Yet Another Sonic AR Story

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Chapter 3
The hardships of being a parent and a Research Associate at age 10

Chapter Description: Tails discovers new hardships, and some old ones still linger

“Hold still, Sonic,” Tails stated to the squirming hedgehog, “I need to finish changing your diaper.”

Sonic continued squirming. Tails finally got Sonic to lay still by showing the infant something that reflects a lot of light rays. The fox then wiped Sonic’s crotch and legs. After that, Tails powdered and rubbed baby oil on Sonic’s crotch. Finally, he diapered Sonic.

“Good thing I have experience in changing diapers,” Tails said with a sigh out of relief. He picked up Sonic and cradled him in his arms.

“There, all clean.” Sonic cooed and smiled at Tails. Tails walked out of the bathroom with Sonic in his arms.

“How much longer do we have to wait for Sonic’s hazard suit?”

“About thirty minutes, I think,” Bradshaw replied. Just then, the employe walked towards them with the suit.

“It was finished sooner than expected. Man, those machines can do wonders!” The employe stated as he handed Tails Sonic’s hazard suit. Tails then put the hazard suit on Sonic. It fit snugly. The blue hedgehog cooed and smiled at Tails.

“Awwww, how cute,” Tails stated. He tickled Sonic’s tummy and the hedgehog laughs. Tails smiles at the blue hedgie and cuddles Sonic like a teddy bear. Sonic touches Tails’s face cutely.

“Dada,” Sonic coos.


“Tails, you need to do some research for a cure for Sonic,” The receding hair line scientist stated.

“But, I think Sonic might like being like this,” Tails replied.

“Others might have been affected, the radiation might of spread throughout the building, who might not like being like Sonic is.”

“I understand.” Tails went to his computer and researched some remedies for Sonic’s condition. Not surprisingly, there were barely any, but the few that he found seemed like jokes or works of fiction. All this time, Sonic was happily sitting in Tails’s lap. Sonic cooed and tried to see what Tails was doing. Tails noticed Sonic’s behavior, and found it to be cute.

“Awwww, you trying to see what daddy’s doing?” Tails cooed to Sonic.

Sonic nodded.

“Alright, here ya go.” Tails picked up Sonic and placed him near the computer monitor. Sonic looked at the screen with curiosity.

“Daddy’s trying to find a cure for your condition.”

Sonic whimpered.

“It’s not for you. I know you like it. It’s for the people that don’t like it.”

A cat scientist laughed at Tails.

“First you’re a young scientist, and now you’re a young single parent? What’s next? You’re going to become a young single grandparent?” The scientist said with hearty laughter.

Tails growled at him.

“Sanford, I wouldn’t be talking,” Tails barked at the feline, “You started young here, too.”

“Not as young as you, though,” Sanford replied, “I started here at age 24 with a Major in Theoretical Physics. You started here at age 10 with no background what-so-ever!”

“I do too have scientific background!”

“You don’t have a degree!”

“I don’t need no stinkin’ degree!”

Sonic started crying due to all the commotion. Tails quickly scooped Sonic up and began to rock him.

“Shh. Daddy’s right here,” Tails cooed to Sonic.

Sanford snickered.

“Later, kid,” He replied. Sanford then walked away.



End Chapter 3

Yet Another Sonic AR Story

by: conicteam | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2011


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