Clara Who

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Chapter 3
Baby Clara goes to the Mall

Chapter Description: Tired of Clara being bossy, Ashilder took her back to when she was an infant, and take her to the mall

Clara Oswald is many things, teacher, space traveler, dead, but a brat is not one of them.

She sat in her specially modified bedroom on her TARDIS, well the TARDIS she shares with Ashilder but it can be so annoying sometimes. When she tries to use the console. Ashilder says she’s doing it wrong, well she have been traveling with the Doctor for years so she knows a thing or two about how to fly a TARDIS. She sigh as she sat up, rubbing her head, she should try to work this out with her but another part wants to be a brat and stay in her room till she apologize. Being the adult she got up and walked out.

Walking to the control room, she spots Ashilder pressing the buttons and piloting the TARDIS, looking up as she notice her walk in the room, ’Hey Clara, done sulking yet?’

Clara gulp as she held back her hands, ’No I wasn’t, I think we should talk about the ground rules around here’ Ashilder groan, that’s what she gets for traveling with a control freak. ’For starters, since its my TARDIS I decide where we go half the time’

’But I know how to fly it better then you’ argue Ashilder

’Doesn’t matter, I’m in charge’ its like arguing with a child she thought, ’So take it or leave it’

Ashilder groan as she put up her hands, ’Fine miss bossy pants’

Clara beamed, ’Good, now how about we take a trip to Rome’ she started pulling the levers as Ashilder sat in a chair, watching Clara going around piloting them to Rome, or space rome.

Ashilder lay back, Clara is always like this, deciding what they do, where they go, she is such a brat, maybe she shoukd know whats it like getting treated like a child.

She then got an idea in her head, she got up as she went to the console, Clara notice her pressing some buttons as she walked over, ’What are you doing?’

’Trying something out’ answered Ashilder as she turn the knobs and twist some poles.

’Well do you have to do it now? I’m kinda using the TARDIS here’ but Ashilder ignore her

’Trust me you’re gonna love it’ Clara glared at her as she sigh, ’Fine I read somewhere that you can change a person age, so I’m doing the same calculations to put you in your place’

Clara was about to argue when a hatch open up, she stop as she stare at it and Ashilder push a big red button. Instantly the beam shot out and hit Clara, making her fall back as she landed on her big butt. Clara blinked as her clothes began to disappear, she wstch as her shirt and bra slowly fade away as her big boobies are exposed, next was her pants as it disappear too, leaving her leaving her in her pink spotted underpants. She started to get up when her underpants began growing, thicker and being more like plastic, Clara knew what it is but that word is slowly fading as her underpants got thicker as it turn into a big thick nappy, perfect for Clara. She try to process this but her memories and sll knowledge are fading as she sat there drooling.

Unbeknownst to Clara, the beam was regressing her mind, sending her back to when she was a baby but still in her adult self. Thinking she’s back in her childhood home Clara look around, ’Mummy?’ she call out ’where’s my mummy!?’ she began to sob as she stood up, wobbling a bit as she waddle around, ’MUMMY!’ she cries out weeping as tears fall down her cheeks. Whats going on? She was in her nursery as mummy was shaking her toys making her laugh, but now she find herself in this big scary place.

Ashilder burst out laughing as she watch Clara waddle out looking for her mummy, she looks so stupid! She wipe a tear as Clara stood crying like a big baby. ’Aww come here’ she coo as she pull Clara into her hug, Clara burying her head in her breasts as she pat her bare back

’Where is my mummy?’ she sobbed as tears fall on Ashilder’s shirt

’Mummy left you here so I can babysit you’ said Ashilder as she sat Clara in the chair

’But....But why am I nakie? and what are these?’ she ask as she grab her boobs, realizing that she is big and a grown up.

’I would tell you, but you wouldn’t understand, its grown up stuff’ Clara sniffed, that gotta make sense she thinks as she was comfort by this nice lady. Ashilder sniff as she pull Clara closer and pull back her nappy. ’Oh my! Seems someone went boom boom’

Clara giggle, unashamed of what she did as Ashilder stood her up, her nappy filled with poop, ’me made poopy’ she proudly said wiping her tears.

