Clara Who

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Chapter 5
The Parent Experiment

Chapter Description: Clara is growing up again, will she be out of nappies or be stuck in them forever?

Clara moan as she clutch her head, she groggily kneel up as her bare knees feel the soft carpet under her.

’where am i?’ She said as she look around, the room she’s in is bright, infantile decorations on the walls as she is surround by big stuff toys. ’Ok this might be a giant baby’s room, so why am I naked?’ She stood as she has nothing on, not even her underpants as she stood there naked as the day she was born.

Another thing that caught her attention was a discarded nappy lying by the door, followed by a wet pacifier dripping with drool.

Feeling exposed Clara started covering herself, first her big breasts then her round bum as she look around. ’Hello? Is anyone there?’ She call out, expecting a answer but all she got was the sound of lullabies. ’If anyone is out there watching me’ she blush as she cover her chest, ’you’ll be sorry when I find you’ she walk towards the door as she grip the handle.

Finding it lock she shook it, ’Come on!’ she said ’Wish I had my sonic screwdriver’ she stop as she walk around, trying to remember what happen. All that she could remember were a series of floating objects, with nappies, toys and a image of her drooling and babbling, with a sound of her crying like a baby. A image of Clara’s long legs up in the air as someone cooed at her while pulling something white and plastic up on her.

Clara couldn’t understand it, until the door open and a woman walked in, Clara quickly try to cover herself but the woman just sigh at the naked girl, ’Urg, you took your nappy off again?’ Clara frown as she stood, looking as Amy Pond walked in, dressed in her skirt and long sleeve top as she turn her around and spanked her bum, ’I told you, nappy stays on you little brat’ she said smacking Claras butt

Clara cried as Amy lift her in the air, surprisingly strong as she force the girl on to the change table, Clara try to speak but Amy shoved a pacifier in her mouth, making her suckle as Amy slid another nappy under her. Clara spat her pacifier put, ’Amy what are you doing here? Whats going on?’ She said as Amy applied the baby powder to her vagina, Clara sniff the powder as she suddenly felt calmer.

Amy look at her as she pull the nappy up around her waist, ’Im here taking care of you since you cant keep yourself clean’ she said as she tape the nappy up, patting her padded crotch as Clara sat up, feeling the soft padded surface wrapped around her bum

’But there must be some mistake, i am not a baby’ said Clara but Amy shove her paci back in

’You are a baby, after all you’ve been one since you were an actual baby’ she said picking her up and carrying her out, Clara eyes widen as she suckle her pacifier, they were walking downstairs as she can tell they are in a huge house, Clara look around, seeing herself being carried to the living room, where a giant playpen was waiting for her. Amy sat her down inside, Clara struggle but its useless as Amy walked away

Thinking this is her chance to escape, Clara carefully stood up, bending her bum in the air as she push off the ground, wobbling a bit due to her bulky nappy as she manage to keep her balance. ’Ok, now to get out if this stupid pen’ she mumble as she waddle to the bars. The bars went up to her neck, Clara could poke her head over them, but she wonders how did Amy got her in here? She put her hands on it as she push herself up, lifting her leg over as her nappy crinkle with every move. Clara push herself over the bars, falling right on her butt, lucky the nappy cushion the fall, once shes out, she decided thats it easier to crawl as she crawl away.

Clara kneel as she poke her head into the bedroom, Amy was having a shower, clearly thinking Clara’s still in the playpen, Clara crawled quietly in, she knows there have to be something here that made her like this, she could feel her heavy muscles, her legs can barely carry her as she gets tired too easy, maybe she now has the strength of a baby.

Clara got to the closet, standing up on her shaky legs, she manage to build enough strength to open the doors, looking right into Amys clothes, shoes and boxes. Clara gasp as she fell to her knees, the fatigue setting in as she tries to stay awake. ’Come on’ she mumble rubbing her eyes, ’whatever did this has to be in here’ she got lower, sticking her butt out as she open the boxes, Clara yawned as she drool a bit, eye lids getting heavy as she lay down, ’maybe a nap wont hurt’ she said as she laid on the pile of clothes, falling asleep as her thimb entered her lips, allowing her to suckle.

Amy walked out of the shower, grabbing the towel as she rub herself clean, she doesn’t know how she got in this weird house, she just woke up one day and found herself in some weird bed

After that she found the poor girl, Clara she thinks her name is as it what it said on the nursery door, upon entering she found Clara naked and babbling, knowing this girl must be on some level of special she figure she should take care of her while she figures a way to get home.

Amy wrapped the towel around herself as she walked into the room, seeing Clara sleeping in her closet, half her body in as the woman was drooling on her nice clothes. ’For a retard she is kinda adorable like that’ she smile as she took the towel off, grabbing some underpants, pink and lacy, she put on her skirt and red sweater. She picked the sleeping baby up, seeing she is strong enough which is a plus, and carry Clara back to the playpen.

