Yet Another Sonic AR Story

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Chapter 8
On a (ionic) Rail

Chapter Description: The cure is made, and now it's time to attempt to make the regression compound stable.

Tails looked at the machine in awe.

“What that?” Tails asked.

“That’s the ionic bonding machine,” Bradshaw replied, “It will simulate the conditions necessary for ionic bonding.”

Bradshaw picked up a small capsule that appeared to have nothing in it.

“Inside this capsule are two atoms of hydrogen. We’ll insert the elements necessary for the compound in the slots, and then we press the button on the right hand side of the machine to create the compound.”

Tails was astonished. Never before had he seen a machine that could create compounds that was the size of a microwave.

“Does it weawwy wowk?”

Bradshaw nodded.

“With this machine, we’ve turned unstable compounds to stable compounds in less than 5 minutes. I don’t know how the engineer did it, but it serves us well.”

Bradshaw inserted two hydrogen capsules and two argon capsules into the slots and then turned on the machine. It hummed as the display screen read, “Welcome.” Bradshaw then pressed the create compound button. The machine began to roar and hum as it did its work. When it was done, a medium size capsule containing exactly one molecule of the compound, but it appeared as though nothing was in there.

“You suwe the compound in thewe?”

“I’m positive. Hydrogen and Argon are colorless gasses, so you can’t see them. But if we put it in an electric field or use black light, we can see it. Now let’s test it on one of the lab rats.”

Bradshaw carried Tails and the compound capsule to the lab rat room.

“Okay,” Bradshaw stated, “now to turn on the black light.”

Bradshaw switched the black light on. He then turned off the lights. Tails whimpered slightly, but didn’t cry. The container shone in the black light. The cage of the rats was also illuminated. Bradshaw set the container in the cage and opened the lid. The gas was able to be seen due to the black light. As the gas passed them, the rats regressed to pups.

“It worked!”

Tails and Bradshaw were overjoyed.

“But wait,” Tails started, “how do we make this into a wiquid ow a sowid? Do we insewt the gas in watew? Ow shouwd we get the gas to its mewting point?”

Bradshaw pondered this for a moment.

“Liquid argon is highly risky, but I don’t see any problems with inserting the gas into water. So, let’s see if this compound will dissolve in water and still have the same effects,” Bradshaw replied.

Bradshaw carried Tails and the black light back into the room with the ionic bonding machine again and made another copy of the H4Ar4 compound. He then turned the black light on and released the gas into the water. Via the black light, the compound could be seen dissolving in the water. Bradshaw then carried Tails and the compound water back to the lab rat room. He poured the water on the rats, and they regressed to pups as well.

“Eureka!” Bradshaw exclaimed, “Both the water solution and the normal gas form work!”

“Now ta make the antidote,” Tails said.

Bradshaw carried Tails to the Test Chamber. Tails went through the same process he went through every experiment such as turning on the rotors and inserting the elements necessary for the compound. Once it was finished, they had a sample of H4Ar3 ready for testing.

“Now, who should we test it on?” Bradshaw inquired.

“Sanfowd, possibwy?” Tails replied.

Bradshaw nodded.

“We’ll test it on him. He hates being an infant.”

Bradshaw carried Tails and the compound to the supply closet. He then carefully grabbed a baby bottle, without dropping either Tails or the compound. Bradshaw carried Tails, the compound, and the baby bottle to the lounge, where Taylor was holding Sanford.

“What is it, Bradshaw?” Taylor replied.

“I made a cure, and I’d like to test it on Sanford,” Bradshaw stated.

Sanford’s ears perked up. He then smiled at Bradshaw widely.

“It looks like Sanford’s eager to try it. It’s currently a gas, so I’ll mix the gas with some warm milk.”

Bradshaw set Tails and the compound down, got out the milk, and poured it in the baby bottle.

He then stuck the bottle in the microwave. After a couple of minutes, the microwave beeped and Bradshaw got the bottle out of the microwave. He then had Tails test the milk to see if it’s warm enough.

“Only one sip, Tails,”

“’Kay,” Tails replied.

He carefully suckled on the bottle’s nipple so he on got a sip.

“It wawm.”

“Good,” Bradshaw replied.

He then removed the nipple and carefully inserted the compound into the milk. Bradshaw then put the nipple back on the bottle and handed the bottle to Taylor.

“We should probably do this in an area that isn’t filled with people,” Taylor replied.

Bradshaw picked Tails up and walked to the bathroom. Taylor held the baby bottle that had the compound milk solution and Sanford as he followed Bradshaw. Taylor sat down with Sanford and fed it to Sanford. Sanford drank the milk. When he finished drinking, Taylor removed the bottle from Sanford’s mouth and burped him. Sanford belched cutely.

Taylor set Sanford down and was amazed at what he saw. Sanford began to grow steadily. His diaper and clothes began to rip. When Sanford finally grew back to an adult, his clothes were tarnished. Bradshaw got a new uniform for Sanford and handed it to him. Sanford walked into the stall and changed into the uniform. He then walked out of the stall.

“Whew,” Sanford said, “I’m glad that’s over.”

“Now,” Bradshaw started, “should we give the cure to to Sonic?”

Tails shrugged.

“What about you, Tails?”

“Maybe,” Tails replied, “but me might wan’ to be wike this fow a wittwe wongew.”



End Chapter 8

Yet Another Sonic AR Story

by: conicteam | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2011


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