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Chapter 2
Lab Work Part 02

Chapter Description: Dr. Mela's Research is stolen.

Natalie or Frank would have recognized the woman as a former assistant. Doctor Mela had her arrested years ago for stealing his early work then selling it to interested parties.

Jennifer Emil, a woman in her late forties sat in her car talking on a cell phone to the man who recently freed her from a prison mental hospital.

Soon after he had provided her with the funds and information to track down the good doctor even after all these years.

“I think I have finally found him. It wasn’t easy, but by the way he looks now I would say he has worked out all the kinks to his youth drug. ” Jennifer said and the man on the other end asked a question.

“Can you bring me a sample? ” Robert Riley asked with an eager tone in his voice. He was getting up there in years and he personally wanted a small sample for himself.

“Yes. I will finally have my revenge on him. All those years I was locked away in that mental hospital just because I told the truth about his youth drug. No one believed me, except you. ” Jennifer said her tone harder then softer when she talked about him.

“Don’t forget I’m a married man and I only hired you for this job to do one simple task. Remember if you get caught nothing can be traced back to me and this time you will be in a deeper hole then before. ” Robert said his voice harsh, but firm in his commanding tone.

“Yes sir, you can expect me to be there within the hour if all goes right. ” Jennifer said being as polite as she could. If she failed, Robert Riley would report the car stolen and money missing which would lead to Miss Emil to take the blame.

Jennifer made her way around to back of the house carefully not to attract attention to herself. Breaking a small pane of glass from the back door she was able to gain access to the house.

Slowly she entered waiting for any sound of an alarm or someone calling out.

She was hopeful there wasn’t a silent alarm in place she walked around the whole house looking for his lab.

Carefully she searched then found it. Jennifer wasn’t really surprise by his lab when she entered into the basement.

Checking over charts and seeing the small fridge where two vials were held within she quickly snatched them up.

Studying the label she saw the words Batch One and Batch Two in neat hand writing.

“I think I will keep this one for myself and we will let Robert have this one. ” Jennifer said to herself overjoyed to find this little treasure then put the number two vial deep inside a inner pocket of her light coat.

Jennifer then arranged for the lab to catch on fire. With some luck the fire department will rule the fire as an accident and his precious youth drug will go up in smoke along with every scrap of paper of his research. Maybe setting him back in decades of hard work.

Jennifer’s drive was a short one and she reached the cheap hotel within minutes before the meeting time. In her parked car Jennifer had plans of her own and she took several pictures of the notes. Her past experience told her which ones to copy and she hid the digital camera away in her car.

Robert Riley, waited for Jennifer to show up as he stood by the bed keeping his distance from anything in the room he may come in contact with.

“Here are the notes and the sample you wanted. ” Jennifer said handing over the notebooks then the vial labeled batch one.

“Thank you. ” Robert Riley said and he calmly pulled a gun out on her then he shot her twice in the chest.

“Why? ” Jennifer gasped after she fell to the floor.

“I can’t have anything leading back to me when my company makes this discovery public can I? ” Robert said then stepped over to her.

Once he took away her cell phone and purse he left the hotel room.

Jennifer was in alot pain and one look at the cheap hotel phone told her he had ripped the cord from the wall before their meeting. At the moment she was holding her hands over the bullet holes.

“Bastard. ” Jennifer whispered then remembered the vial inside her inner coat pocket.

Fumbling with the vial with blood soaked hands she barely managed to drink it. Because she took the whole thing down to the last drop the changes happened within a few minutes. Given in what part of the city she was in it would be a little longer before the cops would show up.

She screamed and thrashed until all pain had faded from her body. Lucky for her the bullets had passed through her body otherwise she wasn’t sure what might of happen to the metal inside her body.

Jennifer slowly got up and realized something was very wrong.

Everything looked larger and too tall then there was her body. Small and thin with no breasts or womanly curves to show she was an adult anymore. Jennifer weakly walked over to the cheap bathroom mirror glued to the front of the half opened door and stared at a scared looking little girl covered in blood with a blouse in the same state.

‘The youth drug worked a little too well. God, I’m a child maybe six or seven years old. ’ Jennifer thought seeing someone who was a good decade away from being a hot legal teenager once more.

