Scaredy Cat Tales By Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated May 31, 2012

Chapter 4
Kyla's Tale

Chapter Description: Warning: This tale gets a little dark. Jason Trey was in the basement of his house. The room he was in took up half of the basement and he kept the room lock to keep out his family. At the current moment Jason Trey looked like an eleven year old boy. Dressed in an adult shirt he looked like a boy wearing his daddy’s t-shirt. The shirt did little for modesty, but it didn’t matter to Jason. For the past four days he had been eleven years old.

Warning: This tale gets a little dark.

Jason Trey was in the basement of his house. The room he was in took up half of the basement and he kept the room lock to keep out his family.

At the current moment Jason Trey looked like an eleven year old boy. Dressed in an adult shirt he looked like a boy wearing his daddy’s t-shirt. The shirt did little for modesty, but it didn’t matter to Jason. For the past four days he had been eleven years old.

Since the divorce from his wife Ellen he found it easier to leave the door unlocked in his most recent days. No one knew his secret to his wealth or why Jason liked to spend time alone in his basement room.

At first glance it appeared to be an office with a large computer desk complete with a laptop that was connected to a fast internet connection.

Thanks to a stock tip from a buddy of his Jason invested nearly all his money into a new company that was making a fountain of youth drug.

For the first few weeks the stocks did nothing, but once the last problem was solved with the drug the stocks skyrocketed overnight.

Jason had become a very rich man and better yet he bought his own supply of regression pills and antidotes.

Jason always had a secret desire to be young again. Being a man in his late thirties maybe someone would think he would liked to be a man in his early twenties again, but they would be wrong.

One look into Jason’s office closet would reveal the truth and there was a box full of clothes meant for a young boy. Jason had picked out and bought these clothes online for himself.

In secret Jason took enough regression pills to make himself into a little boy again nearly all the time. He always changed back to normal before the mental change could occur. Before the break up of his marriage he kept his fetish a secret and never left his private office room.

His wife and daughter assumed he worked all the time on his online investments. Most of the time Jason’s age would be a toddler or young teenager. The tiny bathroom he had off to his right insured he never had to leave his office for the call of nature.

As Jason experimented with the regression drug he found it more exciting to be a prepubescent boy again. There was something exciting and scarey to be so young you were nearly helpless.

Before his wife and daughter moved out of the house he rarely de-aged himself into a teen. Normally he only spent a day as a little boy just having some fun.

Now he was alone in his house his fun could go on for days at a time. Jason had to be careful not to let it last more then five days past.

One of the major drawbacks or blessings of the regression drug after a week or even two weeks the person on the drug would stop caring about being an adult anymore.

It was true they still had all their adult memories, but something in the person’s psyche would change. The personality would be altered to match the body.

Jason had watched the documentary about the regression drug sometimes called the Scaredy Cat drug because the only way to trigger the drug was be in a high state of fear.

They had used death row inmates as the first batch of human test subjects and the tragic experiment nearly derailed the entire discovery.

Congress had debated if the world was ready for a pill that could make you young again.

Jason suspected those rich people in the world who were feeling the grim reaper sneaking up on them did their best to insure that the drug would be approved.

For the first time in history a drug had been put on the market so fast the FDA stamp of approval was still wet.

Jason had enjoyed having such a young body. There were so many advantages atf being a very young tween boy.

As Jason thought about being even younger his penis started to become erect with sexual desire only a young boy could feel.

Lucky for Jason his parents didn’t have his foreskin removed when he was born. He had heard the stories online how the foreskin would grow back. Jason wasn’t sure he believed those stories, but some of those early test cases also claimed women’s hymen grew back making them virgins in phyiscal sense.

Jason felt himself go hard just at the very thought of female virgins.

‘Maybe I should take more pills just to avoid these awkward moments. ’ Jason thought and looked to his penis sticking out from under his shirt ready to go.

‘Then again, the orgasims at this young age are fucking mind blowing. ’ Jason thought a micro second later remembering the first time he gave himself a good wank at this young age.

Back then the thrill was heightened a little because his wife and daughter might be home.

Now the house was silent of people and sometimes he heard the house creaked a little or the water would gurgle in the pipes.

‘I might as well go into the shower first. ’ Jason thought and stripped off the shirt then went all the way upstairs into the full bathroom connected to the master bedroom. With so many rooms in his two story house Jason was considering turning one of them into a little boy’s bedroom.

The desire was always halted in its tracks on how he would explain to his daughter why he turned one room of the house into a child’s room.

His hard on was still going strong when he stepped into the warm water spraying down on him from a greater height then he was used too.

Lathering up he proceeded to jerk off and the end result nearly sent him to his knees. He managed a few more times exhausting his body in the process.

Making sure he was clean Jason washed him self thoroughly then dripping wet went to his bed.

Climbing onto the bed he spread out breathing hard still trying to catch his breath. His mind was still reeling from the sexual pleasure he had encouraged.

‘Time for my afternoon nap. ’ Jason thought and welcomed the blackness that came with sleep.

Just a little over twenty minutes later Kyla came through the front door of the house. Ever since the break up of her parents Kyla had been dividing her time between her parents.

Fifth-teen year old Kyla hated the fact her parents no longer lived together and her mother had been too pig headed to accept dad’s offer of cash.

As far as Kyla could figure he was rich, but mom only wanted the money she thought she had earned.

Whenever Kyla had to stay with her mom they lived in an apartment that was one third the size of her dad’s house and she hated living in the smaller space.

Today she neglected to inform her dad that she was on her two week vacation break from school. Kyla hope she would surprise her father with this unexpected visit.

