Clara Who

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 8, 2018

Chapter 7
Diaper Change Time

Chapter Description: A short story of Clara needing her diapie changed

Clara stood up, knees a bit bent as she dribble down her bare breasts, she stood there naked as the day she was born, but she wore a big thick nappy around her waist, which is sagging a bit, but she didn’t seem to care as she is trying to remember what she was doing

She put her thumb in her lips as she suckle, drooling all over her hand as she mumbles, ’Lets see, I was......’ she close her eyes, desperately trying to think, but her belly got other ideas as her belly rumbled, Clara giggle as she squat down some more, pushing and grunting as her nappy got even bulgier, sagging down to expose the top of her cute bum. Clara giggles, dribbling down her chin and onto her big exposed breasts, the door open up as she turn her head

The Mistress, otherwise known as Missy, but infamously known as The Master, walked right in a sshe smile at her, ’Oh my, did widdle baby Clara made her mama a pressy?’ she cooed in that mocking tone as she grab the back of her nappy and squish

Clara laughed madly as she shook her bum, ’Me made big poopies’ she babbled

Missy smiled as she lift her up, cradling the grown baby in her arms as she carry her to the change table, ’Well then, lets get that big ol nappy clean eh?’ she said

Clara just began blowing spit-bubbles, unaware that she has been laid down on the soft cushy change table, big enough for her size, Missy began removing the nappy, pulling out some baby wipes as she clean up the big mess Clara made, while Clara was laughing and kicking, making it hard for her mama to clean her.

’Hold still’ said Missy as she roll up the nappy, throwing it in the pail as she pullout another nappy

Clara settle down as her butt was lifted up then place on the soft padding, suddenly she remembers, ’Mama!’ she yell out ’I wanna be nakie!’ she yells grabbing her toes and giggling like a infant, proud that she finally remembers what she wanted

Missy giggle, ’alrighty, but no accidents’ she said as she help her down, patting her cheeks

Clara cheered as she ran around, her soft butt bouncing along with her boobs as she enjoy her nakie time



End Chapter 7

Clara Who

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 8, 2018


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