Yet Another Sonic AR Story

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Chapter 9
Bradshaw and Tails go into business! (Part 1)

Chapter Description: Now that it's stable, Tails and Bradshaw ponder over how to make it into a viable product.

“Now wemembew when me said that thewe might be a mawket fow age wegwession pwoducts?” Tails stated.

“Yeah,” Bradshaw replied.

“Weww, what me thinking is that we couwd make a company built awound this pwoduct.”

Bradshaw pondered this for a moment.

“Interesting,” He replied, “You always do see those commercials for products that make you look younger, but this will actually make you younger.”

“So,” Tails stated, “do you wan’ to do it?”

“Sure, why not. It’s nice to test the waters and make a new, bizarre product once in a while.”

“But fiwst, we need to figuwe out how to make it wegwess the usew to a cewtain age.” Tails started sucking his thumb, trying to think of how that could be done.

“Me think when the compound contains equaw amounts of awgon and hydwogen, the usew wiww wegwess to a wandom age between newbown and thwee and a hawf.”

“What about when the compound has more argon than hydrogen?”

“Then the yeaws youngew that the subject gets wiww be detewmined by the diffewence in the amount of awgon and the amount of hydwogen. Fow exampwe, a usew exposed to H4Ar8 would wegwess by fouw yeaws, H4Ar10 wouwd be six yeaws and so on.”

“It might be dangerous to put in 10 atoms of argon in a compound.”

“It shouwd be fine.”

Tails yawned cutely.

“I think it’s time for one little scientist to take a nap.” Bradshaw carried Tails back to Aleena and handed him to her. Sonic was fast asleep on the desk sucking his thumb. By that time, Tails was fast asleep sucking his his thumb, as well.

“So, did you find a cure?” Aleena inquired, whispering”

“We did, and we discussed plans to make the compound that caused the regression into a viable product,” Bradshaw whispered.

“But, isn’t it unstable?”

“Not when you use ionic bonding.”


Aleena cradled Tails in his arms and smiled at him.

“He looks so cute like this,” Aleena whispered.

“I know,” Bradshaw replied.

“I sorta wish he could stay like this, but I’m not too sure if he’d be any more respectable than he was before while he’s in this condition.”

“Well, he can always go back to being like this if he desires.”

Aleena smiled.

A couple hours later, Tails awoke in Aleena’s arms.

“Hi mama,” Tails cooed.

“Hi sweetie,” Aleena replied.

Tails snuggled Aleena. He then remembered what he just finished discussing with Bradshaw about and looked up at Aleena cutely.

“Mommy,” Tails inquired sweetly, “may me stawt a business with Bwadshaw based awound the wegwession compound?”

“Of course, sweetie,” Aleena replied, “but be careful.”

Tails smiled. Just then, his stomach began to growl.

“Me hungwy,” Tails said.

“Okay,” Aleena stated, “as soon as Sonic wakes up, I’ll go fix you two some bottles.”

“’Kay,” Tails sucked his thumb.

Sonic then woke up with a cute yawn.

“Hi baby,” Aleena said to Sonic whilst picking him up.

Sonic cooed and smiled at Aleena.

“Well, let’s say we have some lunch.”

Tails smiled and nodded. Aleena then carried the babies to the lounge. She sat down at a free table, setting them on the table, and got out the lunch bag. Aleena then got out a PBJ sandwich and a bottle for Tails, a bottle for Sonic, and a club sandwich for herself. She then took the bottles and set them in the microwave. Once the microwave beeped, she took the bottles out and tested them.

“They seem warm enough,” Aleena stated.

Aleena sat back down at the table and handed Tails his bottle. Tails then started eating his sandwich, pausing to take sips from his bottle occasionally. Aleena cradled Sonic in her arms and fed him with the bottle. Sonic drank with joy. When she was done feeding him, she set him on her shoulder and burped him. Sonic belched cutely. By that time, Tails was finished with his sandwich, but he still had a little over half his milk left. His cheeks were covered in peanut butter and jelly. It’s a wonder none of it got on his uniform. Aleena giggled.

“You messy little baby,” Aleena said as she wiped Tails’s cheeks, “You want me to feed you the rest of your bottle?”

“Suwe,” Tails replied.

Aleena set Sonic on the table, picked up Tails, and cradled him in her arms. She then began to feed him with the rest of his bottle. Tails drank happily. When Tails was done drinking, she set him over his shoulder and burped him. Tails belched cutely.

“Good boy,” Aleena said.

Tails looked at Aleena cutely and sucked his thumb. Aleena smiled. It was hard for her to believe that while Tails was acting very babyish right now, he still had his intelligence. Aleena tickled Tails’s belly.

“Who’s a good little baby?”

Tails laughed.

“Me!” Tails squealed.

“That’s right! You are!”

Tails was laughing uncontrollably as Aleena tickled harder and faster. The boy then wet himself.

Aleena could tell and she stopped tickling him.

“Seems like someone needs a change.” Aleena checked his diaper just to be sure.

“Yep, looks like you need a new diaper.” She carried Sonic and Tails into the bathroom. Once in there, she took off Sonic’s hazard suit and found that Sonic was wet too. Aleena pulled down the changing table and laid Tails on it. She then took off Tails’s pants and proceeded to untape his diaper. Once she folded the diaper down, Tails began to pee in Aleena’s face. Aleena giggled.

“Tails!” Aleena said, whilst giggling.

Tails giggled. Once he was finished, Aleena wiped her face and then wiped Tails’s crotch. Tails giggled.

“That tickwes!” Tails said.

Aleena smiled at Tails and rubbed baby oil on his crotch. Finally, she powdered and diapered the fox. Aleena picked Tails back up.

“I think you should be fine without your pants on,” Aleena stated, “Plus, it’ll make it easier to know when you need a change.”

Tails smiled cutely at Aleena. Aleena set Tails down and picked up Sonic. She laid him down and went through the same process she went through with Tails, minus the peeing in her face. Aleena then put Sonic back in his hazard suit.

“I’ll go see if they have any shirts for you, okay?”

Sonic smiled and nodded. Aleena picked up Tails and carried both Sonic and him to an employee.

“Excuse me, but do you happen to have a shirt for my son?”

The employee looked at Sonic.

“I think we do,” the employee stated, “He doesn’t need that hazard suit anymore, the area is clear of any radiation from yesterday’s explosion.”

The employee walked into the clothes closet and came back to them with a small red T-shirt.

“Will this do?” The employee inquired.

“I think it’ll look cute on him. Thanks,” Aleena replied.

Aleena carried them back to the bathroom and took off Sonic’s hazard suit. She then put the red shirt on him.

“Awwww, you look absolutely adorable.”

Aleena carried them back to Tails’s workstation, where Bradshaw was waiting for Tails.

“Ah,” Bradshaw said, “I knew you hadn’t left yet. So, you have any ideas for marketing the product?”

Aleena handed Tails to Bradshaw.

“Me think me have a few,” Tails replied.



End Chapter 9

Yet Another Sonic AR Story

by: conicteam | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2011


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