The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017

Chapter 7

Chapter Description: Matt's journey back into babyhood goes even further.

Matt helped carry all the things they bought inside. The rest of the things they ordered at the store was suppose to arrive tomorrow. once everything was inside their mom checked each of their diapers. Everyone was dry. Matt was a little embarrassed when his mom pulled at the back of his pants and diaper looking down his backside. He wanted to argue, but knew their was no use.

Matt’s mom handed him and Sam the bags of clothes that they had gotten telling them "Go upstairs and put these in your draws for me please. Make sure you take all the tags off." Matt and Sam went upstairs filling the draws with all the new baby apparel. Their mom came upstairs while they were still filling the draws. Without saying anything she pulled Matt’s T-shirt up.

Matt pulled away asking "What are you doing."

His mother took the bottom of his shirt in her hands again saying "You boys can only be dressed and undressed by someone who is a grown up so your going to have to get use to it. This law has made you boys on the same level as babies and their is nothing me or you guys can do about. So, please stop arguing with me or fighting with me or I might have you sent away to one of those camps. I have no idea what goes on at those camps, but i can’t imagine it is good." She took off his T-shirt and then worked his pants down his legs. She did the same thing for Sam leaving them both their in their Pampers Cruisers.

She took their clothes and began to leave the room when Matt asked in a sarcastic tone "Aren’t you going to dress us in anything?"

His demeanor changed when his mom replied with "No i figured you guys would be just fine in diapers till after your bath."

Matt and Sam were left their dumbstruck. Matt finally asked Sam "Can you leave the room for a little bit?"

"Why" Sam asked.

"I have to go the bathroom and I don’t think I can go with you watching me."

"Like pee? I’ve seen you pee all the time."

"No. i have to go number two." Matt replied fidgeting in place.

"Oh," Sam said. "I don’t want to walk around out there in just a diaper. Just go. Do you think id make fun of you or something. I’m kinda in the same situation."

"Fine" Matt said knowing he wasn’t going to be able to get his brother to leave him alone. He stood there and tried pushing. It was harder than Matt though it would be. nothing came out so he tried squatting down lower as he had seen Davey do when he needed to poop. He pushed hard grunting and making funny faces. Sam just smiled watching the spectacle his older brother was putting on. Matt gave it one final push and everything seemed to come out all at the same time. He was surprised by the feeling of filling his diaper. He was even more surprised when his bladder immediately let go without warning. Matt had never felt so embarrassed. He shuddered at the thought that he might actually lose the ability to control it at all.



End Chapter 7

The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017


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