Yet Another Sonic AR Story

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Chapter 10
Bradshaw and Tails go into business (part 2)

Chapter Description: Another chapter I feel could end the story, but unsure whether I should or not.

Chapter 10: Bradshaw and Tails go into business! (Part2)

Tails and Bradshaw began working on the name for the product.

“Prower and Bradshaw’s AR juice?” Bradshaw inquired.

Tails shook his head.

“Not aww peopwe know what “AR” mean,” Tails replied.

Bradshaw then ponder over another name.

“Prower and Bradshaw’s Youth Juice?”


Just then, Tails had an idea.

“How ’bout Pwowew and Bwadshaw’s Gwow young ow owd juice?” Tails stated.

“It’ll do for now,” Bradshaw said.

Tails thought he could do better as he came up with another name idea.

“How ’bout Age Be-Gone?”


As he said that, Tails’ shift was about to end.

“I better get you back to your mother,” Bradshaw stated.

Bradshaw picked Tails up and carried him back to Aleena, who already had Sonic sleeping in her arms.

“So, any ideas?” Aleena stated as she pet Sonic’s quills.

“We got a name for the product: Age Be-Gone,” Bradshaw replied.

“That’s good. I’m thinking Sonic needs to have the antidote, whether he likes it or not.”

“How so?”

“Well, he and Amy are scheduled to have a date tomorrow. He already walked out on her once without choice, I don’t want that to happen again.”

“Ah, young love. Well, I’ll be sure to get the antidote for you.”

Bradshaw handed Tails to Aleena and went back into the chamber. Tails looked up at Aleena with cute eyes.

“And how’s my little Tailsy doing?” Aleena stated.

“Me fine.” Tails replied as he snuggled Aleena.

Minutes later, Bradshaw comes back with the antidote in a baby bottle. He then hands it to Aleena, who then feeds it to Sonic. Sonic sucked on the nipple and consumed the bottle, cooing as the liquid touched his lips. The blue hedgehog began to grow, causing his diaper to rip. Sonic finally progressed back to his normal age, but still easily in Aleena’s arms as he’s slightly small for his age. The blue hedgie was still fast asleep in Aleena’s arms.

“Aww,” Aleena stated as she rubbed Sonic’s belly.

“Never knew Sonic was so small,” Bradshaw said.

Aleena nodded at Bradshaw, as if to thank him, and walked to the doors with Sonic and Tails in her arms. One of the guards activated the retina scanner, causing the doors to open. Aleena entered the tram. She thought about the experience she had in the past few days. Aleena never guessed a science lab was so, well, boring, yet exciting at the same time. She blinked as Sonic yawned and woke up. The blue hedgie cooed as he looked around.

“Hi sweetie,” Aleena stated.

Sonic cooed and smiled.

“I hope your mind begins to progress soon, otherwise Amy will get mad.”

Sonic shivered at the thought of it.

“M-M-M-Me t-t-t-twy,” Sonic stammered.

Aleena smiled. Tails looked at Sonic curiously. He couldn’t understand why Sonic wasn’t acting like a teenager. Tails shrugged it off, but then thought back to it.

Perhaps it’s because Sonic enjoyed being in his infantile state? Tails thought. He yawned, forgetting why he was concerned about it, and fell asleep sucking his thumb.

It was daylight before Tails awoke again. He awoke to find himself a crib, wondering why he was in it.

Oh, I forgot. The radiation regressed me, Tails said to himself. He decided it was best to try and fly out, and so he spun his tails like two helicopter blades. Tails was out of the crib, but not onto the floor yet. He ran out of energy and fell to the floor like an anvil. Tails began to cry out of pain.

Aleena was awoken by Tails’s wailing. She groaned as she forced herself to get up. Aleena walked up the stairs and to Tails’s room. She was fully awake when she saw Tails on the floor, as it appeared that he’d fallen. Aleena quickly scooped Tails into her arms and rocked him.

“Shh, mommy’s here,” Aleena cooed to her son.

Tails sniffled and sucked his thumb, giving Aleena the expression that every mother recognizes as a signal that their child is hurt.

“Boo boo,” Tails whined.

“Shh, it’s okay,” Aleena replied as she wiped Tails’s tears, “Where’s your boo boo, sweetie?”

Tails pointed to his head. Aleena kissed the boy’s forehead, making the young fox smile.

“You sure your boo boo wasn’t, HERE?” Aleena smirked as she began to blow on Tails’s tummy. He began to laugh uncontrollably. Pretty soon, a wet spot emerged on Tails’s diaper.

“Alright, let’s get you cleaned up,” Aleena stated.

Aleena carried Tails to the bathroom and laid him near the sink. She then proceeded to remove Tails’s diaper and wipe him up. Aleena rubbed Tails’s diaper area with baby oil and powdered it with baby powder. Finally, she diapered Tails and pulled him into a hug.

“There, all clean,” Aleena said.

Tails smiled at Aleena and hugged her. He felt so safe in her arms. It was as if all his cares and worries seemed to disappear every time Aleena held him. Suddenly, Tails’s stomach began to growl.

“Hungwy,” Tails babbled.

“Okay, sweetie, let’s get you your bottle,” Aleena chirped.

Sonic was just waking up when he heard Aleena come past his room. The blue hedgehog looked around and tried to remember the past days. Sonic then remembered himself being regressed, but wonders why he’s diapered if he’s progressed. He shrugged and got out of his bed. Sonic walked to the kitchen to see Aleena feeding Tails a bottle. It was awkward seeing Tails like this, knowing he was still a capable thinker.

Aleena finished feeding Tails and burped him. The young fox belched cutely as Aleena patted his back.

“Good boy,” Aleena stated.

Tails smiled.

“Well, ready for your day off?”

“Day off?” Tails inquired.

“I called Bradshaw. He said you could take the day off today,” Aleena replied.

Tails didn’t know what to think. On one hand, he was glad he could relax, but on the other hand, he wanted to discuss marketing techniques for the AR product. But Tails knew he needed a break, so he simply hugged his mother as if to thank her.



End Chapter 10

Yet Another Sonic AR Story

by: conicteam | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2011


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