Wanting to surprise him Kyla checked the house for him.

Kyla gave the hallway a glance seeing no closed doors so he wasn’t in the hallway bathroom and since she was in the living room already he wasn’t here either.

Stalking her way to the kitchen she saw it was empty as well. Thinking about it she looked around and saw the basement door was open.

“Of course. ” Kyla said quietly to herself.

Going down the steps a little bit at a time she barely made them creak only to see his office door wide open.

It was a clear line of sight even with all the storage boxes down here and Kyla saw the room ahead was empty.

Kyla suspected her dad did more then work in that private room. Kyla wasn’t a fool when it came to men in general. Kyla took her own pleasure when her own bedroom door was locked and she could Google up images of some hot guys.

“Dad, are you here? ” Kyla called out in caution wondering maybe he heard her and thought she was an intruder. Perhaps he was hiding just out of sight with a baseball bat.

The last thing she wanted to see was the business end of a baseball bat.

When only silence greeted her Kyla felt bold and walked toward her father’s private office.

Over the years she had taken some sneak peeks into the room whenever she could. A few rare times she stood in the room with her father, but didn’t spend more then a minute inside it back in the good old days.

Kyla couldn’t understand why her father was so private lately. His sudden urge for privacy had driven a wedge in his marriage resulting in the big D with his wife.

Kyla halted only for minute in the doorway then entered.

Her father had left his laptop on and there was a bottle of spilled pills on the desk with a black cat pictured on the side of the plastic bottle.

“No way!. Those can’t be. ” Kyla said out-loud and scared herself at the volume of her voice.

Stepping forward she took a closer look at them.

“Regression Pills. ” Kyla said in a solemn whisper.

Right away Kyla noticed the discarded shirt and when she went to pick it up she accidentally bumped the desk causing the mouse to move. The laptop on its docking station screen changed from screen saver mode to its active desktop.

The images that came up were a bit disturbing at first.

Pictures of a little boy were all stored on a single folder. As Kyla sat down at the desk she browsed through the images.

At first she thought it was someone else’s family photos of a little boy, but with each image the boy was changing.

As Kyla looked over the images she realized what was happening to the boy and she was positive that she knew the little boy from somewhere. Kyla was sure she seen a picture of him maybe in the family photo album. He was getting younger as she went down the folder full of pictures. Kyla realized something else then quickly went back up to the first images. According to the date it happened sometime last week.

When the pictures reached the boy’s teenage years she knew.

“It’s dad. He must have taken some regression pills then setup a digital camera to take pictures of him self. ” Kyla said aloud as she reached the adult images of her father.

A wide grin spread across her face as she checked out the older picture folders in the laptop.

Kyla giggled and blushed when she found the naked pictures of her father thankfully taken at a very young age.

Kyla marveled just how cute her father looked as a toddler appearing to be modeling for pampers. The diaper on him not staying up and giving the world a peek at his little privates.

Judging from the angle of the pictures Kyla wondered why the pictures were taken by the closet.

Getting up she went over the closet and soon discover the box full of clothes within meant for a little boy going down to toddler sizes. The diapers were in an open package besides the box.

“Oh daddy, what a shameful little secret you have. ” Kyla said to herself still smiling with amusement.

Reasoning it out Kyla realized she hadn’t seen her father anywhere in the house so far.

‘Wouldn’t it be fun if he was younger then me at this very moment? ’ Kyla asked herself in her mind and decided maybe it would be a good idea to search the house with care this time.

Less then a minute later Kyla found her shrunken father curled up on the master bed up on the second floor.

How he would have blushed with shame to almost no end if he only knew that his daughter was standing in the doorway seeing him as a very young teenager asleep with his naked backside to her.

Kyla almost walked into the room so she could see his front. Then she decided against it just in case he woke up.

Kyla went back down the steps and decided that she would have a little fun with her father.

Carefully she gather up the regression pills and hid them on top a bookshelf in the spare room across from the hallway bathroom on the first floor along with the antidote syringes she found in her father’s bottom desk drawer.

Kyla did a careful check making sure he didn’t hid anymore antidotes then took the key out of the doorknob making sure the room would be securely locked when she left.

Kyla took some more time looking over all the images she could find on her father’s laptop and just as she suspected there were images taken from the internet showing little boys at various ages. Sometimes the pictures included the mothers of the little boys. The mothers were hugging, kissing or just cuddling their little loved ones.

Kyla knew her father wasn’t a pedophile so she reasoned out he really wanted to be a little boy who wouldn’t mind having a mother figure around. Kyla thought it was a shame her grandparents on her father side had passed away when Kyla was a toddler.

Then maybe her father would have a good excuse to make himself into a little boy for the sake of indulging his own mother.

Grandma Trey would have been highly amused and happy to have her little boy back if only for a little while. Kyla was sure of that as she was recalling vague memories of a kind, but fun old woman.

Kyla decided she had seen enough on her dad’s laptop and turned it off to save power.

Kyla also removed the box of child’s clothing and diapers to hide them in the living room. Once Kyla was sure she had tied up all the loose ends she shut the office door making sure it was firmly locked.

Now when her father woke up he would find himself locked out of his private office and even if he did get inside the antidote wasn’t inside the room anymore.

Now everything was ready Kyla decided she would start the fun.

Opening the front door she made sure to slam it close. She was sure the resulting noise would wake up her father from his afternoon nap.

Back in the master bedroom upstairs Jason awoke with a start. From the evening light he guessed he hadn’t been asleep for very long.

Then he heard the noise from the living room down the steps.

