Clara Who

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Chapter 2
Clara the Big Baby part 2

Chapter Description: Clara found herself wearing a big nappy as she tries to escape from her new parents

Ashilder sat by the console as she wait for Clara to return. ’Where the bloody hell is she?’ she pouted as she walk around the console. She did say she was going for a walk around the planet or something, but the sun is nearly down and she doesn’t know what could be out there. Ashilde sigh, ’well might as well look for her’ after all she knows how to drive the TARDIS better then her.

She left the door lock as she walk from the diner. She walk through the woods searching for her. ’Clara! Clara!’ she call out, she walk deeper in as she spots something. She bend down as she pick up a piece of clothing that looks like it came from Clara’s skirt. ’Clara’s skirt, maybe she decide to be in the nude’ she giggle as she spots the small opening in the patches of green. She got down as she crawl through. She trudge and turdge till she came to an opening.

She got up a shse admire the beautiful view, acres of green spreading across and around the giant lake as the setting sun dims the glow with orange. ’Wow! This place is beautiful’ she smile, in the distance she could hear a lullaby, she tilt her head as she follow the sound, leading her to a cabin. As she walk by she couldn’t help but notice the bin, which had a piece of clothing sticking out. The bin is huge as she had to stand on a box to peek in.

Is it? she open up the bin as she pull out Clara’s shirt. ’This is Clara’s’ she also pull out Clara’s underpants and bra, ’what the hell is doing?’ Why is her clothes in the bin, something caught her eye as she reach in. She pull out what appears to be a used nappy. ’Ewww! Gross!’ She toss it away as the nappy appear to be too big for a baby. ’What kind of baby uses this?’ She step down as she walk along the cabin, coming up to the door.

Ashilder decided it’s probably better not to knock, who knows what could be inside. She potted a doggy door that she might be able to crawl through. She got down and crawl through to the kitchen, where the lullaby is getting louder. ’That lullaby is driving me nuts’ she follow the sound out of the kitchen, where she spots the lounge room. She hid as there was a giant gorilla watching tv. ’Is that a gorilla wearing clothes?’ She whispered as she edge closer, getting a good look at the television, which is playing a cop show but with gorillas instead of humans.

’This planet get stranger and stranger’ she turn as she tip toed into the hallway, where she came to the source of the lullaby. She look up at a big door with childish letters saying ’nursery’

’a nursery huh? That explains the big nappies’ she giggle, curious to see what their babies look like, the door was ajar as she push it slowly, walking into the dark room as the lullaby fill the air, along with sucking and gurgling. Ashilder carefully came up the crib, which held a sleeping figure. ’Awwww it asleep’ the figure back was to her, it was dress in a pink sleeper and holding a big stuff bunny, her long brown hair in a mess as Ashilder started walking back out. I should let it sleep, maybe I can bring Clara here so she can see this! She quietly walk out, closing the nursery door behind her, unaware that the figure turn around, revealing Clara drooling all over herself as she gurgle and slept, like a big baby.

Clara yawn as she sat up, ’what a weird dream’ she smile as she couldn’t believe she dreamt she was a big baby in nappies, and that she actually made a mess in them. But the mushy feeling around her bum told her a different story.

She quickly sat up, squishing the poop against her bum as she Yelp, ’it wasn’t a dream!’ She gasp as she smell her nappy buldge, gagging as the smell set her nostrils on fire. ’That is foul!’ She clutch her nose, ’I can’t believe it smells this bad’ she stood on her knees as she grab the bars. She shook them yelling out for her gorilla, who she now calls mummy.

’Hey! I need a new nappy!’ She yell, begging as there was no answer. ’Come on! You can’t keep me in this stinky thing’ she whined, unable to bear the feeling. She pouted and began to cry as the door open and the light lit up. Her mummy walk towards her as it cooed.

’Awwww, does someone wants a nappy change?’ It ask as Clara nodded, tears running down her soft cheeks as she was lifted up and carried to the change table. Clara didn’t struggle as she let the gorilla unzip her sleeper down to her crotch, allowing the smell to burst into the air that made even the gorilla gag a little. ’My my, someone is a little stinker’ giggle mummy as she pull the sleeper off, leaving Clara naked again as she lay back and waited for her nappy change.

