Scaredy Cat Tales By Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated May 31, 2012

Chapter 3
Jeana’s little adventure

Chapter Description: Laura’s Advance Learning Center is a child care and school for children who’s parents worked all day. Jeana was a helper’s assistant hoping to be promoted for the assistant manager’s job.

Laura’s Advance Learning Center is a child care and school for children who’s parents worked all day.

Jeana was a helper’s assistant hoping to be promoted for the assistant manager’s job.

“Hey Jeana, how did your review go? ” Susie asked and Jeana looked up to see Susie like herself trying to move up.

“Mrs. Jewel said I need to connect more with the children. I need to understand them better. She suggested while on my vacation I should pick up a few child rearing books to pass the time with. Since I don’t have anything plan for my two weeks I guess I will have the time to read all the books I can afford. ” Jeana explained and Susie had a funny look in her eyes.

“Hey, you ever heard of the Scaredy Cat drug? ” Susie whispered in a low voice.

“Yeah, who hasn’t. That is that majorly expensive drug that makes you younger, but only when you get really scared. I watched a show all about it and how they tested it on death row inmates. Barely any of them survived in the first test group, because the doctors gave them a big dose before they knew what triggered it. ” Jeana answered showing off what little knowledge she had on the drug.

The courts had to make new laws concerning people who got so young they didn’t care about being mature anymore. It amused Jeana that an adult turned toddler could remember their life, but didn’t care and acted like a toddler after they spent too much time in their younger body.

“Well, let’s just say a friend of a friend hooked me up with some. What if you spent your vacation here as a kid? ” Susie asked still in that low voice.

“You mean me as a little girl. I always wondered what it would be like? ” Jeana asked herself and Susie knew she had her.

“It would never work. For one thing I would need to be in the system with a parent or legal guardian listed and who could I trust as my legal guardian while I’m underage. I saw this court case on TV of this woman who regressed her husband into a baby then try to get a divorce from him. According to the new laws she couldn’t and would have to wait til he was the legal age again before they could divorce. Then the judge made it so she had to care for her husband with social services keeping a weary eye on her. ” Jeana said next willing, but seeing the snags in the idea.

“Well, I could register you as my niece and you could come to work with me. That way you would get first hand experience being close to the children and I would get a fair idea on caring for a child on a personal level. ” Susie said already having this part planned out.

“Oh Susie. We hardly know each other, but that would be really great for you to do this for me. I will need new clothes and we will have to discuss the details. ” Jeana said thinking she rather shop for cute little dresses then waste her money on books.

“Come over to my place after work. You can follow me home. ” Susie said and Jeana made a mental note to do so.

At Susie’s place they worked out the finer points and Jeana even saw the room that was going to be her bedroom while she stayed with Susie.

“So just leave your personal stuff at work in your locker. You can leave your car here parked around back and on the first day of your vacation you will start school at Laura’s Advance Learning Center. I will play the part of the loving aunt and you can be my sweet niece. ” Susie said as they were wrapping things up.

Days later Jeana found herself back at Susie’s house with her car parked around back and out of sight. She was nervous about the trick they were about to pull. The living room had various clothes and toys just perfect for a little girl.

“Scared?” Susie asked.

“Yeah, if our co-workers found out I don’t think I could show my face there again. Laura has that unwritten policy on former adults. ” Jeana confessed almost ready to call the whole thing off.

“It is good that you are scared. Otherwise this drug won’t work right away. I already did the math and you will end up around 7 years old with this dosage. I already got your name Jenny in the database so they are expecting you. ” Susie said and handed Jeana a set number of pills and a small glass of water.

“They dissolve when wet so put them in your mouth or in your drink and then its bottoms up. ” Susie explained.

“Here’s to understanding kids. ” Jeana said and put the pills into her mouth then took a small drink of water.

At first Jeana didn’t feel the effects right away. Since she wasn’t in a complete panic of fear with her heart racing and the chemical changes already in her body the regression would take a little longer. Her nervous fear wasn’t enough to cause the instant effect she seen on TV.

“Hey your boobs are firmer. ” Susie said and pointed to them.

Jeana looked down to see a body a few years younger.

“Cool, I’m back in my mid twenties. ” Jeana said taking off her outer layer of clothing. There was a bathrobe waiting for her so Jeana slipped it on then remove the rest of her clothing.

