The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017

Chapter 10
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Chapter Description: Matt and Sam see a perk to being treated as little

Matt woke up needing to go to pee like most mornings. He swung his legs over the side of his bed about to get up when it all came back to him. He swung his legs back under the covers and laid back down realizing his mom wouldn’t let him use the toilet.

It was fall and their was a chill the air that made Matt glad he was in his fuzzy pajamas. As babyish as they were they really were comfortable. He felt like he was encased in a blanket. Plus with the diaper on it made him feel snug as a bug in a rug.

Eventually Matt realized he had better just get it over with and use his diaper. Matt still wasn’t comfortable using his diaper so he had to relax his body and focus on peeing. Peeing while laying down was a foreign feeling and a took a bit for him to even let out the smallest amount of urine into his diaper. Once he started though he couldn’t stop as he felt his diaper get even warmer and swell up just a bit.

Sam stirred in his bed causing Matt to look over at him. Sam hoped up out of his bed and headed for the door when he paused realizing the same thing Matt had. Seeing Matt watching him he said " oh I forgot," as he just stood still. Matt could hear a soft hissing noise as his brother made a face of relief.

Their mom came in seeing Sam just standing in the center of the room saying "oh is my babykins out of his bed."

"I had to go the bathroom." Sam responded.

He squirmed when their mom squeezed the front of his diaper through his pajamas saying "looks like you made the right choice. lets get you changed." She laid down a changing mat and had Sam lay down. She unzipped his footed sleeper revealing his freshly wet diaper. She grabbed the supplies she needed to change him. She worked fast as she got him oiled and powdered into a Pampers Cruiser.

When she was done with Sam she came over to Matt and threw the covers off him. She felt his diaper saying "Looks like you also made the right choice. I know it’s hard for you guys, but its the law now and I can assure you, you will get used to this."

Matt laid down and received the same treatment as Sam. He too was put into a Pampers cruiser. Their mom opened the door saying

"I have breakfast ready downstairs."

"Cant we wear some clothe?" Matt asked.

"I told you I will be in charge of what you guys wear from now on I think it will be easier for me if you guys just wore your diapers inside. That is how I have always done it when you all were in diaper."

Its true Matt thought. Davey and Ava use to always run around the house in just their diapers.

They followed their mother downstairs. The smell of pancakes hit Matt’s nose. He loved pancakes. Especially the ones his mom made. Matt went over to grab a plate, but his mom stopped him saying "just go sit down. I will bring everything over for you from now on."

Matt found a seat at the table next to Ava who had on her nightie. Alexis was could be heard still in the shower. Their mom came over and placed a plate of pancakes in front of each of them and took the liberty in pouring the syrup on them herself. While they started to dig in Matt asked "can I have some orange juice."

His mother replied "we are all out. How about some milk?" She had pumped her breast earlier this mourning and filled two bottles of milk.

"Sure" Matt replied.

"How about you Sam?" She asked.

"yes, please" he said with a mouth full of pancakes.

Excellent she thought. She Didn’t know how they would respond to the baby bottles, but assumed they were gonna be thirsty enough not to protest. She set the bottles in a warmer real quick before setting them down in front of Sam and Matt.

Matt immediately asked "Why do we need these?"

"Honey, I am getting annoyed at you questioning everything. It is in the law that anyone 12 and under must drink from a baby bottle. From now on you are going to be treated any way that i feel like treating you. Anything I tell you to do you will do. If you question me again and disobey me I will make sure you have never been sorrier. Okay?" She said in the most stern tone she could.

"Yes, mom." he said.

"Mommy" she corrected him.

"yes, mommy" he said not wanting to make her any madder. Matt feeling really thirsty drank from the baby bottle feeling ridiculous. The milk tasted amazing. It had the flavor of a milkshake, but was warm and creamy. As soon as the taste hit his tongue he couldn’t help, but nurse on the bottle furiously. Of course that is when his sister Alexis came in smiling at her brother drinking from a baby bottle in only his diaper. Sam had experienced the same thing as Matt.

When breakfast was over their mother came over and cleaned up for the boys and telling the girls to rinse off and put their dishes in the dishwasher while she got the boys dressed. Matt and Sam went upstairs with their mother. She went through their clothes. She took out a onesie and slid it over same head pulling it down until she couldn’t anymore. She snapped together the pins at his crotch.

Matt actually thought his brother looked snug with the yellow onesie pulling everything together. It had a semi transparent look to it so you could still see he had a baby diaper on clearly. She got out a baby blue onesie for Matt and put that on him without any protest. His had the same transparent look. Next she had Sam step into some jeans that had an elastic waist. She slid those up his legs and over his diaper. You could still tell he had a diaper on as due to the roundness of his bottom and the bulge around his waist. Matt stepped into the same type of jeans as he mom held then out for him. finally she let them wear pull over sweatshirts saying they were going outside to do yard work today.

After they got their socks and shoes on they headed outside. Their mom got out rakes for her and Alexis. Matt asked "Aren’t we helping?" Matt hated yard work, but always had to be the one to do it every year.

Their mom replied "You guys can help if you want to, but I really just need you out here so i can keep an eye on you. Besides we only have 2 rakes so just play in the yard with Sam and Davey. Matt was thrilled. They didn’t have to do yard work. That was the first ever real perk of being treated like a toddler. They rank around the yard playing tag and jumping through the piles of leaves that their mom and sister were raking up.

Matt was having a blast playing with his two brothers. He was having so much fun that when he had to pee he just did thinking how nice it was kind of nice not having to stop playing to go inside.



End Chapter 10

The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017


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