Yet Another Sonic AR Story

by: conicteam | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2011

Chapter 6
Blast Pit-Tails's struggles with regression.

Chapter Description: Now the regression is kicking in, but will Tails survive it?

Tails was worried like hell. He didn’t know what he should do.

Relax, he thought, at least your intellect is intact. Let’s see if I can remember the inequality I made for my hypothesis. h

Sonic snuggled Tails and cooed. He then noticed the worried expression on Tails’s face and looked up at him.

“Dada?” Sonic said, as if to ask if something was wrong.

“I’m fine,” Tails said nervously.

Tails was in hysterics, and Sonic could tell.

“Dun’ seem fine,” Sonic cooed.

“I’m wowwie-I mean worried about the wadia-I mean radiation affecting me,” Tails stammered as he sniffled.

Sonic wiped the tears from Tails’s eyes.

“No cwy,” Sonic said, trying to comfort Tails, “it okay.”

“Oh what am I going to do!? If I get we-I mean regressed, I don’t know if me-I mean if I would still have my scientific intewwect, I mean intellect! Agh! This is so frustwating!” Tails began to break into tears. It was the first time Sonic had seen Tails like this in a long time. Sonic hugged Tails and rubbed his back to try to comfort him.

“No cwy, dada,” Sonic said with a sniffle, “it be okay.”

Tails couldn’t stop crying. It was out of his control. Sonic then held on to Tails tightly and put the fox boy’s own thumb into Tails’s mouth. Tails started sucking his thumb again, and it seemed to calm him down.

“Me hate seeing you cwy, Taiws,” Sonic wiped Tails’s tears from his eyes.

Bradshaw ran into the bathroom, having overheard Tails’s wailing, and knelt down to help Sonic comfort him.

“Hey little buddy, what’s wrong?” Bradshaw inquired to Tails as he rubbed the fox’s back.

Tails took his thumb out of his mouth.

“Me-I mean I’m wowwie-” Tails started crying again. Bradshaw picked up Tails, who still had Sonic in his arms, and began to rub his back.

“Shh, it’s okay Tails,” Bradshaw reassured him, “Just tell me what happened. I don’t care what you sound like.”

Tails sniffled.

“Me wowwied about being wegwessed,” Tails replied, “Me wowwied me might wose my scientific intewwect.”

“Don’t worry, Tails. Sanford still has his even though he’s regressed, so you shouldn’t worry too much.”

Tails nodded and sucked his thumb. Bradshaw smiled at Tails.

“You really do look cute like this.”

A foul stench began to emit from Tails.

“I think one little scientist needs his diaper changed.” Bradshaw tickled Tails’s tummy. Tails laughed. He then set Sonic down and lied Tails down on the floor of the nearest stall. Bradshaw then pulled Tails’s pants down began to change Tails’s diaper, using the same procedure Tails’s used with Sonic. After he was finished, he pulled Tails pants back up and cradled him in his arms.

“All clean, little buddy,” Bradshaw said.

“How come you awen’t affected by the wadiation?” Tails inquired.

“Well, when you’ve been around radiation for so long, you kinda develop an immunity to it. A natural hazard suit, if you will,” Bradshaw replied.

Tails nodded. He then yawned.

“Awwww, are you tired, Tails?”

Tails nodded and cutely yawned.

“Well, your shift is almost over. I think it’s best if we call Aleena and have her pick you both up.”

“Me stiww wetuwn to wowk tomowwo, wight?”

“Yes, but Aleena will probably have to watch you as well, since I’ll have my hands full with Sanford.”

Tails giggled.

“Well, let’s call her up, shall we?” Bradshaw walked to the phone. He then picked it up and dialed Aleena’s number.

“Hello?” Aleena answered.

“Hi, Aleena, this is Dr. Bradshaw at Black Mesa labs,” Bradshaw started, “I’m calling you to inform you that there was a reaction in the test labs today, and Sonic was directly affected by it, but Tails’s was affected by its radiation. I need you to come pick them both up.”

“Okay, I’m on my way. Bye.” Aleena hung up.

Bradshaw hung up the phone.

“Okay, your mom should be here soon to pick you two up,” Bradshaw stated.

Sonic and Tails smiled at him.

Aleena, dressed in a radiation proof dress, parked outside the tram station and boarded the vehicle. In five minutes, she arrived at the entrance of Black Mesa Labs. A security guard came to check her identity.

“Identification please,” The guard commanded.

“I’m Aleena Hedgehog, parent of the research associate Miles Prower,” Aleena said as he showed him her id.

“Okay, you’re good to go ma’am.” The guard unlocked the tram door and Aleena stepped out of the vehicle. He then activated the retinal scanners, which unlocked the entrance to the lab. Aleena walked in to find Dr. Bradshaw holding an infant Sonic and a sleeping Tails.

“What happened?” Aleena whispered to Bradshaw.

“Well, to make a long story short, radiation from the compound H4Ar4 caused Tails to regress mentally, and the beam from the explosion caused Sonic to regress both physically and mentally,” Bradshaw whispered to Aleena.

“Oh my.”

“Tails still has his intelligence, so it’s requested that he returns to work tomorrow, but with you helping to care for him.” Bradshaw handed Sonic and Tails to Aleena.

“Okay,” Aleena replied quietly, “but you sure Tails should return to work tomorrow, with the radiation and all?”

“Don’t worry,” Bradshaw whispered to Aleena, “We’ll have the radiation contained by tomorrow. We’ve learned a lot since 2000.”

“Okay.” Aleena walked out of the building with Sonic and Tails cradled in her arms.



End Chapter 6

Yet Another Sonic AR Story

by: conicteam | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2011


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