“Dad!, Its me Kyla. I’m on school break for the next two weeks. I thought I would surprise you. ” Kyla shouted and Jason scrambled off the bed and quickly shut the door to the master bedroom.

It wouldn’t do for his daughter to find a naked tween sleeping in her father’s bed. Jason had a sudden idea he was the big bad wolf in grandma’s bed.

‘Don’t be silly, Jason. Kyla is older then you at this moment. ’ Jason thought wondering how he was going to get past his daughter to the antidote all way down in the basement.

‘Damn it, why didn’t I hide at least one of those antidotes in my bedroom? ’ Jason thought thinking hindsight is twenty- twenty.

Jason locked the door just as he heard Kyla calling out for him again. From the sound of her voice she was in the hallway now nearly to his room.

“Dad, are you okay? ” Kyla asked now coming up to a closed door.

“I’m fine. You just caught me coming out of the shower. ” Jason said making his own voice as deep as he could. He made sure to sound like he was an adult.

“You don’t sound well. I will make you some chicken soup for dinner. ” Kyla said and grinned at the closed door.

“Okay, sure. ” Jason said feeling a wave of relief overcome him for the moment.

For Jason the first order of business was to get dressed. Pulling on his smallest adult shirt he owned and some drawstring shorts he was at least decent now.

Now the lesser of his problems was out of the way Jason was trying to work out a way into the basement.

‘As rich as I am I should have a secret passage built into this house. No good going outside since there are no widows to the basement and I’m on the second floor of the house. ’ Jason thought wildly like a caged animal trying to figure a way out of this mess he gotten himself into.

There was nothing else he could do but go out and face his daughter. Telling her the truth and wondering how she would react to it.

His heart pounding and feeling like someone on the last mile before they go sit in the electric chair Jason left the master bedroom.

Jason found his daughter looking more grown up then he remember making him dinner by opening a few cans of chicken soup to cook on the stove.

“Kyla. ” Jason said his voice nearly croaking from the dryness in his mouth.

Kyla turned at the sound of her name and what sounded like a child’s voice.

“Who are you? ” Kyla putting on a convincing shocked expression mostly because she didn’t think her dad would sound so young.

“Don’t freak out. It’s me, Dad. You heard of regression pills? ”Jason asked quickly.

“Dad? ” Kyla asked confused and step closer to him and she pretended she was looking at him closely.

“It really is you, isn’t it? This is not one of those hidden cameras shows using a child actor right? ” Kyla said then looking around if suspecting a video camera somewhere.

“No. I’m your father. ” Jason said and had a flashback of watching that moment in the Star Wars movie.

“Wow, daddy. You are really young and kinda cute. ” Kyla said walking around her father now taking interest in seeing him awake.

Jason blushed only a little at the cute comment his daughter said. He felt like Kyla was his babysitter rather then his daughter at that very moment.

Jason was little scared that one thought was one of those mental slips.

“I guess I have some explaining to do after I change back. ” Jason said trying to side step his daughter for the basement.

“Wait, I kinda like you this way. Why did you make yourself a little boy? ” Kyla asked stepping in front of her child size father blocking his path.

“It’s hard to explain. You could say I like to pretend to be a little boy again. ” Jason said realizing like her mother he wasn’t going to get off the hook just yet.

“I guess I can’t call you daddy anymore. You can be my cousin Jason from out of town. ” Kyla said putting a hand up to her chin in thought.

“Well, I don’t plan on staying like this. ” Jason said gesturing toward his slightly oversize shirt and gym shorts with the strings as tight as he could get them.

“Oh yeah. ” Kyla said and did something she wanted to do the moment she saw that she was taller and stronger then her father.

Picking him up and holding him over her shoulder she carried him into the living room much to his protests then dropped him onto the soft sofa so she could tickle him without mercy.

“Kyla, stop! ” Jason said in a not so serious tone actually enjoying himself with his daughter. He had play wrestle with his daughter until she was about nine years old.

A part of Kyla always resented that her father stop their wrestling just because her chest started to jiggle a little when she ran. After that he didn’t hug her as much unless it was a shoulder hug. It was only a few years later she finally understood why her father distant himself from her.

Breathing hard from the tickle attack Jason laid on the sofa a bit worried he had become slightly aroused from Kyla’s playfulness.

“You know I should charge you money. Don’t all fun babysitters get paid for their service? ” Kyla asked as her own breathing was hard. Even as a young teen her father wasn’t a feather weight.

“I wish I could, but well I have been like this for a few days now. If I don’t change back real soon I will start thinking like a child, but with all my memories of an adult. From what I read online it’s like the person affected stops caring about being adult anymore. Their interest shifts to more childish things. ” Jason said thinking it wouldn’t be so bad now Kyla knew his secret.

Maybe she could babysit him from time to time. Jason decided right away he wasn’t going back to being a toddler. Having your own daughter change your diaper would make him feel like a pervert.

“Okay. The soup should be almost ready. ” Kyla said with a smirk and went back into the kitchen.

Jason suspected a trick, but he wasn’t stopped on his way down the stairs to the basement.

Jason was puzzled by the shut door and even more panicked by the fact he was locked out. The idea he was stuck as a young tween excited him and scared him all at once.

“I have a screwdriver down here somewhere. ” Jason said out-loud to calm his own nerves then started fishing around for one small enough to fit into the doorknob.

It was a long five minutes later before he found his toolbox then finally had his office door open.

The moment he walked in he knew Kyla must have been in the room before him. The pills on the desk were gone. The chair and laptop weren’t in their original place.

She had entered his inner sanctuary without his permission. Running forward he looked in the desk drawer and his worst fear came to life.

