Clara Who

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Chapter 4
A Padded Wish

Chapter Description: Angie and Artie accidentally wish Clara to be a big baby, with big nappies to change

’You think this is a good idea Clara?’

Clara smile, ’Of course Artie, this cave haven’t been touch in ages, we’ll just get a rock for your project and we’ll be off’ she said as she lead the way, wearing her jeans and white tank top as she tied her hair in a bun, Clara Oswald lead her old charges through the cave.

After traveling with Ashilder for so long, Clara decided to take a visit to Angie and Artie, the two kids she babysat back when she was a nanny, seeing that they wanted to go on an adventure Clara decided to take them to the caves of rebirth, a cave deep in the forest of Mooniva.

Angie is too busy with her phone to notice the beity of it, while Artie runs around getting any rock he could find for his project, Clara walked up to her, ’You know Angie, there is more important things then your phone’ she said acting like a teacher again.

Angie groan as she look up, ’Yeah its beautiful, just a bunch of pretty rocks’ she said with such an attitude

Clara sigh as she grab her phone, ’Hey!’

’You can have this back after’ she said as she put it in her pocket, Angie groan as she joined Artie by the waters, Clara sigh as she look around some more, Artie was busy looking at a big rock, it was white and glowing, as he look closer his sister came and join him, ’Hey where’s your phone?’ he tease

’Shut up, Why does Clara have to be such a pain’

’Well she is the adult around here’ shrug Artie ’Its not she’ll let you be in charge’ the rock started to glow

’Yeah? Well I wish she wasn’t so uptight and thinking she’s such a big grown up’ she snickered, turning to see the rock glowed brighter, ’hey what is it doing?’

They both watch as the light grew bigger, soon enveloping them as they screamed, Clara turn as she sees the light and was soon engulf by it too. Angie shut her eyes as she try to move, calling out Artie and Clara as she kneel down, trying to see through the blindness she open her eyes, fogging a bit before they adjust.

She is back in her bedroom, right where she left it. Angie stood as she made sure she has all her limbs before running to the door, ’Artie! Clara!’ she yell going to the hallway, to see Artie walking out of his room, both wide eye that they are back in their house.

’Angie? How did we get back?’ he ask

’I don’t know, Where’s Clara?’ said Angie

The two siblings stop as they heard a cry, a baby cry, but it sounds like a woman crying like one, they turn to the door of Clara’s old room, back when she was living here she sleeps in that room. Angie walk carefully with Artie behind, Getting to the door the cry is louder, She carefully open it and peek in.

The room was dark, with a faint light coming from a night light, Angie walked in as Artie walk to open the curtains, exposing the huge nursery here. Angie look at the table, toys and the large crib where a woman was laying in it. The source of crying coming from her as they both look into the crib, to see Clara crying and kicking her long bare legs, she was completly naked but she is wearing a big thick, now really messy, nappy around her womanly waist.

Clara wailed as the smell hit the two, ’Urg gross she’s wearing a nappy!’ yell Angie

’I think she needs to be changed’ said Artie gagging and blocking his nose

’Clara! What is wrong with you’ said Angie as she pull down the bars

’Me went......POOPY!’ She wailed kicking her legs, throwing a big tantrum as her nappy is sagging and smelly, The mature woman they know is acting like a big smelly baby right now

’I think we need to change her’ said Artie

’Ew! No way, she can change herself!’ yell Angie staring at the nappy thats hugging Clara’s waist.

’If we don’t she’s gonna keep crying’

Angie sigh, ’Fine but there better be a good explanation for this’ she grab her hands as she sat her up, ’Come on Clara, that a girl’

Clara sobbed as she sat on her messy backside, tears running down her cheeks as her eyes are puffy red, like she’s been crying for hours and no one was listening, Angie got her to stand, ’Ok, now lets go to the big change table’ Clara nodded as she waddle behind, her nappy showing off part of her bum as Abgie help her on the table, holding in her puke as her hand hoist up her butt so Clara can lay down, ready for a nappy change.

Clara began sucking her thumb as she held her legs up, waiting for her to start removing her nappy. Angie groan as she grab the tabs on it, holding her breath she remove it and open up the plastic nappy, exposing the smell to the sir. Artie already ran out as Angie almost puke, she can’t believe she is giving her old nanny a nappy change! She remove it and began wiping up the mess. Clara calm down as she sniff, sucking her thumb she wave her legs in the air as Angie clean her right up, throwing out the nappy into the pail.

Angie began grabbing out a fresh new nappy as Clara wipe up her nose, smiling a bit behind her thumb as Angie began applying the powder, the smell filling up the room as she slid a new nappy under her, soon wrapping it up snugly on the grown woman like she is a baby. ’There, are you happy now’

Clara nodded as she giggle, sitting up she dribble down her breasts as her thumb is soak, ’Tank you Angie!’ she smile ’Can I play now?’

Angie grab her hands and help her off the table so she is standing, ’Fine go play’ she said as Clara clapped, waddling out of the room as Artie peek in, getting a good view of her exposed breasts, Clara waddle past as she heads for the living room, where her pile of toys is waiting for her.

Angie walked out as Artie turn to her, ’What are we gonna do? she thinks she’s a baby’

’Well maybe she’s always been a big baby’

’No, I think it has something to do with that rock, that’s why she’s acting like this’ said Artie as they walk to the living room, to see Clara playing with her dolls. Angie couldn’t help but giggle at this, Clara is always so controlling and demanding, seeing her like this is too good to be true. Artie was getting a weird feeling every time he looks at Clara’s chest, he is a growing boy and the thought of her old nanny acting like this and not caring about being nude is too much, Angie spot the look on his face as she hit him

’Stop that pervert’ she said as she walk off

Artie rub his arm, ’where are you going?’

