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Pleasure: AR/Age Regression

by: Star_Regression Last updated Jun 24, 2023

AR short stories

by: Star_Regression Last updated Jun 22, 2023

AR short story series where it will contain female and male AR


by: Star_Regression Last updated Jun 10, 2023

Anna is a 17-year-old high school student, she is a volunteer in a kindergarten where her life will change at all with a magic rattle.

Mi gran poder. (SPANISH VERSION)

by: Star_Regression Last updated Feb 5, 2023

Hola, me presenté mi nombre es Yared y tengo 24 años y si, ya se lo que dirán, ¡¿cómo es posible que tenga un poder?!, pues yo tengo uno de los mejores poderes y es el de alterar mi edad y el de otros, este poder es increíble y me ha ayudado a lograr muchas cosas , pero se preguntaran ¿Cómo diablos tengo este poder?, Pues solo me queda contarles mi historia.

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I loved it!

On story: The Power of AI - chapter 4
Diego Feb 9, 2024

After reading the "magic diapers" stories of Lizzy , this has been a story that is on the level of that stories, continue to do those kinds of s ...

On story: AR short stories - chapter 2

Diego Apr 3, 2023

Thanks, I'll see the possibility of making a second part; thanks for your support ^^

AR games for PC?

Diego Feb 2, 2023

I would like if anyone knows about games, programs or whatever contains AR and if possible with links.


On story: Pastillas de edad - chapter 3
Diego Mar 13, 2022


RE: aggregation involving female characters

Diego Mar 13, 2022

I'm doing a story where it involves female and male AR with some strong content.

Hablas español!! 😯Que alegría

On story: Pastillas de edad - chapter 3
Diego Mar 13, 2022


Thank you

On story: Pastillas de edad - chapter 2
Diego Mar 12, 2022

Sorry for the Spanish language, I took the risk and I'm glad you're liking it

Thank you

On story: Pastillas de edad - chapter 1
Diego Mar 12, 2022

With clear support I will follow the story

Excelente historia

On story: Playing with Toys - chapter 1
Diego Dec 7, 2021

Esta interesante la historia, espero con ansías el siguiente capitulo

On story: Truth or Dare - chapter 2

Diego Nov 26, 2021

Espero con ansias el siguiente capitulo!

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