The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017

Chapter 9
Bath time

Chapter Description: Matt and his brothers get ready for bed.

Matt’s mom came into their room and sniffed the air saying "Looks like we got a stinker in here". Before Sam could answer she turned him around and looked down the back of his diaper. "Looks like we found the criminal." Noticing the bulge in the back of Matt’s diaper she said "Oh, does he have an accomplice?"

"Yeah we both had to go." Matt said looking at the ground.

His mom took a changing mat she had bought and had Sam lay down on it. Matt stood and watched as she untapped his diaper. It looked like a disaster. She took out another diaper and laid it under both him and the dirty diaper before using the dirty one to wipe away some excess poo from his bottom. She took wipes and cleaned him up thoroughly before placing the wipes in the old diaper and taping it up setting it aside. She applied some baby powder to Sam before taping up his diaper. He stood up as their mom pulled Matt over for his turn. his cheeks turned bright red as she opened up his diaper knowing what the inside of Sam’s looked like. Sam stood there and watched just as his brother had. Matt had no idea how much embarrassing it was to be the one on display being cleaned up from his own mess. After she cleaned him she applied baby powder and rubbed it in with her fingers before tapping his diaper up. They both now had on a fresh pamper swaddlers diaper on.

"I ordered pizza for you guys. I thought it should be my gift for you guys behaving so well today." she said. "The pizza man should be here any minute. We can put on a movie and eat out in the living room if you want.".

"Can we put on some clothes first?" Matt asked not wanting to be practically naked in front of his younger sisters.

"They are gonna see you in your diapers a lot. You might as well just get used to it. Besides i don’t want to change you into anything until after your guys bath."

"bath?" Matt asked.

"Yes what do you think i bought that tub with the sling in it for?"

"I thought that was just for Davey." He replied.

"No silly. I need to make sure you guys are all nice and clean. Having to wear diapers there are a lot of health concerns so I am going to be the one to make sure you are nice and clean." She said as she walked away.

Matt and Sam crept out of their room and made their way to the living room. As they got to the bottom of the stairs their mom opened the front door which had a direct line of sight to the stairs. The pizza man looked over their mom’s shoulder gawking at the two boys in only diapers. They quickly scurried into the living room out of sight as their mom paid the man.

Matt and Sam sat side by side with a blanket across their laps to cover themselves up while Davey just sat on the floor in only a diaper. Every time the had to get up to get another slice of pizza they blushed red as their sisters gaze followed them. About half way through the comedy their mom got up and went into the bathroom to fill up the tub. After a little bit she took Davey into the bathroom and gave him his bath.

Matt and Sam stayed watching the movie. Matt noted how long it was taking Davey to get his bath not wanting his too last longer than it had to.

Davey eventually came running out of the bathroom in the buff as their mom chased him with a diaper. She purposefully let Davey run around for a little while without a diaper on. She had done this when he younger too saying that it was good to "air dry". He giggled as she purposefully ran after him slowly. Matt just shook his head thinking of how he now shared the same routine as a toddler.

Eventually she got Davey into the dry night diapers which looked way thicker than the other ones. She put him in a onesie and let him go back into the living room to finish watching the movie. She then took Sam with her into the bathroom.

Sam’s bath was quicker than Davey’s bath which lasted about 25 minutes. Sam came out of the bathroom nude as well. He wasn’t smiling and running around though. His bath lasted only about 15 minutes. Him and his mom walked into up stairs to his room. He came back down eventually in a footed sleeper and sat down back on the couch.

It was Matt’s turn. The moment he had been dreading. The movie ended so they just swapped it back to regular TV as Matt went with his mom into the bathroom. In the tub was the baby tub she had bought. It fit perfectly into their tub. It was filled with water that already had bubbles in it. Matt knew that their was a sling in the tub even though the bubbles currently completely covered it. His thought were interrupted as his mom quickly undid one tap of his diaper causing it to fall to the floor. She through the diaper in the trash. She help Matt step into the rub and lay down. He was in a weird position. The sling was actually quite comfortable. It was made out of a mesh material like the kind found in mens swim trunks. It suspended him in the water and held him comfortably. It was tight enough so his back or butt didn’t touch the bottom of the tub. His mom proceeded to take a soapy cloth and clean him thoroughly. The weirdest feeling was having her wash his bottom which was resting on cozily in the sling. When she was cleaning his privates he got an erection which she couldn’t see because it was under bubbles put he knew she definitely felt as she got gentler around that area. She moved on to soaping up his full head of hair and using the shower nozzle to clean it out. As she was doing this the bubbles were dissipating revealing himself fully to his mom. He blushed red fully aware that his mom now could see his little erection. She didn’t seem to mind though and when she noticed that he was turning red she said "Don’t worry about it, little boys always get a little excited at bath time." She then went off telling about how she loved giving him and Sam baths together when they were younger which only perpetuated his embarrassment. Eventually it was over.

Matt’s mom stood him up and dried him off with a big fluffy towel before hanging it back up on the drying rack. She had him do his little walk of shame out of the bathroom, past the living room and up the stairs. She put one of the pampers dry night diapers on him. It was a lot thicker than the other ones. It felt like he had a small pillow between his legs. After spending all afternoon being in only a diaper she helped him get into a red and blue footed sleeper. Even though it looked super infantile he felt clad that at least he was covered up, and it was quite cozy.

Sam was called upstairs by their mom. She told them "Bedtime boys.".

"It’s only 8. Can we stay up later?" Matt asked.

"No for now on 8 is going to be your guys bedtime.".

"We don’t need a bedtime. We aren’t actual babies." Sam interjected.

ignoring his statement she said "You guys don’t have to go to bed, but i want you in your beds at 8. You can stay awake for as long as you want, but when the cribs come you best get used to be looked into your beds at 8.". She walked out of the room leaving Matt and Sam to just stand their in their babyish pajamas.

Seeing nothing else to do Matt said "We might as well just go to bed then I guess.

Matt and Sam climbed into their beds and fell asleep wondering how their lives come become any more babyish.



End Chapter 9

The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017


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