University X

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 3, 2023

Chapter 4

Her first couple of weeks as a student went pretty straightforwardly, she mostly attended her lessons and tried to socialize with her classmates. Noemi enjoyed getting to know lots of people and getting acquaintance with them fast, so she decided to do something that Saturday night. Alongside with Laura they booked a table in a pub nearby, were they agreed to meet with some other people to share some time together. It was a cozy little place, focused on board games and craft beer. According to Noemi, it’s the perfect social interaction, especially for people who don’t really know each other that well, since it forces you to talk in a group, so even the shiest can have a word in the mix.

Once they arrived, it was 10 people in total, everyone was a woman, except for Jennifer had brought her boyfriend with her. It’s not like Noemi didn’t invite guys, but it’s no secret that they are not keen to go out like that in groups; there are exceptions, but they are rare. Jennifer and Johnny were a cute couple. He was a total puppy, with his large eyes, small but round frame and bushy beard, he totally reminded Noemi of a baby Yorkshire [Note from the Author: I know it doesn’t make sense for the word to be associated to a dog in this world, since the County of York doesn’t exist, but good luck describing a dog breed with a made-up name!], she was a thin yet stunning redhead with enviable long hair that curl down on the end, plump lips ad squared large glasses; contrary to most times, he was the most talkative of the two in the couple. “Yeah. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish there would be more boys, but I’m rather used to it. I guess that’s why I developed an outgoing personality, in a way. It’s either this or never talk to anyone, which would be boring.” During the evening, they revealed they had been a couple ever since elementary school, but regardless of that he was all night on her leg being lovey-dovey to one-another; most people might have found that irritating, but Noemi found that having such a long relationship and still being a blossoming love was a gift from the gods.

They weren’t the only people in the place, and it was rather small, so after a couple of hours the night was abruptly interrupted by some drunk woman aggressively talking to a man, while he was blocked with his back on the wall. “You know… it’s risky to get out on your own… you might have the bad luck of getting to meet someone bad… someone like me… come on, give me a kiss, sugarballs!” “Release me before I call the authorities!” the man answered in a quivering manner. He was trying his best to sound intimidating, but he was very obviously frightened. Rightfully so. Also, she recognized that voice and got up, rushing to her back and placing a hand to her shoulder. Noemi was a good head taller than this cunt, so raising her voice was sufficient to make her live. “Haven’t heard the man? He’s not interested. Get out of our sight and never come back to this place, I like it and I don’t like you.” She lowered herself to her knees and helped the boy tenderly. “Is everything alright, Professor?” “Thanks to you it is. Noemi, isn’t it? I must admit being saved by a student of mine is rather humiliating, but I am very grateful. SOMEONE ELSE should have handled the situation, but clearly they didn’t.” he didn’t specified who he was referring to, but he gave an atrocious look at the woman behind the bar. “I think I’ll help myself home, this was quite the eventful night already. Thank you again.” “I’d like to accomp-“ “Non-sense. My apartment is upstairs in this very same building, I don’t even have to leave outside to get there. I’m grateful for your help, but go ahead having fun with you and your young friends.” And with that, he left. <Peculiar guy.> she thought.

The rest of the night went pretty normally, however Noemi couldn’t really enjoyed cause she was too focused thinking on what had happened. She wondered if the reason he was here was just straight out safety. He said he was upstairs, maybe the whole reason why he chose this specific bar amongst all the others was exactly that, he didn’t need to leave so there were lesser risks to be taken. Or maybe it was just commodity by proximity. “You want to go, uh?” Laura said, while Noemi was focused on her own thoughts. “Uh? No it’s early still, and we can wake at any time we please tomorrow. Are you tired?” her blond roommate giggled. “Don’t play dumb with me with me, you know I’m not talking going home. You want to go upstairs to check on him.” “That would be a total invasion of privacy! … but yes… I would like that very much.” Laura caressed her arm gently and gave a kiss on her hand. “Those big beautiful green eyes of yours can’t lie… then just go! Worst case scenario he is not going to open the door!” “But-“ “No buts. If you don’t I’m going to hear you talking to yourself while I’m trying to sleep AAAAAAALL night.” She got up and took Noemi’s hand. “Come on, I’ll come with you.”



End Chapter 4

University X

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 3, 2023


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