The antidote he needed was gone. Just in case he put one in another drawer for some reason he checked his entire desk with no luck.

Stomping up the steps he went to face his daughter now deciding she was in big trouble.

“Kyla! You went into my office. ” Jason accused and saw from Kyla’s slightly guilty expression it was the truth.

“You could say that. When I saw the discarded shirt and pills I did the math. ” Kyla said putting the soup pot on the table next to two bowls. An oven mitt prevented the hot pot from burning the wood table.

“Young lady. I want my antidote back now and we will talk about you being grounded later. ” Jason said putting his foot down on Kyla’s dirty little prank.

“No, daddy. I don’t think so. By law you are considered a minor now. Since I am your oldest living relative at the moment I have guardianship over you. Since I’m still considered a minor myself I guess mom would be the one in charge now if she was here. ” Kyla said recalling what she knew about the laws concerning the regression pills.

Jason was stunned into silence. As much he hated it the fact she was right. Jason had never considered it after he got divorce.

“Since I’m in charge I want you to sit down and have dinner with me. Then if you’re a good boy we will watch some movies then its bed time for you young man. ” Kyla said sounding every bit like a bossy babysitter. Deep down Jason felt himself slightly aroused once more. Hadn’t he had fantasises in being treated like a little kid.

“I’m changing back tomorrow night then. ” Jason said feeling like he needed to get the last word in.

Kyla only smiled as she took her own seat at the table.

Kyla was amused at the sight of her father pouting like a child. They ate in silence and Kyla almost felt guilty for forcing her father to spend more time as a tween. Then she reminded herself he like being this young.

Jason did forgive his daughter an hour later while they watched some movie and didn’t protest when Kyla announced they should go to bed early that night.

When eleven O’clock came around they went to their beds. Jason found his dreams a bit scary since it involved Kyla as a giant.

Kyla own dreams amused her more then anything as she dreamt she turned her father into a toddler complete with diapers.

Morning came early in the household and Kyla was first to be awake.

Kyla made breakfast she wanted to take her now cousin Jason to the park for fun. Reluctantly Jason agreed and they tossed around the old baseball and Frisbee just like old times.

About mid day they took a break by eating out at a fast food place within walking distance. Then back to the park for a game of tag they left them breathless.

Kyla even started up a few wrestling matches which it took Jason a few minutes to get into.

Jason was surprise how easy he accepted being a tween in public places. The only dirty looks he got were from people who didn’t approve of his baggy clothes.

When they got home Jason was a bit tired, but happy he got to spend the entire day just having fun with his daughter.

Feeling more carefree then normal Jason was a little worried when he stepped into the shower in the bathroom on the ground floor. Maybe he should change back soon.

With his mind concern and occupied on other things Jason forgot to lock the bathroom door.

Kyla hot and sweaty herself heard the shower running. Noticing the door was left just slightly opened a sly smile started on her face.

‘I couldn’t join him in the shower, could I? It would freak him out, but we are both minors. It’s not like he is going to tell anyone anyway. ’ Kyla thought her mind set on one of her nasty tricks.

Jason was in the middle of washing his hair when Kyla entered the bathroom.

Feeling sinful she undressed and stepped into the shower behind him.

“I got you. ” Kyla said and put her arms around Jason’s chest.

Jason jumped with fright and started to turn around until he realized she had to be naked too.

“Kyla, I’m naked. ” Jason protested and stared straight ahead.

“I noticed and so am I. ” Kyla said proudly.

“Kyla, it’s not right. ” Jason said taking that serious tone just as his body against his will started to become fully aroused once more.

‘fucking teenage male hormones. ’ Jason thought as he silently cursed his own body. The last thing Jason wanted to do was try to fight his way past her. His body would only get even more excited.

“Oh I see. You are getting embarrassed because you are getting a stiffie.” Kyla said as Jason could feel her head looking over his shoulder.

Jason grabbed the wash rag and did his best to hide it. It was a pointless effort since his action only made him go into a full hard on that was becoming painful.

With Kyla’s arms wrapped around his chest with her body pressing into his back Jason didn’t dare move.

Kyla didn’t know why she did it, but as part of her reckless nature she reached down and decided to help him get rid of his hard on.

Technically she didn’t have him by the balls, but it was close enough to them it might as well have been.

“Kyla, stop it. ” Jason said trying to wiggle free then feeling a wave of sexual pleasure over take him. The alien contact of another person sent his body into overdrive.

‘My own daughter is giving me a hand job. I can even feel her stiff nipples pressing into my back. ’ Jason thought slightly sick to his stomach as he turned his thoughts toward those fantasy fetish stories he had read online.

Jason had never given them much moral thought before, but one story he could recall was about a mother and daughter switching bodies then the daughter in her mother’s body had sex with her father.

What was happening to him was close to that story Jason’s mind rebelled at the very thought. He broke away from her phyiscial contact.

Jason found him self speechless as faced his daughter.

The water from the shower head had washed away all traces of their shared sinful act.

“I’m sorry. It’s not like we are breaking any laws. We are both minors. ” Kyla said realizing that maybe she had gone a bit too far.

‘What the fuck is wrong with me? Sure every little girl wants to marry their daddy, but they grow out of that. Am I sexually attracted to my father at this age? ’ Kyla thought as she looked at what appeared to be younger scared teenager.

“We will just forget it. I know you were just playing Kyla, but sometimes you take it too far. ” Jason said noticing just now how much his daughter had matured.

Seeing her body fully exposed to his eyes didn’t bother him anymore one way or the other. She had perky breasts like her mother at that age and the hair between her legs covered her lower privates from view.