Clara cooed and snore as she lay on her breasts, drooling as she sleeps literally like a baby. Amy couldnt help but laugh at her, seeing a grown woman like this is kinda hilarious. She turn and left as she walk ba k to her room, kicking the dumb baby rattle on the ground. Amy groan in pain as she picked it up, ’stupid baby toy’ she mumble as she threw it away.

The rattle flew as it hit a picture, which it whirled and open, a eye looming out as it watch Amy lay in bed, the alien behind the eye watches as it decides that maybe she isnt the perfect mother. It push a button as it speak strange alien language.


Clara yawned as she rub her eyes, sitting up as her chin is wet with her drool, she held a blanket in her hand with a pacifier tied to a corner. ’Great, more stuff to make me infantile’ she said but more drool came out, unable to hear herself speak she instead said ’Gabla boo gaga’

Clara stuck her finger in her mouth, feeling her wet gums, no teeth or tooth in there. Panicking she tries to get up but couldnt, her body us too heavy, she fell back on her cushy pillow, looking down at it, jt was one of those pillows that helps newborn infants sit up. Dont tell me, she thought as she tries moving her legs, hell just one leg but sadly she cant, she lost the ability to walk. Her nappy is the most different, now its just cloth, held at the sides by two pink pins. Clara whimpered as she cried out for Amy, wailing like a newborn baby.

Clara sobbed, tears and snot running down her cheeks and mouth as she began wailing out spitbubbles, taking a breather to catch her breath, she could hear giggling by the playpen. Clara listen as she turn, only falling over as she landed on her exposed boobies. Coming face to face with a huge padded butt. She look up the bare backside of a woman laughing, her long orange hair in a pony tail ontop her head.


Amy giggle as she turn, seeing her baby sister on her cute belly struggling, ’Hey sis’ she said facing her, helping her up as Clara was laying on her, head resting on Amys padded crotch as she could only lay out with her limbs spread. Amy drool down her chin as droplets fell on Claras face, making the poor girl squirm as Amy wipe up her tears and snort, ’did you made poopy?’ She asked

Clara shook her head as she kick her legs, No! Something is making us babies! Amy giggle as she crawled to the end of the playpen, ’Mama! Clara needs a changie’ she babble poking her head over the rails

Clara tries to move but soon were suddenly picked up as she was cradled, looking at the new mummys face as River Song beamed at her, ’Hi little one’ she cooed as she carry Clara to the change table, the soft cushy version for newborns, Clara struggle as River took the pins off, opening the cloth nappy to see a very clean and smoth bum. ’I see no doody’ she said as she wrap it back up, putting the pins back on tight as Amy bounce up and down

’But i can smell it’ she babble, boobs jiggling, ’I can smell poopy!’

River smile at her, she place Clara in a soft baby bouncer, the one thats desgin as a chair, as she strap her in, Clara was helpless as she put her hands on the bar full of toys, watching as River came up to Amy and pull back her nappy, which she could see it is very messy

’Looks like its you’ she said as she pick her up, carrying her to change table where she proceed to change her. Amy giggle as she held up her legs as River took her nappy off, unaware that she was giving Clara a nappy change many times before she went to goo goo land. Clara rock backnand forth, but she got tired quickly due to her weak muscles.

This is useless! She thought groaning and leaning her head back on the soft bouncer, she cant figure this out in this situation, she has no other choice, she gulp as she put her head back up as River got Amy in a fresh nappy, Amy giggling as River blew on her belly

Guess ill have to grow up again, at leadt till i learn how to walk or talk, she thought as she pouted

River waltz over to her as she bend down and pick the full grown woman into her arms, ’I think you need a bath’ she said as she carry a weak smiling Clara away.


Two years later

Sounds of laughter filled the backyard, its the birthday girls birthday, the birthday girl is of course Clara, her second birthday

Clara was sitting in a circle, sucking her dummy as she is dressed in her cutest party dress, her nappy big and thick as she is surronded by babies, actual babies. None of them smart enough to realise that Clara is 30 years older then any of them, but she wears nappies so she must be a baby

Clara also seem to notice that she isnt aging, neither is Amy or River. Infact all three women are aging mentally. Amy has been upgraded to pull ups, she was so proud she began rubbing it in her face every time about how much a big girl she is. She is currently playing tag with other four year olds, running around in a dora tank top and a puffy skirt. Running around with the tiny childrens as she is having so much fun

Clara felt her dress tug as a baby was drooling up at her, handing her a toy to play. Clara scoffs as she stood up, waddling away, lucky she learn how to walk again, her speech is improving from random baby babble to baby talk. But shes smart enough to find a way out and whos responsible for this, cause she really needs to be toilet trained again.