Jeana left the bathrobe open so she could watch the changes happening. She felt only a little embarrassed Susie saw her nude, but they had discussed this before hand.

Susie was going to be her surrogate mother so that undressing her, giving her baths, and helping her in the bathroom if needed.

The bathrobe made her feel a little better since it was so soft and warm.

“I think your too young to drink now. ” Susie stated and Jeana studying her body thought so too.

“It’s hard to explain what it feels like. Somewhere like being on a fast moving elevator or an escalator while standing still. ” Jeana said seeing her body reach its late teens. Here she slimmed down to a perfect hourglass figure.

“Wow Jeana, you must have been prom queen back in the day. ” Susie said admiring the younger woman’s body.

“Not really, but I did spend a lot of time keeping the boys out of my pants. I had my fun, but I wasn’t easy to get like the other girls. ” Jeana answered back and heard the change in her voice. It sounded perky to her ears.

“Check it out I must be too young to drive now. ” Jeana said seeing her breasts change as she reached the tender age of fourteen.

The breasts were taking that distinct cone shape then dwindling down as her nipple change color to a lighter shade of pink blending into the skin more.

How many years did she spend in front of a mirror at this age wishing for bigger breasts and now it was all being undone with a pill.

Jeana wanted to cover herself up as the last signs of her womanhood melted away, but the changes were just too interesting.

Slowly her hips lost their curve and her breasts were just budding out.

‘Training bra at best. ’ Jeana thought and touched one to find the nipple a little sensitive.

Soon she was a flat chested girl with her bare privates showing. The lack of pubic hair made her feel even more naked. Too much like a baby for her comfort.

“Jeana you’re a doll. A real cutie pie. ” Susie said her voice overjoyed at her new friends transformation.

Jeana closed the robe and looked at the shopping bags around the room.

“I think I will need a shower first. Calm my nerves a bit with a hot shower. ” Jeana said her voice higher in tone and sounding very childish in its pitch.

“Yeah, you do look funny with all that make-up on your face and don’t forget you’re a virgin again. ” Susie said and Jeana flushed red then walked down the hall into the bathroom.

In the privacy of the bathroom she let the robe fall away and studied her new child’s body in full detail without anyone looking at her.

Only a total pervert or a boy of her own young age would find her attractive now.

“I look about seven years old and I feel it too. ” Jeana said aloud in a whisper remembering things from this age she almost forgotten as a child. It was amazing she could remember childhood experiences if they only happened yesterday.

‘Did I lose my adult education? ’ Jeana thought and a hint of panic arose in her.

Quickly Jeana recalled her college years, teachers, and anything she considered adult knowledge. The memories and knowledge were there, but a little fuzzy in the details and taking a lot longer for her to recall them.

‘Relax, Jeana. It takes a week maybe even two weeks if the person is stubborn for someone not to care about being an adult again. You watched all the shows about this drug. ’ Jeana thought calming herself down then went over to the bathtub to start her shower.

Jeana quickly discovered with a yip that her tolerance for hot water had changed due to her more sensitive younger skin. Jeana had to go with mild hot water unless she wanted to look like a lobster when she got out.

Her make-up was gone after she started washing her face then her hair.

Jeana had to adjust to her new shorter height and how her new body felt. When her washing reached her most private areas she learned she had lost all sexual feeling there.

She was ticklish again and she found the lack of breasts gnawing at her like a worry. It was strange not to feel the weight of them anymore. Kinda like having a missing tooth.

‘I guess I won’t be dating any cute guys anytime soon. ’ Jeana thought with a laugh imagining herself going out on a date.

Just the thought of a cute guy speaking to her made her feel very shy and even alone in the bathroom she blushed deep red when her thoughts turned to sex.

The very concept of it seemed gross and alien to her. Deep down it even scared her now.

‘Your a child again. I could pass for a boy with the right clothes and my hair tucked away in a hat. ’ Jeana thought focusing on her impending days ahead.

A knock came at the door and Susie came in carrying some clothes. Through the blurred glass Jeana could see Susie with the bundle of clothes in her arms.