Clara lay there as her nappy were taken off, her legs waving in the air as her mummy wipe up her big bum, rolling up the nappy and putting it in the pail as she slid a new one under her. Clara felt her butt lay on the soft plastic surface, Clara giggle a bit at the softness, she couldn’t believe she gave these up and had to wear those uncomfortable underpants all her life, didn’t even realise her underpants and bra were uncomfy until now as she was tape back up in a clean nappy.

As she was put back on the ground, Clara stood and wiggle her bum a bit, giggling at the crinkling the nappy made as she waddle out of the living room.

Her mummy led her to the middle of the lounge room as she was led inside the big playpen. Mummy close the gate as she is now trapped inside the big play area. ’Enjoy your playtime Baby’ it coeed as it walk off, Clara quickly ran to the gate and desperatly reach up to grab the latch, but it was futile as it is design to prevent babies like her from escaping. She frown as she got down and crawl towards the middle, picking up some dolls as she wave it around a little.

’Ashilder should be looking for me right about now’ she wondered as she grab a doll house, getting down on her belly as she wave her legs in the air, playing with her baby toys. Using her breasts as pillows as she play happy families with other dolls. She couldn’t help but wonder if Ashilder did came looking for her, did she also end up in the same position? She had an image of Ashilder wearing a big thick nappy as she giggles and poop herself. She shook her head, she’s smarter then that, but what was also confusing is that Amy Pond was here too. Does that mean she isn’t the only companion of the Doctor to get stuck on this place? She roll over on her back, the soft carpet rubbing her soft skin as she put her thumb in her mouth, sucking it as if she’s pondering something. Her thumb very satifying as she suckle, she moan as she drool over her hand, she sat up as she enjoy the feeling when she spots the tv was on. It was showing a nappy commercial.

A woman was busy playing on the ground surrounded by toys, her big butt clearly visible that Clara couldn’t help but blush as the woman was clearly naked, no modesty as the woman didn’t have a care in the world. As the woman turn towards the camera and gave it a big dopey smile, Clara gasp in shock, it was River Song! The Doctor’s wife and a professor in archaeology! River grin as arms appear beside the camera, probably from the Gorilla point of view as River was lifted in the air.

’Mama!’ squeal River kicking her legs in happiness.

’Babies like little River here needs soft comfy nappies to keep their tushies dry’ the commercial said as Clara watch River being lay on the table, a big nappy sliding under her as her big bum got powdered. ’That’s why Cushy Nappies keeps them nice and happy, so they don’t go off in the nudie’ River giggle as she now sat back with her toys, in a nice big nappy hugging her waist as she goes back to playing.

The commercial ends with the logo and a package of nappies, with a smiling woman on the front.

Clara suck her thumb as she focus on the image of River giggling in her nice big thick nappy, her hand sliding into her own nappy as the front door open up. Clara stop herself as she turn, a big muscling Gorilla walk in with a suit and briefcase. Oh tell me this isn’t the Daddy Gorilla, she thought as she stood up and waddle to the bars.

’Honey I’m home!’ call out the Gorilla as he enter the lounge room, spotting Clara staring at him as he put down his briefcase. ’Oh hello! You must be our new baby’ he smile, reaching towards Clara who tried running away but quickly snatch up and being cradle in its huge arms. ’A feisty one eh? Maddie what’s her name?!’ he call out to his wife

’Oh I believe her name is Clara!’ call out Mummy from the kitchen

’Clara huh?’ he look at her, examine the little human as it poke her breasts and smack her bum a little, ’Yep, we got ourselves a little sexy one, nice job’ he grinned as he put Clara down, who feels violated at the moment. She doesn’t mind if Mummy touch her nude body like that because she is basically a woman, but Daddy is a male, which makes her feel like a little nude skank.

The parent Gorillas talk a bit in the kitchen as Clara crawl back towards her dolls. Now I know that I have a daddy, she sigh, all her life she accomplising lots of things, now here she is being forced back into nappies, sure she is suppose to be dead right now, but still! She pick up her dolls and continue playing, hoping that Ahsilder will come get her, before she starts to enjoy this.

