Drop Out by Libra and Jeff

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revenge male ar.

Chapter 1
Drop Out by Libra and Jeff

26 year old Emily knocked on the private office of Professor Bruce; a man barely turned 60 years old.

“Yes, young lady?” Professor Bruce said looking up seeing a face he knew, but temporarily couldn’t exactly remember at the moment. As the teacher of the advance chemistry class he had seen hundreds if not thousands of students pass through his class.

“Professor, I don’t know if you remember me or not. I attended your class when I was 15 years old. I was the star prodigy child eleven years ago. ” Emily said closing the door behind her and turning the lock without the professor noticing. She slipped the key into her back pocket as she moved away from the door.

“Emily Samuels. ” Professor said almost to himself for now he knew the face. Professor Bruce face went a little whiter as the blood drain away from his face. Sensing his fear his very old faithful dog at his feet raised his head up slowly to stare at their visitor.

“Remember the time you ask me to stay behind class for extra credit work?” Emily asked her voice without emotion. Emily’s hand was going into her purse in a menacing way.

“Now young lady ten years is a long time to hold a grudge. Besides you were given me all the signs not to mention all those flirty little smiles. I barely touched you anyway. ” Professor Bruce said seeing she was pulling something out of her purse.

Emily giggled at his fear as she slowly pulled out a little bottle.

“Professor, this isn’t a weapon. It’s my way of thanking you. You were a powerful man back then and even now you have the college dean’s respect. Just look at this private office here on the far side of the grounds. I admit I was scared and felt betrayed at first then you reminded me how fragile my enrollment was. My father was employed here too just to pay for my education. You told me I had to be strong and quiet for my father’s sake. I learn my lesson and it’s carried me far in the few years I been away. ” Emily said walking forward and put the little bottle on the desk within easy reach of the professor.

“What is in that bottle if I may ask?” Professor Bruce asked feeling relief she wasn’t seeking his death for a moment of weakness he gave into over a decade ago.

“You can say I took your class to heart and it became my obsession. In that little bottle is my very own youth elixir. I spent years making it and after so many failures I got it right. Not even the people who funded my research know I was successful, but I will hand over my formula for extending human life for their funding. ” Emily explained and watched as the professor took the bottle looked at it through the glass.

“How do I know it’s safe? This could be some untraceable poison or some new kind of acid. ” Professor Bruce asked looking hard at Emily for a reaction to give her away.

“Test it on Wilbur if you have your doubts. The elixir will have the same effect on animals as well as people. The larger the dose the faster it takes, but If I may suggest just a few drops since dogs live shorter lives then humans. ” Emily answered and took the seat just across from the professor’s sitting position.

Professor Bruce considered it and looked down at his aged dog and thinking at this point in his life it would be mercy for him to die now before he gotten too old just to walk. The professor uncorked the bottle and let just a few drops fall into the dog’s water dish. The faithful dog stood up slowly and thinking he had a real treat started lapping up the now tainted water.

The effect was almost instant as the dog shuddered then change right before the professor’s eyes. The old dog became a young dog in a matter of minutes as the dog’s body grew smaller the younger he got.

The dog appeared to be just over a year old in age and happily wagging his tail with more energy he shown in years.

“My god. ” The professor said looking at his beloved pet now youthful looked ready for another twenty years of life.

“Judging from the sound of his thumping tail I guess your dog is happy about being young again. I understand if you turn down my offer. You got another ten years before they force you to retire and I imagine you are rich so you must have a nice little nest egg stored away. ” Emily said holding out her hand for the bottle, but the professor clutched it close to his chest. Thinking it over it was a three day weekend ahead of him before the school expected him back in teaching his classes. He could become young again and disappear before anyone noticed he was gone.

?Hell, I could live in the dorm again and chase pretty little college girls as a teenager or even high school since the girls there would be so young. ’ Professor Bruce thought and let the fantasy dance through his head.

“How much do I need to drink?” The professor asked his one time student.

“That mixture is my strong batch so only a gulp, but be sure to leave some. ” Emily said and watched with a sly smile playing on her lips. Professor sat the bottle down as his insides seemed to burn then with several shutters he felt his body changing.

He was forty, no thirty. Then he watched in a hanging mirror as his body regressed further back to an 18 year old teen wearing baggy clothes and his vision was blurred until he took off his glasses.

?I can see without my glasses. ’ Professor Bruce thought with some degree of happiness swelling up.

