The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017

Chapter 3
The Fitting

Chapter Description: The boys get fitted.

A white van pulled into the Carr’s driveway. A man and a women got out and approached the house. Matt had been staring out the window in the living room waiting for them to arrive and felt more anxious now that they were actually here. His mom greeted them at the door. They spoke for a little bit. Matt couldn’t understand what the people at the door were saying but did hear his mom say "3 boys. 4, 9, and 12."

The man went back out to the van and came back carrying a scale. Matt’s mom invited them in calling Sam and Davey downstairs. Alexa cam down too not wanting to miss any of her brothers embarrassment. Their mom told her "Go back up to your room honey till I say so. You don’t want to make this any harder for your brothers."

"Fine" she said stomping back up the stairs.

They all gathered in the living room where the guy set the scale down on the floor saying "Strip down for me."

Davey was already in just his pull up having no real modesty, but Sam and Matt reluctantly stripped down to their tight fitting pull ups.

"okay little guy lets get you on the scale first" he said taking Davey’s hand and bring him over. "36 pounds" he said as the women wrote it down on her clip board.

"okay you next" he said to Sam. They were all rather small for their age. "55 pounds" The man said as Sam stepped on and off the scale.

Without being told Matt walked over and stood on the scale. "78 pounds" He said. The man picked the scale up and walked back outside to the van taking the chart from the women who stayed behind in the house.

"We will give 3 cases of one hundred diapers for each of them. We currently endorse pampers, but you may obviously switch to your liking. once we have them all in their new diapers we will take their measurements and have some clothes delivered for them by next week."

"Okay" Their mom said as the man came back in the house. With 3 cases of pampers swaddlers.

"The little one is size 6. The second oldest is a size 8 and the oldest is a size 10. If they don;t fit or leak just move them up or down a size."

"WoW I didn’t know diaper went up to that size." Their mom said looking at the boxes.

"Yes pampers has worked with us to scale up their sizes to fit all boys under 18. The other big brands are still working on it but we expect those to be on shelves within the next few months. Pampers were ahead of the game. that is why why endorse them." the women said. "Okay so your are getting one case of swaddlers, one case of cruisers, and one case of Baby dry diapers. The swaddlers are the most comfortable, the cruisers will make it easier for your boys to move around and the baby dry are for long periods of time without a change such as during the night or on long trips."

The man came back with 3 cases of Pampers cruisers setting them down next to the swaddlers and then went back out to the van.

"Would you like to put them in the cruisers of swaddlers first?" The women asked.

"Ummmm. The swaddlers." Their mom said taking the boxes and setting them down close to them.

"Would you like any help?" The women asked.

"Oh yeah sure. You can help me with the little one. He doesn’t care who changes him. Ill do my 2 eldest boys. Take off your pull ups and lie down." She instructed them opening up the case of swaddlers.

"Can’t we do it ourselves?" Matt asked.

"Oh no of course not." The women jumped in saying. " that is one of the clauses in the law. You cannot change your own diapers. Must be done by somebody older than 18."

"What?" Matt asked furiously.

"It’s the law honey." His mom said. "See you little brother is being such a good sport about it, so stop being a such a baby about it." Davey already had his pull up off and was laying down.

Matt and Sam stripped out of their pull ups and laid down on the carpet awaiting to be diapered. She first took a diaper out of the size 8 box and slid it under Sam’s bottom. Matt hated laying their naked in the middle of the living room watching his younger brothers being diapered knowing he was next. His mom pulled the diaper up between Sam’s legs and pulling the tabs across the front securing the diaper on comfortably. Matt noticed that the diaper Davey had on was exactly the same as the one Sam had on except just a different size. His mom took a diaper out of the size 10 case next and Matt immediately noticed his were like his younger brothers. Just scaled up baby diapers.

"Why couldn’t they have just made them plain white?" He asked feeling in no real position to argue.

"All they did was scale up the sizes to fit bigger boys. They didn’t change any of their designs and I don’t think they mean to so you might just have to get used to their sesame street designs. Once the Huggies diapers are out i’m pretty sure they have Disney designs on them if you like that better." The women said acting oblivious to the fact that it still was a baby diaper.

Matt’s mom had him lift up his bum as she slid the diaper under him pulling it up between his legs. She secured the tabs on the front. Matt sat up noticing the immediate bulk between his legs. It was a lot bigger than he expected. Probably because he never saw a baby diaper that was big enough for a kid his age. It had a cloth feel all around it and Matt didn’t want to admit it, but it actually felt pretty comfortable. That didn’t overshadow the embarrassment of being encased and in own toilet-to-be.

The man came back in the house with the baby dry diaper cases and set those down next to the others. he had a measuring tape in his hand. He had each boy stand up and measured each of them as the women recorded their measurements. When they were done they left taking the bags of pants that wouldn’t fit and underwear that was illegal leaving three boys standing in only diapers. Davey didn’t seem at all upset about being back in diapers. He did seem rather confused as to why and more so why his two older brothers were in diapers as well. Sam and Matt hung their heads in shame as their mom gave them shirts to wear. Davey didn’t have a shirt from earlier so he just stayed in only a diaper.

Matt went to put on his sweat pants but his mom stopped grabbed them out of his hands. "You boys are going to have to get used to being in only diapers at the house. it will make it easier for me to see when you need a change and it will make it easier to change you."

"We aren’t actual babies. We will tell you and we can change our own diapers at the house. its not like they could tell if we did." Matt said.

"I’m not breaking the law young man. If any of you take off your diaper yourselves you will be in big trouble."



End Chapter 3

The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017


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