She didnt get far as River lift her in the air, ’Where are you toddling off to?’ She said holding her with her hand on her padded bum.

’Me no baybee me big gwl’ Clara groan, she just cant speak properly.

River cooed as she took her to the big table, where everyone were gathered for the cake. Clara was sat in the middle high chair, cake in front as a silly party hat was place on her. Clara watch the cake, with its dilly pink design and a cartoon dinosaur, the number two as the candle which is lit, lucky she is wearing clothes this time, unlike her last birthday which she was left butt naked, no nappy as she was in the high chair wetting herself with embarrasment, with no padding to hold it.

River gave her bum a huge spanking which left her broken and crying.

So giving her best smile, she is about to blow out the candle when Amy came and blew it out, making Clara hit her hands on her, ’stpid, me blow me!’ She babbled

Amy just laughed as she ran off, Clara fumed with anger but the only she could do is cry, which she did, River cooed to her as she lkt it again, ’dont cry sweetie, look its back’ she said wiping away her tears. Clara sniff as she blew, feeling proud as the flame went out, and every one cheered

They cut the cake as they gave each piece to everyone, Clara had no spoon so she used her hands to grab a handful and shove it into her mouth, which is growing new baby teeth. Clara made a mess of herself as River pick her up, pulling back her nappy as she announce it is messy, Clara always blush, but shes used to using her nappy, infact she might never use a toilet again, River carried her back in the house towards her nursery.

Sitting the babg down as River lay her back, pulling up her dress to remove her nappy. Clara is so used to this its basically instinct, just lift up her legs and poof nappy clean, thats not the way it goes but its all her tired mind can think of. Soon she sat back up as River taped up the clean nappy

’There all nice and snug’ said River as she put Clara down on her feet

’Soon youll be big for pull ups’ babble Amy

Clara turn as she sees Amy sitting on her potty, she must have walked in when she was getting changed, Amy smile at her baby sister, sitting with her skirt toss away as her pull up was around her ankles. Clara imagine her doing that one day, soon she’ll be back in underpants, she smile at that thought

Soon Amy whimpered, Clara turn to see a alien standing by the door, hiding behind River as the mother seem unfazed by this, ’So you are in command’ she said calmly

The alien was tall green of course as he stood proudly, wearing a long coat with a turtle neck. ’Yes, i am Ghot, head scientist of the grow up program’

’Yeah i know, you take poor woman and regressed their minds, so you can watch them grow up mentally in adult bodies’ said River as she talk him down, ’honestly you couldve just put a camera in a house’

’Not just woman, we wanna see if the companions of the doctor can learn to be motherly, and its quite fun seeing you in this position’

River smile as she put her hands on her hips, ’what? As a mother?’ She chuckle

Clara could see Ghot pulling something out, reacting quickly as she push River out of the way, but she was too slow as both her and River were hit by the ray, Amy screamed as she began peeing as everything went white, Clara rub her eyes as she was in a swiling vortex, filled with images of nappies, bottles and other silly baby thing from before, ’oh no’ she gasp as she woke up.

Clara eyes water as she look up to a huge baby mobile. She tries to speak but she made random baby babble, Oh come on! she groan, she just grew to two, now she’s back to newborn!? She could feel her cloth nappy around her waist again, looking to her side as she could make out River and Amy

Amy still have the mentally of a three year old in pull ups, but River is now mentally a one year old, sitting on the playmat, her curly hair a mess, well messier, as she only wore a huge nappy, River giggle as she began drooling down her chin, falling to her breasts as she play with the silly baby blocks, while Amy, dressed in her blue overalls, was riding a silly tricycle thats half her size

Clara moan, soon seeing their new mummy walking in, turning her head so she could see Donna Noble, walking in as she spots her babies playing, ’Awwww, and how are my little ones doing?’ she said smiling at them

Amy bounce up and down on her bikie, ’I drew a pony today!’ she said clearly wanting more attention

Donna praised her, giving her a small hug as she went to River, pulling back the grown woman’s nappy and peer in, ’And you kept your nappy clean’ she said ’Good girl’

River clap her wet drooly hands as she bounce up and down, giggling and laughing for being a good girl, soon Donna walk over to Clara’s cot.

Clara struggle as she was lifted up, being cradle in her arms as Donna sat, ’Its feeding time little one’ she said as she unbutton her blouse, Clara moan as soon she was force to suckle her breasts, suckling down the milk as she didnt bother to fight back

Guess I have to go through it again, she thought as she suckled, maybe she can do better when she’s mentally back to her original age, for now just suckle and hope that mummy change your stinky nappy.



End Chapter 5

Clara Who

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 8, 2018


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