladies asking him if he was lost.

“No, I’m fine. My grandma is right over there. ” Ron said vaguely pointing in a direction where he would search next.

Shouts caught his attention and more alert then the people around him he looked in that direction.

Ron was just in time to see an adult Paul reduce to a 4 year old boy with his trophy wife beside him staring in awe that a man twice her age was now just a little boy.

Alan was smirking as he watched his father shrink into a younger kid then himself.

Sophie came out of the crowd then just as people turned to see what was the trouble.

What happened next was pure chaos. As Sophie and Alan fought and wrestled over the gun the knob was moved up then down by Sophie’s attempt to wrestle it away. Alan was pulling on the trigger trying to reduce this stupid girl into a baby.

Worse as they fought the invisible beam hit the huge glass chandelier sending the beams back down in angles as while as bouncing off of the high glass windows.

Even Ron felt his space suit get a little baggy as he was diving under a table. One of the unseen beams must have hit his unprotected head. People started to panic and there would have been a rush for the doors, but over size dresses and pants tripped most people up.

Ron watched as couples suddenly had decades between them in age while the lucky ones where turned into teenagers together.

“Somebody help my wife. ” One young man said as he held a naked crying baby girl in his arms. Ron could just barely see the gleam of a wedding ring clutched in the baby’s left hand.

A moment later two half dressed children were now sharing Ron’s hiding spot.

“Stop worrying, Sara. You still have me. ” The little boy said to the little girl and Ron gave a quick glance to see them hug each other.

As Ron watched he knew after this night discreet nannies would be in high demand.

Sophie won out in the end only because Alan was shrinking fast into a 2 year old boy. As an extra measure of safety Sophie tore free the batteries to the de-ager. Sophie then turned to run passing Alan’s now teenage mother while she held the hand of Alan’s four year old father.

Sophie assumed why Alan’s father was now sucking his thumb was out of shock or it was a reflex he had when he was a toddler.

People seemed to know the strange looking cowboy child was the source of the trouble and got out of her way fast.

“Over here. ” Ron called loudly and heard the squeak of his new voice.

“You shrunk. ” Sophie said coming up to Ron and Ron saw that Sophie looked different as well.

“You’re a little older. ” Ron said and Sophie looking down to see her cowboy costume now showed off her mid section with her belly button in plain sight.

“Explains my boots. ” Sophie said and gave a quick glance at her feet.

Ron saw that the old cowboy boots were a cheap knock off of the real thing and after being in storage for so long had finally seen the end of their days. Sophie’s toes could be seen in a long tear where leather met sole.

“Let’s go before the cops arrive. ” Ron said holding up his space suit as they ran for the now cleared doorway.

Behind him they could hear babies and children crying or screaming out names. Ron knew it would be a while before they could sort who is who in that chaos.

Few people saw them leave and Ron even picked up his bag of candy as they slipped through the hedges.

They ran and rested in short distances all the way back to Sophie’s house.

Sweaty and tired Sophie stripped off her costume as Ron unzipped his just enough for his bare chest to be seen. They looked at each other then laughed long and loud.

“I will never forget the sight of Paul sucking his thumb. I wonder how his trophy wife will treat him now. I can imagine she will spend his money since by all rights she will be his legal guardian. ” Sophie said breathing hard as her budding breasts fell and rose.

“We should change back. ” Ron suggested seeing himself and realizing he was somewhere around Paul’s new age. Maybe 5 years old if he was lucky.

“Let’s take a bath first. We are both all sweaty from running. ” Sophie said tossing the de-ager on the sofa by Ron’s space helmet. Without the batteries it was just a paper weight.

The bath wasn’t as interesting as Ron thought it might be. His body was too young to be excited and Sophie assumed a motherly role as she washed him.

Wrapped in towels and mostly dry they went back into the living room. They had bonded together because of their nightly adventure.

Afterwards Ron only meant to close his eyes for a second on the sofa as Sophie hunted around for batteries. Ron fell asleep dreaming of candy and babies trying to get his sugary sweets.