Now Jason was looking at her Kyla felt a bit shy, but she held her ground not trying to cover up like her younger father did.

“The shower is yours now. ” Jason said moving past her and he wrapped a towel around his waist once he was out of the water.

Jason knew he would never look at those crazy fantasy internet stories the same way again. Jason went upstairs to his master bedroom to dress then he self exiled himself to stay in his room. He watched some TV to pass the time.

It was some time later that a knock came at the door and a second later Kyla entered the room.

She was already dressed for bed in a two piece Pajama outfit he had bought for her months ago.

“I given it some thought and I know now how to fix it. ” Kyla said and presented him with a coffee mug half full of warm chocolate milk.

“Thanks. ” Jason said taking the drink from her and sipping on it to see how hot it was. Knowing it was safe to drink, he down the contents without thought.

“I think you will be happier as a little tot and that’s why I put some regression pills in the milk. ” Kyla said and Jason felt the surge of fear inside him.

The change happened to fast for Jason to calm his fear in time. It didn’t matter since once triggered the drug didn’t stop until its job was done.

“Kyla, what did you do? ” Jason asked feeling his clothes getting bigger on him.

“Don’t’ worry. Everything will be better this way. ” Kyla said walking back toward the open doorway then she reached down for something she left out in the hallway.

Jason felt his eyes go wide at the diaper she was holding. It wasn’t the classic white diaper little babies would wear. It was one of those potty training ones with the stretchy sides from his office closet.

“Please Kyla, don’t do this to me. ” Jason pleaded as his body retreated into childhood. Something he had done to himself dozens of times.

Kyla watched with a sober expression on her face as her father got younger by the second. Kyla was awed by facial changes the most. As baby fat returned to his cheeks his face took on more roundish shape as his hair went shades lighter. Even the thickness of his hair went to a wispy softness a soft breeze could move.

As Kyla looked down on him she knew he couldn’t be more then a few feet in height. Jason the toddler didn’t cry openly, but some tears did run down his face. Kyla went to work as soon he was done getting younger. Lying down on his back on the master bed he did nothing to stop Kyla from sliding the diaper over his feet then up his legs. Kyla found him simply adorable with his slightly pudgy belly and pale baby soft skin.

“There we go. Now you can run all over the house and Aunt Kyla will be here to change you. ” Kyla said as Jason gained control over his roller coaster of emotions. He was down to sniffles and looking like a kid who just came out of a temper tantrum.

Kyla knew she had to comfort him so she climbed onto the bed and on some infantile instinct her father curled up to her body if he had done this every day.

‘I can’t believe I done it. I just turned my own father into a nearly helpless toddler. ’ Kyla thought realizing she would have to arrange a few things so no one try to turn her father back to normal.

They went to sleep like that curled up next to each other. Jason was drooling a little as Kyla was stroking his soft hair just before she felt the sandman give her a visit as well.

When morning came Kyla found the bed empty. Somewhere downstairs she heard the distant sounds of a cartoon playing.

Kyla got up and then went down the steps thinking her father must have been a brave little guy to go down the steps alone.

‘I think I will get some baby gates. He could have fallen down the steps while I was still asleep. There were the side rails for support so maybe he used those. ’ Kyla thought with a bit of worry.

Kyla found Jason sitting on the floor with his legs crossed watching cartoons. She was amused to see him watching one of those education ones for young children.

Whenever one of the cartoon characters asked a question directly to the viewer her toddler father proudly answered back.

Kyla at that moment could just picture her father in preschool getting high marks on anything the teachers put in front of him.

“Morning Jason. ” Kyla said smiling at him.

“Morning Kywa. ” Jason responded in a lisp that only made him even cuter. His attention instantly returned to the cartoon he was watching.

‘Hmmm, he is acting like a real little kid. I wonder if he is just play acting for my benefit. ’ Kyla asked herself in her thoughts.

“Jason, how old are you? ” Kyla asked and without thinking about Jason held up three fingers.

“I’m thwee, Kywa. ” Jason said giggling if this was clear as day and she was asking a very silly question.

“No I mean before last night. Think hard. ” Kyla responded back.

“I was…I was thirty eight. ” Jason said his face screwed up with hard concentration.

“That’s right, but now your three years old so you will keep telling people that. ” Kyla answered back seeing it was hard for her toddler father to remember his adult life.

Kyla decided she test him a little further. With all his attention on the TV he didn’t see her leave the room. Kyla went into the room that once served as a little kid’s room judging from the faded colorful paint on the wall.

At the moment her father used it to store old furniture. Reaching up on top of a bookshelf Kyla found one of the syringes that contained the antidote to the regression drug.

Soon Kyla decided she move her treasure stash to somewhere else in the house. Maybe into the fireproof storage box her father had hidden under his bed.

“Jason, look at what I have for you. ” Kyla said coming into the room and showing him the plastic wrapped syringe like it was candy.

He responded by jumping up and backing away from her like any normal toddler would have when someone wanted to give him a shot.

“This will make you big again. ” Kyla offered seeing her father was scared of it.

“No, it will hurt. ” Jason answered back not taking his eyes off of it.

“Okay, I won’t use it on you then. ” Kyla said seeing that the mental change had really occurred.

As Kyla looked down at the syringe she wondered what would happen if she used it. To her knowledge she never heard of a minor taking the drug without first using the regression pill.

The antidote as they called it was designed to restore someone to full maturity. Opening the package slowly she studied the needle end first.

‘Time to make history. ’ Kyla thought and gave herself a shot in the arm at the spot where she donated blood once for the Red Cross.

The change came fairly quickly. Jason never took his eyes off of Kyla as she grew a little bit taller as her body grew a wider in the hips and chest area.