Clara made airplane nosies with her dolls as she was suddenly being lifted up and onto Daddy’s lap. ’Ok Clara’ he cooed as he bounce Clara on his knee, ’enjoying bouncing with daddy?’ he chuckle as Clara bounce up and down on his knee, Clara was about to tell him to stop when her crotch tingle, feeling that she bounce up and down harder, rubbing her nappy against the knee when she suddenly stop. ’Ok that’s enough for now’ said Daddy as he sat Clara next to him, turning the tv to a show. Clara pouted as she watch a boring sitcom, sure it have some funny parts, but it seems dull and boring to her. She wiggle to get up when Mummy pick her up and cradle her, shoving a bottle full of milk into her mouth.

’Shhh, there there little one; coo Mummy as Clara drank the milk, filling up her belly as she suckle, feeling quite content as she lay in her mummy’s arms as the gorillas watch the tv. Clara couldn’t help but enjoy the taste, she savour it as she suck it dry, after it emptied, the bottle were suddenly removed and Clara was drape over Mummy’s shoulder, it big hand patting her bare back as Clara let out a big belch. BURRRRPPP!!! she dribble some milk down her chin as Mummy stood up, holding her as it walk off.

’Nghty Night Clara!’ call out Daddy as Clara was being taken towards the bathroom. There she was stood on the ground, having her nappy remove as Mummy pour water in the bathtub.

Clara stood shivering, missing her nappy as she look behind towards the door. ’I could escape right now, but running around naked in the night doesn’t sound like a good idea’ she frown as Mummy grab her and put her in the bathtub. Clara sat in the warm water as it rises up to her thighs, she splash a bit as Mummy put bath toys in there. ’There we go, now play nice while Mummy washes the little baby’ it coo as it grab some soap and started soaping Clara’s hair. Clara grab a toy dolphin as she put it under water, making swim about as Mummy rub her hair. She feels like she’s in the hairdresser, getting her hair done up as she read magazines, but instead she’s naked in a tub playing with silly baby toys. Mummy drench her hair in water as it went everywhere, Clara rub her hair back so Mummy can start soaping her body. She admit it is a little embarrassing, she can do it herself without some gorilla touching her naughty parts but Mummy soap up her boobs, her big bum and finally her vagina. Clara blush deep red as she stood up so Mummy could wash her legs, soaking her bum and body in water as she sat back down.

Mummy let her play a bit more as it pull out a towel, taking Clara out of the tub and rubbing her body dry before wrapping her up in the towel. It drain the water as it carry her back into the nursery. Clara lay peacefully, dry and being put back in a nappy, once the nappy was wrap around her hips, Mummy dress her up in a blue baby nightie. Clara frown sadly as the nightie went down to her nappy, she pick up the sides, realising that it twirls as Mummy put her back in the crib.

Clara grab her bunny as she was tucked in, pacifier back in her mouth as she yawned, dropping her eyelids as Mummy turn off the lights, leaving the night light on, ’Goodnight my little angel’ it blew a kiss on her forehead before leaving the room, allowing Clara to sleep peacefully into the night.

Clara toss and turn, pacifier fell from her mouth as she drool, dreaming a peaceful dream.

Meanwhile Ashilder waited by the TARDIS, Clara haven’t come back yet as she started to worry. ’She’s never this late, maybe something went wrong’ she think back to her clothes being tossed in the bin, and the nappy she found. Surely she wouldn’t be out there naked would she? unless......

She walk towards the console and activate the computer, searching up the planet’s origins, but found no data. She search again and again but still nothing. ’What kind of planet is this?’ she look at the door, she have to find her, she decide to start looking in the morning as she went off to bed, Hoping she could find her tomorrow.

The bright morning sun shone though the nursery blinds, Clara yawned as she look up at the bright ceiling, determine that it might be 8am here, but seeing as this crib is the cosiest she has ever been in, she turn and sleep some more, soon being waken by her Mummy poking her.

’Wake up Clara’ it coo ’Time for your big day’

Clara groggily open her eyes as Mummy pick her up, it check her nappy, which she peed into it heavenly last night as it put her on the table. Clara was soon strip of her nightie and got her nappy change, being too tired to do anything as Mummy pull out a bright blue romper.

Clara soon find herself wearing that romper, blue straps around her bare shoulders as she wasn’t given a shirt, while the romper snaps around her crotch area, so to make nappy changes more easier. She look behind herself at the back less area, exposing her bare back with the top of her nappy poking out of it. Clara also have a pacifier clipped on her top as she was carried to the kitchen. She sat in her high chair as mummy pull out some baby food in a jar, daddy was eating his breakfast as he read the paper. Clara had her cute bib tied on her as she open her mouth.

