Tales from the ARVInn, 4

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 15, 2024

[If you receive a 'Server Error,' the chapters can still be reached through the 'Chapters' link.] ............................................................................................................................... A series of tales set in a world where an Age Regression Virus escapes a researcher and has notable effects on the population. Chapters will be separate experiences or descriptions. The life experiences of those who contract the ARV are as varied as life itself, ranging from a select few who were simply 'frozen' at their current age down to some who became toddler size, with all the issues and difficulties one might expect. ***************************************************************************** **Please note that due to the complexity of some of the items, a link to a MediaFire file will be provided. Others will be posted as originally created or specifically adapted to this site.**


ARVInn: Residents--Gary, Writer's Block

Gary was a popular but unknown writer. The Virus might have left him a kid, but it also did something else.

Jun 15, 2024


ARVInn: Residents--George Yoo, Photographer

George came to ARVInn for a comfortable home base, still continuing to do what he did best.

Jun 15, 2024


ARVInn: Residents--Glenn Cranbrook, Teacher

Jun 15, 2024


ARVInn: Residents--Goal Bros

Greg and his buddies had a great college experience. They also shared a less-wanted experience. Fighting back and living well were their best responses.

Jun 15, 2024


ARVInn: Residents--Jacob Schieffer, High Finance

Jun 15, 2024


ARVInn: Residents--James Chevalier, Just for Kicks

James took advantage of the opportunity to make ARVInn a home base. He found his new life had a fun side to it.

Jun 15, 2024


ARVInn: Residents--Jay and Lewis, Family Ties

Jay made the tough call to move, but the family was still close to his heart. Those ties bound him and his family through generations.

Jun 15, 2024


ARVInn: Residents--Jay Broomfield, Artist

Jay had to start over at ARVInn, but he found ways to express his art.

Jun 15, 2024


ARVInn: Residents--Jeff, Driven for Service

Jeff built a new life for himself, based on the help he could give.

Jun 15, 2024


ARVInn: Residents--Jerry Talbot, Brother

Jerry had to rebuild his family connections after the Virus. Being a brother was what it was all about.

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVInn: World--Joe Hamilton, Working Through Depression

Joe's situation hit rock bottom with his dad's rejection. He had to find his own way forward.

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVinn: Residents--Joel Latham, Fisherman

Joel was left smaller than some of the fish he used to catch! He had a lot to recover.

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVInn: Residents--Jon Worden, Coach

Coach Jon was a powerful presence in a small container, but he could still get the job done.

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVInn: Residents--Josef, Euro Model

Josef went from a leading model to a smaller model, but packaged what he had.

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVInn: Residents--Just the Two of Us

Jared and Thomas moved on with their lives, starting over at ARVInn, where they found work and lots of things that piqued their interests.

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVInn: Residents--JRG, Fat Boy

As a kid, J had some issues. His family was one of them, which gave him more.

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVInn: Residents--Keenan, Author

Keenan became a kid. His grandson wrote children's books. Synergy results!

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVInn: Residents--Keith Capriano, Chef

Keith couldn't stay in the big time, so he got to shine on a smaller stage!

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVInn: Residents--Lamar Charles, All-Star

Lamar was an all-star performer, before and after!

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVInn: Residents--Larry Enslow, Child

Larry was left a child, both mentally and physically. He became a special resident at ARVInn.

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVInn: Residents--Marc, Leaving, 2107

Marc had to make a big life change. Life isn't ever easy.

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVInn: Residents--Luis Harrera, Trainer

Luis tried hiding his origin, but eventually found it better to be up front. It paid better.

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVInn: World--Macon and Martin, the Playboys

Macon and Martin were so turned on by their new-found youth that they built their new careers on it!

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVInn: Residents--Michael Hardaway, Second Career

Micha became 'Little Micha' and a second go-round in his life began.

Jun 15, 2024


Tales from the ARVInn: Residents--Mikey, The Mechanic [#100]

Mikey used to work on big engines. Now, his knack for repairs is a bit more focused. He also found some new ways of having fun! [Story 100 of the series]

Jun 15, 2024

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