When morning came Ron was naked in Sophie’s bed with his bath towel still under his body. Sophie must have carried him into her bed sometime during the night.

“Awake already. I had these under sealed plastic wrap. They are a bit big for you, but they will do for now. ” Sophie said and Ron turned his head to see a young woman in a bathrobe putting a set of very old looking children size clothes on a chair.

“That’s okay. I will just put on my space suit and sneak back to my house when it gets dark or you could drive me almost to the front door when it gets dark. ” Ron said wondering where his de-ager was.

“Ron, I put your space suit and de-ager up until next year. I promise to let you have it next October. ” Sophie said in a tone without emotion.

“What!?, but I need my de-ager back to grow up. ” Ron said sitting up not caring he was naked.

“I been listening and watching the morning news. What we did last night is all over the news stations. No one knows the real story, but I think it’s best if we lay low just for a year. I have money so I will pay your bills and you can stay with me. ” Sophie said if all this was just as a matter of fact.

“Sophie, I don’t want to be a little kid for a year. ” Ron said trying not to whine.

“I guess I wouldn’t mind changing diapers. ” Sophie said and looked thoughtful for a minute.

Ron got the message loud and clear. This subject wasn’t up for debate.

“You Promise? Eleven months from now I will get my de-ager back. ” Ron said and Sophie nodded in agreement.

“Well I better make breakfast and no candy until after you eat. ” Sophie said and left the room.

Ron didn’t think he would like his second brief childhood, but with Sophie as a temporary mother the months flew by and he got to know her a lot better.

Ron rarely left the house since Sophie had a nice big backyard. Over time she would join Ron taking short trips into her own second childhood.

In the summer time they went swimming sometimes in a real pool or just hung out in the kiddie pool Sophie had bought. Ron wasn’t worried about his real family. Since the last big argument over the subject of he had been wasting his time with his inventions they were not on speaking terms at the moment. He wrote them a letter saying he was taking a road trip for a year.

Ron could no longer see Sophie as an equal and the only love interest he had in her now was as a motherly figure.

Ron started to worry when Sophie turned one of the rooms next to her bedroom into a nursery. Complete with a changing station, crib and rocking chair. Also she would go out and leave him alone with a babysitter.

Sophie assured him the nursery wasn’t for him. As fall came Ron was looking forward in getting his de-ager back. Other changes were taking place as Sophie got a stroller, car seat and started buying sets of baby clothes for boys. Ron was feeling uneasy as October approached.

On the morning October first Ron found that Sophie had laid out his space suit costume next to a bag with some adult size clothes in it for a man.

Getting up Ron found his PJ bottoms a little snug and when he threw off the covers he saw he was a little older. Back to being 8 year old self instead of his 5 years old Ron thought. There was no sign of the de-ager.

“Before you say anything I have one final thing to do before I will give back your de-ager. ” Sophie said coming into the room fully dress.

“What are you up too?” Ron asked knowing Sophie had something planned.

“You will see in a few hours. Put on your space man costume by four o’clock because we are going out. ” Sophie ordered and Ron wonder yet again if she meant to regress him into a helpless baby. He would have little choice in the matter.

Then it hit Ron what she might have planned all of along.

Ron dressed up back up in his protective suit which looked more like a space man from the future. He didn’t put on his helmet just yet.

Sophie drove them to a building that looked like a set of apartments at first, but Ron saw the sign as he got out.

Sunniville Nursing Home in bright yellow letters.

“Who are we coming to see?” Ron asked he already had half of the puzzle solved.

“An old friend. A long time ago a young man I considered my friend. ” Sophie answered as she proceeded to setup a stroller and threw a blanket over the top so no one could see it was empty.

Sophie started pushing the stroller toward the building Ron could only follow her. He decided that maybe it would be best if he put on his helmet so no one saw his face.