“Oh my, professor you were quite handsome in your youth. ” Emily said getting up and undoing her blouse a little to allow more cleavage to show.

“I guess so. ” Bruce answered feeling alive for the first time in years and so very strong.

“Tell me Bruce, could you love an older woman?” Emily asked deciding to let a few more buttons loose and her breasts were nearly spilling out now.

“Sure...There is a bed in the backroom. ” Bruce answered and led the way letting his pants and underwear fall to the floor. He didn’t see Emily pick the bottle up off his desk.

Emily peeled off her clothes careful to tuck the bottle into her panties on the backside like any young teen boy Bruce hands went for her breasts the moment she was close enough to embrace.

“You know it’s been a few years since I had a woman. ” Bruce admitted thinking back briefly to one young pretty girl with raven black hair who desperately needed to pass his class.

Bruce found the kissing intense and Emily was showing lustful passion that left him gasping. Bruce fell onto the bed with Emily on top of him. Wearing only a shirt it wasn’t enough to cover his now rock hard manhood.

“Make me feel good. ” Emily said reaching back to pull her panties down and get the bottle of elixir to palm into her hand. Bruce full attention was directly onto his own manhood as he guided it into her.

Emily was like an animal in mad heat and didn’t let up on him. Finally she moaned with a little more pleasure and Bruce felt drained not use to his younger body. He closed his eyes taking deep breaths.

Something fell into his mouth and it felt like a few drops. Opening his eyes he saw Emily corking the elixir bottle back and put it on the nightstand by the bed.

“Hey, I think I’m young enough. ” Bruce protested and felt a few powerful shivers take him as his body got even younger.

“Aw, you make a cute 13 year old boy. I’m sure you won’t mind going through high school again. ” Emily said still straddle across the now much younger professor.

“13 years old?” Bruce said looking down at his very young body. His budding manhood was at full attention again with the effect of the youth elixir taken its full effect giving him renewed strength.

“Wow, looks like your little man wants another round. I bet you had a fantasy or two over a beautiful teacher when you were this age. ” Emily said gave him a hand job that made the extremely young Bruce buck with pleasure.

“Oh god, it’s so sensitive now. ” Bruce said and felt himself cum in record time, but Emily didn’t mind.

“Comes with being younger, babe. ” Emily answered back not stopping.

“Please stop. Please. ” Bruce yelled in his childish voice and was breathing so hard he thought his heart would explode.

“You need a drink. ” Emily said watching him curl up into the fetal position away from her trying to catch his breath.

Emily swiped the bottle from the night stand and taking a sports bottle from her purse she fill it halfway with water from the tap in the bathroom. She put the rest of the elixir into the plastic sport’s bottle and placed the now empty bottle on the nightstand so Bruce wouldn’t suspect a thing.

“Here you go. ” Emily said and holding the sport’s bottle like a baby bottle Bruce sucked on the cool refreshing water barely getting a gulp in.

“Not too much. ” Emily said taking the plastic bottle away and watched as Bruce shook a little, not noticing yet he drank more of the elixir.

“The AC gave me the shivers. ” Bruce said thinking his voice went up a few octaves.

“Wasn’t the AC.” Emily answered back and looking at the now naked boy. As Bruce rolled back over to his back side Emily saw there wasn’t a single hair around his shrunken manhood. He looked to be about 8 years old now.

?Manhood...ha. That’s a little boy’s penis now. ’ Emily thought and nearly giggled at the sight of it. A minute ago that had given her pleasure.

“The water. You made me into a boy again. ” Bruce said facing a lifetime of growing up again.

“Such a cute little boy too. ” Emily said sitting on the edge of the bed and letting her fingers walked toward his boyhood. Bruce cupped his hands over his privates now ashamed to let her see them now.

“Oh god, I’m bald down there. ” Bruce thought and felt his limp penis. With a naked woman leaning over him it should have been at full attention ready for another round of love making.

“Did you notice your foreskin has grown back? I’m guessing you had that little operation done past 8 years old. ” Emily said and let her fingers go down his arms until they reach his wrists. Gently she forced his wrists away even with Bruce trying his best to cover his privates.

“Please...Don’t...” Bruce was begging his voice cracking a little.

“Awww is the little boy shy now? Now you know what it felt like for me when your hand went into my panties all those years ago. For a while I was angry and hurt, but then I realized how strong I had become because of you. ” Emily explained and moved on top of him pressing her naked body against his puny little waist.

