Babes and The Beach by Libra and Jeff

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Short Story about a boy getting a magic watch. Warning it has lots of nudity in it. The story takes place on a nudist beach.

Chapter 1
Babes And The Beach


Libra and Jeff

[We dedicate this story to Danrunner1980]

13 year old John was not looking forward to the weekend at the beach with his family. First of all he was unhappy that his annoying 5 year old sister Amy was pestering him to play with her as they sat in the backseat of the car. Second he would be stuck with his parents for the next few days. Third and the biggest problem was John was embarrassed by an event that had happen years ago.

The fact was he hadn’t been to this beach in over two years and worst of all it was a nudist’s beach. Growing up, John didn’t mind being a nudist until he turned eleven. One day right in front of his best friend Kate; a girl he liked. His penis got a full erection. John was lost on what to do and he could only stand there in sheer embarrassment as Kate giggled at him or rather a certain body part of his.

Even after two full years John was still having a difficult time of it. His friendship with Kate had suffered and John avoided her when he could. His dad seemed to understand and gave him the talk about girls and sex back then Since that day John always made sure he had a towel with him at all times. John learned like all male nudists had learn there was an old nudist’s trick for maturing boys or men by pressing a towel over their erections when they came up unexpectedly.

John thought about girls and how he had seen them naked at all ages. Generally he admitted himself he liked to look at them when they were teenagers or older. Anyone around his mother’s age was too old for him. John puzzled over how he never noticed girls before two years ago. As a little boy he was proud he had a penis and girls didn’t have one and breasts were only silly things women had. Breasts were only nice soft warm pillows for babies or breast feeding.

“Well John, are you excited that you’re going to see Kate again?” John’s dad asked and John shook himself away from his deep thoughts.

“I guess so. ” John answered not really putting any emotion into the words.

“John, play with me.” Amy whined thrusting a Barbie doll in his direction from her seat just behind mom.

“Dolls are for girls and I don’t play with babies. ” John teased and watched as his sister got a frustrated look on her face. Amy hated being called a baby. She was officially a big girl now since she was potty trained and could go into the bathroom alone without any help.

“Be nice to your sister, John. She is the only sister you have. Amy, I will play with you. ” John’s mother said from her seat turning around halfway and accepted the offered doll from Amy.

John suffered through ten whole minutes of pretend playing between his sister and mom before they had finally arrived at the camp entrance into the nudist area.

The park ranger of course was fully clothed since she dealt with the public like new members or curious people. There were of course various signs that did warn people they were driving into a nudist colony. From time to time some college boys always tried to sneak in.

“Hey strangers, long time no see. Cabin seven is all ready for you. ” The park ranger woman said seeing John’s parents and remembering them. Everyone knew everyone else in most small nudist communities in the world. Sometimes John felt like he was part of one big family when he was a little kid. They drove on in.

“Okay kids. You can leave your clothes in your room if you like, but I want you to shower before you go running off to the beach. Amy, you stay close to mommy or daddy. ” John’s mother said as they were pulling up to Cabin seven.

“I think I will just walk on the beach. ” John said trying to think of a nice spot to hide just in case Kate came over for a visit. Her family always took the cabin next to them and arrived around the same time.

John stripped and made sure he had his towel with him when he left the weekend cabin. His mom the neat freak was busying wiping everything down just in case any previous visitors forgot to put their towel down before sitting.

Amy was already out of her clothes and tugging on dad’s shirt. It was clear she was ready to make sand castles from her whining.

John wanted to be sure to be away from the cabin when Kate and her family would arrive. John made his way down to the beach and found a nice spot on top of an oak stump that nearly overlooked the entire beach. From here he could watch young women running and jumping as they played games on the sand. Closer to John were the younger children with their young parents keeping a watchful eye on them.

John had planned to stay there watching the young women until he was convinced that one part of his body could no longer rise up on its own.

“Lovely day isn’t it. ” An old, but somewhat feeble voice said nearly right behind him and John jumped a little.

John turned his head to see an older woman then even his mom standing there wrapped in a huge beach towel which hid her wrinkle body from his eyes. There was a gleam in her eyes that spoke of a loving grandmother or a kind person. John blushed slightly and made sure his arms were firmly over his waist to hide any tent he had been pitching just a minute ago before this old woman had spoken to him.

“Nice Enough. ” John said and dismissed this old woman as any threat unless she had guessed why he was sitting there.