The town had put a banned on toy guns after last year Halloween’s events. Not mention there were vague descriptions of two children carrying around some type of ray gun able to regressed adults into a younger age. Some of the stories going around town were fantastic to hear while others hinted that the two children were aliens.

Ron didn’t want anyone else seeing his face until he was an adult again.

At the nurse’s station Sophie gave a false name of Sara Rines. She spoke so quietly it was clear to Ron she was pretending a baby was asleep in the stroller. With the blanket thrown over the front no one could tell it was empty.

“Come on Rory, time to show grandpa your Halloween costume. ” Sophie said softly.

Ron and Sophie were allowed through and they passed by a huge TV room where all the senior residents were gathered to watched the large screen TV.

It was a sad sight to see. Here were a collection of the forgotten elderly members of families put here to die or became too much of a burden on their own families to care for. It wasn’t a horrible place to be, but it seemed cruel for their adult children to do this to their own parents.

They came to a room close to the back door of the nursing home and Ron saw a 50 year old man in bed with a bathrobe covering most of his body. From his skinny frame, wheelchair by his side and the attached rails to his bed it was clear he couldn’t walk on his own.

Ron removed his mirror helmet so he could see the man clearly.

“Ron, I would like you to meet Jeremy Rines. I bet you can guess how I know him. ” Sophie said as she took a seat next to his bed and judging from her manners she been here many times before.

“The third boy who witness your son’s death. The one brave enough to tell you the truth. ” Ron said figuring it out at last. He didn’t even seemed surprise to see a much younger Sophie next to him. It was clear Sophie had visited him before in her younger form. Ron just now noticed Sophie looked different. Bigger breasts at the very least.

“Brave?, no young man. I hid behind the bigger kids for protection. God help me I stayed quiet when I should have been telling everyone what really happen that night. That night haunted me since and I started drinking when I was a teen. Ended up a cripple soon after a car wreck and before you ask I wasn’t trying to kill myself. My friends and family abandon me because I was a drunk who needed help just to move about. Like an angel of mercy she came to pull me out of the gutters. ” Jeremy said and there was bitterness in this voice.

“And now Sophie is going to change you into a helpless baby. ” Ron said not believing he really wanted to be an infant again.

“A baby, toddler, little boy, and I will be teenager again in time. Wouldn’t be the first time she took care of me. It was embarrassing for a teenager to have a grown woman bathing and changing him. Like you I grew to love her as a second mother. ” Jeremy said looking like a man ready for his fate.

“Not to mention there is a chance he could learn to walk again. A true second chance at life itself. ” Sophie said and from her purse she had the de-ager in her hand.

Ron watched as she turned the dial all the way down. Ron had never tested his de-ager on that setting before and it never went that far down at last year’s Halloween party. Images of crawling babies and screaming children flashed in his head as he was remembering back to that night.

Sophie pulled the trigger and Jeremy de-aged then he was lost from sight as his body dwindled into his robe.

When Sophie opened the robe a tiny pink baby boy not quite a newborn, but close enough to look like he came out of the womb only a few months ago was laying on his back.

The naked baby Jeremy was happily kicking his legs and making noises causing some drool to come out over the sides of his mouth.

“It worked!” Sophie said carefully picking him and held him to her breasts. Lightly she tickled his feet to show him he had feeling back in his feet if his kicking legs weren’t enough.

“Don’t you worry, Jeremy. Mommy will be here for you. If you’re hungry I have yummy breast milk for you. In a year from now you will start walking for the first time in thirty years. ” Sophie said pulling out a diaper from a bag under the stroller as she proceeded to diaper Jeremy.

“My de-ager?” Ron asked seeing it on the bed next to the now diapered Jeremy.

“Of course. ” Sophie said and handed him back his invention. Ron looked it over once getting the feel of it once more then he placed it back into his holster reassured by its weight.

“Good to have this back. ” Ron said patted the handle of the de-ager at this side.

“You know I wouldn’t mind having a little boy around my house if you choose not to grow up. Mommy even has an extra nipple for her second son if you want to be a baby. ” Sophie said and Ron watched as Sophie undid part of her dress to show off more cleavage.