’here comes the Choo Choo train’ mummy coo as it put a spoonful in her mouth, Clara chew and shallow, opening her mouth for another bite. She’s so hungry that the mushy gross baby food started to taste good. Clara ate nearly all of the jar as Daddy kiss her on the head.

’bye princess’ it said as it kiss mummy, Clara feeling a bit giddy at being called princess. Daddy pick up his brief case as he left the cabin. Clara continue being fed as she eat the food. She finish her food as mummy took her bib off and wipe her mouth with it.

’ok Sweetie, time for you to go to daycare’ it squeal as it pick her up. Clara eyes widen, daycare? But she grinned, maybe she could escape then, after all there would be so much babies there. Mummy pick up it purse as she carried Clara out.

Clara look at the big bright lake as mummy bring her over to a car, a big car as she spots a big baby seat in the back. Mummy place her in it as Clara felt the soft cushions, mummy buckle her in tight as it got in the front, starting the car as they drove onto the road. Clara suck on her pacifier as she look out the window, outside she sees more gorillas doing normal people things, like selling junk at a store, walking a dog, even jogging for a runathorn. It really is planet of the apes here, she frown as she sees a couple cradling a man who is wearing a nappy, another feeding a boy and girl their bottles as the girl started pooping herself.

Clara gulp, every human here is being treated like a baby, she suckle her pacifier as mummy drove them through the city towards a big daycare place, where other gorillas are dropping off their babies. Mummy took Clara out of her car seat as she was carried inside. Inside was big and bright, adult babies were being drop off into a large play area, where babies of all ages were either wearing clothes, or just their nappies. Clara was carried to the front desk as a teenage gorilla type on the computer.

’Hi, and who is this little bundle of joy’ it coo as it pince Clara’s cheek

’This is Baby Clara, say hi Clara’ mummy wave her hand as Clara blush and turn her head away, spotting a teenage boy gawking at a bunch of girls expose boobies.

’Well she is a little cutie pie’ said the gorilla as it type on the computer, ’ok you can put her in the play area’

Mummy place Clara in the play area, ’Ok sweetie, mummy will be back to pick you up, so play nice with the other babies’ she peck Clara’s head as it walk out of the daycare, leaving Clara surrounded by the other babies. She could try to find a way out of this place, but she knows daycares are design to prevent runaway babies, like her.

So instead she waddle over to the play table and just color in some pictures. She grab a red crayon as she color in a picture of a hippo, making it red because she wants to. As she continue coloring, a girl waddle up to her, she had her blonde hair tied in a ponytail as she sat down, she wore nothing but her nappy as she smile at Clara.

’Hi there’ she said ’I’m Katy, whats your name?’

’Clara’ she said as she couldn’t help but stare at her breasts, Katy notice this and giggle a bit.

’Like what you see? don’t worry’ she smile as she jiggle her boobies, ’Babies like us don’t care about nudity like those dumb grown ups’

Clara turn her head away, ’so you actually believe your a baby?’ she ask as she went back to coloring, trying to ignore her.

’Well yeah, I mean look at us’ Katy patted the front of her nappy, ’we’re in nappies, so doesn’t that mean we are babies?’

Clara shook her head as she turn to her, ’I mean, weren’t you an adult before? I mean you can’t just be born like this’

’Well I was a adult before’ Katy explained ’but ever since I found this passage in my garden, I found myself here in this big world, after that I can’t think of a life without my mummy’ she drool a bit as she reminsince about her force babying. Clara soon got worried, is this what she gonna be like? Katy sniff the air as she look down at Clara’s bum, ’well it seems you went poopy’ she giggle as she poke Clara’s bum.

Clara look back as she pull back her nappy, sure enough she poop again. ’But I didn’t even feel it’ she whimpered as she started to sob.

Katy coo as she rub her back, ’its ok, you don’t even notice yourself using your nappy until you see it for yourself’ she stop rubbing as she got a blissful look on her face, her nappy expanding as Katy started going poopy as well. Clara suck her thumb as Katy moan in pleasure, ’It feels so good after you do it’ she giggle, dribbling a bit as she slid her hand into her nappy.