Ashilder smile, she isn’t the type of person to take care of babies but she really wants to humiliate Clara more, and what better way then giving her a nappy change? ’Hold on for a minute’ she said as she went to the console. Clara watch curiosly as she pull some levers and press some buttons, ’There we go’ she said as she grab her hand, ’wanna see your new nursery?’

Clara smile as she follow her out of the big white room. They walk through a hallway till they came to her bedroom. Or her nursery as Ashilder made a few changes. Like her bed is now a queen size crib with a mobile on top, her dresser is now a change table with stacks of nappies in it and her closet is now babyish and bright pink. Ashilder will dress her up when they leave the TARDIS but quite prefer Clara naked anyway, makes her more infantile.

Clara got on the table as she lay down, waiting as Ashilder grab the sides of her nappy. Taking a deep breath she rip the tabs and open it up wide, nearly puking at the sight. Clara seem to show no shame as she is just mentelly a 2 year old in her timeline, but still have a grown woman body as her pubic hair is a mess, Ashilder’s going to have to shave that as she started wiping. Clara enjoy the wiping as it gives her comfort, knowing that soon she will be in a clean nappy. Ash idler finish as she roll up the nappy and threw it in the pail, the first of many she thought.

’Now wait here Clara, I gotta go get something’ she said as she left her on the table, Clara frown as she look up to see Ashilder walking out the room.

’But my nappy’ she pouted

She waited for what seems like hours, but it actually been a few minutes as Ashilder walk back in holding a shaver and cream. ’Now I just have to give your nitty bits a good shave, can’t have any icky stuff sticking there’ she tease as she put the cream on Clara’s pubic hair.

Clara rest her head as Ashilder started cutting the hair, it hurts a little as she whined, ’it hurts’ she said about to cry

Ashilder frown, not wanting to have another tantrum she spots a pacifier on the ground and pick it up, shoving it in her mouth. Clara chew on the nipple, feeling a bit better as she went back to shaving. Every time it hurts Clara bite down, sucking it as it is giving her comfort as Ashilder shave all her hair.

’There we go’ said Ashilder as she put the stuff away, ’smooth as a baby’s bottom’ she giggle at that pun as Clara look up at her with those big innocent eyes, has she always been this adorable? ’Now it’s time to put a nappy on you’ she said holding up a new nappy, Clara squeal as she smile widely, clapping her hands like an idiot as her pacifier drop from her mouth, wet with drool. Ashilder grab her leg and lift her up so she can slide the nappy under her. Clara giggle as her bum land on the soft surface, Ashilder started to powder her as she soon got distracted by the mobile on top of her. Clara reach out as she hit the toy, giggling as she hit it again. Ashilder watch her hitting the toys, laughing to herself of what a big baby she made her as she pull the front of the nappy up over her vagina. She grab the tabs as she press them tight, so it doesn’t fall off. ’Ok done’ she said as she sat Clara up.

Clara look down as she wave her feet, her nappy has pretty stars on it and have a pink lining. She smile gaply as a bit of drool run down her chin.

Ashilder squeal, she should take her out but where? She look around the room and notice she doesn’t exactly have any baby stuff, just the crib, nappies and toys. She open the closet and found Clara’s normal clothes just hanging there. ’Huh, guess the TARDIS can’t change clothes’ she look over to Clara who is watching her, dribbling down her boobies. ’Guess we’re going shopping’ she smile at her as she pull out Clara’s sundress, it’s very white with black dots around. She have a matching belt to wear to show off her figure. She walk back to Clara as she pull the dress over her.

’Now Clara, I forgot to get baby clothes for you so you can wear my clothes’ she smile as she pull Clara’s head through the hole, once her arms are through she stood her on the ground so the dress can fall around her waist. Looking at her she notice she forgot the belt, so she tie the belt around her. Now it looks like she has a poofy butt, but she doesn’t care, after all she is going to change her into baby clothes anyway.

Clara was twirling a bit as she pouted, this isn’t her dress, her dress is more prettier and pink. Ashilder turn her around so she can put her hair in a ponytail. ’Why am I wearing big clothes?’ Ask Clara

’Because people are going to think you’re a grown up, so you gotta dress like one’

’But I’m a baby’

’Exactly’ smile Ashilder as she finish and gave Clara a pat on her padded bum, making a plastic noise. Clara pouted, trying to process this but if Ashilder says she have to look like a big girl, then she have to.

