Clara Who

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Chapter 6
Clara the Big Baby part 3

Chapter Description: Lets return to see how Baby Clara can eacape from her new inafncy? Or be finally reduce to a drooling dumb baby girl

Clara suckle her pacifier as she put blocks atop of each other. Her legs spread out as she sat back against the wall. She has been stuck in this daycare for, well she doesn’t know how long seeing she lost track of time. She drop her pacifier as the drool covered nipple hang on its string, Clara look up as the Caretaker grab her by her armpits and pick her up.

’It’s outside time you stupid brat’ it said as it carries Clara outside where all the other babies are running around, playing on the playground, playing in the sandbox, some are playing tag while others are just chewing on their toes, or hands or whatever as they crawl around without a care in the world. Clara were place down as she waddle to the playground. She climb up the ladder as this slide is the biggest one she ever saw. Back on Earth the playgrounds were never this big enough for adults, making Clara feel sorry for humans. She climb to the top and look down, nearly having a heart attack as the slide look so tall and scary from up here.

Clara sat at the top, looking down as she is having second thoughts. ’Maybe I should go back down’ she was about to move when a woman came up behind her.

’What are you doing? Just go already’ The woman was big in Clara’s eyes as she stood over her, frilly pink shirt down to her belly button as she have her brown hair in pigtails. Looking closer she could tell its Sarah Jane Smith, in her younger years looking very like a grumpy baby. She push Clara down, with her screaming as she slid down the slide and off to the hard ground.

She hit the ground, the impact sending a sharp pain on her poor bum, Clara cried as she rub her sore butt, a Caretaker ran out to comfort her. ’What’s the matter?’ it asked holding Clara

’Mean girl push me!’ cried Clara pointing to the woman who came sliding down, ’My bum hurts real bad!’

The gorilla coo as it shook her, calming Clara down as another caretaker took Sarah jane. "Let me down!’ she screamed as she was lay over its lap, her nappy ripping off her, exposing her naked bum. ’No wait! She’s lying!’ she beg as the gorilla mighty hand slap her butt cheeks. The woman cried out as she beg it to stop, more slaps to her bum cause it to go beet red, making Sarah Jane cry even louder, tears streaming down her cheeks as her lungs wail like a baby.

Clara suck her thumb as it is the only thing comforting her, watching Sarah jane get spanked infront of everyone as she was carried inside. The caretaker put her inside a crib as Clara lay there looking up at the Gorilla. ’Now just sleep for a while’ it grumble as it tuck her in, put a paci in her mouth as Clara suckle, looking up at it with her tear soak eyes as it walked away.

Clara turn as she held the blanket tight, feeling drowsy as she slowly shut her eyes, unable to resist the comfy arms of sleep. She is back in class, Clara look over to the students mucking about as she tries to get their attention.

’Ok Enough!’ she yell ’Get back in your seats or your all getting detention!’

The students laugh as they continue, Clara fumed as she slam the chalk down, ’Pay attention!’ The students stop as they look at her, their eyes meet her then they drop down to her waist.

’Awwww look at the widdle baby!’ one student yell in a baby voice, Clara was taken aback with this as she look down, seeing a big thick nappy wrapped around her waist, her skirt gone! She squeal as she drop the chalk and cover it, but it is so thick the students started laughing at her.

’Stop it! Stop laughing at me!’ she yell face going re but the students wouldn’t listen

’Awww is the baby going to cry?’

’Maybe she needs her nappy change?’

Clara stomp her feet, ’I SAID STOP IT!’ the nappy made her lose her balance as she wobble and fell back, landing her soft bum in a playpen. Clara look around at the giant playpen, her top is gone too as her big boobies are on full display, she started to sob as she could still hear the laughter. She look up at the laughing faces of her students, calling her names, cooing and doing baby talk to her. Tears running down her cheeks as all authority was forgotten as she sits there crying like a baby.

’Look! Miss Oswald is peeing!’

Clara look down to the front of her nappy as it started to go yellow, the final humiliation as she wailed, falling on her back as she cried, throwing a big tantrum as her students took pictures.