‘The camera in the car, maybe I can make an antidote or get someone to do it for me. I need to leave before the cops come. ’ Jennifer thought next having no idea how she was going to drive or run away without anyone stopping her in the state she was in.

Jennifer turned to run for it when something exploded just outside the hotel room. Jennifer was thrown back into the bathroom.

The last thing Jennifer remembered was the edge of the sink coming up at her then there was silent blackness.

The next thing after that Jennifer could remember was someone standing over her with a flashlight and a sense of floating. Slowly she realized that a pair of paramedics were wheeling her away so they could take her to the hospital.

As they carried her into the parking lot Jennifer saw the car she had been driving was a burnt out heap of metal now.

Mr. Riley didn’t take any chances and made sure everything went up in smoke.

Jennifer whimpered at the thought she was stuck as a child from now on. The female paramedic told her everything was going to be okay trying to keep her calm.

The other male paramedic was asking her questions and Jennifer pretended she didn’t know her last name or how she got there.

Jennifer didn’t think for a second a mental hospital for children would be any better if she attempted to tell the truth.

Robert smiled as he drove down the highway. On the other side of the highway the police and fire trucks passed by heading for the hotel.

“Maybe Jennifer will get labeled as a terrorist. After all the car was in her name and the gun won’t be found. ” Robert said to himself smirking as he thought about the river he just drove over.

Robert had tossed her purse with the gun inside into the river. The time delayed pipe bomb had made short work of her car.

A little time later Robert pulled into the driveway of his home and admired the two story home with its full basement.

‘With the money I will make I will buy a real castle soon. ’ Robert thought as he got out of his car then went inside.

It was late so he stayed quiet as he went inside so not to wake up his wife. The second he stepped into the living room a light came on.

“Where have you been? ” Traci said from her spot by the lamp while she waited in a chair.

“Business, baby. I got something here that will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams. ” Robert said as he patted the briefcase where he had put the stolen research.

“Oh and you weren’t with her again or another woman?” Traci asked and she was referring to Robert’s secretary.

“It was one time I told you that I was drunk at that Christmas party. She seduced me when I was weak. ” Robert said as he explained for the hundredth time what had happened to him.

“Okay, then what do you have there then? Is that going help us start a family, Robert. The nursery room has been ready for a year now and I’m not as young as I used to be. ” Traci said her voice rising as she got more emotionally upset.

Traci had always believed his story about getting drunk. Anything in a skirt could seduce Robert after he had knocked back a few drinks. She blamed Sara more for going after a man already married. Worse Robert couldn’t fire her in fear a huge law suit would follow then the story would go public. Then he would lose his job and no other company would touch him then before they know it they would be living in a much smaller house.

“Funny you should mention not being so young. This here is the key to becoming young once more. A youth drug I just acquired from one of my people. ” Robert said and after putting his briefcase he pulled out the vial labeled batch one out from his pocket.

“And what you have some magic beans in your other pocket? ” Traci asked her tone as sarcastic as she could make it.

“Fine, I will show you. Then you can have the other half. ” Robert said sick and tired of her high attitude of late.

Robert drank half of the vial then put the cork back into place.

No sooner did he put it into his pocket the pain had started.

The first part of the drug was taking effect by reverting his cells to a previous stage in life. It took only minutes to start.

Fearing he had just poisoned himself Traci jumped from her seat and stopped halfway to him now seeing the changes on his face.

The mustache he loved so much was gone and only bare smooth skin showed on his face. The hands on his biological clock were spinning in reverse at an incredible rate.

Robert fell to his hands and knees in pain as he grunted as his body’s aging was thrown into a rapid reverse.

“Traci, something is wrong. I’m…I’m…getting to young. ” Robert grasped and Traci stood there in shock as a teenage version of Robert appeared before her as his body seem to melt into itself.

Traci moved once more and knelt then taking Robert onto her lap she held him while he got even younger.

He was a boy maybe on the verge of puberty and pitching a tent in his now oversize shirt. A few more seconds while she held him down he was just a child now.

“Trawi, hewp me. ” A toddler Robert pleaded as he wiggled free of his shirt now soaked in urine. In his terror his bladder had cut loose.

Traci held him cradling his naked body as he shrank into a baby around a year or perhaps just over a year old.