’What are you doing?’ ask Clara

’Playing with my poopy of course, before someone changes me’ she smile cheekly as she push her hand around her poop, Clara watch as she play in her own filth, but seeing that kinda makes her wanna do it. As soon as she slid her fingers in, a caretaker came over to them

’What are you dumb babies doing?!’ it yell as it slap Katy’s hand, picking up the two girls as it carry them away, ’Playing in your own filth, you really are a bunch of retards’ Clara look over to Katy, who just giggle as she shift her bum about, trying to enjoy the feeling as best as she can as the two girls were place together on a big change table. Clara and Katy lay side by side, Katy were too busy kicking her feet in the air, making it hard for the Gorilla to remove her nappy. "lay still you little shit!’ yell the Gorilla

’Nope! going to stay stinky!’ yell Katy happily as the Gorilla grab her legs, it then pull a strap over her, pinning Katy down as it remove her messy nappy. Katy helplessy kick and pouted, as she got her bum wipe, now crying like a baby as the Gorilla shove a pacifier in her mouth. Katy suckle and suckle, soon going content as the gorilla slid a new nappy under her, powdering her privates and tape the nappy up around her waist.

’There, now stay clean for at least the rest of the day’ said the gorilla as it lift her up and put her back in the play area. Katy laugh as she waddle away, leaving Clara to kick her feet slowly as the gorilla unbutton her romper and remove her nappy. ’You humans really are disgusting’ sigh the gorilla as it held Clara legs in the air as it wipe up her butt, roll up the nappy and slid a fresh one under her. Clara was soon tape up in the clean nappy, her romper button up as the Gorilla put her back in the play area, cursing loudly as it grab the two dirty nappies and threw them in the pail.

Clara spots Katy at the toy area, playing with a guy as they babble and drool all over their naked bodies. Clara waddle away, she needs to leave this planet before she ends up like these people! Where the bloody hell is Ashilder?!

Ashilder wondered the woods, No doubt that was Clara’s clothes in that bin, she either she got eaten or she is being force as a pet for these gorillas. She found the passage as she enter it, coming up back to the great big field as she found the cabin.

As she snuck her way into in, she found it completely empty, ’oh good they’re gone’ she smile as she search the house for any signs of Clara. She peek into the nursery, ’Clara are you in here?’ she call out as she look around, she spots the package of nappies as she look closer, ’is that.....’ on it was a grown naked woman, well except she is wearing a big thick nappy.

Suddenly it hit her, Clara was the baby she saw last night! She burst out laughing as she picture Clara running around in a nappy, she will never let her live that one down. But seeing as Clara is being held against her will she should save her at least. Ashilder was about to leave but she look back at the nappies, she wonders how soft is it? If babies like those things instead of underwear, then it can’t be that bad? She quickly snatch the package and ran out.

She ran to the woods and sat by a big tree, heart pounding hard as she held a nappy in her hands. Am I really doing this? she hesitated, but the feeling is too much as she took off her pants. Her red lacy underpants came sliding off as she open up the nappy, sitting her butt down on the soft padding, giggling a bit as she tape up snugly around her waist.

Instantly the wave of pleasure hit her, she moan and drool as she sat in her soft cushy nappy, ’WOW! These are so nice!’ she smile as she look down at her nappy, frowning at her jacket. ’Well If i’m going to enjoy this, might as well be nakie’ she took her jacket off and rip off her shirt. Her bra soon follow as she is left sitting in just her nappy.

Ashilder soon start to act like a baby, crawling around, saying random words, she is having the time of her life. She stood as she shook her bum, hearing the crinkling noise, I wonder if I should..... she shook her head, she shouldn’t mess herself, she is still an adult. She was about to take the nappy when she hears a voice behind her.

’Awwwwww what do we have here?’

Ashilder turn as a Gorilla came walking towards her, arms spread out as it’s ready to take her. ’Oh hell no!’ Ashilder try to run but the Gorilla lift her in the air.

’Where’s your mummy little one?’ it cooed as Ashilder struggle to get out, ’Don’t worry, I’m sure she’s around here somewhere’ it carry Ashilder out of the woods, with Ashilder cursing herself and hoping she could escape soon.



End Chapter 2

Clara Who

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 8, 2018


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