Clara yell as she sat up, gasping heavily as she threw the blanket off, she clutch her nappy as she felt the wet front squishing on her privates, ’I really did wet my nappy’ she sigh, guess she officially lost the ability to use the toilet. She look around at all the other cots, with sleeping humans in them as the room is dark and a lullaby is playing around. Must be nap time, she look next to her at the woman beside her, its Leela snoozing on her front, drool dripping on the pillow as she wore just her nappy. Clara doesn’t need to look at her nappy to know she just messed herself, really bad.

Clara carefully move towards the end, trying hard not to wake anybody up as she knows how cranky babies get when they’re suddenly woken up. She stood up as she held her body up on the rail, she struggle as she pull her leg over, soon with the other as she fell and landed on the ground. The blow soften under her padded bum, at least the nappy is good for something, she shrug it off as she stood up, waddling out of the quiet room, with only the sounds of her crinkling wet nappy.

Clara poke her head through the door, looking both ways for gorillas, ’Coast is clear’ she quietly waddle out, going past the playroom as she tries to remember the way out of the daycare. She stop by a door as she look up, it was only open ajar as she stare at the big bright letters on the door.

’Nnnnngh....nnneeeee.....’ she focus hard on those big words, ’Must be the gorilla’s language’ she hears footsteps coming as she look behind her to see a gorilla coming. Seeing no choice she quickly hid behind the door and close it behind her.

If she still have some ability to read, she would’ve know that the words say "Newborn Area" in perfect english. But as she stood in that big room, she realize that was what she was in.

Everywhere were more humans, nude and nappied as they babble on all fours, some on their backs as they don’t have any ability to walk or talk. Clara waddle around as she try to ignore their constant babble, she spots a woman sucking on a rattle, as Clara waddle towards her, she instantly recognise her.

Martha Jones chew on her rattle, her teeth seems to be gone as she only have gums dribbling all over it, Clara gasp as she couldn’t expect her to be like this, but she hears Gorillas about to enter the room, they stood at the door as they speak, Clara hid under a cott as she listen closely.

’Ok she should be in here’ one said

’Shouldn’t be too hard to find, she’s the only one with clothes on’ said the other as she look at all the babies lying around, not bothering checking the men as they are obliviously looking for a woman. Clara think fast as she couldn’t let them see her, seeing no choice she crawl out from her hiding place, making sure they don’t see her as she crawled behind the change table. Grabbing a cloth nappy from the pile she quickly strip off her blue romper. After she manage to take off her wet nappy, she spread the cloth nappy on the ground. ’Ok this shouldn’t be too hard, you put babies in nappies like this before’ only this time she has to put one on herself.

She sat down on the soft surface, she grab some powder and use both hands, since its the size of a giant gorilla, and powder her privates, unable to get her butt she put down the powder and pull up the sides. Putting two pins in her mouth she pull the sides together, managing to pin them together so the nappy was tight around her.

After she finish, she admire her handiwork, ok now for the embarrassing part, she got on her hands and knees, making a big stupid smile on her face, allowing her drool to dribble down her chin as she crawl from the change table. She crawl across the playroom, the gorillas ignore her as they think she’s just another newborn. Clara sat next to Martha and join her in chewing on things, she grab a block and put it in her mouth. Oh Gawd am I really doing this? Seeing as she is already in a nappy she might as well.

The Gorilla came and check her, Clara look into its big eyes as she try to act stupid, drooling with a open mouth she blew a raspberry at it, getting some spit on its face.

The gorilla let in in disgust as it wipe its face, ’not her, she might be back in the change room’ the other nodded as they both exit the newborn area. Clara wipe her chin as she stood, Martha gape at her as she waddle away.

Clara arrive at the front desk as she hid behind a chair, she look over to the receptionist and the front door, if I could sneak past her I could get out of here! She got on her hands and knees and began crawling. She crawl just near the desk so the gorilla doesn’t see her over it as she crawl quickly towards the door. She got up and quickly open the door, running outside, not looking back as the gorilla spot her as she ran as fast as she could.

She ran and ran until she came to the woods, she hid behind a tree and look back, making sure no one followed her. Once the coast was clear she walk away.