Robert looked up at her with tears in his eyes and babbled something that came close to something that sounded like mama and water.

“Looks like someone is just a bit too young to talk. ” Traci commented as she listened to him then study every inch of his body.

He was nearly hairless of course with baby soft skin and a cute pot belly that stuck out. He had a full head of hair that was wispy thin and soft to touch.

Traci looked further down curious to see what remain of his once proud manhood.

A little short bald penis with a small sack was limp between his legs. It was something more cute and amusing now to look at.

‘I guess I don’t have to worry about him cheating on me from now on. ’ Traci thought doing her best try not to smile.

Traci marveled over his angelic face and adoreble features a few seconds longer before she thought what to do next.

At first she wanted to get help, but who to call to make your husband grow up. The ironic thought wasn’t lost to her sense of humor. Traci realized there wasn’t anyone to call yet. He was helpless as a real baby and she couldn’t be his wife anymore. The answer was simple and she loved it. Robert needed a mommy figure in his life now and Traci still loved him.

Robert was whimpering now and getting frustrated he couldn’t be understood anymore. Traci decided to be his adopted mother at that very moment.

“There, there Robby. ” Traci said and with some effort she got up then carried her infant husband up the stairs then into the nursery.

Another word he could still say was no and he said it many times as Traci had lay him down on the changing station.

“Mommy has to get a fresh diaper on you so we don’t have anymore accidents. ” Traci said sweetly as she cleaned him up as she took great pleasure in cleaning his naked privates.

‘Privates….ha. What an ironic thing to call those now. Daycare workers, babysitters, and my own mother will see them now. ’ Traci thought and she did smile this time as she adjusted a diaper around his waist.

“Mommy Traci is going to look in your briefcase and she needs her little man to be quiet. ” Traci said then put Robby into a crib that was meant for his son or daughter, but now it would be his bed until Traci could get help to change him back.

Traci left the night light on and started a musical baby’s mobile spinning slowing over her husband’s head as he laid down for rest. The change appeared to take a lot out of him and he looked tired.

Traci went back to the living room where she opened his briefcase then started to read over the note books.

The technical and strange math equations were beyond her understanding, but some of the paragraphs were simple enough to be understood.

Traci gathered this was someone’s private research since none of the papers were printed and it was all in someone else’s handwriting.

Then Traci thought about the vial and found it in her husband’s clothing.

‘I don’t think I will have a sip, but I can think of someone else who needs one. ’ Traci thought and some nasty thoughts of revenge came to her. All Traci had to do was wait a few hours and just before dawn.

During the early morning hours Sara was just about to leave for work when a cell phone call came on her Android type phone. Checking the display she saw it was from her boss.

Answering she was a little surprise to hear Robert’s wife on the other end.

“Hi Sara, this is Traci Riley. Me and Robert were talking about how you were finishing up college. I think we can arrange a little financial aid for you once you leave your current job for a better paying one. Would you be interested in that offer? ” Traci asked her voice sweet and getting to the point right away.

‘You will pay me off to leave my job and I won’t sue your husband or his company for sleeping with him. ’ Sara thought as she smirked at the question before answering.

“I don’t know Traci. It could be costly and I like to live well. ” Sara answered and looked at her nearly one bedroom apartment. The monthly bills were lying on the table right by the place where Sara liked to put her phone when she got home from work.

“I promise you after our meeting you will be able to afford a personal servant to pamper you all the way. ” Traci said and with truth from her point of view.

“Will Robert be there? ” Sara asked thinking about making him squirm a bit before she would nearly bleed him dry of pay off cash.

“Well, he is in bed sleeping in. He doesn’t quite feel like himself today. We girls will discuss this matter over a cup of tea first. ” Traci said and answered Sara as politely she could make herself.

“I just love tea and I will be there soon. ” Sara replied back then quickly changed her skirt into a shorter one that showed off her legs more then undid another button on her blouse so more cleavage would show.

‘We will let Mrs. Riley see this younger woman at her best. ’ Sara thought as she checked herself in the bathroom sink mirror once more then left for her boss’s house.

Sara arrived at Robert’s house in the grey dawn hours just before the sun would peek over the trees.