Buttons popped off of her pajamas top showing a lot more cleavage then she possessed as a teenager.

‘I must look like his mom now. ’ Kyla thought then felt two painful twinges around her nipple area. Looking at the fabric where her nipples were she noticed that two wet spots were forming.

‘Oh god, I’m going through a false pregnancy just by thinking about it being a mom. ’ Kyla thought as she reached the drinking age and kept going.

Her hips got wider causing her pajamas pants to strain almost showing her lower privates.

Judging from the itching feeling down there and on her legs including her armpits Kyla knew she would have to do some serious shaving this morning.

Finally the change halted when Kyla aged to twenty five years old.

“Kywa, your pretty. ” Jason said looking up at her with awe.

“I guess I’m your mommy now. ” Kyla said hearing her more mature voice and liking it. Kyla was a bit worried her breasts were now leaking breast milk. Kyla had to sit down on the sofa for a minute.

“Your wet! ” Jason said then pointed openly toward her two dark stains on her PJ’s top.

“Would you like some of mommy’s milk? ” Kyla asked not really being serious, but forgetting he was close enough to a baby now he didn’t care.

Jason walked forward and climbed up onto the sofa then crawled into her lap.

‘Why not? ’ Kyla thought just wanting some relief from the pain. A few seconds later she had her newly adopted son sucking away on her nipple. When he switched to her other nipple she didn’t feel like her breasts were going to burst wide open.

Looking down on him he even made that cute sucking sound babies made when they have a full bottle of milk.

‘No going back now. As twisted as this is I’m going have to raise my father as my son. ’ Kyla thought looking at Jason and picturing herself potty training him and spanking him when he would get into trouble along with a million other things parents seem to do.

When Jason had enough he burped on his own and moved back down to the floor to sit. Another cartoon show had come on which was all about numbers.

Kyla got up and made her way upstairs to the full bathroom. There she stripped her skintight clothes off and started the slightly painful process of shaving all unwanted body hair.

As an afterthought she trimmed her bush down using her father’s beard trimmer. Kyla made sure to wash it before and after she used it. She decided it did such a great job she would hang onto it since her father wouldn’t be using it anytime soon.

Feeling more like a lady, Kyla admired her now smooth legs and armpits. Getting dressed proved to be more difficult since the only clothes she could wear were her father’s adult clothes.

The end result she looked like a girl fresh from the country. Her shorts and shirt felt good on her frame.

‘Looks like I need some bras and panties. Jason, will need a lot of stuff as well. ’ Kyla said deciding they would go shopping.

Her first order of business was to secure her father’s money. Kyla got her father’s laptop and over a breakfast of scramble eggs she asked him for all his passwords to his bank accounts.

It took some time for him to remember them all and he was more excited by the idea of buying toys then clothes.

Kyla face went into a shock state every time she looked at his bank accounts changing the passwords as she went.

“I should call you Jay-Z. ” Kyla said seeing the amount her father had in each bank account.

“I’m Jay-Jay. ” Jason said and he preferred that nickname instead.

“Okay, Jay-Jay. ” Kyla said in response and realized she would have to get her own bank cards.

“If I transfer a few thousands of dollars from each bank account into my college savings and checking I will be rich as well if I can’t get into daddy’s money later on. Then I will have more then enough to hire out lawyers and buy myself a future. ” Kyla whispered to herself then asked her toddler dad for his pin number to his bank card. As it turned out he used the same number for all his bank cards.

There wasn’t hardly a bank in town he didn’t use to keep his money safe.

Kyla called a Taxi van to take them both to the bank then to the local mall. Kyla feeling strange walking in her father’s old tennis shoes would have to carry Jay-Jay until they got him some shoes of his own.

Kyla told the driver to wait and paid him half in advance for the trip home. The driver smiled at her cash and told her he would stay here until the mall would close if she desired to stay that long.

Kyla first stop was to the baby store inside the mall. At first seeing what they assumed was a single mother they were polite, but didn’t openly welcomed her until Kyla asked them to see the biggest toddler bed and crib.

Kyla spared no expense and Jay-Jay had some fun picking out his own style of stuff. The sales ladies all thought he was two years old and taking another look at him herself Kyla would have guessed the same thing. Her toddler father was a bit small for his age, but she knew when he hit his teens he would shoot up like a weed judging from the picture she saw on his computer.

Dressed in an outfit from his box of children’s clothes he looked adorable and he appeared to be enjoying all the attention he was getting from the pretty sales ladies.

‘If only they knew his real age. ’ Kyla thought with a chuckle.

“I want all this delivered and setup today. I will pay whatever it takes. ” Kyla said spreading around her new wealth. Kyla then pointed to the largest crib she had ever seen and a bed that could go on the other side of the room.

Kyla also picked out a dresser and changing table just in case Jay-Jay wanted to stay in diapers for a while.

Then it was on to child proofing, booster seats, car child seats, and dozen other things Kyla didn’t know kids needed.

The Manager of the baby store was on the phone arranging a truck to load up all her stuff. It wasn’t every day a big spender came into her little place.

Kyla gave them the address and then moved onto clothes. Jay-Jay hated this part trying out dozens of outfits, but his mood changed when Kyla took him over to the toys section.

Kyla decided before hand he would get the smart toys and Jay-Jay got to pick out a few of his own choices. Kyla also managed to pick up the nursing bras she would need and the panties in the maternity section of the store. After that they went shopping for her own clothes and Kyla picked out several dresses she loved right away.

Most of them were sun dresses for summer time fun. Later on Kyla would buy shorts then a few pairs of shoes.

