Clara Who

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 8, 2018

Adventures of Clara Oswald as she gets diapered, regressed and even babied

Chapter 1
Clara the Big Baby part 1

Chapter Description: Clara and Ashilder decide to enjoy a new planet they found

Clara walk through the woods of Ecoplane, a tree planet with fun streams and weird animals. She and Ashilder discover this planet as they landed their TARDIS, which was a diner in the desert, on the beautiful fields. Ashilder was too busy picking flowers and writing in her journel, so Clara decides to wander off, exploring this planet.

She trudge through the grassy fields till she came to a weird hole. Clara frown as she bend and peek into it. ’Strange, doesn’t look like it leads anywhere’ unable to resist she smile as she got on all fours and crawl through. She winced as her bare hands touch the grazy surface surface, no doubt her tights are being dirtied as her skirt rides above her butt, she soon touch soft grass as she spots a bright light. She manage to crawl through out into the bright sunny fields.

’Wow!’ she gasp as she stood up, dusting off the dirt and grass off her tights as she walk out into the fields. She look at flowers, big bright ones with pink stems as she pick one up. ’The Doctor would love this place’ she smile, she misses him of course but he doesn’t even remember her, so now she travels with Ashilder, she stay a while to enjoy this peaceful time alone. As she continue her stroll, she couldn’t help but notice she’s being watched.

Clara came to the big lake, where she took off her shoes as she sat and soak her feet in the water. She look behind her to see her stalker but there’s no one there. She kick a little as she could hear music coming from the distance. Curiously got up and follow the sounds, eventually leading her to a nice looking cabin. As she got closer that music is so strong, soon she remember what the music is.

’A lullaby’ she whispered as she stood infront of the door, thinking there could be someone in there as she knock, ’hello?’ she call out ’anybody in there?’ but there is no answer, Clara notice the door is slightly open as she peek in. ’I’m coming in! Don’t shoot me or anything’ she step carefully, expecting something to come out and attack her. She look around the room, a nice place with a mat, fireplace, kitchen for cooking, looks like a nice vacation spot.

Clara walk to the hallway where she came upon the doors, each leading to a room. She step closer to the door with the music, open it up slightly as she poke her head through. ’Hello?’ she look around as she drop her jaw.

It was a big giant nursery, Clara walk in as she couldn’t help but admire how big it is. The Change Table goes up to the top of her head that she could climb on it, the crib is also big enough to sleep as she look around in the cupboared, ’woah, this is so wierd’ she pick up what look likes a adult dress, but it has frills and snaps at the bottom. ’I could wear something like this’ she thought before she put it back, her eye catching the sight of a plastic package in the cornor. She got on her knees as she took it out, laughing as she held it in her hands.

’Adult Nappies’ she hold the package, looking at a picture of adult women doing babyish things, while wearing only nappies as they express their exposed bodies. Clara giggle, this place must be some sort of reverse role type thing, putting the package back, Clara stood up, trying to see where that lullaby has gone, but then it hit her.

’It’s gone’

Clara look behind her, standing at the door was a shadowy figure, Clara stood back as it got closer, Clara tried to run but it grab her with its giants hands, lifting her in the air.

’Awwww, what a cute little baby!’

Clara turn her head, as a female Gorilla, yes she could tell with the pink ribbon and dress, held her up in the air. ’Awwww who’s a cutie wootie patooie huh?’ it cradle her in its arms as it rock her.

’I think you got it wrong’ began Clara but the gorilla just shush her with a dummy in her mouth. Clara was going to spit it out but she was quickly carried to the table, where she was lay down gently.

Clara spat the dummy out, ’Listen! I’m not suppose to be here!’

The Gorilla coo, ’But of course your suppose to be here, your my new baby, and what a cute one at that’ it pinch her cheek as it grab her tights and ripped them off.

’Hey!’ squeal Clara as she held her skirt down to cover her underpants, but it coo as it slap her hands away.

’Now now, you shouldn’t be wearing those dumb big girl clothes’ it coo as it grab her shirt and rip that too.

’That’s was my favourite top!’ yell Clara, now in her bra and skirt as, of course, it rip her skirt off. Unable to do anything, Clara watch as her underpants and bra came off, leaving her bare naked. She try in vain to cover herself, but she sees the Gorilla grabbing out a big nappy.

Clara stare wide eye as it open up the nappy. ’Wait! Your not going to put that on me?!’ It grab her legs as her butt was lifted in the air and landed on the soft plastic surface of her new nappy. Clara sigh as she fold her arms, she can’t do anything now but she can sneak out when she’s not looking. She smell the baby powder as it is being put on her as the gorilla wrap her up snugly in the nappy.

