Clara Who

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Chapter 8
Clara's rebirth

Chapter Description: Clara enters a strange nachine that gives her a new outlook on life, and her second birth

Clara Oswald smiled brightly, kicking her bare feet her mommy came over to her high chair with a chocolate cake, topped with a number one candle lit up as this is her first birthday.

She bounce up and down on her padded bum, her nappy snug around her soft bum as she giggle in excitement, her hair tied up in two pigtails and she is wearing a bright blue bib, with a adult baby girl getting her face messed up by cake, which is what she’s going to do. This isnt exactly her real first birthday, she is really 28, her grown naked woman body with big boobies out and exposed to all her friends but she didnt care, showing everyone her wet gums with a few teeth sticking out, lucky she has her bib on for all the drool to fall on

Her mommy is a alien, a green humanoid being with one eye and wore a dress and apron, holding out the huge cake for her to gape and babble at. She place it on the table as everyone started to sing happy birthday, ’happy birthday to you’

Clara beamed, if she was in her right mind she would find a way to escape, to get help but now she is just a dumb baby who can worry about if her mommy will change her stinky nappy, as she cannot think of a time where she wasnt in nappies. 


The TARDIS has landed at a strange alien fair on planet Jacone or something.

Clara was in her room finding some clothes to put on, she stood in her underpants and bra as she held each shirt, ’hm which one should I wear?’ she said to herself, trying to find a good color, in the end she threw both away and went to put on her green dress, tied the belt around her waist to show off her curves and put on black tights, ’there, so no one can see me knickers’ she said to herself as she walked out, after all she doesnt want anyone to see her running around naked. 

She walked to the console as Ashilder was walking to the door, ’ok ready to enjoy ourselves at a alien fair’ she said

’You know it’ Clara said as she walked out with her. The two girls walk through a alien fair, rides for children to play on, stalls for prizes and food carts with weird chips. The girls walk past, going to the gadgets area. Ashilder sigh, ’wow this is boring’ she said

Clara sigh, ’its just gadgets, they coukd be useful’ she said, knowing how much a brat her friend and travelling companion can be.

Ashilder turn and walk the other way, ’ill leave you to go play, i know how much of a nerd you can be’ with that she walk off, leaving Clara fuming as she walked around.

She went from stall to stall, seeing weird gadgets like a roller that rolls anything, especially a brick, she went and saw a robot bird that can find gold, it flew off and never came back. Clara giggle to herself as she felt the bright colors that can massage your skin when a voice calls to her, she turn to see a stall owner, green and tall and dressed in a long cloak.

He motion for her to come closer, Clara kept her guard as she walked to him, ’hello there child, i am mr man’ it said stroking it fake beard.

Clara folded her arms, ’ok what do you want, just so you know im someone you dont want to fool around with’ she said, making sure he knows the kind of person she is, a strong woman who can defend herself.

The alien chuckled, ’ah i see you are a strong one eh? Well my machine can give you a new perspective’ he said tapping the side of a dome, big and round with a door on the side.

Clara stepped closer, examining it from all sides, seeing the top had a box with what look like powered teleportation crystals, ’what are the crystals for?’ She ask turning to the alien

Mr man smile, ’it would allow me to tekeport to any place i choose’ it told her coming closer

Clara stood with her back to the door, unaware that it is opening behind her, ’ok whatever your planning, dont even think about it cause ill beat you no matter what, do you know who i am?’ she said strongly, getting her point across, ’I am Clara Oswald’

Mr man chuckled, ’try saying that when your back to wearing nappies’ he said as he push her right into the dome.

Clara yelped as she landed on her bum, moaning she got to her feet as the door closes, ’Great’ she said banging on the metal door, ’let me out right this instint!’ She yelled. She stomp her foot as she walk around, she has to get out of here before.... she then touch something on the ground, looking down to see water rising from the ground. ’Oh no’ she said banging on the door, yelling for him to open, then she look down to see the water around her ankles.

Then she began to notice that her shoes have evaporated, showing her bare feet. Clara gasp as the water rises, her clothes evaporate once they submerge, soon her tights began evaporating as the water reaches up to her thighs. Seeing her bare skin Clara began putting her hands on the walls, looking for a hatch or something to access the wires. Already she could feel the water rising up past her waist, hesitating she look down to find herself having no more hair on her vagina. ’Great, pet that creep is enjoying a show’ she mumble hitting the wall, not wanting to think of what would happen if it reaches her head.

She clutch at the panel, trying to open it, but she could feel her breasts hanging out exposed under the water, feeling it reach her chin Clara began tredding water, floating up to the ceiling, gagging as some water got into her mouth. ’Ewwwww its so disgustinf’ she said, then she feel around, moving her tounge she could find her teeth missing, only feeling her wet gums. ’My tweeth, wha happa?’ She blabble, the water rising to the ceiling as she was submerge.