By this time Jay-Jay was getting tired and hungry so they hit up a McDonalds before leaving in the Taxi Van once more.

The delivery truck with the needed baby stuff was waiting for them when they got home.

Kyla put Jay-Jay down for his afternoon nap up in the master bedroom. While he was asleep she directed the guys where she wanted everything to go.

The guys who turned out to be the related to the manager of the baby store and they were happy to stay then setup everything for her. Kyla went ahead and tip them once more when their work was complete.

The extra furniture from the old room was put into another room until Kyla could decide what she wanted to do with it. Kyla had a feeling a Good Will store was about to get some seriously good stuff pretty soon.

By the time the guys were done she had a room that was perfect for a toddler boy. Kyla approved of it as well since she could indulge her toddler father.

It was just after lunch the work was done and Jay-Jay woke up hungry. Kyla decided she fix him up some real food.

When she showed him his new room he fell in love with it right away. The crib seemed more appealing to him then the toddler size bed on the opposite side of the room.

Kyla would keep the flat screen TV on the wall so he could watch cartoons without having to leave this room.

“Maybe we should turn the room next to this one into a play room. ” Kyla suggested thinking she have this house completely redone to her new role in life.

Jay-Jay just gave her a big grin in a response.

The next few days were spent in changing the house so it appeared that a single mother with her son were living within the house. Kyla also contacted her father’s lawyers and finance advisers to inform them she was now in charge. Kyla already had the paperwork started on making herself legally an adult and making her former father as her adopted son.

As a precaution Kyla hired a nanny while she dealt with the legal matters. Jay-Jay took to wetting himself since he was wearing a diaper anyway. Thankfully he went to the potty when he had to go poop.

Kyla had hired different lawyers for various jobs she needed to get done. Soon after Kyla found out that there was a side effect in taking the antidote without the pills.

The drug did wonders for increasing the intelligence of someone who skipped her final high school years and college years in a single morning. Kyla found she could understand complex stuff just by reading a book about it or having someone explained it to her in full details. In other words she was a quick study now and could recall things in great detail if needed.

As her father turned his full attention to playing with toys and watching those educational cartoons. Kyla found herself studying college level books on law and learning the world of finance.

Before long Kyla’s two week break from school was over and her mother came to pick her up.

Kyla answered the door amused to see her mother’s confused face.

“Hi I’m Ellen. I’m here to pick up my daughter, Kyla. ” Kyla’s mother said not realizing the woman before her was her daughter. She was grown into a woman just half of a decade younger then her mother now. Kyla smiled in return.

“You better come in and have a seat. ” Kyla said showing her mother inside and feeling strange for treating her mother like a guest.

Ellen looked around puzzled as she noticed the toys and other minor changes to the house. Even the woman before her seemed familiar to her in a way.

Kyla directed her to a spot on the sofa with a laptop already setup and ready to go.

“I’m Kyla, Mom. You have heard of the regression pills also called the Scaredy Cat pills? I took the antidote to the pills and this was the result. ” Kyla said with calm and hopeful her mother’s reaction would be a good one.

Ellen looked confused for a second then gave her a slight smile.

“My daughter isn’t old enough to drive yet. You’re a woman slightly younger then me. ” Ellen responded back.

“I guess I will show you what I found on my first day back in dad’s house. ” Kyla said and opened the folder on the laptop. Once the pictures came up she showed her mother how to browse through them.

Ellen being polite went through the pictures seeing a little toddler then an older child. She gasped when she teached the teenage years. Quickly she went to the top of the folder to confirm who the boy was.

“Jason, but the dates on these pictures are all for this month. ” Ellen said looking to see Kyla had arranged the photos by date.

“Daddy had a secret, mom. He changed himself into a little boy whenever he had some free time. When we lived here he locked himself into his office and pretended to be a little boy with some help from those regression pills. ” Kyla explained seeing her mother was starting to understand.

“Where is Jason? ” Ellen said suddenly very afraid. As she looked at the woman she started to see it really was Kyla all grown up now.

“Jay-Jay!, Ellen is here. ” Kyla called out toward the hallway.

A toddler appeared dressed only in a diaper with an older woman right behind him. Judging from her appearance and manners she was a nanny.

A toddler came into the living room and climbed onto Kyla’s lap curled up in a shy way. The nanny stood respectfully by the hallway.

“This is Jason, but we call him Jay-Jay now and that is his Nanny Miranda. I just hired her last week and so far she is great at her job. ” Kyla said introducing them both to her mother.

“Jason, is that really you? ” Ellen asked shocked her ex-husband was a toddler sitting in their adult daughter’s lap like she was his mother now.

The toddler nodded then buried his head into Kyla’s bosom in shyness. Kyla motioned for Miranda to take him back to his playroom. Jason went without a word happy to return to his toys.

“You have more of these regression pills and the antidote? ” Ellen asked while her mind trying to figure out how they ended up like that.

“Oh yes. Daddy had more money then you know of. He was rich, mom and had his own supply. Those stocks he invested in really paid off. ” Kyla said proud her father had the insight to invest so wisely.

“Well then. I’m sure you had your fun, but I don’t think your father would like being a toddler any longer and you have classes to attend to in high school. ” Ellen said giving her daughter a motherly tone of voice.

“Mom, I’m not going back to high school. In fact I been reading college level books and I’m pretty sure I can pass the tests now. Daddy is happy as my adopted son. He wanted to be a little kid again anyway. ” Kyla said and they argued about it for a few minutes.

Ellen reminding Kyla about losing part of her life experience in growing up as a teenager and what about her friends in high school.

