The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017

Chapter 8
The Doctors

Chapter Description: This chapter is the mothers visit to the doctors

After going shopping Matt’s mom was told she ha to go see her doctor for a checkup. She was told the visit was paid for by the government and was required for all women with boys under the age of 18.

She drove had her boys wait in the play area while she went to one of the exam rooms. After a little bit of waiting her normal doctor came in. Dr. fischer. He was always a kind doctor always telling her how it was and never bsing her.

"Hello, Mrs. Carr. Lets get right down into it. It is now required for every boy under the age of 18 to either get shots once a week till their 18 or for you to get shots once every other month as well as a pill every other day." He said awaiting her response.

"Shots for what?" she asked. She had never heard of such a thing.

"They are suppose to help your boys out. It will make them become a little more dependent on you and more importantly it will lower their sex drive dramatically."

"So either I have to come in with them once a week for them to get a shot or i have to come in every other month to get a shot?"

"Yes, that is correct. Completely your choice." He said.

"How exactly would me getting the shots benefit the boys at all?" she asked confused.

"Oh, well that is rather simple actually. When we are giving the boys the shot we will be giving them a direct dose of the treatment, but when we give you the shot it will be a indirect dose of the treatment. It wont affect you what so ever except it will cause you to start lactating. All your boys will have to do is drink your at least a cup of your milk a day. It doesn’t have to be super exact and it can be much more than that of course."

"I have to breastfeed them?" She asked bewildered.

"Well you can breastfeed them or you could just pump milk and give them a bottle a day. With the once ever other month method we put an addictive component into it. Once they drink your milk once they will want more. When they are 18 we have a pill to help wean them off. The pills will help build up your milk supply fast in conjunction with the shot so you could start as early as later this afternoon. It won’t be a lot of milk for the first few times. Based off of your kids I would recommend having your youngest try a few times to help get everything flowing. Then if you want you can start pumping for your oldest boys although pumping will be less convenient and after one time they will want more." He paused letting her take in all the new information before asking "So, what will it be. Shots for your kids once a week or shots for you every other month."

"I guess ill take the shots every other month." She said not really seeing a better option.

The doctor gave her the shot and gave her a bottle of pills telling her to take one there and then continue taking one ever other day for a month.


Later that afternoon She took Davey into her room for his first breastfeeding session in over a year. It hadn’t been too long and Davey didn’t seem to mind. In fact he seemed to enjoy it. Next she just had to figure a way for Matt and Sam to drink her milk.



End Chapter 8

The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017


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