Feeling glad she still have her hair, but now her long brown hair is floating around. Holding her breath she swam naked to the panel, until she couldnt hold it anymore she open her mouth. Gasping she soon discovered that she isnt driwning, infact she can breath just fine.

Huh, that is weird, she thought floating there holding her shoulders, i can breath just fine, infact this water is so warm, she close her eyes as she lift up her legs, getting into a fetel position as she suddenly feel drowsy, all the strenght gone from her body as she soon find herself asleep, floating naked as a newborn baby.

Mr Man chuckled, watching Clara on a moniter as she floated in his newborn water, zooming in to see her bum, ’smooth as a baby’s bottom’ he said as he began to type in the coordinates, he have been paid a mighty price by a nice space woman for a new baby that will never grow up, catching Clara is perfect since she can never age, so he push the button and the teleport crytaks glowed, Clara began to turn blue then she zapped, zooming across space and into the womb of a alien humanoid woman.

The woman name Alish is twice the size of a human, feeling her belly grow big as she could feel her new child resting in her womb. ’It arrived’ she giggle feeling her bare belly peeking from her top, she smile as soon Baby Clara will be born and become her new baby.

Clara open her eyes, floating there she look around, how long was i here? She thought as she mive her hands to her belly, feeling a cord attach to her belly button, she look down to see a long cord, is this an umbilical cord? She thought, she move as she kick her feet, feeling the soft wall against her.

Aisha smile as she felt that kick, ’awwwww shes kicking’ she smiled

Clara sigh, huddling herself she is started to get cramp in here. Then she began to see a light, A way out, she smile to herself, reaching out towards it, she move her heavy legs as the water began to drain, her hair soaking wet around her eyes as her nake body began to feel the chill, its so cold! She started to whimper, wanting that warm water back but a hand soon reach in, Clara move back as it grab her leg, pulling her into the cold chilling fresh air.

But Clara came out crying, she wailed at the top of her lungs as her cord got cut, being held by an alien doctor like she was a newborn, ’Its a girl!’ He proclaimed, rocking the crying adult woman, Clara continue to wail, being wrapped up in a blanket and swaddle up so she couldnt move, as she was handed to Aisha on the bed. ’Awww she is so adorable’ she cooed at her, holding the full grown woman in her tentacles arms, Clara sobbed as she was handed a pacifier, which she began sucking on it as she was slowly falling asleep, being peaceful as she went off to dreamland.

Clara soon awoke to find herself staring up at a bright light, she frown as her pacifier was laying next to her, wet with drool and spit, ’wa wa?’ she said trying to sit up, but she is so weak, her body feeling so heavy that she just laid there, managing to lift up her head to see herself naked, ’waba ma nakae?’ she tried to say, but soon realizing that she cant talk, she has no teeth and can barely move, so she kick her feet, seeing a tag wrapped around her ankle, she squinted to try to read the writing but it is all scribbles to her, must be a alien language, she thought not knowing that is is english, and the tag reads "BABY CLARA"

Clara soon began looking around, is this a maternity ward? she thought as all round her are other adults in glass crib like things all around her, all cooing and babbling, this made her think about her own clothing, looking down at her waist she gasped, seeing a cloth nappy pinned onto her womanly waist, held at the sides with two pink pins, oh my god i am wearing a nappy, she said in her mind as she kick in frustration, yelling out as she is really mad that that alien has reduce her to babbling and wearing nappies. The Great Clara Oswald, a Big Dumb Girl who cant keep her pants clean.

Soon a doctor, she thinks as it slithered to her, look at her, it used its tentacles to pick her up, holding her in its arms and supporting her head Clara was helpless as she was being taken back to her new mother, ’here she is’ the doctor said handing her to Aisha

Clara struggle and yelled, refusing to be treated like this as Aisha held her on the bed, ’Awwwww looks like she needs her feeding’ she said pulling down her gown, showing off her big green breasts, Clara’s eyes widen as she wanted to move, but her body is too weak as she was force to come closer, the alien forcing her lips onto her nipples as Clara suddenly took a sip, the milk swam down her throat as the taste made her feel so warm, wow its so gooooooooddd, she moan in her head as she began sucking, drinking her mama’s milkie as she was left there to nurse on her new alien mommy.

’She is so content’ Asiha smiled, patting her bare back, soon she pulled off the adult woman and laid her over its shoulder, patting her back hardsder as Clara let out a big burped, ’BWAAAAAPPPPP" she spat a bit of milk on her shoulder as she was laid back into her arms, ok maybe this aint that bad, at least I wont go hungry, she drooled as her mommy sang her a lullaby.