“Lots of pretty young girls down there. Why not go down and play with them? ” The old woman said with a knowing look if she knew why he couldn’t remove his towel just yet.

John blush a little and muttered a weak excuse.

“My mom said to stay close to the cabin. ” John answered back and he watched as the old woman smiled a little more. He knew she had seen through his lie like he was a little boy caught telling a fib. She had caught him ogling the older teenage girls.

“Well, then you could play with the younger children. ” The old woman replied and John went on the defensive. John just couldn’t walk away until he felt he could somehow rescue whatever dignity he had left.

“I wish I could, but I’m too old for silly kid games. ” John said and looked down at the beach toward the children running naked in and out of tides or playing tag. The toddlers were building sand castles or laughing with sheer joy as one of their parents were dipping them in and out of the cold ocean water.

“Then take this and your wish to be younger will be granted. ” The old woman said and John turned back to see her holding two seashells held together by a metal hinge with a strap coming out of the sides of the shells. John guessed it was a watch, but he wanted to be sure before saying it aloud.

John curiously took it from her open palm then looked down at it. He pried it opened and saw there was a watch imbedded into the shell appearing to be part of it yet John could move the dials easily enough. John also saw it wasn’t digital and there was something bothering him about the watch when he realized it wasn’t ticking away.

“Hey, it’s broke. ” John said looking up and saw no one around him. John got up and his towel fell to the ground. He looked up and down on the beach, but no old lady could be seen.

“Crazy old woman?” John asked himself thinking about the conversation.

John turned the dial four times and fiddling with the seashell watch as he pushed the button by accident. A beam of light shone out and caught John full in the face. John thought somehow the sun had reflected off the glass face of the watch. Blinking away the spots of light dancing in his face he blamed himself for letting the sun blind him.

When John’s vision cleared something looked strange to him. The stump looked higher and things around him seemed further away. John shook his head at such silly ideas and a moment later then he reached down for his towel. He noticed his own body right away. His body was still tanned, his small patches of body hair were gone and most noticeable in his eyes were the size of his own body.

He was smaller and thinner in the limbs and his chest wasn’t as big as before. John looked further down at his body and his heart sank for a moment he saw his penis then realized what he looked like.

“I’m a little kid again. I guess I won’t be learning how to drive in two years. ” John said to himself very quietly glancing over his body and felt a slight loss of something important about being older. John stood there in shock for a few minutes wondering if any minute he would wake up from this. Then John realized he wasn’t dreaming for everything felt very real.

Then John thought what growing up meant for him. Embarrassing moments and more things to worry about as you grew a little older. John tossed his towel over his shoulder and went to find his family. The whole way back he was trying to think of ways to explain to them why he was years younger.

John soon found his mom, little sister, and dad down on the beach as Amy was building up her sand castle. The sand castle looked doomed to fall over at any minute.

“John, look!” Amy called in excitement and John saw as she had piled more sand onto her already leaning castle tower.

“Mom, dad do I look different?” John asked and stood there in plain view with just his towel over his shoulder.

“Why honey, are you getting a sun burn?” John’s mother asked concerned and she looked at him inspecting every inch of his skin and didn’t see any signs of him getting a sun burn.

“Becoming more like mom every day and growing like a weed. We are saving a fortune by not buying so many clothes. ” John’s dad said next with a grin and John had heard it a dozen times before.

Then John’s mother chimed in again.

“Hard to believe my baby boy is going to be ten on his next birthday. ” John’s mother said to her husband and John figured out the seashell watch not only changed him, but everyone’s point of view of him. Even his own family had failed to see he was years younger now.

“What did you find?” John’s father asked and pointed to the item clutched in John’s right hand.

“Just a watch made out of seashells. It doesn’t work, but I like the seashells on it. ” John said holding up the watch and thought about showing his parents what it could do then John thought better of it. They would take it away from him telling him such a thing was too dangerous for a young boy to have. Even if he could explain he had been older.

“It’s pretty. ” John’s mother said and then was distracted as Amy gave out a cry of dismay. Her sand castle had tumbled over just as a breeze came from the sea. Amy had become slightly upset over her tumbled down castle.

John forgot about the watch for a while and attached it to his wrist. Later on Kate and her family arrived soon after and to John’s surprise Kate had come right up to him like she used to do in the old days. Kate offered to play some games with him by the waves and John agreed to it right away.