Suddenly she beamed as Ashilder started grabbing her nappy bag and filling it with nappies and wipes, ’Ashilder, does that mean I can do whatever I want?’

Ashilder look at her as she smile, eyes filled with hope, she just wanna pinch her, ’Ok, but as long as your in those clothes’ she said as Clara squeal, giving her a big hug.

Back in the console room, Ashilder just finish landing the TARDIS, too excited to wait Clara waddle to the door and open it.

They landed in a huge mall, the biggest and greatest mall in the universe. Here you can buy anything, and that means anything. Ashilder grab her hand as they walk from the TARDIS, Clara’s head is full with questions but she spots a playground nearby. ’Ashilder! I wanna play on that!’ she jump up and down as she point to the playground filled with kids and babies.

Ashilder look to the playground filled with kids of different specis, ’but you’re suppose to be a grown up’ she cooed teaslely.

’Yep, and I say I’m going to play on it’ said Clara firmly as she waddle towards it. Ashilder giggle as she followed, they could spend a few minutes there. She sat on a bench as she watch Clara ran to the playground. She climb up and crawl through the holes, kids behind her could easily see the nappy she got up her dress, but she won’t care, its not like she’s wearing any underpants.

A weird alien was sitting next to Ashilder holding its infant, they have one eye on a tenticle sprouting from its head as they watch its children play. ’Mother, what is wrong with that human?’ the infant ask point to Clara sliding down the slide, her dress going up as her nappy is exposed.

’Oh my, I think that human is retarded or something’ the mother said watching Clara run around.

’Gee thanks, that’s my baby you know’ said Ashilder

The alien gasp, she thinks, ’Really? I’m very sorry’

’Don’t be, she’s just expressing her true self’ she smile as she watch her on the see saw with confused children. After a few minutes Ashlider got up, ’come on Clara! Time to go!’

Clara was in the middle of playing duck duck goose, ’But I wanna play more!’ she yell

’Sorry, but we gotta buy you more baby stuff’ she stop as she look at Clara’s dress to the dirt marks, ’Clara! You messed up your dress!’

Clara giggle, acting like its the nottiest thing she did. Ashilder grab her hands and led her to the public toilets. ’Ok Clara, looks like no one believes your an adult’ she said as she undid Clara’s belt

’But don’t adults play on the playground?’ she ask as Ashilder remove the belt, she then grab the sides and pull it up over Clara.

’Nope, cause we are more mature, now since you mess your dress you now have to go naked’ she tease as she pull the dress off. Clara giggle as she stood there in just her nappy, with a big yellow spot on it. ’You wet your nappy? Seems like you can’t be an adult after all’ she tickle her belly making Clara laugh. She stuff the dress in the bag as she grab her hand, ’let’s go Baby Clara’

They walk through the mall, aliens and people look at stare at the almost naked woman waddling by in a wet nappy, covering their children’s eyes as they walk to the baby store.

Clara whimpered, her notty bits are icky with pee, but Ashilder said she can stay in a wet diaper, but people notice it and some are laughing. ’Why are they’re laughing at me?’ she ask feeling a bit exposed.

Ashilder look at the baby clothes as she notice the laughter, ’It’s cause your nakie stupid’ Clara pouted, as she cover her chest, the nappy making her irate.

’Can you change me?’ she ask biting her thumb nail, Ashilder look at her pleading eyes as she shifted in her nappy.

’Ok fine, lay down’

’Here?’ she look around, ’But they will see my nakie bum’ she whimpered

’Fine, you can stay in that wet nappy....’

’No! I’ll be good’ whimpered Clara as she began to lay down, laying on the ground as Ashilder smile, kneeling down as she open the nappy bag. As she open the nappy, the manager came up to them.

’Excuse me!’ he said as he look down to the naked woman and her caretaker, ’But we have a strict public diaper change policy, especily with adults’ he finished

Ashilder pull out some paper as she show it to him, the Manager blush as he bow, ’So sorry your majesty’ he said as he walked away.

Clara frown, they were almost in trouble, but maybe she is a special case, she lay back smiling as Ashilder tape her up in a new nappy. ’Happy now?’ said Ashilder as she close the nappy bag

Clara nodded, ’thank you’ she said as she stood up.