Sara barely knocked on the door quietly when it opened nearly right away. Judging from her appearance and manners Traci was eager to pay her off then see her on her way.

‘Good, she is in a rush to get rid of me and I will just grab the money then leave. ’ Sara thought as they exchanged greetings.

Traci made a big show of showing Sara into the dining room where a pot of tea sat with two cups of tea waiting for each woman.

Traci took her seat right away and waited for Sara to do the same.

“The mint tea blend isn’t really my preferred favorite, but Robert seemed to like it. ” Traci said and sipped a little of her own tea.

Not to be rude Sara had a taste and found it was fine to her taste buds.

“How much do you think would be enough to support you on your way to a better career? ” Traci asked and getting right to the point with the other woman.

“Well, there are the student loans and bills I must pay off first. Of course there is also my own personal expenses I must consider first. ” Sara answered and felt something like a cramp deep inside her body.

‘Damn, my time of the month came early. ’ Sara thought and refused to let this other woman see her weakness.

“Robert’s parents passed away years ago and left all their money to him. My own parents were well off when I married Robert. We are prepared to pay handsomely once we finish our tea of course. ” Traci answered back and smiled a little when Sara took a gulp of tea this time.

“Would hundred thousand be too much? I understand if you can’t pay it to me now and we can arrange payments to be sent to me over time. ” Sara asked and the cramps were getting painful now.

“Hmmm, I think that will be okay. Come upstairs with me and I will have Robert sign off on the first check. ” Traci said and down the last of her tea then Sara hopeful the stomach would settle as she downed the last of the tea in her own cup.

Sara was wincing on the steps as they climb up the stairs and to her utter confusion they entered into a nursery room for a baby.

“Robert is still asleep. Like a little angel. ” Traci said and looked over the bars of the crib.

Seeing the crib wasn’t big enough for an adult Sara slowly walked up to the side to see a small infant boy asleep with a pacifier in his mouth.

“Where’s Robert? ” Sara gasped out then she was forced to her knees by the mother of all cramps. Sara held onto the bars of the crib for support with one arm. Her other arm held her stomach area.

“In the crib, sweetie. Pretty soon mommy Traci will have a baby girl to care for. ” Traci answered her tone changing if she was talking to a very small child.

“You crazy bitch. You poisoned me? ” Sara said and screamed a little as a wave of pain hit her and she was now curled up on the floor.

The baby in the crib awoke with a start and pulled himself up to look through the bars then down at her. His pacifier dropped from his mouth as he openly stared at her.

“Nope, just something my husband brought home from one of his research people. You won’t believe me just yet Sara, but I gave you a youth drug in your tea. After it gets done with your body I won’t care if you sleep with my husband anymore. ” Traci monologuing like she was a villian in some kid’s tv show.

“My body! ” Sara screamed out as she noticed shrinking breasts and narrowing hips as they reshaped into early stages of puberty for a girl. Already a young woman it was very disturbing to watch herself lose all signs of maturity.

“My husband was far older then you so your trip back to infancy will be quick. Looks like someone is already in their teenage years once more. ” Traci said putting a hand to her chin if judging a minor contest.

“Please Traci. You can forget about the money. I pay you instead for the antidote and if you want we can jump in the sack together. ” Sara pleaded and she was begging for an antidote. Part of her believed the youth drug story now while another thought maybe she was hallucinating the whole thing.

“Not much left. ” Traci said and bent down to rip open the woman’s blouse. Small breasts of a young girl were now in plain sight as a sexy bra hung useless over the girl’s shoulders.

“Please! ” Sara screamed in a pitiful way and another round of cramps hit her.

Sara thrashed a bit on the floor and watched in utter horror as her chest went flat to show she was a child again.

All of her college education and former sexual goddess statis meant nothing now.

“Come here, sweetie. ” Traci said and took a towel from the changing station as she pulled Sara free of her adult clothing.

Traci lifted up the child Sara in her arms not bothering to cover her. Traci wanted to feel her shrink in her arms and she got her wish.

Sara was a toddler now crying opening and calling for mommy all the way. Traci was sure she wanted her real mother.

Traci held the baby Sara in her arms and felt the towel getting wet as Sara must have lost all bladder control.

“Someone needs a die-pee. ” Traci half sang and carried Sara over to the changing table then proceeded to diaper Sara after cleaning her up.