“You can’t do this. The police will catch you. Just give me the antidote and I promise not to call them. ” Bruce said in demanding tone that would of sounded better if it wasn’t coming from a little boy’s mouth.

“The police!? You must be joking. The only antidote for you return to normal will be the long years it will take for your body to grow back up. Since you don’t like being a little boy how about we go for a toddler? ” Emily said and grabbed the sports bottle and squeezed into his mouth.

Bruce sputter and gag, but needing air he took a shallow of some of the water then squirmed away from Emily. He flipped his shirt over his head leaving him naked, but the shivers that overtook his body soon meant the shirt could trip him up.

Bruce made it to the office door his skin soaking in the tainted water from the sports bottle. The doorknob getting higher as he reached for it. By the time the shivers stopped he was left as a 4 year old little boy standing on his tiptoes while moving the doorknob. The door was locked and the key was missing.

“Did I forget to mention my elixir works through skin contact too? Silly me. ” Emily said strolling slowly into the room expecting to find a toddler, but saw he was still a little boy, but much younger now.

The dog saw what was going and got excited.

Bruce couldn’t remember his dog being so huge, but Wilbur came directly to him sniffed a few times then started licking his face.

Bruce giggled unable to help himself and try to push the dog away.

“Bad dog, stop. ” Bruce said giggling and Emily stepped in.

“Okay boy, that is enough. ” Emily said and grabbed the dog by the collar then showed the sports bottle to the dog. Emily made a few drops come out and Bruce eyes went wide with fear.

“Hey...don’t give him anymore. ” Bruce protested in defense in his only true friend he had in this world.

“Don’t you worry. Water dilutes the effect of my elixir so he won’t age too far back. ” Emily said casually and watched as the young dog turned into a puppy barely able to walk as he took stumbling laps around Emily in a playful manner.

“He is a baby again. ” Bruce said as he groaned at the sight of the puppy.

“Yup, I want you to join him. Then I will take both of you with me to my house way out in the country. You see professor I want you at my sides at all times. I have a huge nursery room already setup just for you with a side yard that will make a wonderful play area just outside the nursery doors. It is all fenced in with stone so no chance you will ever escape. Your will be all mine then since I be your new mommy. ” Emily explained her plans to the now terrified young boy and watched as his fiddled with his toddler penis not realizing he was stroking it out of some long forgotten fear reflex he used to have when he was scared.

Emily smiled at the sight of him playing with himself. There was a second bottle in her purse that would give him all the time in the world to play with himself till his heart’s content.

“I don’t wanna be a baby. I’m a man. You’re in big trouble. I will tell on you. Please I can pay you money if you change me back now. ” Bruce said in his little squeaking voice sounding rather cute as he threatened then pleaded to be an adult again.

“You know young man I had enough of that tone from you. You’re going to respect women from now on and call me mommy. ” Emily demanded and sat Indian style in front of him within easy reach as he pressed his naked butt against the firmly locked door.

“The hell I will you...” Bruce started to say, but was cut off as Emily grabbed him and held him down with one arm and proceeded to spank him firmly with her free hand.

“Mommy’s baby doesn’t cuss or call people names. ” Emily spanked him as he screamed in angry then in pain as smacking stings of her hand landed on his tender butt. The puppy frighten by the spanking ran away to hide under the desk.

“Please...stop...I will do anything you ask. ” Bruce sobbed as the pain throbbed on his now red butt cheeks.

“Say please mommy. ” Emily said and paused long enough to hear his response.

“Please mommy. ” Bruce answered back in a scream and was rewarded to be cradle in her naked lap instead.

“Now baby is going to drink his wa-wa. ” Emily said in a condescending tone grabbing the water bottle she let rolled away from her when she grab Bruce.

“Just little sips, baby. I can’t have you go pre-natal on me. ” Emily commanded as she put the nozzle up to his lips and he drank the smallest of sips fearing that he would shrink away into a sperm stain if he took too big of a gulp.

The pain from his butt faded away and Emily seemed to grow in size. As Bruce realized that ever shutter made him just a little bit younger. He went from toddlerhood to a crawling infant then just a babe in arms.

Bruce vision blurred as he reached newborn statis and Emily took the water bottle away from his lips. She was very careful not to give him too much.

“I know you can still understand me even if you can’t see me clearly anymore. I read in the baby books newborns can only make out shapes like the oval shape of their mother’s face. I have just one more thing for you to drink and then we can go home together. ” Emily said addressing the tiny redskin newborn in the crook of her arm.