“I went ahead and picked out a night outfit for you. I will have your room ready for you as soon as you get out of the shower then I will wash your school clothes. ” Susie said and left Jeana to finish her hot shower.

Jeana caught herself playing with the gaps in her baby teeth with her tongue. It was strange to know if she stayed like this her teeth would be replaced by adult teeth as her new baby teeth fell out.

Jeana turned off the faucets and got out of the shower. Looking at her reflection once more in the mirror she looked even younger with her hair wet and pulled back away from her face.

The girl child in the mirror looked like she should be running through water sprinklers, blowing bubbles or playing with dolls.

“Funny, I don’t feel ashamed thinking about doing those things. ” Jeana said and dried herself completely using a hair dryer for her hair.

She pulled her hair into a pony tail and dressed for bed. It was still too early, but Jeana didn’t have any plans of being seen out in public just yet.

With her round childish facial features no one maybe expect for her parents would know her, but she wanted to get use in being a child first.

Dressed in a two piece outfit featuring Disney princesses Jeana came back out into the living room.

Susie was there watching TV and looked to see and for a half a second she almost didn’t know who the child was before her. Dressed as a child with her hair up in a pony tail.

“Oh my God, Jeana. I can barely recognize you now. ” Susie said and she had seen the woman changed before her eyes. With the make-up washed away and looking the part it was hard for her to connect this child to the adult woman she had been.

“Good, I don’t want anyone to know this is me. I guess you could say I’m fun size now. ” Jeana giggled and had a sudden urge for a candy bar.

“Well sit down and rest. I will go make supper. Time for Aunt Susie to fulfill her duties. ” Susie said getting up and went into the kitchen.

After supper Jeana spent some time watching TV with her new aunt. Then ten o’clock rolled around and Susie switched off the TV.

“Time for bed, kiddo. ” Susie announced and Jeana looked at her if she was crazy.

“Susie, I’m not really that tired. ” Jeana protested.

“That’s Aunt Susie and its now your official new bed time. You have a big day tomorrow. You will start school early. ” Susie said in a serious tone that meant she wouldn’t argue with her.

“Fine. ” Jeana said her tone showing her displeasure at being told what to do and went to the second bedroom they only recently converted into her room.

Everything looked new and somehow slightly creepy. At the moment it appeared to be more of a shrine to a lost child then a little girl’s room.

Jeana removed her shirt and climbed into bed. The covers were soft enough that Jeana had a thought that made her giggle.

Jeana removed the rest of her clothes and decided she would sleep all natural tonight enjoying the feeling of her bare skin against the sheets.

In the morning Susie came in and woke up Jeana by shaking her gently.

“Get up, sleepy head. ” Susie sang and pulled the covers off the bed.

Jeana protested too late.

“Oooo. Somone likes to sleep all nakey. ” Susie said amused in a teasing tone as Jeana sat up then pulled a sheet back over her lap.

“Well, put some clothes on and come to the breakfast table. ” Susie said grinning then left Jeana alone in her room.

Feeling like she got caught doing something naughty Jeana dressed for school and deciding maybe she leave her panties on next time she went to bed.

‘Just eleven more days of this then I will go back to being an adult again. ’ Jeana mentally reminded herself.

Susie didn’t mention anything about her sleeping in the buff, but proceeded to fix her plate with eggs, bacon, and even some little mini pancakes.

Jeana ate and discovered that Susie was a decent cook. After breakfast Jeana had a little bit of free time to watch TV before they had to leave.

“Time to go. ” Susie called and Jeana was just browsing over some cartoons.

“Coming. ” Jeana called switching off the TV and picked up her new school bag. Her new child size sneakers felt stiff, but given a little time she would break them in.

When Jeana got to the car she found the backdoor was open to her. Sitting there in the backseat was a booster seat deal for young children.

“Can’t I just ride shotgun with you up front? ” Jeana asked seeing Susie was waiting for her to get in.

“Sorry, children ride in the back. Not safe for you with the airbags up here” Susie answered.

“Okay. ” Jeana said defeated and knowing the state laws regarding children and airbags.

The whole way there, Jeana had butterflies in her stomach.

Jeana went in through the front entrance of the building with Susie for her first official day at the learning center.

Jeana felt a bit odd being introduce to her co-workers if this was the first time they had ever met. Now everyone was calling her Jenny.