Ron did think about it. He could be a baby again playing or sucking on Sophie’s nipples. He could even be a toddler taking baths in the kitchen sink with Sophie squeezing his little butt as she sang softly to him alone. He and Jeremy could even be brothers. The temptation was great, but Ron resisted.

“Thanks, but I’m looking forward to being an adult again. ” Ron said blushing a little bit. He was amazed she could still do that to him. Sophie had cared for him like a mother giving him baths, letting him sleep in her bed and dressing him in or out of clothes. Sometimes she joined him in his childhood. As a child she rarely wore any clothes since she never bothered buying any for herself.

“My door is always opened. You know I could pay you to build another de-ager for myself. ” Sophie said and gave him the warmest of smiles.

Ron thought about it. What choice did he have? He couldn’t go public with his de-ager because he would be linked to the dozens of people at that Halloween party. Then he would have dozens of the most powerful and richest people in town wanting revenge on him.

“It will cost you; since you’re like family I can give you a discount. ” Ron said and Sophie was now dressing Jeremy in a Onesie.

“Sounds good. You know I could pull the car around back if you want to have some fun with your de-ager before we go. The Sara Rines they have on file here lives at a false address. It will take them weeks to sort everything out anyway. Then I could drop you off at your house. ” Sophie said and Ron had to work out what she meant then he did recall the room full of elderly people just down the hall.

“The Babysitting business is about to become very popular. ” Ron said putting his helmet back on and going down the hallway as Sophie pushed her now occupied stroller out the back toward her car.

All the nurses would find in Mr. Rines’s room was an empty robe laid out on the bed. Perhaps they would assume the worse.

Ron waited only an extra minute before he peaked around the corner and saw everyone was within his sight. Leaning out he set the de-ager a little higher then fired his de-ager sweeping it across the room.

Within a minute the place went from a nursing home to a nursery. Everywhere Ron looked 1 year old babies were crawling, walking or just sitting on their naked butts staring around in pure confusion. Mentally they were still adults, but there was the shock or surprise to get past when you find out why the world got suddenly big from your point of view.

Ron didn’t wait for them to start crying or the orderly on duty to get back from wherever he went, maybe from the bathroom. Ron ran for the back door and jumped into Sophie’s car telling her to gun it. She didn’t of course, but drove away at a normal speed so not to draw attention.

Ron looked over to see baby Jeremy in the car seat next to him.

At the front door of his house Ron looked back to see Sophie in her car waiting for him to go inside before she would drive off.

Ron waved and unlocked the door. As soon as he was inside he heard her car drive off. Only today’s mail was waiting for him and the house was cleaner than it had been in months.

Sophie and Ron made regular trips here to keep up the appearance someone was living here. His bills were paid in advance and a lawn service took care of his yard.

Ron stripped off his protective suit and reset his de-ager. Ron the teenager now stood naked in his living room adjusting to seeing everything smaller and from a height he wasn’t use to yet.

He pulled the adult clothes out and dressed. No sooner did he pull on his pants when a noise from the back room of his house caught his attention. The sounds were coming from the second bedroom where he made his inventions.

Ron picked up his de-ager and carefully walked toward the back room adjusting the setting to turn his intruder into a child. Maybe he would give Mr. Burglar a good spanking before sending him into infancy. On bare feet with soft carpet under them the person wouldn’t hear him coming.

Ron turned the final corner pressing the trigger just in time to see a woman in her late 40s shrink down into a little girl. She yelped with surprise and fell back on her much smaller butt.

After a second or two the shock on both of their accounts the little girl smiled at him. Ron looked at her outfit and saw she wore a name tag on her blouse with the name Cynthia printed in gold letters.

“I knew it was you. ” Cynthia said looking at her shrunken body then up at Ron.

To be continued till next Halloween…



End Chapter 1

Trickster's Treat by Jeff and Libra

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 28, 2012


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