University X

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Chapter 3

She was absolutely flabbergasted by the novelty. The classrooms were not at all built as she expected them to be, as she was used to having extremely tall areas with various rows of seats going upstairs; however she had learnt that this was deemed an unfair solution for women in a joint ambient, since they were forced to be in the last rows of the class, often ruining their hearing, not to mention inevitably reducing their attention span. It was proven that when the classes were still built in the old fashioned way, women would underperform exactly because of that. 

The class she was in instead only had three rows, but was large and built similarly to a globe theatre, with the desks surrounding circularly the professor. It was kinda funny to watch, to be honest, seeing the small figure of Mr. Plotter jumping around the centre of the room, to try to talk to everyone at once; she had stood next to Mrs. Flennigan before, she is a very short woman, but looks like a Colossus when sitting next to her mentor. Noemi couldn't help herself from thinking what Professor Plotter would have felt like in her arms... she always had a thing for both cultured men and scrawny teeny tiny ones, this guy seemed to be taking both seats at her table. <Funny analogy, since he looks like he needs NO sits, except for maybe a high chair.> she found herself giggling. 

"You are?" Plotter asked inquisitvely, obviously staring at Noemi. Her laughter must have been louder than she anticipated. "I am... sorry?" the class laughed at her joke, and Mr. Plotter giggled with them. Mrs. Flennigan shook her head disappointed instead. "Well well, Mrs. Flennigan, you didn't mention we were having improve class today. Here I thought I was supposed to be teaching today!" Nevermind all she was thinking, seconds ago. Now all she could came with was <Asshole.> "Please Mrs. Sorry" <Okay funny, still an asshole though.> "Please come here and tell the rest of the class what is in particular that you find so hilarious about the Grand Marystone Lynchings." That was going to be gold. Very slowly, Noemi stood up and descended the stairs, keeping on walking very leisurely, reaching Mr. Plotter and pumping her chest. Her bosom was so vast that she couldn't see his face while standing so close, but she had no doubt his expression must have been speechless. And his astonishment wouldn't have stopped there. For the next 5 minutes, she would have kept on talking about how the anarchist David Fragger would have started a movement followed by thousands of followers based on the Men's Rights Ideology, for which many men and women were hanged alongside with him. The only thing which had stopped her was Mrs. Flennigan informing her that the time for the lesson was over. 

Once everyone was gone, only Mrs. Flennigan, Mr. Plotter were left in the room with her while she was tidying her bag. "Mrs, please come here at our desk." the assistant ordered. "You clearly are already in possetion of quite some knowledge regarding these arguments, so we understand our class might be a little boring at first for someone like yourself." the tone of her voice felt contradictory. She was being complimented, but it also sounded like an ammonition. "But this gives you no rights to interrupt the lession for everyone else." There it was, the "but". Then Mr. Plotter continued. "Look, I was a loud kid too, back when I was sitting on the other side of the desk." <You look more like a kid than I do to this day.> she would have loved to remark, but refrained from doing so. She didn't like being called "kid", she has always felt way more mature than most, and it was especially frustrating when it came from someone whose whole body was shorter than her arm. "And that's why I won't be stern about it. But some others will. You seem like a smart young woman, try not to waste it. Go ahead now." She waved and left the room, however, while she was walking to the garden where she had set a picnic with Laura and some other friends, she couldn't help but thinking about the cold stare Mrs. Flennigan was giving to Mr. Plotter while he was saying her he was not going to be a strict teacher. Was Noemi being scolded or was him?



End Chapter 3

University X

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 3, 2023


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