Sara was then place right next to Robert in the crib.

“By the way, honey. I’m in no rush to change either of you back to adults anytime soon. I think I will prefer having you both as babies from now on for the next few years. ” Traci said perhaps addressing her husband or both of them.

The result made Robert screw up his face and he started to wail like a banshee.

Traci left them alone and started making calls to ask some of her husband’s business buddies if they like to buy a fountain of youth drug.

Across the city and standing in front of a house that was still smoking stood Natalie, Frank and Karyn.

Police tape kept everyone away from the house as firefighters went in and out checking the house for more damage.

Natalie had just been midway through her expensive dinner when her cell phone rang. A neighbor had called to tell her that Doctor Mela’s house was on fire.

They had returned to find his house smoking from a basement fire. Police, ambulance and fire department vehicles were already there making sure everyone was safe.

Frank introduced himself as Doctor’s Mela son to the police since neighbors would describe Doctor Mela as a much older man.

Natalie stood right next to him explaining she was a friend of the family and Frank’s girlfriend. Since Karyn had been rarely seen around the house she had passed herself as Natalie’s friend back from an introduction dinner to meet her friend’s new boyfriend.

Frank gave the police a story him and his father hadn’t been close and he lived with his mother whom never married when questions came up about his relationship with his father. Frank went on to explain later on they made up and Frank was house sitting while his father was on vacation.

“You might be wondering why I’m asking you about your feelings toward your father is we don’t think this was an accident. We think someone broke in and perhaps fiddled with your father’s lab in the basement. ” The policeman said if he was letting Frank in on a big secret. Perhaps to see Frank’s reaction to his words. Perhaps to lull him into a false sense of trust.

“Well, my father’s research is important to him, but I can’t imagine anyone breaking in to steal it. I don’t think any of the neighborhood kids could have done this unless it was an accident. ” Frank answered and realized if the police look into his background now they would find nothing.

“Most likely a thief looking for cash and he or she wanted to start a fire to cover his or her tracks. ” The officer said as he thought about the broken window to the back door.

Just then a fire fighter came up to them.

“There is some minor damage to a basement wall and a lot busted glass on the floor in the basement. You can go in now if you like to see what is missing. ” The fireman said looking at the police officer to see if he would let them back inside.

As Frank and Natalie walked toward the house another police man came running up the first.

Karyn was close enough to hear him.

“Sir, the next door neighbor said she saw a woman running from the house right before she saw the smoke then called nine one one. She even gave us details about the car. The car sounds like the same one that just gotten blown up at a motel and is also involved in a shooting. ” The younger officer said in a rush of excitement.

“Sounds like we will have to call one of our own detectives in on this. My best guest the woman came here for the chemicals to make a bomb then ran into some trouble at the motel. Give me the full details on the other crime scene. ” The first officer said and walked away with him toward the police car.

Karyn didn’t hear anymore, but she would make a few inquires about this mysterious woman. Karyn caught up with her friend and boss. Together they inspected the damage to the lab and it was a big loss.

The main table and most of the north wall was in a ruined state and the heavy smell something burnt was in the air. Firemen came and went making sure no new fires were inside the walls.

From the three inches of water on the floor it was unlikely they had missed a spot.

Frank went over the area where he kept his notes. The fire hadn’t reached this area and he was shock the notes were gone.

“My notes and journal are gone. ” Frank said to Natalie then looked over at Karyn.

Karyn quietly explained what she overheard then she had some good news.

Karyn opened up her purse to pull out her own notebook with the final formula to the youth drug.

“You didn’t think I was going to leave my notes behind before I got a chance to get my own youth back? ” Karyn whispered and smiled.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. ” Natalie said if hearing this phrase before and now fully understanding it.

“Well, it is best if we leave now. I still have a key to my old lab at the university. We will stay there and I need to see an old friend who is pretty good with computers. ” Frank said and they left quietly leaving their cell phone numbers with the police man on duty claiming they were going to stay at a hotel for a few days.

Before lunch came Karyn with the help of her boss made just one more dose of the youth drug.

Karyn was returned to her early twenties ending up just a few years younger then Natalie.

End of Part 02



End Chapter 2

Lab Work by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 12, 2012


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