The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017

Chapter 2
The Carr family

Chapter Description: The start of a new era begins

Matt woke up to his brother’s alarm going off. They still shared a room as they were only 3 years apart. Matt was 12 and Sam was 9. The Carr family is a big family with Matt being the oldest followed by his sister Alexis who is 11. Then by Sam who is 9 years old and the twins Davey and Ava who are both 4. They lived alone with their mom because their dad passed away shortly before the twins were born.

"Matt get up we’re gonna be late for school." Sam said hitting his alarm off.

"I’m already up." Matt replied annoyed that his brother set his alarm so early and was still worried about missing the bus to school.

"Your still lying in bed though, get up."

"Point taken" Matt said as he threw the covers off himself revealing his pale skin. Matt liked to sleep in only boxers even though it was fall and it was starting to get chilly out. Sam got out of his bed stretching. He slept in fuzzy pajama pants and no shirt. They both went into the bathroom and peed in the toilet standing next to each other as they had always done in the morning.

"Hey your starting to get pubic hair" Sam said noticing the few wisps of hair Matt had.

"Yep" the boy replied feeling rather proud of his developing body. After both boys washed their hands they went downstairs to see what their mom was cooking for breakfast. The cinnamon aroma smelled great.

"Hi mom" they both said in unison as they entered the kitchen.

"Hello boys, I got a call from your school this morning saying that its closed." she said putting some french toast on a plate for them both.

"Really, why?" Matt asked.

"They apparently are renovating parts of the school because of the new law."

"Yeah, but why our school?. I thought that only affected the elementary school." Matt asked. He had only heard about the law a little bit after it was passed. Something to do with potty training boys later. Luckily Sam, Davey, and him were already potty trained.

"No the new law comes into affect in exactly 2 months making it illegal for any boy under the age of 18 to be potty trained."

"But we are already all potty trained."

"Yes that is why they implemented this 2 month grace period because come 2 months it is illegal for you to be."

"So what does that mean." He asked?

"Haven’t you been following the news at all?" Matt’s mom asked amazed at how in the dark her son was. "You wont have to go to school for the next two months and over the 2 months the government will help with the transition. speaking of which we have to gather some of your guys clothes today,"

"What do you mean we can’t be potty trained? Where are we going to go the bathroom? In our pants.?"

"No of course not. They are doing an exchange program all this week. They come to each house and take your guys sizes. We trade in your underwear and other clothes and in return they give us diapers and some different clothes."

"What? I’m not wearing diapers." Sam yelled out.

"Well its not really up to you. its the law now." Matt’s mom replied going upstairs.

Sam and Matt just stared at each other in shock. Both boys didn’t even feel hungry anymore.

Moments later Alexis came strolling down the stairs smiling and saying "Isn’t it great we have school off for the next 2 months."

"Maybe fun for you and Ava but not for us." Matt said now sitting down at the kitchen table in a trance.

"It wont be so bad. It will be the new norm after awhile. If it was just you that would be one thing but every boy is going to be wearing diapers."

"Easy for someone who doesn’t have to wear diapers to say." he said putting his plate in the sink and heading upstairs to see what his mom was doing. She was in their room digging through the dresser.

Seeing Matt standing the the doorway she instructed him "Go get the twins up." She was taking all of Sam’s underwear and tossing it in a black trash bag.

Matt went across the hall and woke up Davey and Ava telling them to go downstairs and have some breakfast. He then went back into his room and asked "When are the people coming by?"

"They should be here a little after 12." She said still clearing out Sam and his dresser. She handed him an empty black bag and told him "Go take all of Daveys underwear and any pants that you think he wont be able to wear over a diaper. He shouldn’t have too many. Its you and Sam who are the problem with your tight jeans." As he was walking out of the room his mom added " Oh and Davey has a package of pull ups in the second draw from the top. make sure he is still wearing them and if it’s wet give him a new one to wear for now. Also see if you can fit in them so you can just throw your current underwear in the bag. If they fit get Sam to wear a pair as well."

Matt grabbed a pair of sweat pants out of his dresser before he went to the twins room. They were both still getting out of bed. Davey was starting to change out of his night time pull up but Matt stopped him telling him to just wear it for the time being. When the twins were out of the room Matt took one of the pull ups and tried it on. To his surprise it fit. It was very snug but it fit just fine so he threw the underwear that he was wearing into the black bag and pulled on the sweat pants. He yelled out of the room for Sam to come upstairs. He told Sam take off his underwear which was also put in the bag and gave him a pull up to wear. Sam put it on with some reluctance and went into their room to help their mom gather their clothes.

Matt cleared out all of Davey’s underwear thinking how it must be strange since him and Ava were only recently potty trained and now he was losing the underwear he worked so hard for.

Matt’s mom even told Matt to go in the basement and find any underwear that belonged to any of them in the washer and dryer, specifically telling him not to accidentally throw in any of his sisters underwear.



End Chapter 2

The Diaper Law

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 26, 2017


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