Ashilder stood as she pull out some clothes, ’Oh these are perfect for you!’ she giggle, ’Hey! can I put some on her now?’ she yell to the counter

The alien nodded quickly, ’Of course you can, and its all free!’

’Thanks’ Ashilder smile, this is great she thought as she led Clara to the change room. Soon they walk out of the store, Clara is dressed in a light blue baby shirt reaching just above her belly button as her nappy is covered in a soft cover with frills in the back, what makes it more perfect was that Clara is wearing a baby bonnet, with a Pacifer hanging around her neck, which she suckle as they went to the toy store.

Clara marvel at all the toys, Ashilder bought a stroller filled with baby toys, she also bought baby furniture which she teleported to the TARDIS with a watch, Clara clapped in excitement as they left the toy store.

’They’ll be waiting in your nursery when we get back’ said Ashilder as Clara tottle behind her, she suddenly stop as she stood infront of a photography studio, showing cute pictures of babies.

’Awwww!’ she look at a cute picture of a baby looking up from the camera, dressed in only a bow. Then an idea pop into her head. She grab Clara’s hand as she led her inside.

Soon Clara was stripped of her clothes, her nappy too as she sat on the stage, drooling as her poor infant brain doesn’t understand what’s going on. The photographer stood as he got the camera ready. Looking at the messy hair girl.

’Now Clara, look at the birdie’ Clara look up expecting to see a bird when a flash appear, she rub her eyes as the photographer continue taking pictures, ’Now Clara here’s your milky’ Clara open her eyes to see a giant bottle of milk infront of her. Dribbling with hunger she grab the bottle she she try to reach for the nipple, as he took a picture from the front and behind to get her pretty round bum in the picture. ’Ok get her in the new position’ he said

Two alien came and pick her up, they put her in a high as they lock her in, tieing a bib around her neck. ’Now smile Clara’ he said as he took pictures, Clara smile as she bounce around, her boobs jiggling under her bib which read "I’m a Poopy Baby"

Next they remove the bib and put Clara on Ashilder’s lap, Putting her hand up to make it look like she’s giving Clara a big spanking.

Next they put Clara on her belly chewing on some rings, looking up as her big butt was on display for the camera. dribbling all over her toy.

Last pose, Ashilder came in, also naked as she kneel down, pulling Clara towards her boob as they make it look like she’s breastfeeding, winking at the camera as the photographer took the pictures.

Once Ashilder put her clothes on and dress Clara in a pink romper, they walk from the store, holding the photos as they head back to the TARDIS. She had Clara in a stroller as she push her through the mall. Clara was dozing off, soon falling asleep sucking her paci as they entered the TARDIS.

Ashilder pilot the TARDIS as Clara slept, peacefully as she flew them away. She had lots of fun, treating Clara like a huge baby like she desearved. But she figured she should change her back.

She put her infront of the hatch as she went to push the button, the beam hitting Clara again as she began changing. Her pink romper slowly fading, until she’s only in her nappy, which was shrinking back into her pink dotted underpants. Soon her pants began reappearing on her, also her white bra and shirt. Finally she’s back, dressed and sitting in a stroller sucking on a pacifier.

Clara nudged as she slowly open her eyes, sitting up straight as she spat out the pacifier, ’What the hell?’ she realise she is in a pram as she struggle to get out, ’Ashilder! what did you do?’

Ashilder laugh as Clara finally took off the belt, falling out onto her hands. ’Oh man, you should’ve seen yourself, you were so adorable!’

Clara face was in shock, trying to process this as Ashilder held the photos infront of her, Her face turn to anger as she try to grab them, ’Nuh uh! I’m keeping these’ she stuck out her tounge

’You little....’ Clara stop as she move, she shift her bum as she touch the back of her pants, feeling a mush in her underpants.

’Oh yeah, while you were napping, you had a little accident, it was so cute I decide to leave you in it’ Teased Ashilder

Clara face went beet red as she fumed

’Want a nappy change?’

Clara yell as she chased Ashilder around the console, with the latter teasing and cooeing. Knowing that one day she might do it again.



End Chapter 3

Clara Who

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 8, 2018


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