No one was the wiser the slightly shy little girl had been a woman only just yesterday. Susie played her part as an Aunt perfectly.

Jeana got the standard tour of the place then was shown to her classroom. Susie left her there to go help with the younger children.

Jeana found it interesting to be on the other side of the fence of her work place. She made friends right away with the other kids and found the school work a breeze to do.

Recess was another deal all together. Jeana couldn’t run or climb as fast as the other children. Jeana figured it be a week before she was up to shape again.

By the end of the day Jeana was tired, but happy. No one had recognized her and she got the experience of being a kid again.

The day flew by and Susie came by to take her home. Dinner was a simple affair of chicken fingers and mashed potatoes.

That night Jeana took a bath enjoying the bubbles courtesy of Susie and didn’t mind going early to bed.

As time progressed over the week Jeana slowly lost interest in thinking like her adult self and found it much more fun to see the world as she did when she was a little girl.

The toys saw some playtime and Jeana didn’t mind Susie’s mothering ways so much anymore.

The weekend came and Susie surprised Jeana by taking her to a theme park. Jeana couldn’t ride on the bigger roller coasters, but the kid approved ones were fun enough. They ate lunch in one of the many restaurants in the theme park.

By evening Jeana was exhausted and fell asleep during the car ride home. Susie had to carry her to bed that night. On Sunday it was rest and relaxation with half of the day to be followed with doing house chores.

When Jeana started her second week of school she was a little depressed since this would be the last week she could be a kid again.

The adult Jeana was due back from her two week vacation by the end of this week. Jeana decided she would change back early on Wednesday.

It was far earlier then they had planned, but she wanted a few days to get her life back on track.

Jeana had neglected her own apartment and she was sure there would be more bills to pay.

When Wednesday came and Susie came to take her home Jeana quietly told her she was ready for the antidote.

“So soon, Jenny? ” Susie asked used to using Jeana’s cover name.

“Yeah, I need a day or two to get back to being an adult again. ” Jeana answered having to focus on not saying big girl.

“Shame, I was thinking about taking you to the Play Palace tonight. I wasn’t feeling up to cooking tonight and we could celebrate the end of your little vacation with a bang. ” Susie said and Jeana instantly had a smile on her face.

The Play Palace was a child’s fantasy of fun and games. They had arcade games, ball pits, indoor slides and those huge bounce houses. For parents they offered one of the best pizzas in town.

“Well, one more night couldn’t hurt. ” Jeana said and after they left the school they went out for fun.

For Jeana it was late by the time they got home and she was exhausted from the great time she had. Susie had to carry her out to the car like a small child and then to her bed.

The next morning they both rushed out to get to the learning center on time. It wasn’t until Jeana got back home she remembered she wanted to be an adult again.

Jeana had spent most of the school day telling her playmates what the Play Palace was like.

“Susie, don’t forget I want to change back. Could you get the antidote? ”Jeana asked from her seat on the sofa as cartoons were playing on the TV.

“Okay, sure. I have it around here somewhere. I will look for it after dinner time. ” Susie said and Jeana got distracted by a funny cartoon gag on the TV.

Jeana ate dinner and wasn’t sure if Susie did look for the antidote. She had some homework to do which was getting harder with each passing day. Jeana found she knew it, but her attention span was getting shorter every day now. She had to focus hard to get the answers right.

Friday came and Jeana was expected to return to work on Monday morning. Jeana awoke early that morning and decided she find the antidote before Susie woke up.

Jeana explored and searched every nook and cranny. Feeling a bit shameful she even looked inside Susie’s purse with no luck.

Oddly enough her car keys weren’t inside Susie’s purse where Susie said she would put them.

Thinking the antidote was in Susie’s bedroom Jeana decided to wait.

She passed the time with more cartoon watching. Her favorite new show just happened to be on TV this morning.

“You are up early. ”Susie said when she came out from the bedroom wearing her silky night robe which did little for modesty sake.

“Well, yeah. I got to get an early start back home. Silly me, I keep forgetting about the antidote. ” Jeana said worried she was losing her adult self in this child’s body.

