Cheater by Libra & Jeff

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Short Story

Chapter 1
Cheater by Libra & Jeff

Chapter Description: Short Story Pretty straight forward.

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“I’m telling you David that she has been screwing around with someone else. She has been so secretive lately. ” William said to his best friend David.

“Well, if that is the case you can just hire a private eye then a lawyer. Are you sure you’re not being paranoid? We are sitting on one of the greatest formulas in history. With my family’s money and your smarts equals this youth serum. ” David said picking up one such of the vials. There was enough in the vial to regress himself back a good ten years.

“I won’t have some stranger poking around in my private life. I just wish I could catch her in the act. Spy on her in some way in person. ” William said and stared off toward a blank wall thinking.

“Well, you could turn yourself into a little kid like a toddler then be baby sat by her. ” David joked and went over some calculations again. He didn’t understand the chemicals involved, but he got the math side of the work easily enough.

“David!, that’s it. I will just tell Mary you have a nephew whose mother is sick and you got stuck caring for him, but you need a babysitter. I will turn myself into a toddler. I can’t take the chance she will recognize me. Then we’ll say I’m taking a trip to see some investors and I’ll be away for a week. ” William said in an excited tone.

“That’s a crazy idea, William. We haven’t tested this stuff on people yet. ” David protested.

“It’s safe enough. The baby mice and puppies clearly showed signs they remembered their adult life. You saw them run the maze and the puppies still obey verbal commands. ” William said waving off his friend’s protests.

“It’s still crazy. ” David commented and watched as his friend went to work. First he measured the amount he needed then phoned his wife Mary. With his back to him, William held a conversation with his wife. He was telling her that an urgent meeting had come up and he’ll be out of town for a while. A week or two at the most.

“Okay, it’s done. ” William said hanging up the phone after arranging that she would take care of Wesley.

“Bottoms up. ” William said a moment later and drank the vial he prepared just before talking to this wife.

“So how does it taste?” David asked.

“Like stale water. ” William said knowing it be hours before the changes were finished.

“I guess we better get you ready then. I can’t show up at your house with wrapped up in your own t-shirt. You will need diapers, clothes, and at least one bag of baby supplies. ” David said trying to think what else they needed to buy.

“Diapers? I’m changing into a toddler, not a baby. ” William said in protest.

“You don’t spend a whole lot of time around kids. Little boys and toddlers still have accidents even after they are potty trained. Our youth serum is untested on humans so we don’t know how far back your go or what effects it will have on your human body. ” David said pointing out the flaws in William’s plan.

“Okay, let’s hit a super Walmart or the mall. ” William said next getting up. Already he thought he felt slightly different.

“I got better places in mind. We can hit up some second hand baby stores instead. We will pick up everything much cheaper. ” David said picking up the empty vial William just used and then frowned.

“What? ” William asked.

“Uh, William. Did you mean to use a batch two vial mixture?” David asked and William turned white and looked at the label. In his haste in putting his plan into action, William had grabbed a slightly stronger dose then he wanted.

“Oh, God. David. Run the numbers and start up an antidote. I know it will take hours for the antidote to be ready. ” William said next and David started entering the data into the computer.

“Good news. You will live. According to my projections, you’ll be about four to six to months old. ” David said and showed him the numbers and a rough cartoon image of a baby on his screen. Including the growing milestones most babies have at that age.

“I’ll be lucky if I can crawl. ” William said looking over the list and saw the most he could hope for was sitting upright or scooting about by dragging himself along.

“There is no way in hell she will know you as a baby. You told her that Wesley was a little guy and with me showing up with a baby won’t raise any red flags. ” David said and William nodded.

“Okay. We better get moving. I will be cooing and drooling before dinner time. ” William said and they left their shared lab to hit up the stores.

What David hadn’t counted on was the funny looks they got. As William was slowly becoming a young man. He was sure some people thought they were a gay couple buying stuff for their soon to be adopted kid.

Thankfully, this lasted only till lunchtime. By then, William had regressed back to a teenager. His clothes were baggy and his belt was already at its last loop.

