University X

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 3, 2023

Chapter 2

<Holy Gods, I swear those girls grow larger each year.> William found himself thinking, upon seeing the new class sitting in the room. At the age of 32, he had been a professor at University X for 5 years now, but still couldn't help but find himself feeling unnerved when talking to his female students. Thankfully, this year he had finally got enough years of teaching to be assigned an Assistant, Mrs. Katerina Flennigan, an intelligent but brutish brunette who could hopefully mediate the conversation between him and them. He felt pretty prideful teaching at University X. Not only it was the same University where he once was matriculated, it was also the first University in the world to approve the joint existence of men and women; this had its downsides, of course, since most men were afraid of teaching to people so much larger than them, he was the only teacher who was a male as of now. But whenever he felt frightened by it, he thought <This is what Merken and Glimpse dreamed of.> Sir Francis Merken and  Lady June Glimpse, his idols. They fought their whole lives against the conservative government, asserting that since there was no proof for academic differences between men and women, there should be no reason for them to be segregated from one another. They didn't live long enough to see their fight won, but their word moved the world, and eventually, their dream became a reality. That's why there's a marble statue of both of them holding hands and pointing to the sky in the entrance hall of UX. 

"Welcome students. My name is William Plotter, and I shall be your Contemporary History professor. I know for many of you this is the first class in UX and I know students need times to adapt to it, but fret not." He nodded to Katerina to move next to him before continuing. Katerina wasn't exactly the tallest woman on Earth, but William was very short too. Most men reach the height of 3'9, with some getting as tall as 4'4, but at just 3'1 William was no athlete at all, and having a woman standing next to him made him feel even smaller. "Professor Flenning. She is just as if not more capable than me, so while I'll try to be as present as possible, feel free to contact her in case I'm missing for whatever reason." 

The first lesson started and went on for two hours straight without interruptions. Every now and then he had to stop talking to drink some water, so eventually at the end of the lesson he went to the bathroom and couldn't help but to overhear the conversation happening between two women, since the walls were very thin. 

"-lly cute, right?" "He's such a puppy!" "Yeah, too bad he's married, I would have wanted to adopt him." "Are you insane?" "Why? Lots of people do that!" "That's illegal Mary! And immoral!" "I know, I was kidding, relax." 

William knew what they were talking about. Although they were just joshing around, men contraband was a very real thing. Lots of men had been reported recently been found drugged to the point of not understanding reality anymore, all for being exploited as sex slaves sold by criminal gangs to women. He was disgusted knowing some people could be so unempathetic.



End Chapter 2

University X

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 3, 2023


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