Yet Another Sonic AR Story

by: conicteam | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2011

A little AR story I made thought of while playing Half Life. Inspiration comes from anywhere, I guess.

Chapter 1
The strange compound

Chapter Description: Tails comes in as usual to work, bringing Sonic along with him, until something strange occurs.

“You sure it’s okay for me to be here, Tails?” Sonic inquired.

“I’m positive,” Tails replied.

Just days ago, Tails got a job working as a research associate in an underground laboratory. Sonic was incredibly shocked by the news, since Tails had no degree in anything physics related(and of course the fact that Tails is only ten). Tails promised that Sonic could come on his first day of his second week or work.

“You know, it seems pretty fishy, how you got this job I mean,” Sonic said.

The yellow fox shrugged as the monorail came to a complete stop.

“Here we are,” Tails stated with enthusiasm.

A security guard hedgehog came to unlock the door of the monorail.

“Morning, Mr. Prower. You’re running late today.” The guard shifted his eyes to Sonic.

“Who’s he?”

“Oh, just a friend of mine. He’s my legal guardian, in a way.” Tails replied.

“We don’t have him fitted for a hazard suit, so if you go to an area that might be dangerously radioactive, he’ll have to stay in the safest room closet to it.”

“Got it.” Tails gave the guard a thumbs up.

The guard unlocked the door of the monorail. Sonic and Tails then walked out of the vehicle as the guard walked up to the retinal scanner. He placed his eyes against the sensor and allowed the doors to open. The duo walked inside the lab.

Sonic wasn’t all that amazed at the inside of the lab so far. Right now it looked like the office at his school, but boy was Sonic in for a surprise.

Tails led Sonic to the locker room of the building and showed him his locker.

“Nothing too impressive, but it is a step up from the lockers I have at school.” Sonic stated.

“This is only the beginning of the cool stuff here!” Tails exclaimed.

Tails ran to another section of the locker room, leaving Sonic behind. The blue blur was slightly agitated by that.

“Tails! I’m the one who’s supposed to be fast, not you!” Sonic exclaimed as he dashed after Tails.

When Sonic finally caught up to Tails, he saw the fox in some orange armor jumpsuit.

“What is that?” Sonic inquired.

Tails’ ears perked up.

“Oh this?” Tails replied, “This is my hazard suit. It protects me from the strong radiation that goes on here.”

“Cool,” Sonic replied, “Now this gives me an incentive to do well in science class.”

Tails chuckled. He then led Sonic to the door in which led to the elevator that led test level of the building.

“This is where all the real cool stuff happens.” Tails stated.

Another guard came to unlock the the door. As soon as the guard allowed the two clearance, they stepped towards the elevator. Tails then pressed the button with a down arrow on it. This caused the doors to open and the duo stepped into the elevator. The yellow fox then pressed the button for the testing level of the building, which caused the elevator to travel downward.

“Morning Prower,” A scientist stated to Tails as he and Sonic exited the elevator, “Who’s your blue friend?”

“He’s with me.” Tails replied. The fox led Sonic to the testing room. The room was filled with scientists and other research associates, none as young as Tails though.

“Ah, Miles, you arrived,” A scientist spoke to Tails, “I see you brought a friend along. That’s perfectly fine, just make sure he doesn’t get in the way.”

Tails nodded.

“We’ve been informed that two of the lead scientists want to try to make a new compound using hydrogen and argon. I don’t know what they plan to use it for, but they need you. They’re waiting for you, Miles, in the test chamber.”

Tails then led Sonic to the test chamber. Inside were two scientists. The scientists began to debrief Tails about the day’s test. They informed him that they were going to try to combine four atoms of hydrogen with ten atoms of argon.

“That’s insane!” Tails quipped.

“Well, some of the best ideas seem insane,” The scientist replied.

“And some of the worst ones too,” The other scientist replied.

Tails shrugged. The scientists instructed Tails to go into the main area of the test chamber and start the rotors, and they instructed Sonic to stay back and watch from a safe level.



End Chapter 1

Yet Another Sonic AR Story

by: conicteam | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2011


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