“Maybe its time I told you the truth. Jenny, I don’t want you going back to being an adult. You see Mrs. Jewel was going to promote you over me. I overheard her speaking to upper management on the phone. I was her second choice so if you don’t show up for work I will get the job. In a few days you won’t even care. ” Susie said sounding like she already won.

“I will get the antidote after you get promoted? ” Jeana asked fearful at what Susie would say next.

“Silly goose. I can’t have you accusing me of playing a dirty trick on you. You have grown on me these past few days. My original plan was to regress you into a little bitty baby today and sell you off to a childless couple for some quick cash after a while. Instead I will just make up some story my imaginary sister died in a car accident and make the necessary arrangements to make it appear I have adopted you as my daughter. ” Susie explained and talked to Jeana if her mind had really reverted into a little girl’s way of thinking.

“You can’t do this to me. So quit talking to me like I’m a child. ” Jeana answered as a feeling of betrayal over took her emotions.

“I didn’t do anything to you, Jenny. I didn’t force the pills down your throat. I implied you can get the antidote, but I never said I would give it you directly. ” Susie said and walked close to Jeana.

Jeana backed away at first, but realizing she had no where to run stood her ground.

“Come with me. ” Susie ordered and took Jeana by the hand.

Jeana obeyed mostly because she was powerless against Susie’s adult size body and she had come to think of Susie as a second motherhood figure in her life.

They went into the master bedroom and Susie was directed to stand in front of a standing mirror set in the corner.

“Arms up. ” Susie commanded and Jeana wondering what was she going to do with her, but she did what as she was told to do.

Susie pulled her child’s night gown up leaving her dressed only in her princess panties.

“Now look in the mirror. ” Susie said and undid the silk sash that held her night wear together. Then let it fall to the floor.

Susie looked in the mirror to see a nearly naked little girl standing just in front of a half naked woman wearing black sexy lace underwear.

“I’m a big girl. ” Susie her voice trembling as she looked at the reflection of the child she had become. It was hard to focus on adult thoughts now she saw herself in the mirror.

“Your mommy’s big girl. You can go to the potty by yourself, you have playmates at school and I let you watch any cartoon you like on TV. ” Susie said bending at her knees and wrapped her arms around Jeana’s skinny little body.

Jeana could feel the woman’s breasts pressing into her backside and for a few weak moments she wanted to bury her body into that warm bosom.

She never understood until just now how much children really needed comfort and to be held when they felt scared.

“Since we are both nearly naked now, how about a shower this morning? ” Susie suggested and Jeana saw a lot more of Susie’s adult body then she ever wanted to see.

Jeana did nothing as Susie’s hand wiped her clean with a washcloth then did her hair if they were really mother and daughter.

“You see Jenny. Just a few more days and you won’t even care about being a kid. We will have all kinds of fun in the years to come. ” Susie said finishing up by brushing her wet hair out with her fingers.

“Okay. ” Jeana said defeated and did her best not to stare or even look at Susie’s naked adult body. The woman was beautiful and sexy while her own body was just so flat and uninteresting.

“That’s my little girl. Dry off and go get dress for school then we will talk about doing something fun this weekend. ” Susie said cheerfully and Jeana was excused from the bathroom.

Jeana exited the bathroom with a towel wrapped nearly double around her body.

Jeana then looked back toward the bathroom to make sure the door was shut behind her.

Dropping the towel in her room she dashed for the master bedroom looking for the antidote. Her search was quick and she made sure to be careful not to put anything out of place.

She didn’t find it in the dresser, under the bed or even in-between the mattresses and looked briefly into the closet.

Then she heard the shower being turned off and made another dash for her own bedroom.

When Susie looked in on her she found Jeana brushing her hair out with a brush wearing just some panties and a shirt.

“Hurry up, honey. Your hair will dry out in the car. ” Susie said amused and happy Jeana had accepted her fate so easily, but she would keep an eye on the girl.

Jeana stayed quiet and when she got the school she found herself losing her thoughts to childish ways of thinking. More so with all the adults towering over her and children sitting next to her on the floor.

Part of her wanted to be Susie’s daughter, but another part didn’t like the way she was tricked into it. It wasn’t right no matter how she looked at it.

Jeana was racking her brain on where Susie had hidden the antidote.

‘Where would I hide something from someone I didn’t want them to find it? ’ Jeana thought and put away her childish thoughts on buried treasure or a secret door in the wall.