Emily marveled how perfect he looked curled up against her naked breast. His tiny fingers curled up into his palms as he gave little jerks with his arms or legs trying to control them so she guessed.

“I’m sorry to say you have ruined me with any serious relationship I could have with men. Then I thought about you and how wonderful it would be if you were the only man in my life. I wanted to be more than just your wife or girlfriend. Besides how could I trust you not to sleep around on me when I’m not looking? Then it occurred to me there was a way I could watch over you nearly every waking moment of the day. I went into my reverse aging research and made two major discoveries. First one was my youth elixir of course. ” Emily explained getting up slowly and walking over to her purse where she left it on the desk.

“If you remember I told you about my life extending serum. One little dosage to everyone in the world and we double the human life span by cutting physical development by half its normal process. Babies will spend eighteen months in the womb instead of nine months. Growing boys and girls will have to wait thirty-two years before they will be physically 16 years old. Not to mention puberty will be a real bitch since I figure it will take eight years before they grow out of it, but you don’t have to worry about that baby for a long time. Mommy has a very special batch just for us. ” Emily said pulling out the other bottle from her purse even smaller then the first one she had.

“Here you go. ” Emily said and tilted a small amount into the newborn Bruce’s mouth. He attempted to spit it up, but Emily made sure it went into his mouth then she took the rest of it in one swig.

“Let’s put you on the bed while mommy gets dressed and I tell you what to expect in the coming decades. ” Emily said walking back to the back room with his bed and gently place Bruce on the cleanest part which was the pillow itself.

“That new bottle I gave you was special tailor mixture design to stunt the growth of any human being not to mention extend the life of the person greatly. As a fully developed female adult it means my monthly periods will be once every four months and unlikely I will ever have a child anyway. As a baby I’m sorry to say you won’t be growing up anytime in the next decade or two. Even with my longevity serum soon to be released into the world. ” Emily said as she pulled on her blouse and paused to think about the best way to put the next part of her speech to the newborn Bruce now curled up on the pillow for warmth, but looking out with eyes that wouldn’t focus.

“Its some regret to tell you Bruce that mommy’s special elixir has cursed you to have under developed penis and balls for the next fifty-five years not to mention an increased healing factor. You understand it will take four times as long for you to grow up again. In two years you will be 6 month old baby again. Which means you will spend at least of twelve years of your life in diapers if I can manage to get you potty trained by the physical age of three. I doubt it since your bladder and internal organs will be playing the catch up game for years. If I wanted a good bet I would say forty years from now when you are a physically 10 year old boy still wearing diapers then you can gain control over your body. Then your spend twenty-four years in puberty with reproductive organs that will be on the small side compare to other boys your physical age. ” Emily explained and saw that news was causing Bruce some distress judging from his whimpering cry. The puppy had come out of his hiding spot to sit in the open doorway to listen to the newborn whimpers.

“I mention the healing factor before. If you attempt to kill yourself to end your suffering I would suggest ground zero of a nuclear bomb blast. Anything else will only cause you pain and a long road to recovery, but your body will heal itself almost no matter what. Diseases, car crashes, and raging forest fire will be nothing compared to your body’s power to heal. Which means mommy will be around for a century if I’m still in good health. ” Emily said in a cheerful way as she figured up the wealth she would amount in that time.

“Where was I? Oh yes. In exactly eighty-one years you will be old enough to drink beer again, but with your little man-hood I say you have to wait awhile before you could pull your pants down without a woman laughing her head off at the sight of your slightly less than average size bat. ” Emily said in teasing tone and thinking how amusing it will be to see him growing up and come crying back home when someone found out about his little shameful secret.

Now Bruce went into a full fit of crying that ending up into hiccupping wails.

“Don’t cry baby. Mommy will be here for you and with the money I make will get a nanny and a wet-nurse. Your will be surrounded by beautiful young women who tend to your ever need and desire. Maybe mommy will meet that special woman one day and you can have two mommies then. We won’t mind you’re a college dropout now. ” Emily said and giving the rooms a glance over decided she had everything.

Wrapping newborn Bruce in the pillow cover Emily carried the puppy out in the other crook of her arm after she unlocked the office door. Bruce fell asleep in the car during the trip to Emily’s house. Later Bruce would wake up in the nursery room and it would be a room he would get to know all too well.

The End



End Chapter 1

Drop Out by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 1, 2010


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