Clara snuck behind each tree till she came to the city. ’That must be the Gorilla city’ she said as she felt goosebumps on her body, needing to find some decent clothes she walked carefully, her cloth nappy barely held together by pins as the wind blew up the open spaces and into her expose privates, Clara began making the cloth tighter but the strong wind blew the nappy off completely, flying it away, Clara squealed as she try to reach for it but it blew away. ’Come back!’she yelled as the nappy flew off, ’Great now I’m naked’ she sigh, guess its better then wearing a silly cloth nappy, so she walked off hoping not to be caught.

Clara ran behind each pole, bin or tree, looking out as she shivered in the cold wind. Clara spots a baby carriage being pushed by a motherly gorilla, thinking fast she sneak up as she hid beside it, peering over as she spots the gorilla talking to her friend

Looking into the carriage, Clara sees two sleeping figures, a adult and what look like a teenager, but she could tell its the old companions Barbara, the teacher, and Susan, the granddaughter, both wearing only their nappies as they hug and cradle each other in the carriage, both sound asleep and sucking on their pacifiers.

The gorilla turn back as Clara quickly hid under the carriage, sitting her bare bum into the basket, with the diapers and baby bottles, as she was riding along as the gorilla push the carriage. Not knowing where she’s going, and not daring to crawl out incase the gorilla spots her, Clara sees no choice but to lay back and wait for them to stop.

She bump and rock as the carriage moves, Clara try to keep quiet, waiting as they have entered the park, she peek out at the green fields, with babies in different ages run and play, Clara poke her head back in as they stopped. Hiding in the basket she watch as two pairs of ling legs, and two very big pampered bottoms, held hands as Barbara and Susan waddle together towards the playground.

Clara crawled out from the other side, hiding under the park bench as the gorilla just sat down, watching her babies run and play. Clara hid as she got out from behind, standing up as she perr from the side, watching a bunch of adult women running around, some in adult clothes, some in baby clothes and others wearing just nappies.

If she wanna escape shes going to have to blend in, which means she needs a nappy. She shivered as she stood up right, putting on her dumb baby face as she took big steps around, facing the gorilla

The gorilla squeal at her, ’oh my, what a cute little nakie baby’ she xooed down at her

’Nakie!’ Babble Clara, feeling ashamed of herself but still smiling up at the huge animal.

’Yes, but you need your nappy little one’ said the gorilla as she grab Clara, laying her on the bench as she lift up her legs, Clara kick and drooled, her act really convincing as the Gorilla giggle at her silliness, she put baby powder on her bum, patting it so the smell is overwhelming, then she slid a fresh nappy under her. The Nappy has pink lining, with silly cartoons on the front, Clara lowered her legs as her bum feels the soft padding.

So soft, thought Clara as the gorilla tape it snugly around her

’All nice and clean’ she said smiling as she put Clara back on the ground, ’Now run off and play you little jaybird’ she cooed as she gave her padded butt a pat, encouraging Clara to waddle towards the playground.

Clara got to the playset, looking around at all the adults are having fun, she started climbing up the ladder, walking along the playset, and dodging some really hyper babies, as she got to the slide, sitting her bum down she slid down, giggling a bit to herself as she got to the bottom, then she got up and waddle as fast as she can away, trying to get out of this crazy city. But she stop as her belly began rumbling

’Oh come on’ she moan as she squatted down, pushing as she just began filling up her nappy, knowing that she’s going to need to be potty trained again as she has lost all control over her bladder and bowels, now she just fills up her nappy whenever she feels like it, and yet deep down she really likes it, the feel of her poopy mushing in her nappy, she smile gapely as she dribble down her chin, who knew that pooping her pants could feel so nice? Infact why would she ever wanna use the toilet ever again? She could just let go and make wee wee and doo doo in her....... she shook her head as she snap out of it, looking back as she look down to her messy, poo filled nappy.

’Oh no, I’m regressing!’ she said shocked, she needs to get off this planet before she is reduce to a dumb, giggling poopy filling baby. She waddle away, but she really needs a change and needs one now, tears running down as she is really uncomfortable with her nappy, why isn’t anyone coming to change her? Wait she doesn’t need anyone she can change herself!

Clara sat right on the ground, placing her hands on her nappy as she tries to pull it off, but its stuck, she fumble with the tabs but they are stuck too, how do people get these things off? She struggle and yelled but her nappy is stuck on her, sobbing now as the smell is making her sick, ’BWWWWAAAAAAA WAAAAAA WHAAAAAAA!!!!!!’ Unable to control herself she began wailing, crying as tears and snot run down her face, along with her drool as they run down her chin and onto her exposed breasts.