Then Jeana realized where the antidote must be. Jeana’s eyes looked toward the door marked with staff only that led back to the quiet room and locker room where the staff members changed their clothes. Susie’s locker made a great hiding spot since children weren’t allowed in the back hallways unless an adult was taking them into the quiet room for a time out punishment.

At recess time Jeana hung back and slipped through the door when the teacher wasn’t looking. Her heart racing Jeana quietly stalked her way toward the locker room.

Jeana had been lucky no adults were in sight as she walked down the hallway passing the quiet room then ducking into the locker room.

No sooner did she slip inside she heard Susie’s voice talking to another teacher just outside the door.

“Let me check up on my niece real quick. ” Susie said just as she passed the door and Jeana felt her stomach take a nose dive.

‘Crap, she will run straight in here once she realizes I’m not out there with the other children. ’ Jeana said and went for the target locker.

Using the long wooden bench she checked the top self only to find Susie’s purse up there. Then Jeana hopped down and checked the bottom and under what appeared to be a discarded vest was a little plastic box containing a single syringe. Next to it was the dreaded bottle of regression pills.

Jeana grabbed both items then looked at her own locker thinking about there was one last item she needed beside a change of clothes within her own locker.

As a woman she had her own bit of personal protection and Susie was going to be in for a shock.

Susie looked over the recess yard twice with no luck and talked with the teacher.

“No Susie, I haven’t seen her out here. Maybe she went to the bathroom without telling anyone. ” The teacher suggested looking concern that she had misplaced one of her students.

“Don’t worry about it. Jenny is a smart and good girl. I will let you know if anything is wrong if I don’t find her in the bathroom. ” Susie said and didn’t want q full blown search started. She was too close to getting her promotion.

Susie calmly walked back inside and in a panic dashed for the locker room. If Jeana found the antidote her career would come to a dead stop and she would miss her only shot at climbing the ladder.

“Jenny, are you in here sweetie? You better not be hiding on me or someone will be getting a spanking. ” Susie announced as she entered the locker room with fear making her mind race with what ifs.

The game would be up if Jeana had taken the antidote already.

As Susie turned the corner from the wall of lockers she found Jeana standing in front of her locker with her hands behind her back.

Susie’s eyes darted to the white plastic box sticking out of Jeana’s shirt pocket there was also a slight bulge of something else in there as well.

A wave of slight relief overcame Susie when she saw Jeana was still a child.

“You have been a naughty girl, Jenny. This room is for adults only. I think I will just put you in the quiet room for the rest of the day. Then I’m going to seriously reconsider my decision in not turning you into a baby. ” Susie said sternly and took a few steps toward Jeana.

“Stop. ” Jeana said and whipped her hands around so they rejoined holding something that had been in Jeana’s right hand.

Susie froze in place with her first thoughts thinking it was a gun, but a closer study of it and her fear spiked up again. Jeana was holding one of those tasers that shot out wires at a person.

“Jenny, you don’t want to do that. Give that to me and mommy won’t spank you for being bad. ” Susie said trying to enforce authority on her.

“Your right. I don’t want to do it. I really wanted to stay as a kid, but what you did wasn’t right. ” Jeana said and tears streamed down her face as she pulled the trigger.

It taken all her courage left in her just to pull the trigger.

Quicker then the eye could follow the prongs hit Susie and she shook for a few seconds then fell to the tile floor like a puppet with its strings cut.

Jeana dropped the taser and listened for anyone else coming. All was silent and Jeana went to work.

Stripping her clothes off first she picked up the plastic box from her pocket and opened it.

The needle hurt, but Jeana gave herself the needed shot in the arm then felt the changes taking place.

Over the next minute the room and things around her seem to get smaller as she grew in height then her body filled out becoming a woman’s body once more.

Puffy cone shape breasts became full size ones in under that same minute and her pubic hair grew in waves. Much to her slight disgust hair also returned to her legs and just under her armpits. She was all natural now and made a mental note to shave as soon as humanly possible.

Jeana grinned as her body quickly took a curve shape of an hourglass as she raced pass her teen years straight into full adulthood status once more.

Jeana was slightly dizzy and feeling a little warm from the transformation, but her mind was so clear now. All the important things she thought of as a child seemed so silly now.