John enjoyed his first day at the beach passing the time with Kate just by having fun games with her like he used to have in the old days. Somehow he didn’t think about his watch until that night lying on his bed. He decided that the watch was magical in nature and it was just possible only the people who saw the light from the watch could notice the changes that came about as a result from playing with the knobs.

John couldn’t explain how he knew this, but something about the watch told him this little fact.

After that night John’s family would only spend one more night in the cabin then leave for home on Sunday. Lying in his bed with the sleeping bag open he examined the seashell watch. There was nothing about it to suggest it had magic powers. John thought it looked like a tourist knickknack you could buy from a vender for a few bucks.

With his sister Amy sleeping just feet away in the other bed. John thought about being even younger. Then a strange thought entered his head.

“What would happen if I was the same age as Amy? How would the magic work then when he could be born the same year as Amy. ” John thought and found his fingers already on the dial. The desire to know was just too great for him.

John felt his fingers turned the dial four more times. John felt something like impending dread as his index finger hit the button and the light beam touched his legs this time. John blinked at the sudden light in the darken room and saw his bed appeared to be a lot bigger now. Not only did his body change this time, but his sleeping bag had changed into a little kid’s sleeping bag with a cartoon figure on it. For a moment he thought he saw his sister’s eyes open, but when he looked they were firmly shut.

John looked at himself and could only describe his 5 year old body as puny and this time he had lost his tan. His pale skin seemed to glow in the little light there was in the room. His shrunken boyhood was small and even his balls had completely drawn up into his body. John felt scared by this because it looked hardly bigger than a toddler’s.

There were no doors in the small cabin, but only the bathroom had one for some privacy. John nearly jumped when his mom came through the open doorway to find him still awake.

“Is my little John still awake? Your twin sister is fast asleep. ” John’s mother said as she entered the room and went to his side. John put the watch under his pillow then turned back toward his mother. His mother took no notice of his watch and if John had asked her she would say he was so proud in finding it buried in the sand. Her memories had been altered in the past minute.

“I’m not sleepy yet. ” John said hearing his much younger voice as he spoke. The higher pitch tone of his voice was funny to hear coming from his lips. The voice could be described as a Mickey Mouse voice.

“My big boy can sleep with mommy and daddy then. ” John’s mother said next and John found himself being carried like a toddler into the other bedroom. John thought about protesting against such treatment, but the truth was he secretly liked the idea. Ever since Amy was born John couldn’t help, but feel his parents left him out at times.

John fell asleep between his mom and dad as his mind drifted into a deep sleep he decided tomorrow night he would figure out how to change back to normal.

John awoke the next day confused by the two larger sleeping nude bodies next to him then he recalled what he had done last night. As far as anyone was concern now he was a twin brother to his sister now.

Even after breakfast then spending nearly all morning playing with Kate and his sister John felt like he preferred being younger more than being a teenager. Amy, his now twin sister seemed distant and bored with her childish games. If John took any notice he might of seen that Amy had somehow changed. John took advantage of her boredom to get more attention from their parents.

By dinner time John’s feelings were changing again. John wasn’t free to wander off to explore the beach area. His parents made sure he stayed close and most annoying they were nearly doing everything for him. Kate was treating him like some little kid or a baby brother she never had. Even when John got up the nerve to kiss her she took it as a joke. Worst still Amy was his slightly older sister by two whole minutes when John got around to asking about who was born first. John decided he would go back to being a young teen again that night.

Just before bedtime that night John went back to his old bed to find the seashell watch and discovered it wasn’t under his pillow. John searched and even went so far to pull the sleeping bag off the bed. If the watch was lost he be would be stuck as a little boy again and having to grow up all over again.

Worse in John’s thoughts was Kate would be a lot older than him now. She would find another boy her age and take him as her first real boyfriend. John was in near tears as he turned the sleeping bag then the pillow case inside out.

“Looking for something baby brother?” A deep, but young female voice said and John turned to see a young beautiful teenage girl looking down at him. The stranger was tall, tanned and grinning at him with something like glee in her expression.

“Amy?” John asked seeing some of his mother’s face in this young woman’s face.

“I saw you use this to make yourself my age. You thought I was asleep. The moment you were out of the room I played with your watch half the night. I made myself younger and to my surprise my bed turned into a playpen then I figured out if you pull the knob out then turn it the other way just like dad’s old watch before he bought a digital one. It ages someone. Of course I doubt dad ever had a magical one. I not only gained years, but knowledge as I grew older. I guess I just suddenly had the mental grasp once I had become old enough. ” Amy said seeing that John understood.