Clara shifted her bum as she feels the comfy padding, ’wow, I never knew nappies were so soft’ she sat up, not feeling the need to cover up as the huge Gorilla lift her into the air and carry her out.

Clara soon found herself sitting in a high chair, a babyish bib tied around her and legs dangling as she watches the Gorilla opening a jar of what seems to be mashed peas. Clara shivered, ’mash peas, but that’s something that babies eat’ she struggle to get the table off but it’s locked tight, trapping her in this tall baby chair. The Gorilla coo as it sat I front of her. ’Please listen to me, I’m not sure what you think humans are but I’m actually not a baby’ she clutch her boobs, ’adult women have these, they are call boobs, or breasts’ but the spoon of peas interrupt her as she gag, she tried to spit it out but the Gorilla force another spoon in her mouth.

This is is so disgusting! She shallower the mushy food as another spoon shove into her mouth. The Gorilla smile as it continues feeding her, Clara sat back as spoon after spoon fill her mouth with the disgusting peas. She whine and moan as he belly is filled with more food, bits or peas and drool cover her mouth as some fell on her chin and on the bib.

After what seems like forever, Clara moans as she has the foul taste in her mouth, The Gorilla remove her bib as it clean up her messy face, Clara could barely move as she felt like a stuff hen, her belly rumble as she was removed from the high chair.

’Ooooohhhhhh....’ Moan Clara as she lay on its shoulder, The Gorilla pat her back as it put her on the ground. Clara got on her hands and knees as she started crawling away, ’I have to get out of here’ she started to feel a big rumble from her bowels, ’or at least find the loo’ she crawl to the front door, she carefully stood on two shaky legs as she reach for the handle. ’Come on’ she stretched out her fingers as she graze the handle, but she stop as she hears her bum farting, ’oh no’ she gasp as she push the poop into her nappy, soon she bend down and grunting, pushing more gooey mush into her already full load.

Once shes he’s done she stood up straight as the nappy sagged a bit showing a bit of her bum. ’Great, as if this day can’t get worse’ she hike up her nappy as she waddle away. ’There has to be another way out’ she waddle fast but slow, trying to ignore her own poop squishing against her big bum, Clara whimpered, wanting to get out of here and never speak of this to anyone, she found herself at the back door, a open back door.

’perfect!’ She beamed as she open it wide and waddle out into the bright sunny fields. ’Now, to find the TARDIS and get this stinky nappy off me’ she held her nappy up as she jogged out into the open. She could rip it off right now but it is the only piece of clothing she has on, and it’s already bad enough her breasts were exposed. The smell the on the other hand, she have to use one hand to cover her nose, how could she have made this bad of a stink, in fact it’s started to get uncomfortable, she stop as she look back at the cabin.

’well I can’t leave this nappy on, otherwise I’ll be the only adult with a nappy rash’ she imagine every day putting cream on her big bum which has a big rash, Clara sigh as she waddle back to the cabin, she waddle with big steps as she walk inside, where the Gorilla was washing some dishes, then it turn to her and smile.

’Awwwww did someone had a little accident?’ it turn off the tap as it pick Clara up, ’Let’s get that stinky nappy off’ it then carried Clara back to the change table where she was laid down and her nappy were open wide. Clara went through it peacefully, wanting the nappy change as much as the Gorilla does as it began wiping up the mess on her butt. ’My my, this is a big mess for a small baby’ it coo as it roll up the nappy, Clara watch as it threw the nappy in the bin and pull out a new one. Clara’s mind race with possibilities, she could hop off the table and make a run for it, but the table’s so high she could hurt herself, after all she doesn’t want to run around in the nude does she? She lift up her legs as the Gorilla slid the nappy under her. Her bum was soon powdered as the Gorilla wrap her up in another nappy.

’Never glad to have a nappy again’ she figured as she was then put back on the ground, The Gorilla then walk out of the nursery, locking the door behind it. Clara gasp as she quickly ran to the door, ’Dammit! she locked it!’ she kick the door, only to have a sharp pain on her toes, Clara then tried the window but, of course, she can’t reach. She might as well be a baby because everything is so huge! Clara sat on the carpet floor, bored out of her mind she decides to grab the box of baby blocks and spill them out. She started stacking them one by one, hoping to get it as big as possible as she manage to stack it up to her belly. She giggle as it started to wobble, ’Hold it’ she held her hands on the sides so it doesn’t fall as she grab another block, then....