“You don’t look so big and scary anymore. ” Jeana said to Susie who was still out like a light on the floor.

Jeana reached down and pulled the other item from the shirt pocket.

Jeana popped open the bottle with ease with her adult fingers and measured out a dosage just for Susie.

Some minutes later Susie awoke in the quiet room with an adult Jeana dressed in her uniform sitting by the only door to the room in a chair bolted to the wall.

“First of all I have to thank you Susie for giving me the chance to get a real first hand experience on being a child again. They say turnabout is fair play. The quiet room will give us a good place to talk. ” Jeana said and watched with great amusement as Susie noticed just how big the world had just become for her.

“No, no no. ” Susie said with the voice of a whiny four year old girl. Susie looked down at herself and saw she was wearing Jeana’s child size clothes even if they were a little baggy on her.

To her embarrassment she didn’t feel any underwear under her skirt. Susie eyes darted around the small room and saw only the padded walls that kept children from hurting themselves and it doubled as soundproofing the room as well.

The worse of temper tantrum screams couldn’t pierce through these walls unless someone was standing just outside the glass. Even then it was muffled a great deal.

“I didn’t bother with the panties. They were too big for you so I stuff them into my locker along with your stuff. Shame you had only the one antidote? ” Jeana asked seeing if Susie had more stashed elsewhere.

From the panic look on her face Jeana she had her answer.

“It was a joke. Just a prank, Jeana. I was going to make you big again soon. ” Susie said quickly and stopped when Jeana gave her a stern look.

“Little girls shouldn’t lie, Susie. ” Jeana said and stood up over her former coworker just steps away. She knew from first hand experience this would make Susie feel even smaller.

“I’m not a little girl. ” Susie said her voice going up in volume.

“Oh? ” Jeana said and scaring Susie even more by walking right up to her and lifting Susie’s child size skirt up. With some shock and even further embarrassment Susie pulled her skirt back down while backing all the way up to the wall until she could feel her back against the wall.

Jeana didn’t pause for a second. Jeana put her hands on Susie’s now flat chest.

“Well, you look like a little baby down there and I didn’t feel any titties just now. ” Jeana said in a crowing tone and walked back to retake her seat.

“You know what I mean. ” Susie said putting on a brave front.

“Yes I do. The real question is what I’m going to do with you. I could give you the rest of the pills and watch you dwindle into a little baby again. Then I would have to explain on where I found a naked baby girl in the middle of a private school. Or maybe we will just call your mother up. Legally she would be your legal guardian and maybe she would turn you back into your normal self. I’m sure she would be happy to give up a big chunk of her life savings to do so. By the time the antidote arrives on the doorstep I will have my new job. ” Jeana said with a chuckle.

“Please, don’t make me go back to my mom. You have no idea what she is like. The house I live in is my gran’s old house. My mom has been jealous since gran left it to me in her will along with her money. ” Susie begged and Jeana heard in her voice she was telling the truth.

“It’s not like I can leave you there all alone. You got a sister or brother? ” Jeana asked wondering just what she was going to do with Susie.

Susie shook her head in answer.

“Well I don’t suppose you have enough cash in your bank account to order the antidote? ” Jeana asked thinking maybe she would have a house guest for a few days.

“I spent most of it paying my friend off for her special discount. ” Susie said in a half wail as she spoke.

“You mean she stole it and sold it to you. ” Jeana said now figuring out the truth and getting a nod from Susie.

“Come here. ” Jeana said taking pity on Susie.

Susie obeyed and scared she was going to get a spanking for her adult actions. Instead Jeana lifted her onto her lap and rocked her gently.

“You have only yourself to blame. Looks like I’m going to be the mommy now. Would you like that Susie? ” Jeana asked not really angry with Susie since she knew what it was like to be suddenly turned into a child again. Not to mention Susie was now stuck in her little body unless she wanted to be younger still.

Susie thought about it and pictured herself trying to fit in at orphanage or with some random foster parents.

‘What would happen if she ever let it slip out or they discovered the truth about her? ’ Susie thought next then looked at Jeana who knew everything already.

In the way of answer Susie hugged Jeana by wrapping her little arms around Jeana’s neck.