“I got to change back to normal and so do you too. ” John said his hand out for his watch.

Amy giggled at him. Amy thought about being turned back into a little kid and the idea made her shiver a little. She was nearly a grown up now. She was looking forward to driving a car, staying up as late as she wanted too and there was sex to consider.

“Do you really believe I would go back to being a snot nose little kid with my adult knowledge? One day being stuck in that little girl’s body is enough for me. Sorry baby brother I like being like this. As for you I saw the way you acted today. You like Kate and you just love the way our parents treated you. First I will make sure you won’t tell anyone. I hope you like diapers because you’re going to be my baby brother for real. ” Amy said and John counted each turn she did with the watch.

John turned to run and scream for his parents then a bright light came out of the corner of his eye. Amy had turned the watch face toward him and pushed the button.

John found himself on the floor unable to sit up. John was on his back his little limbs twitching like some overturned turtle caught in the noon day sun. Worst John felt something between his legs and the world had grown into an insane size all around him. John knew he was wearing a diaper and for the moment he lost control over his limbs. His efforts to sit up were clumsy and he felt so weak.

“Now for this. I can’t have mom or dad finding this or you getting your hands on it in a few years. ” Amy said and went over to the window and dropped the watch out the open window where it hit the sand below.

John protested and then started crying when he realized all he could do was make funny noises with his mouth. Amy had just thrown out his magic watch like it was trash.

“What is wrong with my little man?” John’s mother said as she came into the room.

“Amy, why is your baby brother lying on the floor?” John’s mother asked and picked up her baby.

“Sorry, mom. I don’t play with babies. ” Amy said and didn’t know why she said it, but it felt right in saying it more for John’s ears then his mother.

“He must be hungry. ” John’s mother said putting the whimpering baby to her nipple already dripping with milk and John refused several times as she left the room into the other bedroom.

That morning John was strapped into a baby seat next to his now dressed older sister as their parents were preparing to leave. Everyone was fully dress now and Amy was busy playing with a cell phone she hadn’t own until she used John’s magic watch.

Kate came over to Amy’s side of the car and from her admiring eyes it was easy to see she half worship the older girl sitting next to John.

“Amy, you will have to teach me to drive next year. ” Kate pleaded to the 16 year old Amy and she just gave her a knowing smile.

“Sure, Kate. Mom is going to teach me when we get home and settled. In exchange you can babysit my baby brother John for me. ” Amy answered back and Kate looked over at the unhappy baby. From what Kate could see John had been crying recently.

“Sure. He doesn’t look happy you are leaving. ” Kate said and almost saw a pleading look in the baby’s blue eyes. He was throwing a fit trying to struggle out of the car seat.

“I’m sure next year he will be happy to see you again. ” Amy said and ruffled up John’s hair and got a baby slap on her arm for her trouble. Amy just laughed it off and waved goodbye to Kate.

Amy almost felt sorry not using the watch on Kate, but she liked the way the girl now admired her just for being the older girl now. Amy wondered what changes were waiting for her when she got home. There was little doubt John’s room would have been changed into a nursery and her own room would be suitable for a teenager now.

Silent tears fell from John’s eyes as the car started up. Slowly they moved away from the cabin and the magical watch still on the ground. Then John burst into a full screaming fit of crying as the car picked up speed away from the only thing that could restore him to normal.

As the car drove down the road a little old woman came around the side of the cabin holding the seashell watch and gave a short amused laugh as the baby’s wails were fading into echoes.

The old woman was very amused that both children had ended up as babes. The little girl had turned herself into a total knock out and what guys would call a real babe while her once older brother was reduced to a crying babe in arms. The old woman hoped this time around the boy would show more respect toward women. Just maybe when he was a teenager again he wouldn’t see them as eye candy.

How she had love to catch the peeping toms and sometimes the grown men watching the girls a bit too much for comfort.

The old woman had enjoyed her time at the beach so far. This beach was her area to protect. The old woman adjusted the watch turning the knob many times and after pushing a button there was suddenly a cute underage, but sexy girl standing there strapping the watch to her wrist.

Now it was time for her favorite game. She would play jailbait and wandered the beach until some guy who knew better would try something with her. How she enjoyed watching men shrink into helpless infants and because her magic watch no one realize what she was doing.

The End

(Me and Libra give out the rights for anyone to use the seashell watch or the old woman who wishes to write a story like this one. )



End Chapter 1

Babes and The Beach by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 29, 2011


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