Clara smiled, laying back she close her eyes, she could find a way back later, this is so much peaceful....

Suddenly she sat up, sniffing she could tell she had a little accident, but as she was lifted up, Aisha pull back her nappy and see the huge mess she made, ’Awwwww my baby’s first poopy nappy’ she cooed as she laid her on the bed, the nurses gave her changing supplies as she began changing her, Clara sobbed and cried, she couldnt believe she had done that! What did that liquid done to her? She kick and cried as Mommy remove her nappy, wiping the mess off her cute bum as she put the dirty nappy in a basket, she then applied more baby powder on her tushie, Clara calm down as soon as she smelt the powder, going into a docile mood as mommy got her back into a clean cloth nappy, ’good baby’ she cooed going down to blow on her bare belly. Clara burst out laughing as she was place back into a small crib, yawning she suddenly feel tired again that she fell asleep the minute her head touch the soft mattress.

Her dreams all filled with babas, nappies, rattles and pretty colors, Clara yawned awake as she found herself strapped in a backwards facing baby seat, laying back she could see the yellow sky moving past, am I being taken to my new home? she thought as she could hear her mommy humming a tune from the front seat, driving the vehicle home. Clara look down to the straps holding her nude body in place, if she could unhook herself she could sneak out and find a way back to ashilder, but she suddenly let out a big sigh as she could feel herself peeing, ’I am actually peeing, and it feels so good, she drooled, well at least my mommy will change me, she shook her head, she cant give in to this baby thought as she needs to leave, but her wet nappy soon getting wet and sticky under her, why isnt mommy changing her? Sure she is busy driving but she needs a change right now! Clara cried out in frustration, demanding her mommy to change her with her baby cries and wails.

Aisha hears her crying as she cooes at her, ’Sorry baby, but mommy is driving, I’ll change you when we get to your new home’ she said turning back to the road.

But I want to be change NOW! Clara wailed in her head as she kick and cried, tears running down her cheeks as drool fall on her bare boobies, suddenly feeling a cramp Clara stop herself crying, giving a grunt and push as she filled her nappy up with more poopy, ’POOPY!" she wailed crying again as she wants to be changed, not caring about her pride or her reputation all she wants is to have her stinky nappy changed.

The car soon stop, right infront of a nice two story house, Aisha got out and got Clara out of her seat, ’wow you really made a big stinky, yes you did’ she cooed as she laid her on the seats, starting to change her nappy again. Clara drooled as her legs were lifted up, her mommy cleaning up the mess on her nakie parts as she began thinking, this isnt so bad, she can get clean and wiped every time she goes potty and doesnt have to find a toilet, and mommy can change her anytime she says, seeing as Clara believes mommy will pamper her no matter what.

Once Clara was wrapped up in a new clean nappy, she was carried inside her new home, Aisha cooing at her and giving her a tour, showing Clara her new nursery in the hallway, bright pink with a huge crib and lots of pretty toys, Clara couldnt wait to play with them, but she was taken to the living room, being put in a soft baby bouncer seat, Clara babbled as she was put infront of the tv, Mommy putting on a really good baby show that Clara never took her eys off. Watching the wonderful characters play around and having fun playing with their friends.

Clara smile, trying to use her infant brain for all the puzzles but of course she was wrong, her tummy began to rumble as she feel a bit hungry, ’Num num!’ she called out to mommy, holding her arms in the air as she wants more booby milk. Aisha smile as she got her out and nursing on her boobies again on the couch, Clara enjoying every sip of Delicious milk running into her belly. oh gawd this is so goooooddd, I never wanna leave ever! I love my mommy her thoughts rattled as she suckle like the good little newborn she is.


One Year Later

After her party, Clara was wearing her plastic nappy only as she was seated on the hospital seat, her mommy is giving birth to her new sister and she cant wait, the pst year a haven for her as she has forgotten her boring old life as a adult, why would she ever want to be a poopy head big girl when she never wanna give up her nappies, she giggle at that thought as she dribble onto her bare breasts.

The doctor came and pick her up, ’time to see your sister’ he cooed

Clara drooled her biggest smile, holding her toy bunny she was carried into the room, where she sees her mommy holding a new adult baby in her arms, the woman was crying and wailing as she wore only her cloth nappy, Clara would’ve recongished her cause she is Ashilder, nakie and a baby like her, but she just sees her new baby sister.

Clara was put next to her as the two women look at each other, giving each other big dumb grins as both Ashilder and Clara messed their nappies, Mommy smiling as she noti ed their expanded padded bums, but Clara and Ashilder didnt care as they expect Mommy to change them since they dont have the intelligent to change themselves. 



End Chapter 8

Clara Who

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 8, 2018


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