“We better hit a Goodwill for smaller clothes for you. I’ll get some children clothing and a bag. You can duck into a restroom or change in the car whenever you have a reverse growth spurt. ” David said noticing that William seemed to change every few minutes.

William was forced to run to the bathroom more often than normal. His body mass displacing itself through his sweat, waste and urine.

By the time they were picking up a playpen, William now appeared to be a boy around ten years old. Now people were mistaking them for a father and his son.

For William, the world was getting larger and much taller. He was becoming more timid of strangers and fearful that David would leave him behind. It was weird for William to feel his body going in reverse as he hit his puberty stage once more in the wrong direction.

Between car trips, William shrank even further down. He was a little boy again and looked a bit too young for kindergarten. Now his bladder screamed at him. Worse of all for him, David had to help him into the bathroom. The heavy wooden doors were too much for his much smaller frame. All his mature body hair and adult muscles had melted away into his body hours ago.

At four years old, William wanted to go back to the lab. He tugged on David’s dress pants.

“I have changed my mind. I want to be big boy again. ” William said and gripped his penis through his toddler shorts. His bladder was full again.

“Hang in there, buddy. Another potty break huh. ” David said and picked up his friend and held him out at arm’s length.

William didn’t think he be able to go after his friend stripped him half naked then held him over the toilet seat. It wasn’t the act of taking a piss that bothered him, but being naked in front of him. His body had changed so much. He was a small chubby boy and his little manhood had shrunk so much now. It was a just a nub of a penis with a small sack close to his body.

“Okay, champ. I think we use diapers from here on out. I got the super absorbing type earlier. ” David said and pulled out one such diaper from the diaper bag they only recently purchase.

William stepped into them and his friend David secured the tabs so it was tightly snug around his waist.

From that point on William had to be carried about by his friend. His second hand shoes were too big now and David seemed to enjoy it. Girls paid them more attention.

“Who knew a baby makes a great wing man.” David said quietly to the toddler William. William felt small and buried his head deep into his friend’s chest. The last item they needed was a car seat. David bought one and carried it out to the car in his free hand.

“I think we got everything now. Even buying second hand baby stuff we paid a small fortune for this stuff. Once the FDA approves the youth serum, money will be nothing. ” David said while he installed the car seat while William sat on the back seat.

“Okay, buddy. Time for you to climb in. ” David said making sure the car seat was secured.

William found the seat too small and snug, but given another hour he be small enough for it. Slowly as they drove away, William felt very sleepy. He was very tired and his little body was exhausted from the long shopping trip. William didn’t feel himself regress the final time. His new baby seat became more comfortable and his toddler clothes were now very baggy on him as he slept on.

David glanced in the rear view mirror from time to time. He noticed that William shrank down to an infant.

Picking up the phone, he called William’s wife telling her that he was on his way with company. David stopped only briefly to make one more change to William’s outfit.

William woke up to a giant looming over him then realized it was only David.

When he attempted to speak, the only thing that sounded like human speech was “Da-da” when he try to say David.

“Looks like someone is too young to talk now. Time for you to get into your baby clothes, buddy. Next stop your house. ” David said and easily lifted the infant free of his very wet diaper then stripped him of the toddler size shirt.

David thought the diaper was tiny compare to the toddler one, but it fit William just fine. William wanted to die from embarrassment when David applied baby lotion then baby powder to his private parts.

“Here is a nice clean dry diaper and I have an onesie for you. ” David said putting both on his now infant friend. Then he bagged the old clothing and tossed the used diaper into a trash can.

When William was back in the car seat it seemed too large, but still held him securely in place. Minutes later, they were back on the road and soon they pulled up to William’s house.

David easily carried William up to the front door then knocked on it. William’s wife Mary answered and smiled at the bundle of joy in the crook of his arm.

“He is much smaller than I expected him to be. ” Mary said taking the infant from David’s arm.

“It was easy to switch the vials when his back was turned to me. A touch stronger dose and presto change-o we got a baby instead of a toddler. ” David said and watched as William looked from Mary to him with a shocked expression.

“Well, buddy. You got your wish. ” David said and leaned over and kissed Mary full on the lips careful not to crush the baby in her arms.