“Well, I guess that is a yes. Now, how about I get a diaper on that naked butt? ” Jeana said laughing and playfully spanked Susie’s butt so lightly she hardly felt it.

“No diaper. ” Susie said and looked up at Jeana.

“Just until we can get some panties in your size. ” Jeana said and Susie shrugged in agreement.

Getting out of the learning center proved to be trickier with a four year old girl in tow. Jeana pretended she was giving a niece of hers a tour of her workplace. Jeana was dressed in her standard uniform of apron over light pants and t-shirt. Her first stop was at the daycare section of the building to get a diaper in Susie’s size.

Then still under the pretense she was showing her oldest niece around Jeana was able to leave and use Susie’s car to take her home.

A few days later back at Susie’s house they arranged things so Jeana could be her legal guardian when someone if anyone came looking for the adult Susie.

As a minor Susie couldn’t be charged for buying stolen goods and by the time she would be old enough again to face the law as an adult no one would care.

Susie signed over her car and house over to Jeana as well. This of course meant Jeana no longer needed her apartment so instead she moved into Susie’s house taking full ownership and she now had a spare car for her own personal use.

Since Susie signed everything within the first week of her regression this made the lawyers very happy to process the paperwork. Susie even took the chance to alter her name to Susan.

After one interview with child services for former adults it was clear to the woman that Susie now known as Susan really wanted to have Jeana as her new mother over her biological parent.

A quick inspection of the house confirmed everything was suitable for a little girl.

Jeana kept her adoption a secret and used a nanny when she was away a work.

Jeana got her promotion after her second interview with her boss and she was overjoyed to come home to her new four year old daughter.

After the nanny left they sat in the living room together watching cartoons.

“You know we should talk about potty training. ” Jeana said and looked at Susan clad in only a diaper. Since her regression she had a few accidents and the diapers had become her standard wear.

“I kinda like them now. I never make a big mess in them. ” Susan said enjoying being mostly naked. She had gotten away with not wearing hardly any clothes for days now.

There was freedom in being almost a nudist.

“Hmmm, but you have soaked them so much I seen them sagged down before. ” Jeana said and thought about the few pills they left in Susan’s old bottle.

“Jeana err..Mommy, Could I stay four years old a while or get younger? ” Susan asked and Jeana noticed that every day that passed Susan was acting more like a little kid.

“Well I suppose if I cut the regression pills up and give you a fright every few months it be a few years before you see your fifth birthday again. Would you really like being four years old for two or three years in a row? Mommy could even make you into a baby again. ” Jeana asked interested in this idea. She could save a ton of cash on clothes alone.

“Yeah, then a few years later I be ready for school and boys again. ” Susan answered and giggled at the thought of boys. Vaguely she remembered what sex was like and what went on between lovers. Slowly her interests had changed toward more childish things lately.

“Slow down, girl. Let’s see how you like being in daycare first. We will talk about boys when you turn nine years old again, however long that takes. ” Jeana answered back and thought she would have her hands full with her new daughter.

“Okay, mommy. ” Susan answered finding it easier to use that title with each passing day.

“When the pills run low you are going to Laura’s Learning Center as a student. That way in a few years time I won’t have to hide the fact I have an adopted daughter and we can get the employee discount. ” Jeana said already planning out her daughter’s future.

“Okay. So when do I meet grandma and grandpa? ” Susan asked curious about Jeana’s parents.

“As soon as I get the courage to explain all this to them. I will leave out the part about you trying to turn me into a kid. I will just tell them the same story I told the lawyers. You wanted to start over in life and wanted your best friend to be your new mother. ” Jeana answered and wondering how long she could delay her parents from asking why she was no longer living in her old apartment.

“Don’t forget to say it’s a secret I was a big girl. ” Susan mentioned already slipping into childish talk. Any younger and she be lisping Jeana thought.

“I will be sure to mention that. Other wise the tickle monster might get me. ” Jeana said and started to tickle little Susan without mercy for a whole minute.

This turned out to be a mistake on Jeana’s part since Susan had just got done drinking her juice box dry. The end result was a very wet diaper followed by Susan’s now favorite pastime taking a bubble bath with mommy.

End of the Third Tale.



End Chapter 3

Scaredy Cat Tales By Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated May 31, 2012


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