Soon a gorilla came walking up to her, ’Awwww whats the matter little one?’ she ask cooing down

Clara cried louder, not wanting to deal with this but she rub her eyes, sobbing like a child as the Gorilla pick her up, her nappy a brown color, the gorilla carry her towards the public toilets, walking in the baby care room as she lay Clara down on the bench. Clara sob, wailing louder as she began sounding like a newborn baby, the Gorilla shove a pacifier into her mouth so she can suckle it.

Clara suckle her pacifier, feeling oddly calm as she quieted down. Letting the strange Gorilla change her very stinky nappy, Clara eyes began to droop, before she knows it she is being lifted into the air and being cradled in its arms, a fresh nappy on her as she was carry outside.

The Gorilla sat on the bench, rocking Clara in its big arms, humming a lullaby, Clara drop her pacifier, covered with drool and spit as she started putting her fingers in her lips, sucking some more as she slowly fell asleep.


The sounds of moving and crinkling woke Clara from her slumber, sitting up as she rub her eyes, ’Mhmmm whats going on?’ she mumbled as her eyes adjusted, finding herself in a baby carriage.

’Oh good your awake’

Clara turn, finding another woman sitting next to her. The woman has brown hair tied into silly pigtails, a bib around her neck, pink and messy with drool, as she has a large nappy on, Clara instantly recognize her as Ace, ’Hey your Ace’

Ace frown as she held a rattle, ’Have we met?’ she ask

Clara smile, ’Sort of’ she said, looking back as the carriage move through town, ’So how long have you been here?’ she ask

Ace shrugged, ’I don’t know, long enough to forgot my ABCs’ she pouted, clearly not enjoying her second babyhood, Clara look up at her new mommy pushing the carriage, great she got captured again. She lay back on her pillow as Ace lay next to her, both began talking while their mommy push them to their new home.

Clara sniff the air as she groan, she has a feeling that either her or Ace really needs a change now. The Gorilla stop as she could smell the stink coming from Ace, ’Aw did widdle Ace made a boom boom?’ It cooed

Clara sigh in relief, but Ace blush as she folded her arms, not resisting her mommy picking her up and entering the baby room. Clara knows this is her chance, climbing out of the carriage she plop down on her bum, her nappy acting like a pillow as she stood and waddle as fast as she can.

She keep on going until she was stopped, by a very tall gorilla peering down at her, ’And where do you think your going young one?’ It said sternly, in that grumpy male voice as it is dressed like a policeman

Clara look up as she mumble, ’no where.....’ it was all she could think of

The policeman lift her jp and took Clara to his car, buckling her in those huge adult baby seats as it got in the front, speaking into his radio, ’This is squad 51, found a infant wondering the streets, proceeding to deliver to Daycare’

Clara moan angrily, she just escaped from there! She tries to get out but the seat is design to keep babies in tight, so she sat as she was helplessly driven back to daycare, putting her thumb in her mouth as its the only thing she can do right now.

The police man escort her in, carrying Clara in his arms as Clara moan, her mommy came walking up as she got Clara in her arms, ’Oh there you are! Thank you officer’ she said as she drown Clara in kisses, making her babble and struggle

The officer tip his hat, ’no problem maam, just keep a close eye on her’ he said as he walk away.

Mummy then took Clara back in the car, strapping her in as they drove back home, Clara fuming in her seat, sucking her thumb virciously as she is getting it wet with drool. ’I got a surprise for you sweetie’ said mummy as they arrived back home

Clara dreads what it could be, being taken out and carried towards the cabin, they entered as Clara took her thumb out, ’Ashilder?!’ She yelled

Ashilder was on her back, laying spread out on the playmat as she drooled, her teeth are gone, her hair shaven off as she has a tiny bit left, and she was wearing a large cloth nappy, held together by two pins, Ashilder drooled as she gape up at her mobile, all intelligent no where in her face as she look exactly like a newborn baby

Clara suckle her thumb again, afraid this might happen to her.



End Chapter 6

Clara Who

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 8, 2018


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