The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017

Chapter 11
Friends House

Chapter Description: Matt and Sam go over a friends house

The boys ran around the yard for an hour playing tag, hide and seek, and burying each other in the piles of leaves. After a while Matt began to feel the pressure building up in his stomach. Since he was hiding in the bushes all he had to do was squat down. He grunted as he pushed once and everything seemed to come out all at once. It surprised Matt how much easier it was to poop this time compared to the last time. The back of his diaper was full with the mushy substance. Since Matt had peed his diaper earlier it had a cold damp feeling to it which he didn’t like one bit. He always had to pee when he went number 2 and this was no exception; he peed his diaper for a second time and could feel it swell up even more. It felt nice to re-warm the diaper, but it was surely at max capacity. Matt’s legs buckled due to being in the squatting position. He decided that he couldn’t stay squatted the whole time he was hiding, so he sat down. He could feel the mess spread around to in between his legs.

After a while Sam found Matt sitting in the bushed in his own mess. He immediately smelled it saying "Wow, what did you do?"

Matt feeling embarrassed with the situation his brother found him in responded with a quick "shut up, not like I had another choice."

"I was joking," Sam replied "My diaper is wet, do you want to go ask if she will change us?"

"She said not to ask her. Remember? She will check us whenever she feels like it." Matt said remember his mothers threat earlier that morning.

It wasn’t long before their mother came over to check their diapers. She could smell Matt needed a change and felt that Sam and Davey were both wet. They all went inside to get a change. She had them all lay down in the living room floor side by side. First she undressed Matt exposing the diaper that he had destroyed. His mother just said "Boy, we have quite the poopy butt here." She made quick work in wiping Matt completely clean and getting him into a fresh diaper. Sam and Davey where only wet so they were a little easier to clean. She started to redress them but stopped when the phone rang

She talked on the phone briefly keeping the boys in her site saying "Of course, we will be right over."

"Who was that?" Sam asked.

"That was Jacob and Tyler’s mom. She said that Jacob was being bad and that she wanted to have you guys over to help her out.

Tyler was one of Sam’s friend and Jacob was his 7 year old brother.

"How can we help?" Sam asked.

"Well Jacob is having a hard time because he says that he isn’t a baby, and Mrs Avery thinks that if you two are there along with Tyler, showing him how it is now the big boy thing to be a baby then he might be more complacent."

Matt’s first instinct was going to be to ask if he had to, but didn’t bother because he knew his mother would end up spanking him or doing something worse for questioning her.

Their mother finished dressing them and got Sam and Matt in the car leaving Alexis in charge of the twins sating "I’m going to be right back. Just have to drop these two off."

Matt didn’t really like Tyler. He was an odd duck and kind of a mommas boy. Matt had no idea Sam was friends with him. Tyler probably loved the idea of being diapered and babied by his mother. Jacob probably wasn’t convinced that being a baby was a big boy thing to do because he already saw his brother as a big baby. Jacob was quite smart for his age. Matt like him far more better than his older brother when Mrs Avery brought them over to play while she chit chatted with their mother.

They pulled into the Avery’s driveway and could see that their had been some renovations as all the boys furniture was out on the curb. Mrs Avery answered the door saying "The boys just finished up lunch, but I can still make them something if they haven’t eaten yet."

Matt was actually feeling hungry after running around all morning and was about to say yes when their mom said "I see you have gotten all your furniture already. Ours should be arriving by this afternoon."

"Oh yeah its great. Tyler loves it. I just cant get Jacob to go along with anything. He wont even wear a diaper." Mrs Avery said.

Matt’s mom talked to Mrs. Avery for what felt like an eternity before saying "Okay ill be back around 5 to pick up the boys. Have fun, and remember do everything Mrs. Avery asks. I don’t want to hear you caused any trouble."

Matt and Sam went inside as their mom pulled out of the driveway. At the kitchen table their were 2 highchairs and plates still on the trays. One was completely cleared while the other had a bunch of baby looking food all on it. It looked like mush. Mrs. Avery spoke up saying "I can heat up some food for you guys right after I am done feeding Tyler his after lunch snack. They followed her into the living room where a boy who looked like he was 6 was sitting patiently on the couch in just a diaper. Mrs Avery sat down and pulled up her shirt revealing her bare breast to the boys. Without any hesitation the 6 year old boy attacked her left breast nursing furiously. Matt was about to look away, but it happened all too fast. He then realized, the boy who looked like a 6 year old in a diaper and was now currently being breastfed was Tyler.



End Chapter 11

The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017


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