Then her mother threatened her with lawyers and maybe the judge will order her daughter to take the regression pills and restore her ex-husband to normal.

Kyla realized her mother wouldn’t let the subject drop so she excused herself for a cup of tea.

“Here you go, mom. I made this cup of tea just for you. ” Kyla said politely and sat back down with a cup in her hand smiling as her mother started to drink the tea from her own cup.

“Thank you. ” Ellen said seeing her daughter was using the old cup of tea trick to calm her down.

“Mom, I thought about it and I think your right. I just skipped right into adulthood. ” Kyla said taking a sip of tea.

“Good, I knew I could talk some sense into you. Now where are the pills and the antidote? We need to return your father to normal and I think some time as a little girl will teach you a lesson young lady. We will also keep Miranda around to babysit you. ” Ellen said already planning out Kyla’s punishment.

“I put them away in dad’s fireproof safe box under the bed. I have the key in my purse. I should tell you I put some of the pills in the tea cup. ” Kyla said a smile appearing on her face.

“Don’t think you going stop at your teens, young lady. I will just have to give you more until your young enough to bend over my knee. I think four years old is a better age for you. ” Ellen said in a stern tone finishing her tea in one final gulp.

“I put them in your tea cup. ” Kyla said and watched as her mother realized she had been tricked.

“You what!? ” Ellen said getting up as surge of fear washed over her that she was going to turn into a child instead of her daughter.

‘I was a fool to drink that tea, tricked by my own daughter. ’ Ellen thought then realized she needed help. Ellen saw the drug was taking effect.

Ellen ran for the door only to end up tripping over heels that no longer fit her feet. Getting up her skirt fell part way down as she reached her teenage years once more.

“Wow, mom. You must be really scared out of your mind for the drug to work so fast. ” Kyla said amused at the antics of her regressing mother. At the moment she had reached the age she was been pregnant with Kyla.

“You can’t do this to me, Kyla. I’m your mother. ” Ellen whined as her body reached the early stages of puberty going the wrong way.

“Yes, you are. I love you for raising such a great daughter. Now I get to return the favor and best of all you can be with dad again. I will give you baths together and he can climb into your crib so you two can share naps together. You can play and grow up together like childhood sweethearts. ” Kyla explained as she watched her mother race for the front door maybe to get help or go for her cell phone she left in the car along with her purse.

Ellen almost reached the deadbolt, but her regressing body shrank down too fast for her to unlock the door.

Tears of frustration, betrayal and sense of great loss sprang onto Ellen’s face as she cried openly.

“Shhh, its okay, Ellen. Your new mommy is here to take care of you. Your going to be mommy’s little baby girl. I will even breast feed you. ” Kyla said taking the sleeve of her mother’s blouse and wiping away the make-up now streaked with tears on mother’s face.

Kyla picked up her now toddler size mother and held her as she got younger turning into the helpless infant.

A few days later Kyla was just putting her infant mother into a girl’s crib in the new nursery room just next door to her now master bedroom.

Kyla looked at the cherub face of the baby girl barely noticing the begging and pleading expression in the baby’s eyes. Sometimes she babbled at Kyla or Miranda trying her best to talk. Kyla pretty much guessed she was begging to be an adult again.

“Don’t you worry, little Ellen. You be grown up one day. ” Kyla said teasing her infant mother just a little.

Thinking back Kyla thought the manager at the baby store was going to have an orgasim on the spot when Kyla returned to the store wanting another set of baby stuff this time for a girl.

“Look at the bright side mom. You get another lifetime of experience, carefree life as my baby daughter, and the best schooling money can buy. The only downside is Jay-Jay is a little jealous I’m breastfeeding you all the time now. ” Kyla said and tickled her mother’s belly a little.

A funny look overcame the baby’s face and Kyla did a quick diaper check to confirm what just happen.

“Someone is wet again. ” Kyla said and lowered the side bars of the crib and proceeded to change the wet diaper.

Miranda the Nanny stepped into the room and stood respectable to one side to offer up her aid.

Ellen had been a fussy baby and fought her daughter during that diaper change. Miranda’s one smack to the exposed butt quickly settled that naughty behavior.

“I find one smack to the butt is good for naughty babies. You must tell her no first. ” Miranda suggested then offered up several books Kyla should read about raising a child.

Kyla finished her motherly duty and put the side bars back up on the crib.

“Now all I have to worry about is my grandparents on my mother’s side of the family. If I can’t buy them off with money or youth pills. I might have to change my mother back to normal since what I did wasn’t exactly legal. For now I have legal guardianship over her unless grandma invokes her motherly rights over Ellen. ” Kyla said as they left the darken nursery for Ellen to take her afternoon nap. Jay-Jay had already fallen asleep now used to the routine.

Faintly as the door was shutting a baby whimpering could be heard. Ellen knew by the time anyone noticed she was missing and by that time she would no longer care about being an adult again.

“Well, I’m sure things will work out for the best Mistress Kyla. ” Miranda said brushing back her graying hair with her fingers. The woman had shown her great loyalty in the little time she been with Kyla.

“One good thing out of this so far is that my family is back together under the same roof at the very least. You know Miranda. I wouldn’t mind if you moved in with us. My old room is empty and all my old clothes can be yours. ” Kyla said.

“Don’t be silly Mistress Kyla. Your old clothes are for a teenage girl. ” Miranda said then realized what Kyla was really offering her.

“Miranda, how would you like to be sixteen years old again? ” Kyla asked and judging from Miranda’s face she knew the answer already.

The end



End Chapter 4

Scaredy Cat Tales By Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated May 31, 2012


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