“There, you caught the guy sleeping with your wife. ” David said and smiled as William started to get a little fussy.

“It really is him. Look at him get so upset over a kiss. I hate to think the noise he will make when he hears us making love just a room away. ” Mary said and bounced the baby in her arms slightly trying to calm him down.

“Ma-ma. ” William said trying to call out his wife’s name.

“Did you just call me mama?” Mary said looking down at him.

“I think he was trying to say Mary. Called me da-da earlier. It was so cute. ” David said using a single finger to tickle William under his fat baby chin.

“I just can’t believe your plan worked. ” Mary said taking a seat on the sofa with her infant husband.

“I know William. I just knew his ego would get the better of him. Pride before the fall and all that. I can’t really blame the guy. He just created the Fountain of Youth. ” David said taking a seat right next to Mary and looking down on William like a proud father.

William could only stare at the pair of them with wide dark eyes.

“We did this for you, buddy. Mary here couldn’t stand the idea of us breaking up our friendship. So I came up with a way we all could stay together. It’s really simple you see. Sadly, you had a little accident in the lab and regressed yourself down to a helpless baby. I did my best to cure you, but tragically I’m not as smart as you. So I broke the bad news to Mary here and after a few weeks of comforting her we will reveal our relationship to the world at large. ” David said if explaining it to a small child.

Mary leaned her head on David’s chest and watched as William’s small baby face changed slightly.

“Don’t you fret. You will still get all the credit and you’ll become famous. Sadly, you are gonna stay a baby for as long as we want and we will take on the noble task being your parents. Who would ever suspect us? His best friend and wife. Just think of it William. All of your friends and family are going to know it’s you and some of them will be changing your dirty diapers. They see you in all your naked glory and coo over your baby antics for years to come. While poor little Willy can’t tell them the truth and all the lovely things he knows. ” David said and then William did cry. A deep wailing and started kicking while swinging his arms wildly.

“Oh, David. You made him cry. Shh, its okay, William. Mommy is here. ” Mary said and walked about the room with him trying to settle him down once more.

“Better check his diaper. I have lost count how many times he went to the bathroom this day. ” David said and decided to go unload the car. Thinking about it, David knew that William’s old office room would soon to be converted into a nursery before the week was out.

David came back just in time to see Mary kneeling on the floor with a half-naked baby William.

“Here is a clean diaper. ” David said handing her one fresh from the package then dropping the baby bag beside her.

“Just look at my William’s little willy. It’s so small now. My little babe in arms. My little plaything like a doll to dress, feed, and hold forever. David, do you think he will ever be happy again? ” Mary said and gently caress the infant’s penis then proceeded to put a new diaper on William.

“Given time he will. As the days turn into weeks then months he will come around to our way of thinking. His wife will be his new mommy and his best friend will be his daddy. Maybe in the few years or as long as fifty years if he is a good boy I will allow him to grow up a little bit at a time. Give mommy a break from changing diapers forever. Until then he can spend endless days of summer playing naked in the kiddie pool this year. When he is older, I wouldn’t mind taking my little man fishing or playing football in the back yard. Oh, and one more thing Mary. If I catch you cheating on me. William here is going to have a newborn sister or maybe a big sister wearing toddler size diapers if I’m feeling merciful. Daddy will spank his little girl for her naughty ways. I’ll make sure my new wife will be a very strict mommy figure toward you. ” David said and went on unloading the car of the baby things he bought.

Mary’s face changed then and she mentally promised herself never to cheat on David. She also pushed the mental image of herself as a pacifier sucking toddler wearing a pink trim diaper while looking up at David with wide scared eyes as he loomed over her. Mary realized that she would be trapped as William’s mother and would soon be a wife to David for years if not decades to come. If she told the police or William’s family the truth, she was looking at spending time behind bars either way. Whether they be iron or wooden ones, concerned her the most. She quickly decided it was a far better fate to be a mommy forever then being stuck behind bars and proceeded to care for William as she would for years to come.

The End



End Chapter 1

Cheater by Libra & Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 18, 2015


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