The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017

Chapter 4

Chapter Description: directly following the events of last chapter

Davey seemed the least concerned with his new state. The little 4 year old seemed to actually like diapers. Sam and Matt were both left feeling confused. The feeling was something neither had felt before but the idea of what they were wearing was what made it almost unbearable. The idea that they were essentially wearing their toilet around with them and what little sense of dignity they had was stripped away.

"Girls you can come down now." Their mom yelled up the stairs. Alexis came running down the stairs as if she were just waiting to see her brothers. She had a huge smile across her face seeing her 3 brothers all clad in diapers.

"Do i get to help change them?" She asked.

"shut up." Matt yelled.

"Hey don’t speak that way in my house." his mom said as she grabbed him shoving him forward up the stairs. "Go to your room until you can behave yourself." Matt walked up the stairs. He passed Eva who just gawked at seeing her older brother waddle by her in a diaper.

Matt got into his room and laid down on his bed. He sighed as he thought about what the future held for him. The diaper was thick and in a way it was comforting having his boy parts enveloped in such a soft fabric. He just wondered what it would feel like to be walking around with a messy diaper and how embarrassing it would be to be changed by his mother. It would be weird to see all of his friends in diapers. How would it work out in school he thought to himself. Would they just all have to go down to the nurses office to get changed. He then remembered hearing about how the school was being changed. He wondered what they would do. He especially didn’t like how he wouldn’t be able to change himself. He wondered what he would do if he was at a friends house and needed to be changed.

After a while of thinking about all the changes Matt felt the need to pee. He was curios what it would feel like to actually pee oneself but laying down he just couldn’t. He was smart enough to know that their was no reason to hold it considering it was the law now. Eventually he stood up and closed his eyes. He envisioned he was standing in front of the toilet and let go. Only a little burst came out at first but he immediately stopped. It was weird cause his body knew he wasn’t suppose to be peeing himself but he was fighting against that. He could only really get a weak stream going but he did feel the warmth spread across the front of his diaper. felt the front of his diaper and was amazed at the gel like feeling it had. It made his diaper feel nice and warm and cozy. He actually hated the fact that he kind of liked the feeling that it provided. The next step would be pooping himself and he had no idea how he would possibly do that. He would probably become constipated.

Matt jumped when the door opened. He quickly turned around as Sam stepped in the room closing the door behind him. "Hey you wet your diaper" he said as he stepped further into the room.

"Howd you know?" Matt asked genuinely curios.

"The yellow stripe on the front. It turns blue when your wet. I was reading that boxes downstairs."

Matt looked down and noticed the yellow line that ran down the center of the diaper. It was partially blue.

"Why did you come up here?" Matt asked. trying to dismiss the fact that his little brother was in a dry diaper while his was wet.

"I kind of need to pee and i don’t want to do it in front of Alexis and Mom." He said

"Oh. its harder than i expected. I guess the trick is to just relax and think of running water."

Sam close his eyes and stood their for a moment. When a smile crept across his face Matt realized he was peeing. He peed a lot more than Matt had as he saw his younger brothers diaper visibly expand. The yellow strip turned completely blue after a little bit. Sam did the same thing as his brother and immediately explored the front the wet diaper.

"Feels kind of nice huh?" Matt asked hoping his brother was gonna say yes.

"Yeah in its own way i guess it kind of does."

"You peed a lot more than i did. You must have really had to go."

Matt and Sam both had wet diapers on. They sat and talked about how it felt and after a while the dampness between their legs grew cold and uncomfortable. Their mom came in their room without knocking carrying the boxes of diapers in with her.Noticing the blue strip on both of their diapers she said "Ill change you two in a bit. Let me first just put these away." She put the six boxes on the floor and took out a good amount of each type and placed them in their dresser where their underwear had once been. When she was done she took 2 pampers cruisers out and told Matt and Sam "Lie on your beds."

Not feeling like they really had a choice both boys laid down on their bed while their Mom left the room real for a short period returning with wipes and baby powder. She first went over to Matt who cringed when she instinctively squeezed the front of his wet diaper. She untapped the diaper and pulled it out from under him leaving him completely exposed. The cold air made him a little excited but his mom didn’t seem to care. She wiped him with a wet wipe which only made him more excited. Then she opened up the pampers cruiser saying "You guys can try out the cruisers. They should feel easier to move in." She slipped the diaper under Matt and pulled up up between his legs after sprinkling baby powder on his privates. When he was all done his mom told his. Go put on some pants we are going out shopping once i’m done changing Sam. Matt noticed that the cruisers were stretchier and he could move a little better in them but still found he waddled with all the extra bulk around his waist. He took out some sweat pants and put those on while Sam got changed.

"What are we going shopping for?" Matt asked.

"For supplies for you guys." She said wiping down Sam’s privates.

"What else do you need for us? Aren’t diapers enough?"

"Have you not researched the law at all?"



End Chapter 4

The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017


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