’To call Ashilder! Maybe she knows how to fix this’ yell Angie as she went through her bag, before Ashilder left Clara with them, she gave them a phone to call for lifts, and that is what they used to get to the cave, so all they need is to go back and fix Clara.

Artie was stuck with watching Clara, he stood by the couch as Clara crawled, drooling as she put some blocks together, even putting one in her mouth as it looks sweet and tasty to her, guess its the blissfulness of babies. He wonders if he could get a sneak peek of her bum

Angie dial up the phone as she wait for it to ring, luckily Ashilder answered

’Hey, whats up?’ she said

’Hey, we have a little problem, can you come here, like right now’ said Angie


Ashilder burst out laughing as she watch Clara bounce up and down in her big baby bouncer, the baby clearly having fun laughing and getting drool down her chin as she jump up and down, boobs jiggling as she has no modesty whatsoever. ’Oh my gosh she looks so stupid!’ laugh Ashilder, ’Oh I think she can stay like this for a while’

Angie groan, ’You do realize that that means we have some very big nappies to change, like for a long time she’s a baby’

Ashilder winch, looking at the nappy peeking out, she really doesn’t wanna have to change that, ’Ok, you said this started at that cave I drop you off?’

Angie nodded, ’Yeah, We were searching for a dumb rock for Artie’s collection’

Artie meanwhile have to stay in the kitchen, he’s been drooling over Clara’s naked body so Angie figure he should stay away, least until they find some clothes for her, Artie was moaning, ’Why do they have to treat me like a kid?’ he complain

’I see, so you made a wish now Clara is stuck in nappies’ said Ashilder as Angie finish explaining

’Yeah, so we need a trip back there and wish for her to be normal again’ said Angie

’Ok, just bring Clara with us so we can make sure she becomes normal’ said Ashilder as she walk back out, Angie went and pull Clara from the bouncer

’Clara, wanna go on a trip?’

’Trip? where?’ dribble Clara

’To a very special place, a magic cave where you will be a girl again’ coo Angie, saying anything since Clara will believe it, being stupid and all

Clara squeal as she calpped, waddling out as Angie followed, ’Artie! come on we gotta go!’ she yell

Artie walked out, ’Go where?’

’Back to the cave so we can fix Clara’ said Angie as they both left the house and followed Ashilder into the TARDIS.

Once inside, Angie manage to put Clara into a huge bassinet, where she rock it until Clara was comfortable, sucking on a pacifier she soon close her eyes and fell asleep. ’There, hopefully she stays asleep when we change her back’ said Angie

’Well we gotta bring her with us, just in case’ said Ashilder as she pilot the TARDIS. Artie was looking at all the controls and gizmos, he couldn’t believe that this is what Clara gets up to nowadays. The console buzz and whirl until it stopped. ’We’re here’ smile Ashilder as she left the console and open the door, Artie ran as he look out, they are back in the cave, where that rock is, the same one that granted Angie’s wish.

Angie walked out, ’ok lets get this over with’ she said as she walked up to it

Ashilder and Artie followed as they decide its best to leave Clara in the bassinet for now, they look at the rock, so big and white. ’Ok, lets make our wish then’ said Ashilder

As Angie was about to speak, Artie quickly blurted out, ’I wish Ashilder and Angie are babies too!’

Angie and Ashilder both stare at him, both angry and furious as the rock began to glow, ’Artie! What have you done?!’ yell Ashilder

’You little runt!’ yell Angie as the light engulf them all, Artie shielded his eyes as the light is too bright, soon it passes and he slowly open his eyes. His wish have come true, Ashilder and Angie are now big babies just like Clara

They both were on the ground, Ashilder was sitting with her long bare legs spread apart, drooling as she has a look of bliss on her small face, Angie was busy crawling, babbling as she dribble down her exposed chest as she giggle and laugh.

Artie smile, finally he can be the boss this time, ’Ok girls’ he said as he got them up on their feet, ’Lets go home’ Ashilder and Angie giggle as they waddle towards the TARDIS, where Clara was kneeling up in the Bassinet, seeing her friends waddle in with big nappies.

Artie walked ina nd lock the door, seeing the three woman act like this is too good, he went to the console as he pushed a button, Clara taught him about it before she went to goo goo land, she said itll bring them back to the last place the TARDIS landed.

’Ok get ready girls’ he said as he got the TARDIS moving, sniffing the air he look up as Angie had a look of calm on her face, as her nappy is filled with her big mess. ’Angie!’ sigh Artie ’Guess I should change you when we get home’ Angie drooled as she stood there, his mean older sister now a big baby sister.


Giggling is heard in the backyard, as Ashilder and Angie are running around playing tag, Artie watch them from a bench, with Clara sitting on his lap.

’Me went pee pee’ said Clara giggling, Artie look down to her nappy, which has a yellow spot on it.

Artie chuckle, ’Well it isn’t so bad’ he said as he look at her big boobs, tuching one of them as he squish, making Clara giggle a bit. Then he got an idea, ’Hey Clara, wanna go play jaybird?’

’Jaybird?’ dribble Clara

’Yeah, its when babies like you take off their nappies and go run around’


Artie nodded, Clara smile wide as she stood, ripping off her nappy she squeal giddyly, Artie gave her a big smack on her butt as Clara ran to her friends, Seeing her nakie Ashilder and Angie took off their own nappies as they all ran around, boobs and butt jiggle as they try to catch each other

Artie lay back as he watch, sure he’ll go back to the rock to turn them back, maybe without any memory of this of course, but for now he just relax and enjoy the view of two hot girls, and his sister, running around naked like the big babies they are



End Chapter 4

Clara Who

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 8, 2018


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