Yet Another Sonic AR Story

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Chapter 4
"We've got...more regression!?

Chapter Description: Tails comes up with a hypothesis on how the regression happened, but is it correct?

Tails, finding no luck online, decided to formulate an equation for what happened to Sonic. Tails most likely was doing math on a higher level than Algebra 1, so explaining it would be tedious and something I wouldn’t be able to do. Whatever type of equation it was, Tails figured out that the regression was caused by the amount of argon in relation to the hydrogen. Tails then formulated his hypothesis:

If the amount of Argon in a Hydrogen-Argon compound is greater than or equal to the amount of hydrogen, then the subject exposed to the compound will regress.

Now I just need to test my theory, Tails thought, but on whom should I test it on?


No, regressing Sonic further could prove deadly to him. I need to think about this carefully. But wait a minute, according to this theory, the argon shouldn’t have reacted the way it did since it was only the third argon atom in the compound, unless.

Suddenly, Tails had a sparking revelation.

Unless there WERE four argon atoms in the compound after I placed what I thought was the third atom. Now it all makes sense! We inserted the hydrogen in groups two, so maybe we planned to insert the argon in groups of one, but out of habit we made the second sample have two atoms of argon! Eureka! But still, Sonic’s condition could’ve been because of a fluke in the machinery, I still need to test my theory on someone, which brings me back to my first question: Who should I test it on?

“You sure you’re allowed to be in here unscheduled?” Sanford inquired.

“I’m sure of it. They gave me permission,” Tails replied.

“Okay. I hope you know what you’re doing, Tails.”

Tails climbed up the ladder and started the rotors.

“Okay, we’ll take it from here. Just wait for the samples,” Bradshaw stated.

Pretty soon Tails inserted the two hydrogen samples. Then he inserted the argon samples, both having two atoms in each. The machine went haywire once more, but on purpose this time.

“Ready Sanford?” Tails inquired.

Sanford nodded as he stepped in front of the beam. Pretty soon, it looked as though he was vaporized, but they knew what happened, if Tails’s theory was right. Tails walked to the pile of Sanford’s lab uniform to find a kitten, no older than 15 months old, crawling out of it.

“My theory was correct!”

Tails picked up Sanford.

“Who’s the young one now?”

Sanford giggled as he peed on Tails.

“Ewww! Gross!”

Sanford saw how agitated Tails was and laughed after he finished peeing. Tails sighed.

“After I get out of the chamber, my hazard suits going to need to be washed, somehow,” Tails groaned.

Tails walked out of the chamber with Sanford in his arms.

“Looks like your theory was correct,” Bradshaw said, “Now you’re going to have to tough it out if the radiation affects you before you can formulate a stable cure.”

Tails nodded and handed Sanford to Bradshaw.

“He’s your responsibility. I’m already responsible for one baby,” Tails stated.

Tails walked to the elevator and rode it to the top level. He then went into the bathroom to change into his normal research uniform.

“Why do we all have to where these ridiculous ties?”

Tails then handed his hazard suit to an employe. He then felt slightly odd. Tails shrugged it off and went back to his workstation, where Sonic was sleeping on the desk.

“Awwww,” Tails cooed.

Tails sat down at his computer and began to attempt to formulate a theory for a stable cure, as well as a stable compound to cause regression since he might want to do it to Sanford again after he gets cured. Suddenly, Tails started to fell the front of his pants get warm and wet. He was flabbergasted.

Am I doing, what I think I’m doing? Tails pondered.

By the time it was done, Tails realized what he had done. He had peed his pants.



End Chapter 4

Yet Another Sonic AR Story

by: conicteam | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2011


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