The blocks fall over, with Clara holding the block at the top. She threw it on the ground in frustration and started a little tantrum with banging her feat and cursing. ’Stupid tower! Can’t even stay still for five bloody minutes!’ she sat down and fold her arms, pouting as she look for something else to do. She soon grab a stuff hippo and start singing and playing with the toy. ’Well this is fun and all’ she sigh as she stop and look around, ’but I should find Ashilder and get out of here’ she drop the toy as she stood up. Clara waddle around the nursery looking for at least some way to get out. A hidden door or portal or anything really. She spots the toy box and began pushing the huge thing, she grunted as she push, using all her strength to push it under the window. Clara cheered as she started to climb, she grab the window and try in vain to open it.

’Come on!’ she gasp as she collapse on the toy box, ’Child lock I’m guessing’ she sigh as she hop off the box and stood awkwardly as she look around. ’Great, trapped in a giant nursery and in the nude’ she look down at her nappy, ’so glad no one is here to see me like this’ the door open as her ’Mummy’ walk right in.

’ok little one’ she coo as she pick Clara up ’time to go out to play!’

Clara gasp, outside? Granted no one she knows actually is out here but the thought of her running around nude was unbearable! But she has no choice as the gorilla carry out out into the bright open fields.

’Now have fun while mummy hang up the laundry’ it said as it grab a basket of clothes and went to a clothes line. Clara stood as she watch the animal hang up clothes like its a normal thing to do. Seeing her chance Clara bolted into the woods.

She ran and ran, it’s very hard when your wearing a big thick nappy as she look back to make sure it’s not following her when she bump into another women as they both fell on their big padded butts.

’Ow! Why don’t you watch where you’re going?’ Yell the orange hair woman’s she spoke with a Scottish accent.

Clara rub her head as she look over to her, she instantly recognise her from the Doctors old photos. ’Are you Amy Pond?’

Amy look up at her grumply, she seems to be in the exact same position as Clara, wearing only a big nappy as her nude body is exposed. Amy look at Clara with a confused expression, ’Do I know you?’

Clara frown, she saw a old picture of her, but she must have been with the Doctor, ’Listen, I’m actually used to be a comapanion of the Doctor....’ she started to explain as they both stood up on spread out legs,

’The Doctor! Do you know where he is?’ ask Amy as she grab Clara’s bare shoulders

Clara shook her head, ’No, I thought you know where I could find him’

Amy groan, ’This sucks! The one time that raggedy man isn’t here to help’ she sigh as she look back quickly, her face in complete fear. ’Well unless you want a nappy change, I’m getting out of here!’ she ran away as Clara call out after her when she spots another Gorilla running towards them. Clara ran as the gorilla got closer and faster, its not her ’Mummy’ but a different one with pink fur, looking over to Amy desperately running she figures its probably her gorilla as Amy trip over.

’NO!’ she cried out as she fell on her boobs. Clara stop to look back as the Gorilla grab Amy and lift her in the air.

’Awwww, where do you think your going little baby?’ it coo as Amy started to cry, like actually crying like a real baby as she wailed. Clara watch the gorilla carry her away as Amy started peeing her nappy. ’Looks like someone needs a diappe change’ it coo as Clara listen to Amy’s cries as she sounds like a new born baby.

Clara whimpered as she continue running when her Mummy grab her. ’There you are!’ it smile as it held her in its big arms, ’You had mummy all worried, lets get you back in your nice safe crib for napsies’ Clara struggle to escape, the Gorilla held her tight as it pull back her nappy, ’Nice and clean, good job, maybe soon we get you in training pants then big girl underwear’

But I WAS wearing big girl underwear! Clara sob as she miss her lace underpants, her grown up clothes and everything else as she was carried back into her nursery. Clara put up no resistance as the Gorilla dress her up in a pink footed sleeper. Clara stood up in her crib as she admire her new clothing. ’At least I’m clothed in something’ she smile as she turn her head to look at her big poofy butt. On it was a flap for nappy changes. Clara was laid down as the Gorilla coo and tuck her in. It put a pacifier in her mouth as it pull up the bars. ’Enjoy your nap my little angel’ it said as it close the blinds on the setting sun and left the nursery.

Clara yawned, its only sunset on this planet so why is she so tired? She listen as the Lullaby play on the mobile atop of her. Her eyelids getting heavy as she suckle her pacifier, soon dropping asleep as the nursery is filled with the sound of the lullaby, and Clara sucking on her pacifier like a good baby.



End Chapter 1

Clara Who

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 8, 2018


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