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Life goes on

by: elementalblue32 Last updated Oct 28, 2005

Trevor's journal of his A/R virus

Product Tester Ch4

by: Last updated Mar 3, 2006

A Letter From Camp

by: doctor anguish Last updated Apr 14, 2006

A sadistic summer camp counsellor gets cut down to size.

You're Under ARrest (Story Version)

by: SBlitz370 Last updated Apr 6, 2021

Based on an old set of Continuous Story leaves, a slightly AR-obsessed, amateur chemist tries out his new youth concoction on a series of ladies. Will pair well with a series of commissioned comic pages that depict a later scene in the story.

7 Days of Training

by: Ambrose Last updated Apr 3, 2021

Set in a world where the AR-Virus hit. This story explores the struggle of an AR-Virus-Victim with AR-fantasies to let his dreams come true after his regression.(8 chapters, willing change of status after AR, little conflict).


by: Sebtomato Last updated Apr 17, 2021

A story commissioned and inspired by William. When a painting job brings Marcus to Parkdale, he meets a vulnerable little boy who needs his help.

Peter Pan to the Rescue

by: Ambrose Last updated May 17, 2021

Michael Barry has the age-regression-virus. After learning he is going to bounce below one, he is devastated. Can the eternal boy help?

The Fireman

by: Ambrose Last updated May 19, 2021

Former fireman Adam Thale struggles with his new age and gender in the aftermath of an infection with the age-regression-virus. Can a therapy help?

A Boy and his Bear

by: Ambrose Last updated Jun 24, 2021

Eager to show that the AR Virus regressing him to a toddler doesn't mean he needs any help, former teenager Ethan decides to remove some of his old stuff from the attic. Doing so he discovers a nearly forgotten old friend!

Rapid Infection

by: ReinaHW Last updated Oct 9, 2021

Could You Be Next?

Rapid Infection

by: ReinaHW Last updated Nov 14, 2021

Could You Be Next? - Part 1.5 added that looks into how it must feel to regress

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